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Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001700210063-3 THE EXPLORE Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences P.O. Box 57 Afton, Virginia 22920 (703) 456-8166 Vol. 1, No. 2 "NEW LAND" CONSTRUCTION NOW UNDER WAY GROUND-BREAKING CEREMONIES, CHARGING OF SOIL SCHEDULED FOR JULY 3rd First for General Public Newsweek Error The unique, sleep-producing audio patterns discovered and patented by Robert Monroe are now available for the first time to the general public on a special Mentronics? Sleep Tape?. Clinically tested, the Mentronics Sleep Tape technique is the best non-drug method known for the promotion of deep relaxation followed by restful sleep. Mentronics offers a money back guarantee if the purchaser is not satisfied within ten days. This stereo tape may be played on any standard cassette player. Its effect is enhanced by the use of headphones. The 45-minute cassette tape is available through the Institute for $14.95 including handling and postage. For Institute Asso- ciates, Sustainers, and Patrons, Mentronics offers the tape for $10 inclusive. Delivery time is four to six weeks. $9 "x r. ~'h rY t. The May 1st issue of Newsweek Maga- zine, in an article entitled "Life After Life?", referred to Institute Chairman, Robert Monroe and the Monroe Tapes. The article was part of extensive cover- age given the subject "Living With Dying." The Institute was included in the coverage which stressed the out-of-body experiences often reported by participants in the Tape programs. While it is true that such "OBE"- type experiences are frequently reported by participants, the Institute does not emphasize this aspect of its programs. The article indicated that some 1400 partici- pants reported or achieved OBE's. This fig- ure was in error in that it confused the number of former participants of the Gateway program with those that reported OBE's. 1978 will be known as the year a dream manifested in physical reality-the New Land. This is the name that has attached itself naturally to the multi-purposed research and healing installation long planned for the Virginia acreage. New Land is to be located on some 740 acres in Nelson County, Virginia. It will house new research facilities for the Institute, a holistic health and healing cen- ter under the auspices of the New Com- munity Church, an agricultural research station in the Findhorn model, and residences for staff, members, and other participants. The Institute building design calls for special isolation chambers where experiments can be performed under a variety of environmental modes. Major control of E. M. radiation, magnetic fields, atmospheric mixes and pressures, and humidity-temperature factors will be an integral part of the construction. A John Lilly-type "tank" also will be included. In- strumentation will be provided for total biological monitoring, with a computer terminal for in de th anal sis Li e i f cili y p . v n a 07 4,7 ties will be included for extended experimental runs. All buildings are to be both energy- efficient and fireproof. Solar, methane and wood-fireplace systems will provide heat and basic construction will consist of a new type of interlocking concrete block. With extended acreage to choose from, each home will enjoy relative isolation. The agricultural division will explore new ways and combinations thereof to grow foods on a totally organic basis. The principle purpose will be to provide sustenance for those living in residence on the New Land. Various techniques of plant growth, including hydroponics, ultra- sonics, ELF radiation and solar heated greenhouses will bring fresh vegetables on a year-round basis. A special community center will be the meeting place for group activities on the New Land and will contain the Institute archives, meditation rooms, and recrea- tional facilities. Cabins for individual retreat udee will be located in hidden annd sooliit pn n- f pip nn7R ~ 7n ~ Robert Monroe at one of the I>IaffvA k F.Q&& g4g%;Ln 4t89/u1lPdkigl&6i~t Ppk Q97.9.OR`Cfi7f~C'tAO,%nt co% -3e topographic maps of I the ridge located on the property). THRO~JI JI For Releaser~r0e t~$~r iS~iri I $o br~?%ai O788R00 THE GATE "In Focus 12 communication, I asked for three home buyers. The next day I got three, have sold one home, and will write the contract on another tonight. Also, I was having a problem selling my `76 Dodge Aspen-and I asked help with a buyer for that. Eighteen days had passed since I had put it on the market, and the insurance coverage on it was about to expire. So, I said `HELP,' and the next day I got the buyer, and my car is sold. "Well, it could be a coincidence, but the response was so immediate and dramatic. One will not be greedy with this discovery. I received other insights and suggestions (inspired thoughts) that have solved other stubborn and sticky problems for me. None of these have been given in an overt way during the exercises, but