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Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210039-0 MONROE INSTITUTE OF APPLIED SCIENCES No. 2-84 W v of n e We at the Monroe Institute are pleased to present the second issue of WAVES OF CHANGE, a newsletter for participants in the Gateway Experience. This newsletter is an outgrowth of your desire to share your experiences with the tapes and your questions about how to use them more effectively. We want to stress that your response to the Gateway Experience tapes is vital to the continued publication of this newsletter. We need your feedback! Please direct your correspondence to Jean Wallis at the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences, Rt. 1, Box 174, Faber, VA 22938. QUESTIONS Q: I REALIZE THAT THE ENERGY CONVERSION BOX IS A TOOL TO DETACH MYSELF FROM DAY- TO-DAY CONCERNS, BUT I DON`T KNOW QUITE HOW TO USE IT. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO PUT IN IT. I DON'T THINK ABOUT ANYTHING WHEN I'M LISTENING TO THE TAPES ANYWAY. A: Obviously, you are able to leave daily distractions behind and don't have much need for this tool -- so much the better!. Some people, however, carry on a constant "internal dialogue"" about worries and concerns that take much of their attention. So, this part of the preparatory process can be a problem-solver. Take whatever is on your mind prior to beginning the taped exercise and transform it into a symbol before putting it in the box. A wallet can symbolize money, for example; a watch, frustration at not having enough time to do what you want. If you are experiencing pain, put that part or your whole body into the box. The idea is to symbolize whatever is a problem and put it away where it will not distract you during the taped exercise. After the exercise, you may find that the emotional content associated with the problem has lessened or completely vanished. Q: I DON'T SEEM TO FEEL THE HIGH ENERGY STATES AND HAVE TROUBLE VISUALIZING WHAT IT SHOULD FEEL LIKE. A: Everyone perceives his experiences in a different way, so these "high energy states" will not necessarily be visual. Some people report seeing light, color, and form, but others quite frequently perceive sensations. You may experience vibrations, what seems to be an electric tingling, or a shaking of your body, bed, or room. Some people hear a rushing sound, buzzing, voices, verbal messages, or even music. Others may just "know" when they have achieved these states. Just relax and observe your own perceptions without judging how you "should" feel. As you can "see", the perceptions may come in many forms! Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210039-0 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210039-0 Q: I UNDERSTAND THAT AFTER A WHILE WE REALLY DO NOT NEED THE TAPES TO ACHIEVE DIFFERENT STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. HOW DO I REMEMBER IHE HEMI-SYNC SIGNALS? A: It is true that with practice, you do not need the taped exercises to reach expanded states of consciousness. After you become proficient with an exercise, all you need to do is recall the sensations you experienced during what you consider to be your best, most effective response in the desired state. Simply take a deep breath and remember the state to trigger the change in consciousness. The more you perform the "one-breath technique", the easier and more effective it will become. See pages 34-35 in your Discovery manual for a discussion of the encoding process. Q: SOMETIMES MY RESONANT ENERGY BALLOON (REBAL) SEEMS TO TIGHT AND RESTRICTIVE. ANY SUGGESTIONS? A: The REBAL is a device for perceiving the non-physical energy that exists within and outside you. As such, it can take any form you wish. It can be a cozy coccoon or a huge field of energy, whatever is comfortable for you. The REBAL can help you move into other energy states. It is also a protection device, both during an exercise and in daily life. For example, people often put a REBAL around themselves, their cars, and their homes for protection. Again, create it in any form you desire that will be most effective and comfortable for you. Q: DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS AS TO HOW TO BETTER CONTROL AN OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE (OBE)? ONCE I GET OUT, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO "STEER" MY THOUGHTS. A: You can practice control of an OBE by setting a goal before you begin. Then you won't