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Vol. 1, No. 1 pro r e 2 0: D -0 R MONROE INSTITUTE INTRODUCES GATEWAY PROGRAM Enthusiastic Response from Participants TEN DAY SESSION LEADS TO PERMANENT PROGRAM The first Ten-Day Explorations session of the Institute's Gateway Program was so effective that by March nearly half of the original group had requested reservations for the next Explorations session, to be held in Montana September 8-17. At the Feathered Pipe Ranch near Helena, Montana last September, 56 people from all walks of life spent 10 days exploring the farther reaches of the Gate- way Program. This was the first time that the Institute had conducted any training session longer than the typical Weekend session. A major finding from this first Ten-Day session was that the longer format was more efficient and productive than all the shorter formats combined. This was due in part to the setting and the environment created. A vacation feel surrounded the session. After four days the habits and problems of daily life faded into the back- ground-making way for intensive Continued on page 3 Fellow Explorers, We are sending you this Newsletter because you have shown interest in serious investigation of the mind. At the Monroe Institute, we have discovered and are refining a technique that offers a signifi- cant contribution to the study of consciousness and to the art of conscious- ness expansion. Your comments and participation are invited. Robert A. Monroe, Executive Director NEG IONS AND EXPLORATION The Monroe Institute has conducted Gateway training groups where, unknown to the participants, negative air-ion envi- ronment was present during some exercises in Focus 10 and absent during others. The participants' subjective reports about their success in the attainment, depth and maintenance of Focus 10 correlated highly with the presence of the negative air-ion atmosphere. Also, at the Institute's laboratory, the explorers report that the negative air-ion environment is Continued on page 4 "best audio tapes they've heard ..." MANAGEMENT TRAINING ORGANIZATIONS RE- QUESTING MONROE TAPES Higher levels of creativity in business produce growth, efficiency, and better leadership latest personnel studies indicate. For these and other probable benefits, a growing number of manage- ment training organizations are requesting demonstrations of the Monroe Tapes. The two most recent demonstrations, both well received, were given to the Wilson Learning Corporation in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and at the General Electric Executive Training facility at Crotonville, New York. At the invitation of Ned Herrmann, Manager of General Electric's Manage- ment Education Operation, an Institute team demonstrated the effects of the Monroe Tapes upon brain synchronization to some 45 executives attending a symposium at the G.E. ij~'dY1~el~ef1~$19~4'lIl'OfiA~/~8 Wearing headphones i a ar ened we as extensive passive visua imagery, lecture room, and leaning forward with Continued on page 3 their heads resting on tables in front of the chairs, the participants experienced easily the primary Gateway effects so common among users of the system in other modalities. To illustrate the effect more vividly, bi-lateral EEG equipment was utilized on several subjects with the hemispheric synchronization displayed on a dual-trace oscilliscope and through computer-matched signals on strip chart recordings. This portion of the test was under the supervision of Dr. Todd Mikuriya, research psychiatrist from Berkeley, Calif. Time distortion was evident throughout the group. During the debriefing, not one believed the demonstration time to be more than 15 minutes, with the average estimate between 7 and 8 minutes. The actual length in real time was 45 minutes. Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences P.O. Box 57 Afton, Virginia 22920 (703) 456-8166 New Program designed to instruct and train individuals at own pace in art of consciousness expansion. After several years of research and development, the Institute is now ready to announce the Gateway Program, a sequential and multi-level program in the arts of consciousness expansion and personal development. Listening to a progressive series of Monroe Tapes through stereo headphones, the partici- pants first enter into a state of profound relaxation approaching the level of lucid dreams, a state the Institute calls "Focus 10." From this state, the participants "expand" into another perceptual state, "Focus 12," marked by a high energy similar to the energy in high dreams. Most participants in Focus 12 report a much clearer communication with interior sources, knowings, and what appear to be personal guides. Beyond this is "Focus 15," a timeless state. The major dynamic of the Monroe Tapes consists of the interaction of complex audio patterns between the left and right ears. Though nearly all the patterns have been recorded at a sub- threshold level, they induce