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November 4, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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July 11, 1980
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ApbrovtY d~ t~I`e~S x2003/09/10: CIA-RDP96-007,88R00170 Ideal for Study of Monroe Program In our neighbor county of Nelson is located the new Headquarters of the Institute of Applied Sciences. Emily and I attended Open House at thesenew Headquarters Wednesday evening. We are enthused over the activities of Robert A. Monroe, who founded and heads the In- stitute. After a normal lifetime of vigorious activity during which he originated scores of popular radio program . . . writing script and music for same. He came to Charlottesville and established the Jefferson Cable Corp. that operated in Charlottesville and. Waynesboro. During these busy years for Mr. Monroe, he formed Robert Monroe Productions. At this group's peak operations it was producing as many as 28 network programs weekly. Later Mr. Monroe became Vice President of Programs and Director of Mutual Broadcasting System, Inc. In 1956 he became President of Laury Associates. This brought him into ownership and operation of radio stations in North Carolina and Virginia. This brought him to Charlottesville to operate the radio station he owned there and to establish the Cable Corporation which he extended into Waynesboro. He continued in the radio and cable businesses until April, 1976. Mr. Monroe's major avocation in recent years has been exploration and research into practical methods of accelerated learning through expanded forms of consciousness. He founded the Institute of Applied Sciences in 1973 and set up facilities and laboratories at Afton. As Executive Director of the In- stitute he founded, Mr. Monroe plays an important part in its operation and in the research phase of the Institute's activities. The new Headquarters for the Institute which Emily and I were invited to visit Wednesday are likewise in Nelson County but somewhat ? south of the Afton location. The grounds upon which these new Headquarters are located represents the application of several major concepts related to the enhancement of the learn- ing process in the human mind. These are relaxation, focus of attention and whole brain func- tioning. The setting for the Center is a key element. The pastoral beauty of the Blue Ridge area of Virginia . ` . away from the noises, tensions and other pollutions of the city, gives immediate impetus to mental and physical relaxation. CHEC units (Controlled Holistic En- vironmental Chambers) are vital parts of the Institute's educational program. There are 24 of these at the Institute. Here, quietly on the cots provided for the students, they provide quiet opportunity for completely ab- sorbing and retaining of essential data, YOU should visit these new Institute headquarters. Such a visit should make you an enthused supporter of Mr. Monroe's con- tribution to today's society. Approved For Release 20031&TMPG RDPIOS -798R 1l7bG.Z110049-9 Waynesboro, Virginia July 11, 1980