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November 4, 2016
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March 28, 2000
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January 29, 1984
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Approved For Release EQi'J;6-OO788ROOl7OO23OOO2-8 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY US ARMY INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY COMMAND FORT GEORGE G. MEADS, MARYLAND 20755 REPLY TO ATTENTION OF: IACPA-F-SD MEMORANDUM THRU ADCSOPS-HUMINT, INSCOM CoS, INSCOM DCG-S, INSCOM FOR CC, INSCOM 29 January 1934 SUBJECT: CENTER LANE Briefing to MG Lary, Senior Military Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense 1. (S/CL-2/NOFORN) At the request of Mr. Martin Hurwitz, GDIP Staff Director, LTC Buzby, CENTER LANE (CL) Project Manager, and CPT Frederick Atwater CL Operations Officer, were asked to participate in a briefing from 1030--1130 hours 23 January 1985 For MG Buford D. Lary, USAF, Senior Military Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense (DSD) and COL Kenneth N. Hollander, USA, Executive Assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense Research and Engineering (USDRE). Mr. fiurwitz had contacted LTC Buzhy at 1730 hours 22 January 198; to request his presence at the briefing. At that time Mr. Hurwitz stated that there was a requirement to brief MG Lary on the Doi) psychoenergetic intelligence program, and that a briefing similar to the one presented to the IC Staff on 10 January 1985 was appropriate. Dr. Jack Vorona, Assistant Deputy Director for Scientific and Technical Intelligence, DIA, would also participate in the briefing. WARNING NOTICE: r FNTFR LANE SPECIAL, ACCESS PROGRAM T)TSSFMTT~TA i ToI 'f'O TrjOSi,; WITH VFRIF7F.I) AC(''. SS -'() CAT,'CORy TTN10 (2) SENST7 TVE INTEI,I,ICFNCF SOURCES AND METHODS rVOI.VEI) NOT RELEASABLE TO 'F'OR E JGN NATIONALS CL.,ASSTFTET) BY: CDR FNSCOM JECLASSTF'Y ON: OADRR' COPY OF' 2- COPIES Approved For Releas E01 E ETP96-00788RO01 700230002-8 Approved For Release 2 t ~!CIA`Z -00788R001700230002-8 IAGPA-F-SD 29 January 1985 SUBJECT: CENTER LANE Briefing to MG Lary, Senior Military Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense 2. (S/CL-2/NOFORN) At approximately 1000 hours 23 January 1985 Dr. Vorona told LTC Buzby that the purpose of the briefing was to provide MG Lary with information on the capabilities and potential of remote viewing for intelligence collection. Dr. Vorona believed that MG Lary was aware of the DoD psychoenergetic program through CAPT Jake Stewart, USN, Office of the USDRE. Mr. Hurwitz and Dr. Vorona wanted to ensure that MG Lary, and therefore the Deputy Secretary of Defense, was aware of the intelligence applications of psychoenergetics, and what DIA and the Intelligence Community had done in the field. 3. (S/CL-2/NOFORN) The briefing was to be presented to MG Lary in Mr. i-Iurwitz's office. MG Lary arrived at 1035 hours accompanied by COL Hollander. Neither Mr. Hurwitz nor Dr. Vorona had invited COL Hollander, but there was no objection to his presence at the briefing. Dr. Vorona began the briefing with an historical. overview. After MG Lary stated he was familiar with the background, LTC Buzby began his portion of the briefing. MG Lary stopped LTC Buzby after three examples, and stated he and COL Hollander were totally aware of the GRILL FLAME/CENTER LANE programs and that they did not need to "be sold" on the need for such a program. He went on to say that he was at the meeting to clarify who within DoD had the charter to perform psychoeniergetic R&D, to erfsure that DIA was aware of the DSD/USDRE program, and to inform DIA officials that they could not use R&D resources to support their effort. At this point, LTG James A. Williams, Director, DIA entered the meeting and participated in the ongoing dialogue with MG Lary and COL Hollander. 4. (S/NOFORN/WNINTEL) During the ensuing discussion COL Hollander stated that the DSD, on the recommendation of the USDRE, had approved psychoenergetic R&D within DoD, and had signed a "charter" that designated CAPT Stewart the Program Manager (PM) for psychoenergetic R&D. The thrust of this R&D program is an examination and validation of the phenomena. The USDRE position on the intelligence application of psychoenergetics is one of encouragement as long as it is compatible with the USDRE R&D program. The two programs should and could work in harmony to ensure that they benefit from each other. 5. (S/NOFORN) The meeting adjourned at 1135 hours with an agreement between DIA and OSD officials to improve Approved For Release 6-00788 R001700230002-8 r. U Approved For Release 20031DEQIA-R T-00788ROO1700230002-8 IACPA- F-SD 29 January 1985 SUBJECT: CENTER LANE Briefing to MG Lary, Senior Military Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense communications between the two principals (Dr. Vorona and CAPT Stewart). It is clear that CAPT Stewart will be the DoD psychoenergetic PM, and that the main thrust within DoD will be R&D. The only change in direction in the program appears to be the addition of a new "player." This change will not affect the intelligence applications portion of the program, and the CL project is expected to transfer to DIA as planned and scheduled. BRIAN BUZBY LTC, MI CENTER LANE Project Manager Approved For Release 2t1~C~00788R001700230002-8 tsv 1-\ r. I