a frequency following response in the brain. Certain dynamic audio patterns coax the brain into physical states that generate excellent subjective environments for interior explorations. To make the Gateway Program con- venient, effective, and supportive, the Institute has divided it into the following sessions: The Excursion. From mid-morning through late afternoon of one day, the par- ticipant learns, through a series of Monroe Tapes, to let his body go to sleep while he keeps his mind awake. Almost all of the participants in this stage of the Program report that they reach more profound levels of relaxation than they remember ever having reached before. Returning home, the participant uses a Focus 10 Workbook and a reinforcement tape to deepen the state and then to learn how to practice without the reinforcement tape. When he has completed successfully a Continued on page 2 THE EXPLORER The Explorer is published bi-monthly by the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences. It distributes news about the M.I.A.S. and jl~~ "'the among those exploring beyond the "gate." Subscription membership is $10 per year. TH E KeT4 !10 /WAPT(]FA-RDP96-00788R0 "Since the Workshop in Newport Beach my attitude toward my life has changed. Whereas before the Workshop I was a steady drinker; I cannot remember the day when I did not take at least two drinks, and generally more. Also I had been a more or less regular marijuana smoker for some thirty years. And I had got into the habit of watching the tube on a regular basis. Now I have no interest at all in alcohol, marijuana or TV. It's not that I've put them down morally; it's just that I have no interest in them. Those close to me are dumbfounded." Les Smith Mill Valley, CA Comment: Most participants do report a change in physical habits after encountering Focus 10 and Focus 12, though few make such a clean sweep as Les Smith. From our observation, an interior source sets up priorities on the path to physical and mental health, a source that is triggered by the deep relaxation and the attention to interior direction. Wt to be a trainer? We are accepting applications from our graduates who would like to pro- mote and operate One-Day Excursion sessions as an independent agent of the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences. We are setting up the One-Day for operation on a local basis across the country. If you are interested, send a resume to Christopher M. Lenz, P.O. Box 57, Afton, VA 22920. Program Continued series of specific exercises from the Work- book, the participant is ready for the Weekend. The Weekend. Typically, this session starts Thursday evening and continues through Sunday noon at a quiet, rural retreat. Because the set and the setting be- come ver im o t t i thi i y p r an n s nterior John Biggs told us that at first in Focus 12 he received clear vocal answers. exploration, all participants are strongly "In a rather petulant way, I told my voice that since others were getting visual answers, I urged to take their board and room on the wanted some too. Very cooperatively but in a rather patronizing way, the voice said, `Oh, retreat premises. After a reinforcement of you want a symbol? Okay, try this.' At which point a crate of oranges appeared. I puzzled Focus 10, the participants use the image- about this for a few seconds, asking myself what a crate full of oranges meant. The thought making facility developed in Focus 10 to came, `full of fruit or fruitful.' I took it to indicate a future fruitful life. At that instant the create specific tools for the exploration of oranges began to tumble from the crate. I felt apprehension as my symbolic life-fruits this energy system. The rest of the session disappeared. However, almost immediately literally thousands of oranges appeared from is devoted to the introduction and some overhead nowhere and poured over my crate, many more that it could hold. The exploration of Focus 12. Each participant message was a very clear one of giving or spending what you have in order to make way for takes home a Focus 12 reinforcement tape tremendous replenishment. This happens to be an exercise I am working on in my life at and a Gateway Workbook. The this time. It was a powerfully supportive image. As I digested all this with a feeling of con- Workbook includes progressive exercises siderable awe and joy, the voice came back with `How do you like that image, baby?' I in Focus 10 and Focus 12, and progress informed it/him/her quite humbly that I was very satisfied and appreciative." reports to be sent to the Institute. Some, TL Comment: o n Biggs such as practiced meditators, may wish to Palo Alto, CA begin the Gateway Program with the John's experience reverses the usual pattern. More participants receive the visual symbols before the vocal. Many others learn the rudiments of this interior communication not through visual or vocal symbols but through a clear inner knowing. No matter how it comes, these interior sources often delight us and play with us-with a purpose. "[In Focus 12, I] go through void and `silence' then `live' space. Get fuzzy answers, sluggish, slow. I struggle with weight. I challenge whoever, whatever is me or is here to answer, to show as much strength, beauty, color, as the waves on the beach or the Schubert melodies. No answer. I struggle, then surrender. Top of my head starts tingling; a knot is formed there, then the sound merges with lightness and starts `drilling' into the top of my skull. The top of my head blows off, light pours in(?), out(?). I am a hollow tube; all seven chakras-I know where they are now!