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Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 THE EXPLORER INSTITUTE MEMBERSHIP CHANGE - Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences P.O. Box 57 Afton, Virginia 22920 (703) 4568166 We are establishing a new membership status in the Institute effective June 1, 1979. Our membership will then consist only of Sustaining Members, Professional Members, and Sponsors.' All Sus- taining Members will receive the following: (1) A TAPE OF THE MONTH - These are copies of the actual recordings of Explorer sessions held at the Institute, one hour in length, on audio cassette. Advisory Board Members have stated that the most important step we can take is to disseminate of the information from these sessions just as it is - on tape. We now agree. A Sustaining Member will receive one each month. Thus, he Will build an exclusive tape library filled with profound philoso- phic implications, unavailable from any other source. (2) PERIODIC CONFIDENTIAL REPORTS - On research activities at the Institute, and publications by the Institute, including books and professional papers. (3) 'FIRST PRIORITY - On purchase of available dwelling units and land parcels at the New Land in Virginia, and on reservations for Gateway training sessions at the Center. (4) DISCOUNTS on INSTITUTE ACTIVITIES - 50% of total Membership Fees paid by an individual during a Twelve month period may be applied against the Registration Fee of any Institute training program held at the Center. A 25% discount on any materials or tapes produced and offered for sale by the Institute. (5) LOAN of the INSTITUTE EMERGENCY TREATMENT SERIES, for use in event of illness, accident, or surgery. (6) SPECIAL OTHER PRIVILEGES AND BENEFITS AS MAY OCCUR - Dues for Sustaining Members are a minimum of fifteen dollars monthly, or whatever additional you would like to sub- scribe. If you pay annually in advance, the minimum is one hundred fifty dollars. For details on Professional and Sponsor membership, phone or write us. Those who are currently members will receive an appropiate credit toward their new Sustaining Membership. ye record. I' acurnent has been th-,o nafecord. Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences P.O. Box 57 Afton, Virginia 22920 Phone (703) 456-8166 YOUR SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP - - will permit an on-going pattern of research to continue without interruption into the areas where the Institute has been active - left-right brain hemispheric stimu- lation and synchronization through audio pulse systems, the effects of artificial environments upon conscious- ness, and the inter-relationship of mind and body. - will encourage the development of additional methods and techniques through which the Institute can put into other practical application the results of such research activi- ty for the improvement and greater understanding of the total self. - will provide the continuance of regular experimental sessions with the Institute Explorer-Pathfinder Team into other realities and energy systems, and the training of new members and teams so as to expand the information gained therefrom. - will support the wider distribution of such Institute pro- ceedings, programs, and experimental data'into all facets of society that may be of ultimate value to mankind in general. - acknowledges the important position the Institute maintains: that there is no knowledge, truth, or answer for an indi- vidual except that which he has himself confirmed. Thus, the Institute does not take any position or postulate ex- cept as a premise - and attempts to provide to any indi- vidual the opportunity for such confirmation. - means, at the least, that your curiosity is aroused, that you would like to keep abreast of the inner events and activities of the Institute. - means, at the most, you have experienced personally very significant benefits and results from participation in one of the Institute programs or activities. Thus, such Membership indicates that "Something of Value" does indeed exist herein, that it should be developed and expanded not only for your own future well-being, but for others who follow you. Do join us (and get a friend to join, too) in this new stage of our mutual venture and adventure! Only through your partici- pation can we continue - and grow. Approved For Rgle@se 2003/09/10: CIA-RDP96-00788RO01700210029-1 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 This is a partial transcript of an Explorer session to illustrate the type of material sent each month on audio cassette to Institute Sustainin Members. Each cassette con- tains an exact copy of port ons of the audio track from various sessions, just as they actually took place. I'm being moved over to another beam. I'm being moved way over and I'm going now to a yellow-sort of a yellow beam-and the yellow is also relaxing, and I'm being lifted up on this beam and through the beam until I SESSION #76-520-5 ROMC get up to the source of the beam and it is all Monitor: yellow light swirling around. Aahchew! This explorer took eight minutes to get to (Sneeze.) It made me sneeze. It must have Focus Ten. She is now moving into the cleaned out my head. Okay. Now I feel like Twelve state with the creation of the REBAL. I'm being let down again. Now I'm being moved over. It's like I'm Explorer: being moved over on the spectrum.