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November 4, 2016
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June 23, 1998
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August 29, 1983
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Approved For Releas I DP96-00788R001700220011-9 29 August 1983 MEMORANDUM FOR ADCSOPS-HU MINT SUBJECT: CENTER LANE Briefing for CG, USAINSCOM 1. (S/CL-4/NOFORN) On 26 August 1983 from 1125-1235 hours LTC Brian Buzby, CENTER LANE Project Manager, CPT Frederick Atwater, CENTER LANE Operations Officer, and CW2(P) Joseph McMoneagle, CENTER LANE Project Member, presented briefings on the current status of CENTER LANE and the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences (MIAS) to CG, USAINSCOM in room 121, Arlington Hall Station. The original CG request was for a briefing on MIAS, however I thought it was appropriate to provide him an update on the project. 2. (S/CL-2/NOFORN) Prior to the briefing, I paid a courtesy call on COL Charles Partridge, USAINSCOM Chief of Staff. I informed him of the topics I planned to discuss with the CG after which he requested a formal update of the Project. I welcomed that opportunity and recommended that be accomplished in late September. COL Partridge then asked if I was in contact with LTC John Alexander and if I was receiving information from him. I explained that LTC Alexander's involvement with parapsychology was entirely overt and that we neither had nor wanted any contact with him. I then cautioned COL Partridge that our association with MIAS is classified and sensitive. He understood our concern about any association with LTC Alexander. 3. (U) I attempted to see COL Stanley Hyman, DCSOPS, USAINSCOM, however, he was on leave. I did see Mr Jimmy Garrett, ADCSOPS, and told him about the purpose of our briefing with MG Stubblebine. He then informed me that the CENTER LANE update I prepared on 16 August 1983 had not been provided to the 4. (S/CL-4/NOFORN) I provided MG Stubblebine with five information papers on the status of CENTER LANE, our association with MIAS, and an explanation of the Gateway experience. They were: a. Summary of Operations (Incl 1) b. 1983 Summary of Operations (Incl 2) c. Recent CENTER LANE Work With NSA (Incl 3) d. CENTER LANE Involvement With MIAS (Incl 4) e. The MIAS Seminar (Incl 5) CLASSIFIED BY: CDR, INSCOM DECL: OADR Approved For Release~ 0 6 I 6-00788R001700220011-9 - ? y NAT10NAL Approved For Relea C1 . ENCUAP96-00788 R001700220011-9 MG Stubblebine returned copies of Incl 1-4 and retained Incl 5. In addition to topics covered by the papers, I also asked MG Stubblebine about his discussions with CPT Rufus Jackson, an MI officer assigned to HQ, USAREUR. He provided me with sufficient information that will permit me to consider Jackson for assignment to CENTER LANE. 5. (S/CL-4/NOFORN) I then mentioned our discussions with OACSI, DA on the procurement of P-6 funds for FY 84 training. At that time the CG started to relate some of his experiences and personal thoughts in the field of parapsychology. It was obvious that the CG wanted to continue lengthy discussions on the subject, but his busy schedule that day would not permit further discussions; therefore I recommended that we schedule him for an indepth briefing/discussion at Fort Meade in late September/early October. He welcomed the opportunity and instructed me to coordinate the briefing with his Aide-de-Camp. The late September/early October time frame will permit him to reflect on his recent MIAS experience which should allow for more meaningful discussions with CENTER LANE personnel. Upon completion of my presentation, CPT Atwater and CW2(P) McMoneagle provided the CG with information on MIAS and the Gateway experience. 6. (S/CL-4/NOFORN) In response to my question on what the CG wanted me to do with the project, he directed me to expand the program with quality people, develop a screening program to identify qualified people for the project; and employ advance techniques for intelligence collection. 7. (U) Upon conclusion of the briefing I briefed COL Partridge on the results of the meeting with the CG to include the CG's request for a further briefing in late September/early October and the reason for the five-six week waiting period. COL Partridge agreed on the need for another briefing. 8. (U) We will begin to prepare for a late September briefing for the CG. While we will give him a formal briefing on our current projects and intended future courses of action, I believe the CG will want to focus on his MIAS experience, and hold technical discussions with CENTER LANE personnel. 5 Incl BRIAN BUZBY as LTC, MI Project Manager Approved For Release -00788R001700220011-9