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November 4, 2016
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August 31, 2004
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August 29, 1983
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'"' Approved For Release 2004/0002% RDP96-00788 R001700110001-2 29 August 1983 SUBJECT: Visit by DAMI-ISH Staff Officer, 24 August 1983 1. (S/CL-4/NOFORN) On 24 August 1983, from 1415-1800 hours LTC Jerry Fox, OACSI, DA DAMI-ISH CENTER LANE Project Officer met with LTC Brian Buzby and CPT Frederick Atwater to discuss the availability of P-6 funds and discuss the CENTER LANE Project in general terms. 2. (S/CL-4/NOFORN) The following points were covered: a. We provided LTC Fox with letters requesting P-6 funds for FY 84 training per previous discussions. Although there was an increase in the request from approximately $416K to $496K, LTC Fox did not see that as a problem. He indicated that funds should be available, and that we need to establish definite procedures to receive the funds. Copies of letters attached as Incl 1 and 2. b. LTC Fox requested a memo on actions which we have accomplished to date that satisfy the Ambrose Directive to look for a second contractor and keep abreast of current trends in the field of parapsychology. I agreed to prepare a memorandum. c. LTC Fox expressed an opinion that, if possible, training should be condensed so that we will be able to achieve better utilization of trained personnel. I concurred. d. LTC Fox related the results of a recent briefing, during which Senator Wallop told LTG Williams, Director DIA that while he was not opposed to the subject of parapsychology personally, he did not feel it was intelligence and believed that he owed it to his constituents to spend tax dollars on higher priority items. e. Congress recently dictated that DOD could initiate no new programs in FY 84 that required additional spaces. That CLASSIFIED BY: CDR, INSCOM DECL: OADR 4- JO-T RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONAL Approved For Release 2004/09/99: C QR96-00788RO01 . Approved For Release 200 ,RLJDP96-00788R001 means that FY 84 initiatives are pushed back into FY 85 which in turn pushes FY 85 programs back, etc, etc. This means that CENTER LANE will not go in the GDIP in FY 85 as planned. Mr Hurowitz did not push for an exception because he did not have the "political clout" to force the issue. LTC Fox stated that the ACSI probably was unaware of that fact. I stated that I would not brief the CG, USAINSCOM on that development on 26 August, but that I would prepare a paper on the development during the week of 29 August. f. LTC Fox requested the establishment of a mechanism where we could provide him with evaluations of recently completed projects so that he would have "ammunition" when he discussed our program at the DA/DoD level. I told him I would/could do that contingent upon approval from my chain of command. g. LTC Fox provided a copy of the action memorandum on CENTER LANE prepared for the Secretary of the Army (Incl 3), and DoD directive 5240.1-R (Incl 4). h. The rest of the meeting dealt with the 6-9 September trip to SRI and informal discussions on project management and the future of the program. i. LTC Fox suggested we talk to LTC Salinas, DAMI-ISH Staff Officer about his knowledge of a downed helicopter as that information might support a current project. 3. (U) The four hour meeting was very productive. It laid a good foundation between the INSCOM CENTER LANE Project Manager and the OACSI Staff Officer. We agreed to at least a monthly meeting that will permit LTC Fox to keep abreast of our activities. old~fi 4 Incl BRIAN BUZBY as LTC, MI Project Manager Approved For Release 2004/' 1 P96-00788R001700110001-2