- It is a I built the balloon again and started doing nice, real orange beam coming through. And some rhythmic breathing which is like filling now I'm being lifted up through the orange the balloon full of my own air. I started beam. Orange is a nice, real good color. It is feeling that I was floating up and up. And all giving a lot of energy. It is a pulsating orange. of a sudden I saw this real blue area. It was Pulsating. Now the orange is turning red. It is just as blue as can be, as if I had gone up like a pulsating. Very energizing. And it is more than before. It is always sort of dark, like, orange-and-red, orange-and red. Now it but then I saw a comical scene. I saw a cloud is like two beams together. So ... I'm being floating by. And there was my brother, who let down now. was always a "ham" in life. He was sitting, Okay. Now, I'm being moved over to playing a harp and just grinning. He is the purple beam. Purple is very nice. Calm goofing off. That would be the sort of thing and cool purple. And I'm being lifted now on he would do. that beam. Okay. Now I get up and it is all It was a very light, light feeling, like I purple and I'm swirling. around. floated way up into another atmosphere. It Now all the colors are going to come in. I feels very, very good up here. Very light. am swirling around now on all the various Light and good. I feel lighthearted. colors. All the colors now. I am going around This is all I see. I see little saucers floating and around. in. One has a glass top bubble. A bubble top. I am going to hear music ... music is And I'm supposed to get in this glass-topped coming on, sort of lifting me up. I hear this saucer and I'm going to be taken for a fast real nice music ... it is all blending in with ride. I'll get in and see what happens. and part of the color. It goes with the colors. Okay. Very, very rapidly in the center of Now I'm being taken out of the protection this is a light beam. I'm going to be taken for of the saucer with the bubble top and I'm a ride on various colored light beams. Right going to be left to float a little bit. Now, just to now a white light beam is coming down. An float. I'm just floating in these colors, these energy beam. I don't know where it comes beautiful colors ... it just keeps changing ... from or where it's going. But it's coming right and I can hear the music. I am floating now, down the center of this little saucer I'm very, very relaxing and very energizing. I sitting in with the bubble top. And I'm being want to float here for a little bit. I will just float lifted now up through that particular beam. and listen to the music for a little bit. While Just being lifted higher and higher. I'm going I'm floating and listening to the music, when I to be lifted up. I'm travelling, spinning, with look down I can see me playing the piano... that beam coming right through. like it is my own music playing ... Let's see what happens now. It's just like My little saucer is coming back. I'm still -the whole thing is not just a beam-it's floating, it is relaxing and very energizing. getting up to where the source is. And I'm I'm supposed to get in it now and I'm going to being sort of flooded in with this white light. be taken somewhere. Now, I'm being slowly let down. Let down on A platform now ... I'm put off on a little this beam to where it is just a beam again. platform. And I'm just standing there Now, I'm going to have a blue beam straight up. I can see a circle of myself. I'm running through. Okay. I'm sort of spinning standing there, but I can see a circle ... like around. Spinning around. And I'm being aspects of myself in a circle. I'm standing on lifted up through this beam which is now this platform, floating way out in space, but it coming right down the middle. But I'm being is very nice ... completely away from every- lifted up through this. beam and it is ex- body and everything. panding until now again, I am all washed in I am floating up now, standing on this blue. It is very cool and refreshing. It is all platform. I'm supposed to stand here and blue now. I'm spinning around. Now I'm observe what is going to happen. ~O 3/09/1 0? ' - Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 one is working on my face ... like someone exercising-helping to exercise, my throat muscles. They talk about getting me 'pre- pared' . . (After 1 min., 12 sec.) (Voice quality change; BV-2, 3 Up 41 MV) ASV: We are coming to help ROMC to see visually that she is multidimensional and this is why she is able to see the great circle of self . of many forms of the self. It appears to her to be like many selves extending from a circle in between. We are trying to show her that there are many, many dimensions of one human self. As she can see and under- stand that she is much more than the conscious self that she sees in the mirror and which she experiences in her waking