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Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences P.O. Box 57 Afton, Virginia 22920 Phone (703) 456-1166 The Institute had its beginning in the Research and Development Division of Monroe Industries, Inc., which at the time (1958) was investigating methods and techniques of accelerated learning through practical environmental changes. As a result of certain findings, the decision was made to broaden the base of such investigations and to alter the purpose of any such research effort. In 1971, the Insti- tute was created to conform with and expand this different approach. Stated simply, the Institute holds to the concept that (1): Con-- sciousness and the focusing thereof contain any and all solutions to the life processes that man desires or encounters. (2) : Greater understanding and appreciation of such consciousness can be achieved only through inter-disciplinary approaches and co-ordination; (3): The results of related research effort are meaningful only if reduced to practical application, to "Something of Value" within the context of the contemporary culture or era. HISTORY Two points of reference need to be clarified in this, the opening portion. First, the following report is not presented within the re- strictive confines of a single avenue of study or practice. It is an attempt to place in broadly comprehensive terms the basic developments at the Institute so that each individual may relate it to his own area of interest without need for "translation". Second, the summary of study and research contained herein is not conventional in its approach. There are no statistical tables,i graphs, or references to the works of others in the field. The efforts of the Institute have not been designed or performed with the intent of offering proof or documentation to the scientific community or the world at large, although much of orthodox scientific method has been utilized.. Instead, such can will be the goal of other organizations and individuals who may take the basic findings of the Institute to prove and present them in other forms, in other areas of specialization. The Institute welcomes this participation. As stated above, the early goals were defined as the development of learning methods and techniques through pr actical environmental changes, i.e., changes that could be put into use simply and easily under typical societal conditions. This immediately precluded any exotic approaches such as chemical, drug, or dietary stimulation. Also, to be widely accept- able, the use of sophisticated and expensive instrumentation could not be of vital necessity. Moreover, the need became apparent to go beyond the current modes and theories of learning to reach a baseline that might be all-encompassing. The purpose was to produce something effective in a new form, rather than an extension or expansion of traditional practices that were declining steadily in acceptable results each year. Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Type I Learnin c - Utilizing a freedom from conventionality, studies were made into all forms of the learning process in daily life activities. In moving beyond the Skinnerian pattern, the .key factor in learning ap-- peared to be, first of all, the focusing of attention.. Pain or pleasure focused attention to the experience, and the experience was then learned/ stored. Further, any factor of emotion focused attention, again causing the experience to be imprinted heavily. Any extreme physica:L experience also focused attention on the experience with similar results. "`hg.depth of learning (retention-recall) appeared to be in direct relation to the intensity of experience. Conversely, the more shallow the experience, the lesser the attention seemed valid, which diminished greatly the learning process. Any other "un-natural" learning such as willful focusing of attention without stimulus required a form of dedication and discipline generally unavailable to the average human mind. Attention flickers and fluctuates also in low-order repetitive experience, denigrating again learning that might take place. The premise: (Natural) learning is triggered by attention focused by experience which contains elements of emotion, pain-pleasure, physical action, newness in various combinations. Therefore: natural learning is experience: the greater the...depth of the-- experience-, the greater the imprint of learning. This is labeled Type T Learning. A simple validation of the premise can be achieved by no more than sitting down and writing out a list of the ten most significant infor- mation events you have learned to date, in the order of the clarity of detail and your ability to recall. Having done this, note how many of the ten represent those items you have learned through formal training. The question was: how to ;put this natural learning process into a synthesis that could be applied broadly and readily. Type 1 Learning - Another learning process, the most conventional and widely in use, is indeed deliberate and willful, and approaches a Pavlovian conditioning pattern in its habituation, to be truly successful. The reading and re-reading of a textbook, the physical co-ordination of an athlete, the skill of a concert pianist, all are forms of Type 11 Learning -? and require a special pre-learned form of focus of attention (which may be triggered by a previous "natural" learning experience which may or may not be in conscious recall). From this basic rote process, "" un--natural", &s it were, combinations thereof are assembled. to form deductive simulations akin to natural learning experience. Re__ ICI Learning ?