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November 4, 2016
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June 8, 2004
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May 25, 1984
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Approved For Release 20041? ', , I 6-00788RO01700220004-7 NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY FORT GEORGE- G. MEADE, MARYLAND 20755 Serial: S1/041 25 May 1.984 SECRET SUBJECT: TO: Organization's Mission 1 :1 commander: U.S. Army intelligence and Security Command ATTN: Chief, SSP:D Fort. George G. Meade, MD 20755 SG1A 1. The NSA COMSEC Doctrine and Threat Assessment Organization uses intelligence information from a wide variety of sources. This information is used to assess the foreign threat to U.S. communications security. To accurately assess this threat, we require information about certain foreign targets (e.g. , foreign cr tanal tic organi- zations and activities SG1A e work closely with many c i. erent ante science in ormation collection organizations, including the CENTER LANE program, so that our requirements are reasonable for collection and so that scarce and sometimes extremely delicate U.S. collection resources are efficiently utilized against difficult: targets. SG1 A SG1 A oreign security organizations implement an SG1 enforce extreme security measures to protect these targets, A 2. The product provided to us from the SG1 CENTER LANE program as a result of our tasking has been impressive, The CENTER LANE product as addressed most o our requirements, and the value of the information, to our threat assessment mission ranges from nil to very valuable. The bulk of this information we are unable to corroborate from other intelligence sources; NSA review(s) completed. SG1 A Approved For R - Classlfletd By HSA/ijSSl 123-2 flprlassifu nn. ear,! In:at n? ,IgPnr.v`S I?nterttaT, aflnf Regain Approved For Release 2004/ 00788R001700220004-7 SECRET Serial: 51/041 however, we have been able to determine that some of the information is amazingly accurate, whereas some of the information is erroneous. At the present time, the greatest value of the CENTER LANE product is in developing requirements for other collection resources and to suggest alternative ways of interpreting information from other sources. 3. We believe that in the future the CENTER LANE program will continue to be useful and valuable to our threat assessment mission for acquir.'ing information concerning these targets. SG1 r SG1I Director COMSEC Doctrine and Threat Assessment SG1 A Approved For Re %1% Nips 54!