state, she will be much more readily prepared to go into the multidimensional levels, or con- sciousness levels. And this is why we are working on various levels, not only the visual ... which is very important ... but we are also working with the other senses as well. As she realizes, senses and experiences the light feeling of floating, this helps to take her away from the heaviness of this worldly self, and helps her to see more clearly that she is not tied down, nor bound by this physical self. At the same time, we are showing her her human body: as each cell glows, we are showing her that the cell is a complete universe in itself. Every cell in the human body is a complete universe of great complexity, but yet, at the same time, of great simplicity. And within each cell is a whole energy level, and the energy is self- sufficient within each cell. And there are millions of universes within one human body. The cells of the physical body have many levels of energy patterns within them. And as a soul is aware that the mind and self can be very much in control of the use of the energy within the millions of cells, it is very awe-inspiring and it is a great sense of responsibility. This is why it is important to stand aside to look at the magnitude of the universe that the self is responsible for. But the greater dimensions are the many, many dimensions of what we call the energy body, the Universal Self, which goes beyond the body which can be seen. And this body is in touch with all levels of the highest forms of energy. Therefore, when this body is re- leased into its highest form, in its highest working form, then all of the levels and universes within the physical are put into place, with great energizing and balance between the two. There is no limit to what the soul and the self could perform in this minute second of a lifetime. Once the soul is in control and releases the levels of energy, it is in its purest form. The human self is capable of the highest of what you would consider miracles. But they are not miracles. The human body would be capable of appearing and disappearing at any stage and any level of existence in the earth, if the higher energy levels of the self and the soul are in the right communion. And, of course, this is possible as you well know. It is possible for the energy body to travel, but it is also possible for the physical body to be capable of many very unusual feats. They are all combined and connected. But we are only saying this to use an example so that this entity can see and know that there are no limits put upon the human body and the self, other than those limits that the mind puts upon the self and the body. This is why it is important to work in changing the concepts that the earth level puts upon the mind of man. Once a soul is aware that there are no limits to the ex- periences and levels of existence within the physical body, then new frontiers open up where all things are possible. But the great work which we have to do first is to work with the minds of human souls. And this is why we are now working to clear the mind of this entity from all of that which has put into her that has limited her horizons. It is no fault of her own that she feels limited. It is only that kind of thought-form that is sent to her from other thought-forms of earth levels. And it is our main job to work with thought- forms to release those false thought-forms that hold down the soul from its true release and its true activities. And this is what we are working on at this time. We are going to con- tinue to help this soul to see herself in the many levels that she occupies. As she can see and experience these various multilevels of her existence, then she will be that much freer to explore into the unusual and the most amazing universes that exist right within the Self. And we have a good beginning. It is always our desire to help all who are interested in being helped. All that we do is to help as many as are willing to listen and be helped. Therefore, it is not that we are working with one entity. It is that we are working with the earth level. And there are many who are working to help the release of those who are caught in the wrong thought- forms on the earth level. Therefore, we are most happy when anything that we do is shared with all who are interested in learning. Of course, all who are with you are growing, and they are going into the many dimensions and are learning. Much of what we are saying is already known. Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences P.O. Box 57 Afton, Virginia 22920 Phone (703) 456-8166 THE VIRGINIA GATEWAY MACHINE EXPERIENCE - That sounds very impersonal, yet the experience is far from being impersonal. The New Monroe Training and Research Center is unlike any other facility now in service. It is designed to apply all of the methods and techinques developed through the years by the Institute to enhance consciousness, awareness, learning and attention without the use of drugs or electrical stimulation. The staff of Trainers, Techninians, and friends take away all signs of impersonality! UPON ARRIVAL - If you've been accepted for one of the Gateway programs, and if you've notified the Institute in advance, you are met at the Charlottesville, Virginia Airport, and you ride in the Institute car some thirty (30) miles to the south, through rolling hills that grow into small green mountains with patterns of pastoral streams and farmland at their base. The mountains are green. Where is the famous Blue Ridge of which you've heard so much. There it is, not too distant, against the horizon - and it does look blue, your driver points out. The car moves off the main highway, along a road bordering Rockfish. River, then crosses a bridge over the river, and a few moments later,,turns into the New Land. The driver points to a distant mountain ridge, and tells you the New Land goes all the way to the top of it. There is a trail that leads to the top, and you can hike up through the woods and be totally alone on an afternoon - if you so desire. The road climbs steeply around the side of a knoll. You pass the Gatehouse, a large rustic yet contemporary building just completed. Your driver indicates this houses not only staff but overnight visitors at the Institute. Through the valley beyond and below, a deeply-cut trout stream sweeps powerfully down to the Rockfish River. Later the stream will be enhanced for fish production, the driver tells you. Also, upstream, a small hydro- electric plant is to be installed, with a hydraulic ram system to pump water to a reservoir on the hill above. Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 The car reaches the top of the hill, turns to the right onto a plateau - and then you understand. The view - the panorama of green-blue mountains and ridges spread out in all directions, tier after tier spreading to the horizon, the clear sweep of clouds and sky, the clean fresh air - and in the near distance, the tree-covered ridge you've decided you're going to climb, the grassy pasture bending over the side of the hill and down into another valley, where a second unpolluted stream softly makes its rambling way down to the river, - old yet now, new, to be used and treated in a new way. The New Land. Seven hundred and thirty (730) acres, to be exact. You almost missed the Center. It doesn't look as large as you expected, because it is planted carefully into the side of the hill. Architecture is again the rustic-contemporary mode. It is affection- ately called the "Cedar Chest", your driver comments, for obvious reasons. It can provide housing and services for up to twenty five (25) participants. There are meeting rooms for large and small groups, dining areas both indoors and on the broad deck outside, complete facilities for audio-visual presentations and recording, and a Master Control Room for origination and monitoring during training sessions. The most important feature of all is the CHEC unit, you are told. The car pulls into the parking area, and you get out. You walk up the curving ramp to the main entrance, and with one last look at the Big Sky, you go inside. In the office to the right, Alice greets you, and signs you in . . Along with towels, soap, instruction sheet, and program schedule, Alice tells you that you can leave your shoes at the entrance or take them to your room - that shoes are not necessary inside the Center. You can go barefooted if you wish. She also takes your wrist watch to keep for you. For this week, time will not be important to you.- You take your shoes off, and another staff member shows you to your home for the next week, plus one. INTRODUCTION TO CHEC - The room you share with another looks comfortable, with appropriate space for belongings, but there is no bed. Where is the bed! The staff member then takes you over and opens up what you thought was a large closet. How wrong you were! This is the famous CHEC (for Controlled Holistic Environmental Chamber), where you will sleep at night and where you will go through each training exercise in complete privacy - and freedom. Not only will the CHEC double the effectiveness of the training, but you will sleep in it and experience a form of restful sleep that you may have never had before. Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 The Chec unit is first of all an accoustical room. It reduces sharply all external noises from interfering with the occupant. Secondly, it shields to a significant degree (55 D.B.) most electro- magnetic radiation from entering the chamber, a vital factor in many ways. Inside the CHEC unit is abed, some water beds, some air beds, some conventional. There is no room for anything else. (On a lower floor, the special CHEC units contain not only a bed, but a complete small room, with chest, desk and chair). Upon invitation, you lie down on the CHEC bed, and the staff member instructs you in its operation. You find all of the following you can control to suit you: (1) Lights: bright, dim, color change, or none at all. (2) Temperature: warmer, cooler, as you desire. (3) Air: low or high flow direction. (4) Sound: available through headphones or speakers on each side. When not in program exercise or sleep, music and various natural backgrounds such as soft breeze, rain, surf, etc., or total silence. .