- Another pattern which is. present and affects the individual, yet for the most part is usually not within his conscious recall, lies in two (or more) areas of experience. The first takes place in nor conscious retention of experience which is perceived and stored during his waking physical life activity. All five physical senses perceive information, only a small portion (loss than 20%) of which is ordinarily. available to the conscious mind. Yet such information is stored in memory in the most minute detail. It is not a Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/16..: CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 part of the average consciousness because there is no focus of attention on the experience at. that particular moment. This has been illustrated in ina.n.y forms, such as the recall of the content of a conversation be- tween others while the focus of attention was in another :direction, or the remembering of a musical selection while reading a book. The second form of learning is by the experience_.___Qf __the non-cQnsci.Qus self - the-dream experience-which may or may not be in conscious recall... The dream material itself may be a new experience created out of the previously learned experiences, and in turn is treated by the 'learning process as a learning experience no less real or important than any other. An individual who previously has of saCea teamq that he is wading in a creek, is bit ow 'by :,. and becomes seriouuty ill. Thereafter, he is afraid of :snakes,: and. quite possibly is afraid of wading in creeks -a though the entire dreatm experience .S : hot a. P. tt of his cor`- scious memory. The important facet in Type =1 ]:,earning is that such learning ex- perience is indeed a part of non-conscious memory, which does not have the basic ability to evaluate the experience within a relative context. Yet, it is experiential, often emotional learning, and thus acts upon the individual personality with the same strength as Type l Learning - without conscious awareness of the individual. It was herein, Type 7Z1A Learrii, that held the mo of achievement of the or.~.g r~1 p~ixposc, hopeful promise Preliminary Results - It soon became obvious that experiments in Type -.-..-..-..,..,-Cooing were not at all an original approach. Much of it had taken place through the years under various labels - suggestion, hypnosis, psycho-synthesis, placebo effect, motivational research, plus several hundred philosophical variations. Th ,proba.em thus as .to sort out. the catalytic factor in as many of th s p e: b ,ex? end: a y them in some rational and repeatable scientific 'remodel. With this came an important change in identification of exactly what this was that had been under investigation. What attention was being focused? What was undergoing the experience? Unhappy with the term "human being'-(the process might apply to animals also), personality or individualism being the result, and "awareness" offering insufficient connotation, we settled reluctantly upon Consciousness. Reluctance was there because it still seemed inadequate, vague, mis-used, and over-used but it was the best to be had at the time. With this hurdle cleared ho]aefully, and shortened to CS through im- patience, CS (Consciois_ness) became the target of intensive and unorthodox patterns ofresearch. If CS could be extended into Type 11 learning, and focused therein, much might be achieved. Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 By luck or intuition, the project aimed immediately at the most obvious yet natural edge of CS - the release and dispersion of CS at the onset of and during sleep. The simple process of extended wake- fulness did not produce any worthwhile patterns, i.e., delaying the loss of CS without qualitative changes of what appeared to be a de- clining efficiency. Therefore, a means was sought to maintain the quality of. CS as the physiological system converted into the sleep state. This included the problem of how to make peace with the home- ostatic network, which resists or feels "threatened" by any change - and change had to be the key to any process to be designed and de- veloped. Discovery -- Very little was achieved in the early effort except to verify many earlier studies on sleep. Some 52 subjects were tested in various sleep states without any significant new information, brought into view. The first and basic breakthrough took place inadvertently, through necessity. The project team, for the most part volunteers, found it difficult to find time to travel from home to home with equipment and instrumentation to measure sleep states of various subjects. The project did not have adequate facilities to house subjects for the night. Also, subjects found it very difficult to go to sleep upon request. If they (:did, it was usually in a near-exhausted state which negated anything other than delta. sleep, a near-comatose unresponsive state (at that period). To solve the problem, so that subjects would be able to go quickly into sleep when needed, various methods were tried. Environments were set :-,ap most condusive to sleep, including control of temperature, humidity, light and sound - which were only partially successful. Light stimulation was tried, - but seemed to bring discomfort rather than relaxation. A combination of audio signals showed promise. Additional investigation proved the solution. it was d ..tcove ted that phased .6ine waves at d.i.ace.tnabke sound Jnequen- ce ~v~ierieif~~ caieaeo" eruence~ wiixccn e:d_ o c,2.ecVticR. ~iafc.n waves Donut t_ie va . cou4 sta . e. o uman z C .