need to decide what to do once you are "out". You may want just to float, to see a particular person, to go to a destination, or to contact a non-physical entity. If an OBE happens spontaneously, remember that in the second state thoughts are action. Whatever you think, that is what you 'do. At first it may be easier to think of a person and reach their energy than to try a destination. Any time you wish to return, simply think of returning to your body and/or move a finger or toe and you will be back. Q: I CONTINUALLY FALL ASLEEP DURING THE TAPED EXERCISES. WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS? A: First, make sure you are rested before doing the exercise. Second, put the idea of sleep into your Energy Conversion Box. Third, if you are still falling asleep, try sitting up during the exercise. And fourth, practice, practice, practice! It is through continued practice that you learn to maintain that balance between deep relaxation and sleep. Q: I'M HAVING DIFFICULTY FORMING AND CONTROLLING MY ENERGY BAR TOOL (EBT). SOMETIMES IT SWITCHES TO A TRIANGLE OR SEEMS TO BE AN EXTENSION OF MY OWN ARM. IS THIS NORMAL? Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210039-0 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210039-0 A: The Energy Bar Tool can take any shape which comes to mind. It doesn't have to be the same each, time you use it and it can switch form while you are using it. The purpose of the EBT is not so much perception of a form, but the focusing and direction of non-physical energy. There are many uses for the EBT: Healing (Threshold #6 - Living Body Map), perceiving distant events and people (Freedom #2 - Remote Viewing), or as an entrance into other energy systems (Threshold #5 - Energy Bar Tool), to name a few. You are only limited by your imagination! Many of you have come to the end of the first four Waves of the Gateway Experience and are asking, "What's next?" We are excited to announce not only a continuation of the Gateway Experience, but a whole new approach to experiencing the tapes. WAVE V - EXPLORING - develops the concept of non-verbal communication; that is, the information contained on the tapes is expressed in sounds rather than verbally. This set of exercises is specifically designed to maximize the tools you are already familiar with in previous albums of the Gateway Experience. The Hemi-Sync and Frequency Following Response signals on the tapes will help create the states you already know. Your first impression of the tapes may be that you are listening to musical sounds, but when you apply the printed instructions that are provided with each tape,. you will find the process to be effective. The tapes develop six different frameworks: TAPE 1 - Exploring in Focus 10 TAPE 2 - Exploring in Focus 12 TAPE 3 - Exploring by day (to be used in the morning) TAPE 4 - Exploring by night. (to be used in the evening) TAPE 5&6 - Exploring your inner self in Focus 12. The tapes are designed to trigger memories and events, to open doors to places you would not ordinarily know to exist We hope that you will continue EXPLORING with us in this new way, and to let us know of your experiences! PREVENTING AND SOLVING CASSETTE PROBLEMS 1. Be sure tape is always fully rewound and stored in cassette case. VERY IMPORTANT! 2. Be sure the pinch roller is not worn (it will catch and eat tape). 3. Clean tape heads, pinch roller and metal drive post every 20 tapes. 4. If tape appears to be stuck (not winding) -- slap it against palm of your hand three times. This will realign the small plastic wheels inside cassette. 5. Allow tapes left in a cold area to warm up one hour before playing. 6. Before rewinding tape, take out all slack. 7. Store all tapes in a cool, non-humid area. 8. If tape is caught in recorder, remove tangled section very carefully and rewind 'p aS ' or ale ~~O~I /9~ :aC R6096 76 R06470624Dd39Lgn- Approved For Release 2003/09/14 : CI,RDP96-00788 ROO1700210039-0 SPO'T'LIGHT ON CATNAPPER The CATNAPPER taped exercise is a tool for helping you to relax quickly, sleep deeply for short periods of time, and wake up refreshed and re-energized. Once the process is learned, you no longer need to use the tape -- you will be able to perform the function on your own. 1. To ease fatigue due to stress and re-energize at any time: Find a quiet space and use the tape. It is designed to give you a complete 90-minute sleep cycle in 30 minutes. 