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November 4, 2016
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May 11, 2000
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May 18, 1983
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Approved For Release 2Q) -00788ROO1500120042-8 Toy L.'T'C Itc)l)er ' 1aDates 1s May 1983 From. Dr. H. E. Puthoff, Dr. E. C. May Location: 6?-?2:1.9 Subject.:: 5--Item Proposed Projects List CC As a further cr.)mlr)c:)nt on the a.telrns sl.1I3irlitted for project r.:onsiderati.on, f(AA(DIAling is an at:te?)mr)t to order by what we would consider priority as 'Par as rapid payoff is concerned, :1.;:>c:rEir{:?+rY1ng/;ae:lc)c:ti.c:n~ Everything its in place to obtain the best that can be expec:tc:)d from t!"? sting meat hods, and the expect:ttion is for r'ap:i.cl payoff in terms of a either a usable test quickly, or unequivocal inclicati.ons as to why testing methods are of appropriate for the area under consideration. 2 RV' Jammincj/Airlblent ELF: Should there be a notable correlation between RV performance and ambient EI F' fields, this correlation could be determined very quict{].y With a moderate effort, and would be of :I.ITIIrli`{:I:1.r.at use in the field as 'Par as determining opt; i. mum vi.{i'IAI1)rCj windows to be used 3. Target Search" There is amp:):I.e evidence in the pisychoenergeti.cs :I.1tera't;ure that various cappr'oa{::h a to this problefrl have been in the past, and therefore every evidence that the application of straightforward research me hodology siih{Jl.1:td provide progress in this %xr'k)aa /I. At.'dio Analysis: Previous research efforts in this laboratory h ).ve shown the pot*- rit:.a1 for develop:):i.nq a successful audio strategy for ClifI'eY"erY'1?i.a t;irYc:j cor'r'ect ,f'r'om incorre{;;t; RV response.. (Since the appropriate ':iitr?)at:e:)gy may cli'PPer from person to per-:-son, such str?'at;egies may be person???dependent, indicating a little more dif?fi.c:ultyl up:) ,f'r'ont in {; sti.matirig the probability of ilrimed la.?xte payoff-. a. Biofeedb?ack (more properly,. Biomc)nitorinq): Potentially of large payoff, this task provides the greatest uncertainty up front, aas research e?f??for?ts in the field (in biomonitoring) with regard to defining a "psi--c:ondLJc"i.ve" or "r)sri productive" state have yet to yield cle"carcut:. results.. This area of endeavor therefore cornst:l.t.utes basic R&D.: SRI International 333 Ravenswood Ave. ? Menlo Park, CA 94025 ? (415) 326-6200 ? TWX: 910-373-1246 ? TELEX: 334463 ? Facsimile: (415) 326-5512 Approved For Release afUO DP96-00788R001500120042-8