-are widly pulsing at the same time, opening, exploding, the full feast. I stay there, re-issuing the challenge; the feast goes on. I will wait for `it' to show a bit of itself. Meanwhile, I may have some real answers to my demand for images, please. And I do get answers (ironic and gentle, just a bit on the fun, witty side) and challenge, and play and I don't lose. Five days later I feel different, physically, although it is hard to remember how it was `before.' But the sensation of being `opened' is still here." Marie-Francoise Guedon Vancouver, B.C. Canada Comment: As an ethnologist, Marie has studied Shamanism in Indian villages of northern Canada. She was not especially beholden to the chakra-Kundalini model of psychophysiology, nor are we. However, some of the "opening" experiences in the Gateway Program follow Marie's pattern. Weekend session. Explorer 12. From early in the morning to late in the evening of one day, graduates of the Weekend learn to add more control and stability to the Focus 12 perceptual state. The Advanced 15 is for the participant when he feels that he has enough control and stability in Focus 12 to generate and support a stronger energy system. The session begins Friday evening and con- tinues through Sunday noon with the same setting and requirements as the Weekend. The Ten-Day Explorations. This session begins on a Friday evening and continues through the following week to Sunday noon. At a more leisurely pace than the one, two and three day sessions, the participants learn to enter and use Focus 10, Focus 12, and Focus 15. The Institute has found this longer format to be more efficient and productive than all the others combined. This is due in part to the set and setting. First, a vacation feel sur- rounds the session. After four days, the habits and problems of daily life fade into the back round d k f g an ma e way or the "These action-packed, mind-stretching, and rejuvenating ten days at the Feathered Pipe intensive changes in perception and self- Workshop on `Altered States of Consciousness Thru Sound,' rekindle my faith in the image. Second, the natural setting, Creator of us all, in whom each precious moment we live, and move and have our being. together with our exclusive occupancy of They impress upon me asgp pl,f rgd~4k@Pe&psdv Q JO9 tOjrEQ JO788PXiIZ J y autiful area, permits a George W. Meek gentle re-attunement with Nature and our Ft. Myers, Florida own nature. ApprX4ff*09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788 by Stuart W. Twemlow, M.D. Note: Stu Twemlow is a research psychiatrist interested in intensive meditation and out-of-body experience. For the past few years he has used the Monroe recordings in a clinical setting. Last year, he participated as a staff member in the Montana Ten-Day session. Currently, he is developing a research methodology for investigating out-of-body experience. His "Research Notes" is a continuing feature of The Explorer. Brain-Wave Studies In our studies of the effect of the Monroe Tape system on brain waves, we have found that the tapes encourage the focusing of brain energy (it can be measured as with a light bulb, in watts) into a narrower and narrower "frequency band." This focusing of energy is not unlike the yoga concept of one pointedness, which we may translate in Western terms as single-mindedness. As Focus 10 counts down, there is a gradual increase in brain-wave size, which is a measure of brain energy or power. Although the significance of this is not yet clear, it could be speculated that the tape system encourages the recruitment of neurons in the brain to focus their attention on a single task, thus perhaps increasing the efficiency of mastering a task, whether that be to reduce tension on the muscles, to improve sleeping, or even to get out of the body. OBE Questionaire Together with Dr. Fowler Jones, we are in the process of conducting a study of the types of people that have spontaneous out of the body experience. We are also circulating a questionaire to approximately 1500 people who have had such experiences or have an intense interest in out of the body states. If anyone is in- terested in it and would be willing to answer it, please write to me in care of The Explorer. In response to our initial request, we have found that out of the body experiences are quite common amongst