would take place afterward. "My interest in this Program continues because it enriches me and actually `keeps me going'." Martha Plank Downers Grove, Illinois Comment: One of the more practical uses of Focus 12 is self-patterning. Martha has found it works well with quite mundane matters. Others have reported it works well for changing vocations, locations and personal habits. Participants who find this greater self-control also find more responsibility. "We went (in the Ten-Day Explorations session) to Focus 15 for messages. For the first time I saw my physical face. I had not been able to visualize my face or body successfully all week. The face was quite clear and very large. It was accompanied by the message, `You are doomed!' After the experiences of the previous day, I was discombobulated. I tried to ignore the message. I was in a very confused, upset state for the remainder of that tape. It seemed to refute all the reinforcement I had been getting all week. I talked of it to no one for almost a day. Finally, R. D., who was extremely sensitive to my inner states, came to me and told me he had received an inner message that my ego was so threatened by the powerful and positive experiences I had been having, it was fighting desperately for its state of control. I had been somewhat depressed that day even before the `You are doomed,' message. He felt the message was to the ego, not to me. I then talked to Chris and John Biggs Palo Alto, California Comment: In Focus 12 and Focus 15, participants occasionally encounter startlingly negative aspects of themselves. Since this usually accompanies any real personal growth, participants are encouraged to view them as a positive development. Christopher Lenz presents Certificate to Pat Lorenz, after Weekend Session in Richmond, Va. Monroe Institute Continued The New Land has three major streams running through it, one of which will be dammed to create a 25-acre lake plus a series of trout and catfish ponds. Hydro- electric power will be generated through the largest of these systems. The terrain it- self consists of rolling hills and pastures rising steeply to forest-covered ridges. Construction schedule calls for completion of the laboratory facility and several residences by the end of 1978. The entire project planning indicates com- pletion by January 1, 1981. Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences Thu u io cenily ch.t the above named I. . ember of the Monroe Irutitum f Applied &kncu with ill bent ht, and pnn)pdg`, of this membYhip category, rhich thUl GATEWAY PROGRAM SESSIONS Session Fee Deposit Deposit refundable until EXCURSION $ 55 ..... $ 15 ...... Two weeks before the session WEEKEND 195 ....... 50 ...... Four weeks before the session EXPLORER 12 65 ....... 20 ...... Two weeks before the session ADVANCED 15 145 ....... 40 ...... Four weeks before the session Ten-Day Explorations 585- ..... 150 ...... Six weeks before the session 1000 Room Board: Room and Board is in- cluded in the fee only for the Ten-Day Explorations session. o the fee. This apply Afton, UuL ieii use doomed entity was the new-tFof R Ie~r037D~ : GTI'=~'-$$1=i'00170210~~3-3 my self-image. A very encouraging Repeat Sessions: Participants may re- Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences peat a session on a stand-by basis for 40% P.O_ Box 57 f is 22920 17 kWBf HIP IN THE MONROE INSTITUTE The Institute derives its support pri- marily from private contributions and research grants. The success of the Insti- tute will depend upon our ability to address ourselves to the needs of peo- ple working toward the full realization of their human potential. This ability is made possible by the understanding of our friends that financial support of our research is essential if the goals ahead are to be achieved. For those interested in helping support our work, we invite you to join us as members of the Monroe Institute. A reply card is enclosed for your con- venience A SUBSCRIPTION MEMBER- SHIP ($10 per annum) is available to those who would like to be included on the mailing list for The Explorer. An ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP ($25 per annum) will receive The Ex- plorer and other special interest mailings during the year, keeping them informed of our work in progress. The associates will also receive a 5% discount on all Institute sessions and products. SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP ($100 per annum) ensures that the member receives The Explorer, Special mailings AND a 10% discount on all Institute sessions and products. The PATRON MEMBERSHIP ($1,000 per annum) includes all of the above and will receive a 20% discount on all Institute sessions and products. A proved For Release 2003/09/10: CIA-0078 RESEARCH NOTES by Stuart W. Twemlow, I'll describe three situations where we have applied the Monroe tapes with unusually striking results. The types of patients with whom the tapes have been tried, generally