(5) Negative air ionization: high, low or none at all. DURING TRAINING EXERCISES - No more mattresses on the floor! After a group session in the Meeting Room, you return to the CHEC unit, close the door. You lie down, put on the set of headphones, adjust the environmental controls to your liking, and wait for the Start Signal. The side speakers act as intercom between you and the Master Control Room, so that the technician or trainer in charge can always hear you, and you can hear them either with or without headphones. Most important, you can put on the hand and other electrodes when in- structed, which feed various biological signals back to the Master Control Room. Through these, the technician can analyze accurately your response and progress during the Exercise. Thus for the first time, Gateway Program participants can receive an accurate evalu- ation beyond their own impressions and reactions, and permanent records can be kept for such response. Upon completion of each Exercise, you return to the Meeting Room for debriefing and discussion. DURING SLEEP - At Time for Sleep, you retire again to the CHEC unit, and set the controls for total sleeping comfort. (You will find it inter- esting to make various adjustments and changes in these as you progress through the program - your needs and likes may not be what you thought they were!). For sleep, sound will come through the side speakers, not through the headphones. You may select from the following: Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 (1) Silence (2) Sleep pattern (the Institute's patented sleep inducing sound which leads you through sleep for the entire period, and wakes you up gently in the morning). (3) The Learning Channel, which by a special process, offers data learning and languages during sleep, and then drops you into normal sleep. (4) Nature Sounds - rain, surf, soft wind, etc., which you may like during sleep. All sleep channels present a special wake-up signal at the appropriate time. Included too, is reinforcement in learning to go to sleep whenever you so desire. MASTER CONTROL ROOM (MCR) - This is the heart of the technical operation of the Center. First, the MCR feeds audio and video programs to each CHEC unit, and can send as many as ten (10) different programs simultaneously. Thus, any individual can receive special reinforcement exercises, elective and optional training on an one-to-one basis with the Trainer in MCR. Through intercom and direct switching into the program, the Trainer can converse with the Participant in any CHEC unit privately, without disturbing or interrupting any one else. This important com- munication link permits a close personal approach during the exercise with each person, if and when needed. Equally important is the other activity in the MCR - the moni- toring of biological responses of each Participant. Through a custom scanning system, technicians in MCR can read EEG, EMR, GSR, body temperatures, and body voltage changes at the microvolt level. The MCR is able to record any such responses on magnetic tape, with real time syncronous program and oral response patterns, thus pro- viding a permanent record of the progress of each Participant. Of special interest is the MCR Mind Mirror, a new instrument that dis- plays visually full-range hemispheric synchronization of electrical brain waves from high Beta to slow Delta, all in one pictorial repre- sentation. It also has provision for video distribution throughout the Center, including the CHEC units, as the need develops. To make full use of the new Center, the Institute is modifying all of the current Gateway Program exercises into a new format. Row- ever, such changes will not negate the methods and training provided to date, but instead will augment and amplify them to new levels of proficiency. Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1 Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences P.O. Box 57 Afton, Virginia 22920 Phone (703) 456-8166 625 Fifth Ave. San Francisco, California 94118 (415) 668-2677 1979 SCHEDULE GATEWAY/ADVANCED (three days) Fee $225 : plus room. and board fee May M 10-13 Santa Barbara La Casa de Maria $78 (rm & b d ay 17-20 r ) Pacific Grove Asilomar Conference $66 (rm & brd) Grounds June 01-03 Brooksville, FL June 08-10 El Paso, TX June 08-10 Detroit, MI Mercy Center June 22-24 Chicago, IL July 20-22 San Diego, CA July 21-29 Virginia The Center July 27-29 Philadelphia July 27-29 , Seattle, WA August 03-05 San Francisco August 11-19 Virginia The Center August A 18-26 Seattle Lake Wilderness Conference Center Fee: about $700 (includes rm & b d ugust 31-03 r ) Virginia The Center September 07-10 Monterey Pacific Grove September 08-16 Virginia The Center September 14-16 Denver September 21-23 Detroit October 06-14 Virginia The Center There are additional workshops scheduled in other areas Philadelphia, Louisiana, Chicago, Utah, and Denver. For .special dates, please call or write our West coast office, at (415) 668-2677. For programs at The Center, please call (703) 456-8166. Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210029-1