2. To reduce jet-lag: On long trips, use the tape at least one hour prior to the end of your flight. Take along a portable stereo cassette player and headphones. Repeated use of the CATNAPPER will speed up your ability to self-activate the process. You can test your proficiency by first lying down with headphones in place and "remembering" the pattern of the exercise (without actually playing the tape). Simply think of the exercise and count upward slowly, starting at one, until sleep comes. Later, the headphones can also be discarded. If you forget the exercise over time, practice again with the tape. NEWS FROM THE INSTITUTE Beginning this spring, the Institute will conduct GATEWAY WEEKENDS IN CALIFORNIA. The first one will be held in Los Angeles March 9-11, beginning Friday evening and ending on Sunday afternoon. Participants will gather for the daily sessions and return to their own accommodations in the evening. For further information, contact West Coast Representative Paul Andrews, 7332 Shoup Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91307, (213)346-9151. Those of you who have previously completed the week-long Gateway Voyage here in Virginia have the opportunity to reinforce your experiences in Focus 10-21 with the new GATEWAY GRADUATE PROGRAM. The sessions run for a weekend, beginning on a Friday evening and ending at noon on Sunday. Room and meals are included. Graduate Gateways are scheduled for March 2-4, April 27-29, and October 5-7. For further information or reservations, write or phone Helen Warring at the Institute, Rt. 1, Box 175, Faber, VA 22938, (804)361-1252. One of the Institute's Professional Members, DEVON EDRINGTON, has developed a method for focusing attention in the classroom using Hemi-Sync signals masked with music. The philosophy professor at Tacoma Community College in Washington has applied Hemi-Sync to a variety of learning situations, used successfully at the college and at the elementary school level. One of the most dramatic successes arose from an experiment with first-grade students. The teacher played the Hemi-Sync tapes over speakers throughout the day, gradually shortening the length of the music until she only had to play the first few minutes of the tape in order to have the children in a focused state for the rest of the period. In four weeks the students learned what it normally took them a year to learn. Katie Bright, a fellow participant in the Gateway Experience, is compiling a book of member's experiences with the tapes. The expressions of your experiences can take the form of comments, stories, poetry, drawings, photography. etc. The book will be organized by WAVE with sub-sections for each tape within the album. Please mail your responses and specify, if possible, the tapes to which they relate to: Katie Bright, 128 Kenwood AAppro?@d bO?lk@ b03109/1(0706XDA-RDP9 OOF8OPClO1g7&W1 Pse, she will make copies of the book available to members. Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210039-0 M.I.A.S. BULLETIN A COMMUNICATION FROM THE MONROE INSTITUTE OF APPLIED SCIENCES J METAMUSIC - BLUE METAMUSIC - BLUE is your bonus tape for the Adventure Album. This tape is much like METAMUSIC - GREEN but sets a different level of awareness. This tape can be used for meditation or for creating patterns in your mind giving you conscious dreams. It can be enjoyed over a speaker system or by using your stereo earphones. We're always interested in hearing your reaction to these bonus tapes. EXPLORING The GATEWAY EXPERIENCE has expanded to two more albums. The first of these albums is titled EXPLORING. This album is a new mode of Hemi-Sync exercises departing from the other GATEWAY EXPERIENCE albums. There will be no verbal instructions on these tapes. Instead, you will be led through the tapes by musical sounds of Hemi-Sync that will take you into greater realms of experiences. You will be able to maximize your GATEWAY EXPEREINCE by using this new different application which is a form of non verbal communication. The written instructions will give you a base to start from. The tapes develop six different frameworks: Tape 1 - Exploring in Focus 10 Tape 2 - Exploring in Focus 12 Tape 3 - Exploring by day (to be used in the morning) Tape 4 - Exploring by night (to be used in the evening) Tape 5&6 - Exploring your inner self in Focus 12. The tapes are designed to trigger memories or events, to open doors to places you would not ordinarily know to exist. Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210039-0