speaking, have been chronic-that is, have had their problem for long periods of time. One such case was a middle-aged lady who had severe pain resulting from problems in the healing of an old fracture. In combining the tapes with a structured hospital milieu, we determined that as she began to relax the parts of her body which had not relaxed, were those pains connected with psychological problems for which the pain was serving the function of "secondary gains." That is, the pain appeared to help her cope with some of the psychological stresses in her everyday life and in a sense was kept going because it served this adaptive function. As we were able to deal with this, she began to feel in control of her life and her need to keep the pain decreased. After discharge from the hospital, this patient has continued to be almost unrecognizable physcially. She looks a great deal younger than she did before, she has her pain under control and does not need any physical support for it. Most strikingly, other parts of her life from which she had been very withdrawn, have now become a source of gratification to her. The next case concerns a middle-aged man with a very long history of psychosomatic problems affecting practically every organ in his body. A psychological investigation found many of these symptoms related to some severe surgical trauma which occurred when he was a young child. In this case, we combined the tape exercises, especially the Focus 10 exercise with the sorts of stimuli in his environment that would make him very anxious, that is, the stimuli that reminded him of the surgical trauma as a child. Over a period of weeks we exposed him both to the Focus 10 deeply relaxed state and to the stimuli that would make him very anxious and upset. Gradually, he became desensitized to the stimuli and was able to feel a lot more in control of his life. Terminal Patient Achieves Pain Control A dying man utilized the tape system, particularly focusing on the out of the body experience. He also had severe pain which had been impossible to control with massive doses of narcotic. Over a period of weeks, he also achieved control. Since he died, we've had a communication from his wife. She stated that he played the tapes until he died and the last week of his life, was completely pain free and at peace. Our feeling was that both the experience with achieving control of the part of his body that was painful and preparing himself for death of his physical body made him less frightened and panicy. The control and preparation made him, therefore, more able to make peace with the family-so important in dying people. In fact, as we have noticed with a number of people who are dying, he was able to give support to those around him who will suffer the loss. Coming to terms with the loss of his own physical body enabled him to integrate the remaining time he had in this dimension. F lRM0 Gateway Program in your Area We can bring any session of the Gate- way Program to your area provided an in- dividual or group acts as a local co-ordina- tor. For details, write Christopher M. Lenz, Director of Training at: Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences P.O. Box 57 Afton, Virginia 22920 (703) 456-8166 Current Schedule July 8 Excursion, Indianapolis, Ind. 8 Excursion, Rye, NY 9 Excursion, Indianapolis, Ind. 13-16 Weekend, Richmond, VA 15 Excursion, Indianapolis, Ind. 13-16 Weekend, Alamo, CA 16 Excursion, Indianapolis, Ind. 20 Excursion, Indianapolis, Ind. 23 Explorer's Club, S. Calif. August 4-7 Weekend, Lake Arrowhead, CA 5 Excursion, Indianapolis, Ind. 8 Excursion, Indianapolis, Ind. 10-13 Weekend, San Antonio, TX 12 Excursion, Indianapolis, Ind. 10-13 Weekend, Alamo, CA 13 Explorer's Club, N. Calif. 18-27 TEN-DAY EXPLORATIONS, Richmond, VA 23 Explorer's Club, S. Calif. 24-27 Weekend, Monterey, CA September 8-17 TEN-DAY EXPLORATIONS, Helena, MT 14-17 Weekend, Richmond, VA October 20-22 Advanced 15, Richmond, VA 20-29 TEN-DAY EXPLORATIONS, November Rainbow Ranch, CA 10-12 Advanced 15, Richmond, VA December 7-11 Weekend, Richmond, VA Stress Reduction "Startling" Use of the tapes in a clinical setting has pointed out that their effect on reduction of stress and tense muscles is startling. As a matter of fact, it appears that not only muscles under voluntary control but also those under involuntary control (smooth muscles, such as the muscles of the bladder) may be relaxed with the Focus 10 exercise. Patients who are chronic feel very much out of control of the various symptoms they have. As with a number of the newer therapeutic techniques, giving them a sense of control has a "snowball" effect on the control of other symptoms and aspects of their interpersonal relation- ships. As they begin to achieve in other areas resulting from this "snowball" effect, each small success has a reinforcing effect. It seems that Focus 10 is the basic state which is essential to master before being able to proceed. Some of our patients