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November 4, 2016
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May 11, 2000
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April 15, 1985
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Approved For Release 2000/0 N R'CI t"1' 500120015-8 Memo To : LTC Brian Buzby From : SG 1 J Subject : 28 February 1985 Buzby Letter, Reply to Date : 15 April 1985 Location : G-219 Cc : - H. Puthoff In response to your review of FY'84 projects, and possible variances between SRI performance and contractual requirements, I have looked over the final reports with regard to contract requirements, and I am satisfied that all requirements have been satisfactorily met and fulfilled. The following point-by-point summary should provide clarification of the elements in question. ESU 83-134, reference the possibility that Phases I and II were only partially accomplished and Phase III not conducted: In Phase I, personality testing was applied to proven RV personnel in SRI and client programs as required, the SRI (and other) viewers listed in Table 1, p. 14, the client viewers in Table 4, p. 21. Discussion as to profiles to identify personnel for RV aptitudes are provided in Section V, pp. 13-25. Thus, the requirements for Phase I were met in full. In fact, following the close of the effort, profiling of an additional ex-client RVer was arranged, and this data will also be provided in an addendum to provide the client with as complete a data base as possible. In Phase II, SRI was to compare self-report testing against the identified PAS profiles to determine the accuarcy of such "self-report" pre-screening materials. The MBTI (self-report) test results listed in Tables 3 and 4, and the accompanying discussion, satisfy this requirement. The study concluded that this most promising self-report test (MBTI) was inadequate to the task. As to the second part of the Phase II requirement (to apply identified profiles against a general test population to segregate talented from untalented RVers), and the Phase III requirement to then test these against actual RV targets, this activity was carried out with a group labeled SRI RV trainees (Table 3, p. 20); the predicted best-profile RV trainee (#807) yielded the best test results, with lesser results provided by individuals with profiles associated with nonpredicted RV performance. Thus, the Phase II and III requirements were also met. ESU 83-145, reference that the final report did not include separate enclosures for each trainee with requested information: I have examined the S.O.W. in detail a number of times and have failed to find any statement concerning separate enclosures. If the intent of the reference to such is that the track records of individual trainees be differentiated one from another, this is provided to the degree it can be in Tables 2-4, which indicate the levels of individual-trainee efforts to achieve mastery of each of the Stages, I-III. Beyond level-of-effort required, no further differentiation can be made, in that all trainees achieved the skill plateaus expected with little difference in reliability/accuracy. ESU 83-147, reference that the final report did not contain a summary of literature search, nor data on the lack of investigation of weather and lunar cycles: It is the case that no separate summary of the literature search was provided; rather, references to and discussion of relevant findings were simply noted where appropriate in the text and an extensive (125-item) bibliography provided for further detailed reading. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500120015-8 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500120015-8 With regard to the list of items suggested for investigation in the S.O.W. (which included weather and lunar cycles), it was assumed that the named items were representative but not exclusive of areas of investigation to be pursued. Once the research was underway, it was SRI's considered scientific judgment that detailed investigation of solar flare activity (not included in the original list) was more likely to provide data of note (as it did) than could be obtained from an analysis of weather and lunar cycles. Therefore, given the fixed-level-of-effort nature of the contract, this substitution was made, and, given the results, it appears to have been a most profitable choice given the overall goal of the task. ESU 83-144, reference no specific recommendations or proposal for a training program: The results of the investigation showed that although search strategies of several types yielded significant positive results, it would be premature to lock on to a specific training technique to the exclusion of others at this point, as several of the contenders showed remarkable potential. Since they are so different, one from another (computer "mouse" dowsing, spatial/temporal computer search, map dowsing with physiological-sensation-in-fingers approach, one-shot versus statistical averaging approaches, etc.), there is no clear-cut way to integrate them into an amalgamated training regimen; hence, the recommendation for further investigation of the alternative techniques before recommendations as to a specific training program. Reference the requirement to provide a list of equipment purchased in support of the contract: Attached is a printout of purchases on the contract, which total $62,647.30. In addition, a number of purchases were made by SRI (but not charged to contract) in order to pursue contract activities at the SRI/NY office. These items are as follows: ? 5 Gray chairs cube-shaped ? 1 Edison fan ? 8 Chairs, cane webbed ? 1 Panasonic portable cassette tape recorder, Model RQ-2103 ? 1 Pollenex Pure Air "99" ? 4 Light tracks ? 15 Light heads for track lighting ? 1 Sofa, off-white ? 1 Loveseat, off-white ? 2 Secretarial chairs, dark gray ? 2 2-drawer file cabinets ? 1 Podium, gray ? 1 Table, gray ? 1 Table, natural wood I trust this provides the clarification sought with regard to possible variances between S.O.W.s and the final reports. If further details are required, please let me know. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500120015-8 PV09 PROJECT-06600 G 00435793 0555C G 00435796 G 00435805 6 00435813 G 00435826 G 00435827 ' G 00435828 PRINTER. A 82162A OP UA AIR PURIFI G435805MON ER E UA RE& V3.20 61166 OPE UA 2444P SUN MICRO STS. 83 001 6 7010 C-8887 EQUATORIAL COMM 83 888 6625 2228587315 HEWLETT-PACKARD 83 001 G 7025 84 001 P N 111 GM 33 0009 08184 Q NONE UNASSIGNED 84 013 GM 33 0004 03/84 4460 X 48405 GERBRANDS 6730 COMPUTER, PC JR 0067-0029406 IBM PERSONAL UA 704? COMPUTER, PC JR 0067-0032564 IBM PERSONAL UA 7042 COMPUTER, PC JR 0067-0056212 IBM PERSONAL UA 7042 28484? CANBERRA IND UA 6625 84050014 INTERLEAF UA 5960 84 888 34 888 84 888 220 GN 73 0001 02/84 0 GM 33 0002 02/84 Q 219 GN 73 0006 03/84 a GN 73 0010 07/84 Q GN 73 0010 07184 a GM 73 0010 07/84 a 84 001 P N 111 GM 33 0008 06184 Q 84 001 G 220 GM 33 0010 08/84 0 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500120015-8 22,407.00 610 X 610 2,975.00 610 X 610 . f / 610 X i 610 149_95 610 X 610 4,490.00 610 X 610 1,039.00 610 X 610 1,039.00 610 X 610 1,039.00 610 X 610 14.631_35 610 X 610 14,500.00 610 X ~.' ~2 lJl 30