-e- wU _ , .. _ ,. o w c _ e~3 . o n ee ? h n e t & p a ern n. o6 . th.e.. 1n-id-c.v.c1ua1. enT . o huch as Lwaye. asim~ Te-T1 cn u&_n ev.eYTzez _.z ca a ,ca rn ;n a ~titted e . c~ nec e. atcon_ tco Oti ina With the availability of this new tool, progress was immediate and continuous. For the first time, it became possible to develop and hold the subject into any of the various stages of sleep, from light alpha relaxation through theta into delta and in REM (dreaming). A generic patent. on the method and technique was granted to the originator, Robert Monroe, for whom the Institute is named. The Monroe method and techniques were found to be able to "program" sleep cycles throughout the night of sleep, if so desired. Variations could bring adjustment of the duration of each stage of sleep during the cycle, according to the needs and desires of the individual. The Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 waking-from-sleep moment was enhanced greatly over the traditional alarm clock which had no cognizance of the stage of sleep it was invading. By programming the FFR up into REM sleep for the few minutes before wake-up time, then inserting a beta signal, the sleeper was roused gently yet firmly, without startling shock or dull sleep "hangover". In one multiple test, under medical supervision, some 45 insomniacs were given a month ofnightly repeating FFR tape recordings in their own home environments. For such purpose, an insomniac was defined as an in- dividual who could not sleep at night without prescribed medication. At the end of the month, 40 of the 45 patients reported the system to be at least as effective as their medication, and obviously without drug after effects. In some cases, an entrainment factor lasted as long as six months, whereby the patient had only to think of the sound pattern and was able to achieve sleep. Initially, the method has been released for general use as a cas- sette tape, which is effective in monaural form. For maximum results, it can be utilized in stereo with headphones in the same cassette con- figuration. A prototype of a new unit with micro-electronic circuitry is now under test whereby an entire multiple-cycle sleep period can be "programmed", including a special wake-up sequence that goes into oper- ation five minutes prior to a pre-set time. These are in keeping with the premise of "Something of Value" evolving from any research effort. Interim Progress - With the ability to control borderland sleep states, exploration of various stages of sleep continued as rapidly as limited time, funds, personnel and subjects would permit - a pace that turned into months and years. The goal was to move CS into sleep patterns and still maintain CS as it. is understood in the waking state. Slowly, it became obvious that this could not be achieved, but not for the expected reason. As each subject logged greater number of ex- perimental sessions, CS in and of itself became enhanced rather than re- stricted. Not only was the subject-participant able to ease through the normal dimunition of physical sensory input in sleep, without loss of CS, he discovered first, that CS was not dependent upon those same physical sensory signals. Second, he discovered that CS as he under- stood it became greater in its capacity without the heavy physical sensory data presenting strong interference and distortion. The knowin (conviction?) .h.,~.roah e.xpen.l.ence that thinks! e ni.t on, 4e ~ n aria c a ? Tien cam_ponents o consc .ou.4ne.S! cv%e: rn de 'en nt upon P6h i ~ti~c.eaa z en o. .6 .cgna wa6 ~ .6 e a mo's: poL unc earcncn .oce6' T -6 mop at c g ec- In a social structure bound heavily to causal relationships through matter-time-space, the acceptance of such as valid through personal ex- perience was indeed profound, disturbing, and extremely stimulating to both staff and participants. It was truly a suspected Pandora's Box that offered unexpected potentials in an aspect that had pre-occupied Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R0017002700097 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 man since his early beginnings. Could the Box be opened slowly, a little at a time, so as to avoid being overwhelmed? Or would the additional studies show this paradoxical state of sleep-awake be that and no more. At this point, a member of the research team recommended that the beat frequency patterns be applied binaurally, i.e., that one set of signals be inserted into one ear, another in. the other ear. In open air, extremely low frequency brain wave patterns (30HZ-l.5HZ) were below audio perception levels, thus, the pattern was expressed in amplitude rather than actual frequency of the sound itself. The effect of binaural in- sertion implied a possible synthesis of the beat frequency by the brain itself. A 200HZ signal in one ear and a 210HZ signal in the other could suggest to the brain an effective 10HZ resonance. The results were spectacular. A quantum jump in the entire process became evident. Time of response shortened, duration extended, degree of intensity was dramatic, all in the FFR patterns shown in EEG traces. Even among some 22 previous and well-indoctrinated subjects, greatly in- creased effectiveness was the ru.:dle. The period that followed was one of exploration of response to audio frequencies above EEG ranges, and often beyond normal hearing frequencies. The search was aimed at the determination of other effective audio fre- quencies, whatever such effect might be. The process was a tedious one, as only a slow sweep tests permitted the FFR to appear, due to the