have learned to induce the Focus 10 state to relax their bodies while they are actively engaged in work, and certainly to relax their bodies in between some highly stressful day-to-day working situations. Some patients are now able to program their sleep, so that they awake at certain times. A number of them with insomnia have found themselves sleeping very restfully. Need for Sleep Reduced One patient had noticed that a very few minutes of sleep in Focus 10 seemed equivalent to him, in terms of restfulness, to many hours of sleep with his normal sleeping pattern. Some- times problems can be created by this. For example, one patient noted that he has had periods of very high energy in which he finds he is creative, but which represents a change in his ordinary level of functioning to which other people take some time to adjust. He has noticed, for example, that he needs fewer hours of sleep at night and thus is ready to start the day's work a great deal earlier than most other people. A number of patients who have regularly practiced with the tapes have found that they've become much more reflective, less physically active, and more satisfied with quieter sorts of hobbies and day-to-day activities. Becoming more inwardly turned is a characteristic of people who learn to utilize sources of gratification within their own heads rather than having to constantly turn to the o EOM21d EoonrRdielase 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788 THE EXPLORER ?Monroe Institute 1978. The Explorer is published every two months by the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences, P.O. Box 57, Afton, VA 22920. Telephone: (703) 456-8166. Subscription membership: $10 per year (first class mail) in North America, $13 all other (air mail only). MONROE INSTITUTE OF APPLIED SCIENCES Robert A. Monroe. ............. Chairman, Board of Advisors Tracy D. Connors ....................... Executive Director Christopher M. Lenz .......... Director of Training Programs Nancy Lea Honeycutt ................ National Coordinator Karen Malik ....................... Western Representative Randi Strickland ....................... Field Representative BOARD OF ADVISORS James Beal Fowler Jones, Ed.D. Rev. Gabe L. Campbell Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. Lawrence Davis, M.D. Robert Ellsworth, Ph.D. David Francis Arthur Gladman, M.D. Alyce Green 11704244 O63-3 Steven Henderson Mary Jane Ledyard, Ph.D. E. Stanton Maxey, M.D. Joseph Chilton Pearce, Ph.D. Bill Schul, Ph.D. Charles T. Tart, Ph.D. Stuart Twemlow, M.D. BULLETIN BQDd For R4 In recent weeks we have been fortunate to have the following visitors to the Institute's lab and offices ... Richard Franklin ... film producer, to discuss feature picture based on Journeys Out of the Body ... Dr. John and Tony Lilly ... for in- person up date on Institute activities ... George Scott ... of the Carr Foundation in London, a special visit to observe Institute systems ... Elda Hartley and film crew ... to shoot documentary on Gateway Program ... Reverend Bill Brown and his wife, Mardi ... famous for etheric surgery, to discuss affiliation with the Institute and the New Community Church ... "A psychic called Eliza- beth" (Elizabeth Nachman) of Miami . . . to develop use of the FFR system at the Association for Spiritual Development and Research in Miami. Dr. Win Wenger ... founder of Psychegenics, for update on educational potentials . . . Dr. Ray Waldkoetter and Randi Strickland (MIAS Field Representative), for discussion on FFR re- search and educational affiliation . . . Dr. Bill Schul, to talk about writing new books related to MIAS functions. . . Dr. Arthur Gladman ... to plan exciting new West Coast programs ... Dr. Mary Jane Ledyard . . . for participation in special lab research.. . Openings for Trainers ... We are still accepting applications from our graduates who would like to promote and operate One-Day Excursion sessions as independent agents of the Institute. The One-Day sessions are being established for operation on a local basis across the country. If you are interested, send a resume to Christopher M. Lenz, Director of Training. Continuing Program. We are completing the Continuing Program. Those now enrolled will need to finish their "homework" by December, 1978.... Workbook Available. If you took the Three-Day or Weekend session in 1977 and did not receive a Workbook in the mail, let us know. We will mail one to you, gratis. If you took an earlier session, we will send it to you for a charge of two dollars to cover handling and postage. . . Reinforcement Tapes. Those who attended a session after September, 1977, have the latest reinforcement tape. If you attended earlier and would like a copy, please send $7.50 to the Institute. Replacement Tape. If you would like to replace your reinforce- ment tape, please send $5.00 to the Institute. Notice: For your convenience, we now accept VISA and Master Charge .... Letters to the