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November 4, 2016
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May 11, 2000
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November 1, 1984
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Approved For Release 2000., :ffa}01500120024-8 Memo To : LTC Brian Buzby Date : 01-Nov-84 From ? H. Puthoff Location : G-219 Subject Contract Extension Dates, Request for With regard to present tasking on DA Project Letter Order 18 (DELEW-I-L), dated 7 November 1984, we request no-cost extension of completion dates as follows: ESU 83-134 15 December 1984 ESU 83-144 15 December 1984 ESU 83-145 1 March 1985 ESU 83-147 15 December 1984 ESU 83-148 15 December 1984, pending 1 - 2 week availability of DA trainee in November 1984 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500120024-8 FAL-~ % PLEASE COMPLETE ALL INFORMATION IN THE 5 BLOCKS OUTLINED IN ORANGE roved FdFM'eN%fi`'2~b M TF 012 YOUR FEDERAL EXPRESS ACCOUNT NUMBS .. 1 DATE OFF,,{{ L , i-,A V~. L- STREET ADDRESS ` A Vt NN ?~L 112311 DELIVERY. AND SPECIAL HANDLING CHECK SERVICES REQUIRED PAYMENT,.[ Bill Shipper ^ Cash In Advance ^ Bill Recipient's F.E.C. Acct. C3 Bill 3rd Party F.E.C. Acct. Account NumberlCredit Card Number I ^ (OVERNIGHT PACKAGES) 6?L_-J (Op to 2 O2) (up to 76 LOS I COURIER PAR 7 2 ^ OVERNIGHT ENVELOPE B ^ (Up to 2 LOS) OVERNIGHT BOX 3 ^ (Up to 5 Les) go OVERNIGHT TUBE 4 ^ (Lip to 5 LBS.I STANDARD AIR DELIVERY 2ND BUSINESS 5 ^ DAV FOLLOW" PICK UP (Up to 70 LEO ) OVERNIGHT'' IS NEXT BUSINESS DAY (MONDAY THROUGH FRIDA TWO DAYS FROM ALASKAIHAWAII. SAT mowed ERY AVAILABLE IN CONTI IJ.S. ,EE "SPECIAL HANDLING." HOLD FOR PICKUP AT FOLLOWING FEDERAL EXPRESS LOCATION SHOWN STATE IP ZIP ACCURATE P ED ~ FOR CORRECT INVOICING r rf C~ ?. S IN SERVICE GUIDE RECIPIENT'S PHONE NUMBER REQUIRED SATURDAY SERVICE REQUIRED S. R-. (Ealn oheroe eppea ror dOAYery.) RESTRICTED ARTICLES SERVICE (P-I ad StrnOSrd Air Psokepes ON. rend dureel 555 (eIp pun SeoNN SerH rpu Cars d, I chnpe .UPeee TO(ecipient'sName) L.14 Qf'A ?`' It Hold For Pick-Up or Saturday Delivery, Recipient's Phone Number R-L cT IN TENDERING THIS SHIPMENT. SHIPPER AGREES THAT F.E.C. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL. INCIDEN- TAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING FROM DECLARED VALUE RECEIVED AT SHIPPER' DOOR ^ R AR STOP r . , r a ON-CALL STOP L r' E.C. OC. F9& DATEITIME For Federal Express Use AT IME RECEIVED F.E.C. EMPLOYEE NUMBER RESPECT TO THIS SHIPMENT THIS IS A NON-NEGOTIABLE AIRBILL SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT SET FORTH HIGHER VALUE, THE LIABILITY OF FEDERAL EXPRESS COR- PORATION IS LIMITED TO $100.00. FEDERAL EXPRESS DOES ^ RETURN SNiEEIriY ^ THIRD PNITY AGT/PRO ~i. I- 2 ADVANCE DESTINATION a PARTY 2041730750 FEC?S?0750 D/01W REVISION DATE 2183 GBF PRINTED USA DEPARTMENT/FLOQR NO.