time- delay in response and the reporting of the volunteer subject. Moreover, to be acceptable as to the nature of the response, a double-blind can- sensus of subjects was a part of the criteria. Thus, to be significant, a response reported by one subject was withheld from other subjects un- less and/or until each reported a similar response within the same fre- quency range. The factor of suggestion was then eliminated, and recordings of subject response both verbal and through instrumentation were used for evaluation. A number of definite, repeatable responses were found. Attention could be varied from non-conscious delta sleep of total lack of CS and comatose physical state up through intense Beta-type concentration of one pointed fixation, and into high-anxiety intolerable "nervousness". How- ever, much depended upon the sec?uence of the signals offered. For example, an extremely "clear" form oi: mentation was obtained by first aiding the subject to achieve Mind Awake-Body Asleep (arbitrarily identified as Focus 10) through size set oft:nal stimulation, then applying a second, overlapping signal that would normally be too "nerve-racking". It is still. not thoroughly understood why most of such sequencing- is important. With. the advent of a wide interest in brain-hemispheric theory and study, the Institute undertook to explore the bi-latera:L effects of FFR. It was found very quickly that extreme disorientation could be produced temporarily by inserting different, unrelated signals in each ear. loving more cautiously, a "de-tuning" of either hemisphere was possible by the insertion of low EEG range :Frequencies in the opposite ear. Con- Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 versoly, either hemisphere could be stimulated by the same method, by application of specific Beta sound patterns and beyond. The natural outcome of this was to seek patterns which would "balance" or adjust the relationships between the left and right brain, and help produce desired changes in behavior. The above has produced dynamic results in many areas, and still is in a stage of i:rifancy as to the "state of the art". However,. this did lead to the definition of the basic effect with which the Institute effort is dealing. Several, years after the beginning of the "binaural beat" studies, an associate researcher brought it to the attention of the Institute. Utilizing the :institute FFR process in the binaural mode, he set up a bilateral EEG on a volunteer subject whereby the dominant wave form of each brain hemisphere was displayed on a dual- trace oscilloscope. B.i..nautcat beat- An.equenc ~timu.2ct.. ova ctea. e.6 a pus. aincnL FFR that is nT ht7t2c~r 5 n a _. .ctuc e anc nc gFc~en be. ween e btca cn m- tc e,6-* The total meaning of such coherency is not understood as no extended studies have been made except those begun by the Institute. Prior to the development of the FFR method, no efficient technique was available to generate an hemi-sync state. It may be true that those in a focused, relaxed state in prayer, meditation,, or similar physically--quiet states may produce periods of such synchronization. One test of a Zen master with twenty years of contemplative study indicated he was able to pro- duce the effects for long periods. Certainly, it must occur naturally if only momentarily under certain specific conditions in human life. Exactly what these are is not yet known. There is a partial entrainment effect, and there are indications that it can be learned much as in the bio-feedback model. Whether the synthesized signal crosses the Corpos Callosum (the nerve network be-- tween the brain hemispheres), travels through the brain stem, limbic system - this has yet to be determined. It appears that new neural pathways are established as a result. Work with the Monroe system and the brain hemispheric: synchroniza- tion-coherence has brought forth a number of?interesting prospects. Some of these are: 1. Balanced Health: The first and prime effect has been a stabi- lization of the mental and physical energies of the participant. This usually appears between the 10th and 11th session, each 45 minutes in length. Most report dynamic changes in physical vitality, more restful sleep, a greater sense of well-being, a general serenity, new enthusiasm for living, and release from false identities and obligations, to name a few. Generally, each begins with the statement "I feel better, I seem to think more clearly". After the 10th exposure, the change is often permanent. Participants so report this some two and three years Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/16: CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 after the experiments. 2. Stress-Tension Reduction: Used principally in cases that have resisted conventional approaches, results derived appear to be caused chiefly by a change in the overview of the individual, rather than dealing with specifics. 3. Sur ical ~'u ort: Applied before, during and after surgery. When used in its entirety,.. this special system helps the patient in reduction of anxieties, control of life energies, reduction of pain, and acceleration of natural body healing. Patients consistently re- port major gains in all of these areas. 4. Control of Pain: It is not yet clear why the method is as effective as i..ndicat:ec.r The suggestion for control of chronic pain would appear to be quite insufficient to provide the dynamic changes reported again and again. As little as one week of work with the tapes has often been sufficient. There is some speculation that it is related to the effect noted in (1) above. 