Institute. Questions or comments about the Insti- tute and the Gateway Program that we feel are representative of our mail will be answered in a "Questions and Answers" column.... Explorers' Club. Any past participant in the California area who would like to meet once a month with others for a reinforcement day, for establishing mutual projects, and for exchanging ideas, contact: In northern California: Karen Malik, 625 Fifth Ave., San Francisco, 94118, (415) 668-2677; in southern California: Jean Mount, 3004 Lees Ave., Long Beach, 90808, (213) 425-2041. Notice: In no way whatsoever are we asso- ciated with the group that advertises an OBE from one tape - even though they have the temerity to use Robert Monroe's name in their advertisement. Professionals Eager for Tape Contract ... The Institute has received strong re- sponse from psychiatrists, psychologists and professional counselors who wish to use the Tapes in their practice. The Institute is now licensing the patented Fre- quency Following Res p Ai &t ~1 ?&'2e Explorer's Notebook We are beginning this regular feature at the request from many of our Institute Members. It will consist of excerpts taken directly from recorded reports made by the Institute explorer team during actual sessions. We would appreciate any comments you may have. Explorer PN-52 - Focus 12 - Response from third party to personal relationships: Monitor We experienced a wave of incredible sadness earlier in the day, for which there was no apparent reason. Ask if there was a cause we don't understand. Response: You spoke of an incredible sadness. Do you not understand? Even yet? The old is passing away. Illusions are being destroyed. The world within must be changed in order to make way for the new. Each time you are faced with a disillusionment you register surprise but mostly sadness. How long will it take for you to understand? You should know by now that your illusions belong to your own thought-form reality. You argue in defense that people are the source of your greatest pain and disillusionment. Man, the egotist, from time immemorial, has seen others as he conceived them to be, born out of his own need and therefore to meet his need. Many times this arrangement serves both parties equally but it is a false structure due to the law of change, an active force altering condition, circumstances and mental patterns every minute of every day. All of life is motion. Therefore, learn to expect disillusionment. Be ready for change. Nothing is sad. It is only your concept and how the change affects you that causes difficulty in your acceptance of it. Dependence upon another mortal being, no matter how large or small his role may be in your life, is again, building a false structure, irrespective of the interaction and the seeming balance. Due to race ignorance, man has somehow convinced himself that love is synonymous with the need in such a relationship, giving justification for his dependency upon the person object circumstance involved. Man must go back and realize that he was born alone (as a soul emerging into this life ... no one can do it for him, and the same is true at death). This is man's true state; the uniqueness of being himself. He is truly the master of his own destiny. His only valid dependency is that of his need to commune with his Creator. Monitor: If this is valid, how can we be and act in the earth environment? Response: You are asking then, what is expected of you as mankind, in relation to your fellow- man? Set your brother free. Any kind of dependence upon another is a shackle to his growth pattern and also your own. This in no way denies your ever present and necessary interaction with all persons, places, things and circumstances, but in the breaking up of the old concepts, you must accept the laws of the greater reality where strength does not come from clinging to someone or something external but your strength is of the light from your own Source. This is the only answer to detachment. Setting your brother free is truly a gift of love on the highest level. Expect nothing from anyone. In the past your own thoughts and needs have prompted him. The joy expressed by his new freedom will create another type of relationship, far more satisfying, due to its having evolved to a higher octave. Bear with your pain as the breaking up of the old takes place, recognizing it for what it is. Do you recall the invisible holocaust? As in the macrocosm, so in the microcosm. As in the outer, so in the inner. If man's physical or material world changes are taking place, does it not follow that earth shaking changes must take place within the individual as well? The same is true in reverse, as you learn to deal with your changing concepts and mental out-picturing of thought. It lies within man's potential to literally change his world both without and within if he only understood and utilized the creative power of his thinking. f Y i~ fessionals. Write or call o itiona in or- mation.