young adolescent children, and in people who are in confined settings, such as prisoners. It seems like people who have out of the body experiences are what could be called, in psychological terms, stimulus seekers, or danger seekers-people who like to have new experiences in their lives. They tend to be more introspective, have a more visually oriented dream and imaging life, and seem to be more independent and to be more self starting than other people. However, over a period of the next few months, if we get a good response to the questionaire, we will analyze the results and make them available to the participants and others. TRAINING Continued easily recalled. The test itself was essentially non-verbal, the only instruction being to "remember what you feel." -Wilson Learning Corporation- "Everyone agreed that the tapes were very professionally done, probably the best audio tapes they've heard," reported Wilson Learning President Mathew THE EXPLORER The Explorer is published every two months by the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences, P.O. Box 57, Afton, VA 22920. Telephone: (703) 456-8166. Subscription membership: $10 per year (first class mail) in North America, $13 all other (air mail only). Christopher M. Lenz, Editor MONORE INSTITUTE OF APPLIED SCIENCES Robert A. Monroe ....................... Executive Director Christopher M. Lenz .......... Director of Training Programs Nancy Lea Honeycutt ................ National Co-ordinator Carol Orsi ................................. Public Relations Karen Malik ....................... Western Representative BOARD OF ADVISORS James Beal Fowler Jones, Ed.D. Lawrence Davis, M.D. Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. Robert Ellsworth, Ph.D. Mary Jane Ledyard, Ph.D. David Francis E. Stanton Maxey, M.D. Arthur Gladman, M.D. Joseph Chilton Pear or . Alyce Green Bilprove r Elmer Green, Ph.D. Charles T. Tart, Ph.D. Steven Henderson Stuart Twemlow, M.D. Juechter, following the Institute's recent two-day management training demonstra- tion at their Eden Prairie, Minn. head- quarters. The Monroe Tapes had "real implications for personal development," he said, and noted that other participants reported that they were "a good method for teaching relaxation ... a beautiful use of sound levels ... used verbal conditioning very well ... and ... a lot of fun." The demonstration came at the request of Wilson Learning Chairman, Larry Wilson. WLC is the second largest com- pany in the U.S. producing corporate training programs. Juechter concluded his report on the Tapes by saying that "speaking for myself-I can only say that I had a totally enjoyable experience, got in touch with some things that I think are really very important in my life (or could be), and am extremely curious about participating further in your approach." The Institute is also responding to in- quiries from three other major corpora- 1k00* iY-]?ROORAM - FEES As of May, 1978, the following price schedule will be in effect. Room and board is included only in the Ten-Day Explorations session. Repeat Sessions. With the exception of Explorer 12 and the Ten-Day Explorations, participants may repeat a session on a stand-by basis for 40% of the fee. Session Fee One Day Excursion $ 55 Weekend $195 Explorer 12 $ 65 Advanced 15 Ten-Day Explorations, depending $145 on location $585-$1000 Response Continued changes in perception and self-image. Stuart Twemlow, M.D., a research psychiatrist and formerly chief of research at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Topeka, was on the staff. He reports: "In the session we found that, amongst the numerous effects on self esteem, intensive use of the tapes over many days produced what could be called a psi-conducive state with numerous examples of a form of telepathic sharing of mental experiences during the tape. For example, two people who knew each other very little, but who were in fact lying close to each: one had the experience of being very thirsty in a desert; the person next to him had a similar image that the first individual was very thirsty and decided he would image rain. He did so, and the first person picked up the rain, drank the water and had his thirst quenched. This type of vignette is quite typical of the shared experiences. It reminds one of the studies of psi-conducive states by Stanley Krippner and Montague Ullman in their book, Dream Telepathy. There were many pieces of evidence in the workshop of subtle changes in thinking. For example, tense and harrassed business men became much more at peace with themselves and, I think it would be fair to say, began to think positively as opposed to negatively. One such individual was so at peace with himself that wild animals in the surrounding bushes felt comfortable with him. In one case, a wild chip- munk crawled up onto his shoulder. Such people became able to see the growth aspects of negative experiences and encouraged others to focus on these rather than the destructive or painful elements. Many people seemed able to master, in their own creative search, the symbolic forms of imagery and to use symbolism to aid them in their decision-making. Kundalini power, a concept so important in theoretical studies of meditation and explored more particularly by Gopi Krisna, seemed to be raised in a number of the participants in this workshop, creating problems-problems primarily related to a difficulty in channeling this energy. When it could be channeled, it led to the uncovering of numerous defenses and con- fli t hi h h d b i h c s w c a een n ibiting the growth of tions about providing its training services. t nrid~1ividu ~h~~[[t~ 1 f o a form of consciousness eT sin;*DI> l39Rkc -RMa U7(S$ !