5. Stroke Recover : Although very little has been done with the Monroe System in this area-,, the preliminary findings bear report- ing. The synchronization of the hemispheres of two participants shortly after the onset of minor strokes, each produced definite im- provement in the disfunction. In one case, the subject had suffered minor speech difficulty and intermittent motor instability in his legs. After three hemi-sync sessions, his speech had cleared considerably, and he was able to walk steadily without effort. Three months later, there had been no retrogression that could be observed. 6. Psycho-therapy: When applied in the interview setting, the hemi-sync mode--appears to help the patient reach very quickly long- submerged levels which have resisted penetration by most traditional means. It has been stated that 10 interviews using the system may be the equivalent of 10 years of orthodox treatment. 7. Problem Solving: The coherent brain-mind focused in a given area by specific ' 'Rpatterns apparently has a far greater capacity to view any condition from a holistic position than "normal" con- sciousness. It can be speculated that it is ..the result of simple utilization of complete inter-action between brain hemispheres. In a demonstration with a group of forty-five executives of a major corporation, participants were asked to seek the best answer they could for his own individual problem, while experiencing hemi-sync. Thirty reported decision-solutions of a quality for the most part unexpected. Each was sure it was the "right" answer. Approved For Release 2003/09/16: CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 8. Accelerated Learning: The pure synchronization effect alone offers many potentials ~ in Type and Type lit by the simple provision of focusing of attention. For example, its use by students while studying enhances retention and recall: One college student was able to raise her college grades from a 2.5 to 3.9 average in one quarter, using the method. Another test showed an ability to perceive and remember oral information at a rate of 1,000 words per minute. (A speech compresser was used to create the material). Another partici- pant was able to multiply two eight-digit numbers mentally, with 100% accuracy; without the hemi-sync effect, he had difficulty with sets of two digit numbers. Multiplication tables from 13 to 24 were used as rote material, with 60% accuracy in recall after one session. Under the same conditions, mental-physical co-ordination activities were simulated with a form of guided imagery. Particular tests were performed chiefly in sports where any changes could be measured. The most indicative of these took place where six golfers all reduced their scores by as much as five strokes. The implication that the method could be employed in more constructive directions and in many forms appears to be limited only by the need. 9. Creative Stimulus; A well-known training authority stated that over 30,000 engineers on. the company payroll, savings and/or profits could be increased by some $200,000,000 if this employee group added 2% to their creative ability. Response in this area from the Monroe System has been so consistent that perhaps one day the Institute will be able to conduct such an extensive study as this. Tests already performed with a small and diverse engineering group some eleven in number have shown a probability to surpass easily such percentile. Several in the group have developed new designs in their respective fields which were interesting enough to warrant patent application. One participant in another Institute program became inspired to write a book, completed it and sold it to a publisher within six weeks. A. second became proficient and prominent as a commercial artist, a third turned musical. composer and arranger. Several hundred have come forth with new ideas, methods, concepts and viewpoints that have brought major changes in their life styles. The value.of the latter can be assessed only by the individual at first, and subsequently by those around him. The following is a portion of a report from one Institute research associate, psychiatrist Stuart Twemlow: "In our studies of the effect of the Monroe Tape system on brain waves, we have found that the tapes encourage the focusing of brain energy (it can-be measured as with a light bulb, in watts) into a narrower and narrower "frequency band". This focusing of energy is not unlike the yoga concept of one pointedness, which we may translate in Western terms as single-mindedness. As Focus 10 counts down, there is a gradual in- crease in brain-wave size, which is a measure of brain energy or power.. Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Although the significance of this is not yet clear, it could be specu- lated that the tape system encourages the recruitment of neurons in the brain to focus their attention on a single task, thus perhaps in- creasing the efficiency of mastering a task, whether that be to reduce tension on the muscles, to improve sleeping, or control pain". "I'll describe three situations where we have applied the Monroe tapes with 'unusually striking results. The types of patients with whom the tapes have been tried, generally speaking, have been chronic that is, have had their problem for long periods of time". "One such case was a middle-aged. lady who had severe pain resulting from problems in the healing of an old fracture. In combining the tapes with a structured hospital milieu, we determined that as she began to relax the parts of her body which had not relaxed, were those pains con- nected