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December 7, 1998
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Approved For Release 20Q1/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001500170004-5 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001500170004-5 Approved For Releas~ ~ ~ ~~ 888001500170004-5 SECRET WORKING PAPERS SGFOIA2 FY 1989 STATEMENT OF WORK (TJ) Expansion and Amendments* (U) ~,- ~~ _._- 6.0 (U) Specific Tasks 6.1. (U) Basic Research As it appears in SOW (U) - 6.1.1. (S/NF) Reassess previous research and conduct new research to identify parameters and procedures that are responsible for remote viewing occurrence and enhancing performance (see memo dated June 2, 1988). (S/NF) Using meta-analytical techniques, assess, where possible, the experimental results of the research since 1973. This should include the following topics: 1. Selection and screening 2. Targeting, coordinate, beacon, abstract, other 3. Evaluation and analysis 4. Training 5. Role of feedback 6. Effect of distance 7. Effect of size of target $. Physiological correlates 9. Psychological correlates " (U) See ESU87-135 (October 9, 1987) and Statement of Work for Phenomenological Research and Development (PR dated April 8, 1988). Approved For Rele se '00"n0'3~~ - 07888001500170004-5 SECRET WORK~IWt~ ~~ c~~ryr Approved For Release SG1A SECRET WE~RKtNC~ PACERS 8001500170004-5 10. Shielding, ELF 11. Audio analysis/audio signal 12. Search/tracking 13. Precognitive RV 14. Analytics 15. Conducting an RV experiment 16. Countermeasures (S/NF) The following points should be covered for each topic: a. Historical perspective (before 1973), if appropriate b. Summation of work at SRI since 1973 c. A look at work in other labs (recent) d. Statement of the state of the art f. Suggested experiments to solve the problem, if appropriate. Should begin with what is not known about the subject. (S/NF) Deliverables: January 2, 1988. Report on each topic listed above. As it appears in SOW (U) ('7 6.1.2. (S/NF) Identify optimum statistical evaluation methods and procedures and prepare appropriate handbooks. SECP~?`i" WQRKIi~t~a F'AP~I~C Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001500170004-5 8001500170004-5 SGFOIA2 As it appears in SOW (U) 6.1.3. (S/NF) Determine if select physiological parameters can be useful for identifying or predicting occurrence of psychoenergetic phenomena. Expansion (U) (S/NF) Description: Determine the degree to which magnetic visual evoked potentials can be observed under psychoenergetic conditions. (S/NF) Subcontractor: SRI/Los Alamos National laboratory. (S/NF} Deliverables: 4th quarter FY 1989, a report detailing the techniques and results of the experiment. (S/NF) If the FY 1988 task at Los Alamos is not successful, this are"will not be pursued in FY 1989. A substitute task will be developed. As it appears in SOW (U) ,~ 6.1.4. (S/NF) Perform various investigations that assist in identifying fundamental aspects of the phenomena. Expansion (U) SGFOIA2 (S/NF) This task will be included only if Task 6.1.3. is deleted. A separate memo will be prepared at that time to specify what is required. 6.2. (S/NF) Applications research As it appears in SOW (U) 6.2.1. (S/NF) Develop quantification and eva~ luation techn~i uses for a variety of operational types of targets. Approved For Rel ase 2001/6~i6~i#ifA-RDP96~0788R001500170004-5 'V~'ORf~11~EG E'~.~EF~S SGFOIA2 Approved For Release 2~01r08/07 :~1~~96-00788 001500170004-5 WORKING PAPERS Expansion (U) (S/NF) Description: SRI and the sponsor will work closely to develop a target element list and a quantitative analytical technique for RV analysis where the target material is generally unknown. (S/NF) Deliverables: End of second quarter, FY 1989, the methodology will be completed and ready for publication. As it appears in SOW (U) 6.2.2. (S/NF) Conduct multi series remote viewing projects for special operational targets to determine levels of accuracy as a function of operational conditions such as distance, shielding, timing, other factors. Also review and analyze all operational related projects to identify possible operational limits or qualifiers. Expansion (U) (S/NF) Description: Target viewers against special sites supplied by and under control of the sponsor. (S/NF) Deliverables: A report on each site that includes the analysis of the responses, a summary of the best estimate of the target site, and the raw data as an appendix. Each report must be completed before another site can be targeted. As it appears in SOW (U) 6.2.4. (S/NF) Conduct screenin of large candidate groups to identify people with high quality remote viewing and related (i.e., search) ability. Expansion (U) (S/NF) Description: Using a multi level screening procedure, identify high-quality remote viewers and individuals with an ability to locate items by psychoenergetic means. Approved For Release 2 8001500170004-5 S~CRE7 Approved For Release 2 01/ `~~,p.7 ~~P~i6~Q78 8001500170004-5 ~~ 't-~ K (S/NF) In addition to screening large groups of people who do not claim to have psychic abilities, an effort will be made to test the claims of persons who purport to having psychic ability. (S/NF) Deliverables: 4th quarter FY 1989, a report detailing the methods and results of the screening. SGFOIA2 6.3. (U) Support 6.3.1. (U) Project management: ? Provide administrative, technical and secretarial support. ? Provide prsrtocols and administrative support for SRI'S Human ? Provide computer software/hardware maintenance, and modest software/hardware upgrades. ? Provide sponsor-requested travel. ? Provide document production services. 6.3.2. (U) Support for Scientific Oversight Committee. 6.3.3. (U) Support for Human LJse Review Board. 7.0. (U) Quick Reaction Capability (QYtC). The contractor will maintain a quick response capability and be prepared to respond in less than 24 hours to problems or unexpected demands for brief technical papers that may develop during the term of this effort. 8.0 (U) Allocation of Effort. The level of effort to be applied to each basic task should be approximately as follows: SGFOIA2 TASK NO. (U) Ali,1,OCAT.bON OF EFFORT/FUNDING (Ul 6.1 40% 6.2 40% 6.3 20% Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001500170004-5 SGFOIA2 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001500170004-5 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001500170004-5