~i tf fllah'9fas *een commonly seen in gram is scheduled to begin operations on people exploring alterations in consciousness May 1st of this year. for their own personal growth." tv3f?ITiDC, la nii" 111 IVA%JI r INSTITUTE porous or R iJ %%k20f0 ))fO : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210062-4 The Institute derives its support MAGICAL CHILD by Joseph Chilton Pearce. Is the ability to switch perceptual primarily from private contributions and' modes a part of the natural maturation process? Yes, according to Joseph Chilton research grants. The success of the Pearce, who, drawing from a wide variety of sources, develops a developmental Institute will depend upon our ability to psychology that includes the phenomena described in his books on the crack in the address ourselves to the needs of people cosmic egg. working toward the full realization of their BEYOND BIOFEEDBACK by Alyce & Elmer Green. "All of the body is in the human potential. This ability is made mind; but not all of the mind is in the body." In this delightfully written personal possible by the understanding of our narrative, the Greens recount their experience with and speculations about the friends that financial - support of our mind/brain. research is essential if the goals ahead are THE ION EFFECT by Fred Soyka. A lucidly written account of both personal to be achieved. experience and the latest physiological studies concerning the effect of air-ions on For those interested in helping support the body and mind. Bantam published the paperback edition in March, 1978. our work, we -invite you to join us as' JOURNEYS OUT OF THE BODY by Robert A. Monroe. Anchor published a members, of the Monroe Institute. A reply, new edition in December, 1977 that includes a new Foreword by Monroe and an card is enclosed for your convenience. Afterword by Stuart Twemlow, M.D. The Institute will mail you a copy for $5.00 in- A subscription membership ($10 per cluding postage and handling. annum) is available to those who would like to be included on the mailing list for The Explorer. An associate membership ($25 per annum) will receive The Explorer and other special interest mailings during the year, keeping them informed of our work in progress. Sustaining membership ($100 per annum) ensures that the member receives The Explorer, special mailings AND a discount (10%-25%) on the various programs and products provided through the Institute. The patron membership ($1,000 per annum) includes all of the above and will receive the Gateway Program free, along with individual counseling. Report from the Gladman Center by Dr. Arthur E. Gladman Dr. Arthur E. Gladman of the Gladman Psychosomatic Medicine Center in Berkeley has been authorized to use the Monroe Frequency Following Response Tapes as part of the Center's program for the treatment of chronic psychosomatic illness. Norma Estrada and I started using biofeedback combined with Autogenic Training and other relaxation and visual- ization techniques in clinical practice in 1972. In January, 1976, the Monroe Tapes were introduced to selected individuals to facilitate focusing of attention on the body. Patients coming to the Center first achieve deep relaxation by mastering hand- warming, striate muscle relaxation and the production of predominantly alpha brain- waves. Many adjunctive strategies are offered that relate to the specific psycho- BULLETIN BOARD somatic complaints of the individuals being treated. Later in the biofeedback training, the Monroe Tapes are useful in helping to achieve a quiet mind (meditative) state, characterized by the production of bilateral balanced low alpha frequencies. Anxiety and depressive states can be dealt with effectively. Visualization of body parts that require healing is greatly facilitated and thus the tapes are very useful in the treament of arthritic joints, various types of injury and both benign and malignant tumors. Our experience in the use of biofeed- back and the Tapes in the treatment of illness and enabled us to make observations that strongly suggest that these modalities could be usefully combined as tools for personal development and for the promotion of emotional and physical wellness in people who are already healthy. Ten-Day