with psychological problems for which the pain was serving the function of "secondary gains". That is, the pain help her cope with some of the psychological stresses in her everyday life in a sense was kept going because it served this adaptive function". "As we were able to deal with this, she began to feel in control of her life and her need to keep the pain decreased. After discharge from the hospital, this patient has continued to be almost unrecognizable physically. She looks a great deal younger than she did before, she has her pain under control and does not need any physical support for it. Most strikingly, other parts of her life from which she had been very withdrawn, have now become a source of gratification to her". "The next case concerns a middle-aged man with a very long history of psychosomatic problems affecting practically every organ in his body. A psychological investigation found many of these symptoms related to some severe surgical trauma which occurred w1ten he was a young child. In this case, we combined the tape exercises, especially the Focus 10 exercise with the sorts of stimuli in his environment that would make him very anxious, that is, the stimuli that reminded him of the surgi- cal trauma as a child. Over a period of weeks we exposed him both to the Focus 10 deeply relaxed state and to the stimuli that would make him very anxious and upset. Gradually, he became desensitized to the stimuli and was able to feel a lot more in control of his life". "A dying man utilized the tape system. He also had severe pain which had been impossible to control, with massive doses of narcotic. Over a period of weeks, he also achieved control. Since he died, we've. had a communication from his wife. She stated that he played the tapes until he died and the last week of his life, was completely pain free and at peace!'. "Our feeling was that both the experience with achieving control of the part of his body that was painful and preparing himself for death of his physical body made him less frightened and panicky. The control and preparation made him, therefore, more able to make peace with the family - so important in dying people. In fact, as we hav ced with Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R0017002i016t`u(~9-~ Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 a number of people who are dying, he was able to give support to those around him who will suffer the loss. Coming to terms with the loss of his own physical body enabled him to integrate the remaining he had in this direction". "Use of the tapes in a clinical setting has pointed out that their effect on reduction of stress and tense muscles is startling. As a matter of fact, it appears that not only muscles under voluntary con- trol but also those under involuntary control (smooth muscles, such as the muscles of the bladder) may be relaxed with the Focus 10 exercise". "Patients who are chronic feel very much out of control of the vari- ous symptoms they have. As with a number of the newer therapeutic tech- niques, giving them a sense of control has a "snowball" effect on thc: control of other symptoms and aspects of their interpersonal relation- ships. As they begin to achieve in other areas resulting from this ""snowball" effect, each small success has a reinforcing effect". "It seems that Focus 10 is the basic state which is essential to master before being able to proceed. Some of our patients have learned to induce the Focus 10 state to relax their bodies while they are actively engaged in work, and certainly to relax their bodies in be- tween some highly stressful day-to-day working situations. Some patients are now able to program their sleep, so that they awake at certain times. A number of them with insomnia have found themselves sleeping very restfully". ""One patient had noticed that a very few minutes of sleep in Focus 10 seemed equivalent to him, in terms of restfulness, to many hours of sleep with his normal sleeping pattern. Sometimes problems can be created by this. For example, one patient noted that he has had periods of very high energy in which he finds he is creative, but which re- presents a change in his ordinary level of functioning to which other people take some time to adjust. He has noticed, for example, that he needs fewer hours of sleep at night and this is ready to start the day's work a great deal earlier than most other people"'. "A number of patients who have regularly practiced with the tapes have found that they've become much more reflective, less physically active, and more satisfied with quieter sorts of hobbies and day-to-day activities. Becoming more inwardly turned is a characteristic of people who learn to utilize sources of gratification within their own heads rather than having to constantly turn to the outside world for gratification". . Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 The Gateway Program - In 1975, the Institute was invited to the Esalen Center in Big Sur, California, to conduct a week-end workshop which would incorporate some of the methods and techniques it had de- veloped. In that week-end, and the one that followed at Esalen in San Francisco, the Institute inadvertently opened a new aspect to its experimental procedure. As additional requests for similar sessions of exploration of consciousness came in, the decision was made to present other week-end programs in a semi-public manner, i.e., the selection of participants would be on the basis of sincerity of in-) serest and inherent ability, with appropriate personality profiles.',, Most important, such an on-going program would offer a far wide., consensus, base than ever possible through experimental work inside th -\.,, Institute itself. Moreover, a feedback system could be employed, whereby the participants themselves, in their reporting of effects, would permit the evolution and modification of methods and techniques employed with each succeeding program. With a few exceptions, the procedure has worked remarkably well.. In four years, over 1,500 participants have been through this training and exploration in consciousness. Originally named the M-5000, it is now called the Gateway-Program. The present Gateway Session is a distant cousin of the first, to say the least. Much of the primary method-material has been validated through surveys of Gateway Participants. Here - Now - Downstream: In a broad view, those closely associ- ated wf.t.. t e Institute are deeply pre-occupied with the implications inherent in the information gathered to date. Any introspection based upon extended application of such new tools as now seem available usu- ally brings confusion. It is not the donkey starving equidistant be- tween only two hay stacks -there look to be five, ten, one-hundred or more potentials, all equally important. The inevitable conclusion: -6 . h.e vatidt.ti o data gathe ed, that such me.thod4 and techrm- uez arse c n act Sao _.d oh 2 a etcatc on a n p cat .o_ co n.? c?.cauene~ , hec even s.~na cc r ? efc4 oti_ntZam nac :~ca app k-- cat,~on nB a acet4 o ~ztcman 4=_x~a a,nee cv out exception. From this overview, any wider diversity is beyond the current capability of the Institute. Therefore, the Institute is now open to contact and communication with all sectors of'human endeavor, with the purpose of development and utilization of such tools wherever feasible and applicable. These include medicine, psychiatry, structured edu- cation, commercial products, music, entertainment, religion, not neces- sarily listed in order of importance. Such dissemination is expected to lead into areas not yet contemplated or conceived of by those associ- ated with the Institute. Those at the Institute believe this position to be the only one that will. lessen the possible mis-use of the system for non-constructive ends. The Institute welcomes any inquires from responsible individuals and organizations that might aid in the total process. Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700270009-7 (This article was originally published in the March/April 1983 issue of THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS".) CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: Monroe Institute.... Bob Monroe at his composing switchboard.... MOM's staffer in a CIIEC unit.... Chief instructor Melissa Jager. A MOTHER staffer tries to find out for himself whether audio technology can help induce ... v' A -r 'ERE"' STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS believe I observed and experienced. The following article doesn't necessarily represent the official opinion of the staff or management of TIIE MOTHER EARTH NEWS". Instead, it's made up of subjective impressions of what 1, associate editor Pat Stone, experienced during the week-long Gate- way Program at the Monroe Institute of Ap- plied Sciences. I was sent there, by this mag- azine, when we learned that Elisabeth Kubler- Ross (renowned expert on death and dying, and the subject of next issue's Plowboy Inter- view) claimed to have made a life-changing exploration of higher states of consciousness while at the institute. however, although the tale of my own ex- perience at the rural Virginia center pales be- side hers (and when compared with many re- lated to me by my coparticrpant.s in the pro- gram), it may still strike some readers as pret- ty far-fetched. If so, that's perfectly under- standable. Just remember that Pin not trying to convince anyone of anything ... I'm just attempting to honestly relate some (I couldn't tell you all in twice this space!) of what I "have a good trip!" Those were the last words I heard before Melissa ,Jager, the re- markable woman who's the chief training instructor at the Monroe Institute of Ap- plied Sciences, turned on the first experien- i ial stereo tape that I--and the other partici- pants in the institute's Gateway Program-- would hear during our week-long stay. I was lying in my own CIIEC unit (it stands for Controlled Holistic Environmental Chain- exclude distracting light), speakers, and an excellent set of stereo headphones. I lay still with my eyes closed, eager and anxious to experience ... to experience ... well, I wasn't sure just what might happen! Of course, while I couldn't guess exactly what was in store for me, I had gathered some background knowledge about the in- stitute before signing up. It was started by Robert Monroe, a former radio show pro- duction executive who claims to have be- gun, in 1958, to spontaneously undergo bi zarre personal events that he didn't under- stand. In essence, Nionroc's adventures- now commonly called out-of-body experi- ences, or OBE's-were typified by a sensa- tion that his conscious mental self had lifted from his resting physical form and (with an ethereal "body" of its own) traveled by the power of thought to places near, far, and otherworldly. Bob's full story is detailed in his well- known book, Journeys Out of the Body. I'd read the volume a decade earlier and had- over the years-talked with several people who claimed to have had out-of-body ex- pericnces themselves. (For instance, a close college friend had told me that he once watched his own body from the ceiling of his apartment., while his roommate franti- cally