Explorations in Montana! past participant in the torma area more important for their explorations than From September 8th to the 17th, we are who would like to meet once a month with fresh air. holding a Ten-Day Exploration session at others for a reinforcement day, for conducted b Dr. Felix G. the Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana. establishing mutual projects, and for ex- Research B b M ill nd t t of th changing ideas, contact: In northern 0 onroe wco uc ar e Training Programs at: Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences P.O. Box 57 Afton, Virginia 22920 (703) 456-8166 p SCHEDULE FOR 1978 Sulman of the Bioclimatology Unit of the session. Cost, including room and board, California: Karen Malik, 625 Fifth Ave., is $685 .... Ten-Day Explorations in San Francisco, 94118, (415) 668-2677; in April Hebrew University, in an examination of Virginia! From August 18th through the southern California: Jean Mount, 3004 16 S. Calif. Explorer's Club the S ch0 h sical effects of negative air- 27th, we will hold a Ten-Day Exploration Lees Ave., Long Beach, 90808, (213) 20-23 Weekend, Stamford, Conn. p y p y session at Roslyn, a large retreat center on 377-6706. 20-23 Weekend, New Hampshire ions by the Jerusalem team, has shown a the James River upstream from Locations-Locations. Can you help? 27-30 Weekend, Richmond, VA Richmond, VA. Bob Monroe will conduct Those of you who have been in one of our movement of the alpha rhythm activity May part of the session. The cost is $585. For sessions know the value of the proper from the occipital brain to the fore-brain, details, write the institute. setting. For the Weekend and the 7 N. Calif. Explorer's Club Advanced 15, we need rural and isolated 11-14 Weekend, Stamford, Conn. and a stabilization of the frequency to 10 Continuing Program. We are co,. 18-21 Weekend, Monterey, CA pleting the Continuing ing Program. Those retreat accommodations for twenty herz with increased amplitude. There 1S now enrolled will need to finish their participants. The accommodations must 25-28 Weekend, Richmond, VA "homework" by December, 1978.. be quiet, have no other buildings nearby, June also a synchronization of the wave-forms Workbook Available. If you took the and have a climate-controlled room in 4 S. Calif. Explorer's Club from the left and right hemispheres. These Three-Day or Weekend session in 1977 which twenty may lie down with three feet 9-12 Weekend, San Luis Rey, CA and did not receive a Workbook in the between each individual. For the Ten-Day 11 N. Calif. Explorers' Club findings were confirmed by the University mail, let us know. We will mail one to you, Explorations, we are searching for resorts 15-18 Weekend, Richmond, VA of Cattolica in Argentina. gratis. If you took an earlier session, we will in a beautiful setting far from any urban JULY send it to you for a charge of two dollars to area. They must have a comfortable Brain-wave studies of Focus 10, the first cover handling and postage .. . Rein- climate and comfortable accommoda- 9 13-16 N N. . Weekend, Calif. . EAlxplamo, orers'CAClub stage in the Gateway process, also show forcement Tapes. Those who attended a tions for fifty participants, a room large session after September, 1977, have the enough for all fifty in lie in easily, excellent 13-16 Weekend, Richmond, VA stabilization of frequency with increased latest reinforcement tape. If you attended recreation facilities, and the ability to give 20-23 Weekend, Southern CA amplitude and a n increasing earlier and would like a copy, please send us exclusivvea occupancy for ten days. Tall 23 S. Calif. Explorers' Club $7.50 to the Institute.. orders. We appreciate any information. August synchronization between the hems- Notice: Our phone number has Notice: In no way whatsoever are we 4-7 Weekend, Lake Arrowhead, changed to (703) 4568166. For your associated with the group that advertises an CA spheres. However, the stabilized convenience, we now accept VISA and OOBE from one tape - even though they 10-13 Weekend, Alamo, CA frequency is usually much lower than 10 Master Charge . . . . Letters to the have the temerity to use Robert Monroe's 13 N. Calif. Explorers' Club Institute. Questions or comments about name in their advertisement. 18-27 Ten-Day Explorations, Rich- herz. Often it is in the 4 to 5 herz range. the Institute and the Gateway Program mond, VA A major source for negative air-ion in- that we feel are representative of our mail How to have the Gateway Program in 23 S. Calif. Explorer's Club will be answered in a "Questions and your Area 25-28 Weekend, Monterey, CA formation and eq}~i?pi,~~ ~i r' o D e ember Environmental Sciences GicS"r~: `P 1Box RI/S th -RySt~J~~iX062-~$-17 Ten-Day Explorations, Helena, ' would like to try with other individuals? If dividual or group acts as a local co-ordina- MT 9707, Charlottesville, VA 22906 so, let us know, and we will print it in the tor. For details, write the Director of 14-17 Weekend, Richmond, VA