worked to rescue the sleeping firm from a fire!) In fact, as soon as it became known around the office that I was sup- posed to go to "Out of Body U.", an occa- sional cohort would pull me aside and-of ten in a secretive voice-admit his or her hearing such accounts-that OBE's, as well as many other experiences related to altered states of consciousness, were possible .. . but about the only encounter I'd had with any so-called higher energies consisted merely of feeling an electricity-like energy (called prana by yogis) moving up my spine and into my skull during a year of hatha yoga classes. So while my attitude toward the adventure I was about to undergo was open and receptive, I was--in effect-a "blew Age novice": Bob Monroe now employs modern sound technology to help other people reach vari- ous higher states of awareness. (The OBE was supposed to be only one possible out- come among many.) His method is based on two premises: [ l ] If your brain "hears" a sound frequency it can create electrically it- self, it will tend to irndatc that same wave signal (Monroe secured a patent on this "frequency-following response" in 1975). [21 You can't directly hear such sound waves (they're mostly pitched too low for the ears to pick up), but they can be com- municated to the mind by playing slightly different wavelengths to opposite ears through stereo headphones. Your brain will then assimilate the two pulses and-in ef- fe(.t---"hear" the difference between them! Thus, if you wanted to send a 10-cycle-per- second (CI'S) signal-a low alpha signal-to the mind, you could play a 100-CPS sound wave in one ear and a I10-CPS signal to the other. Your brain would, it's claimed, be aware of the information received by the ber) ... an isolation cube complete with a own experience with "astral travel". separate ears, hearing both signals and their comfortable aA13ibt1 '06-~ f2'~tli'69L 20(l/'~~`':I~f=~3~` I~000311fcycle-per-second wave. (over) Having worked at home with some of the down and brought us back to normal con- signals we use here are not analogous to any it titute's Discoveyypp dtP6pi #ea o20@$Mgfl<l (K--RDP9 O0788ROO4r700>7OOO9pZ.terns and have no states that can be used either independently at the institute). We all left our individual particular value. Such scientists typically of the center's program or as a preparation booths and gathered in a meeting room to think of beta signals as going up to 30 or 40 for the Gateway course), I believed that discuss the experience. CPS. We use much higher wave pulses Monroe's brain-hemisphere-uniting process Thus began the ongoing "take a tape and here, however. In fact, when we try to help --called "Henri-Sync"-could work. In fact, then relate" routine of the week. Except for trigger out-ofbody states, we employ beta my biggest fear was that I'd simply show so the excellent vegetarian meals, a two-hour signals of around 2877.3 CPS." little aptitude for alternative consciousness break each afternoon, and some movie view- that I'd have a drab, disappointing experi- ing, that's what we did ... at least six times " * * ence and end up with no personal growth a day! Self-responsibility. When we rejoined our (and nothing to report). Conversely, my goals were to have an actual out-of-body * * * group, I told the others how very trying my experience ... to gain more spiritual in- tape experience had been. And-I'll admit sight ... to grow as a loving person ... Focus 10. The next tapes we worked on -1 kind of expected our instructor to of- arid, , of course, to get material for an inter- took us from Focus I to Focus 10 ... a con- fer comfort. Instead, she challenged me: arid esting article. sciousness level where "your mind is awake "What are you afraid of? Don't resist pain In short, that's where I stood-or rather and your body is asleep". Induced by com- ... that just increases it. Move into the ex- lay-one Sunday morning last May when bining low theta (sleep) brain-wave signals perience, so you can move through it." our trainer started playing the first tape. with higher beta (wakeful) ones, Focus 10 I was a little startled by her blunt reac- was to become a launching pad for all the Lion, too. But then I realized that her advice * * * other experiences to come. was likely sound, and-after all-I hadn't It took me a tape or two to get going, but asked for emotional support. Besides, as I The first tape. Immediately after Melissa's eventually I was having great fun! My inter- came to observe them throughout the week, friendly send-off, the sound of ocean surf' nal energy flow seemed stronger and strong- I noted that Melissa and her cotrainer (a (which underlay every tape as an "audio er. I was even beginning to feel the sensa- visiting psychiatrist) expected the program bed") rose up and filled my headphones, tion of some energy shooting out of my head participants to take responsibility for them- Next, Bob Monroe's deep, soothing-re- during the rebal phase (although no matter selves. True, they would always keep an eye corded-voice told us to adjust our headsets how hard I tried, I couldn't make this loop- on people who seemed troubled or didn't so that the volume was balanced between ing flow extend below my knees). And Yo- leave their CHEC units after a tape, but our ears and we heard his voice in the right cus I0-whatever it was---did give my whole they never encouraged any of us to act de- channel. Then humming, almost hissing, body a tingly, alert feeling. pendent or even to share our experiences. tones--which were the Hemi-Sync signals- Instead, they gave us respect and a right to blended in with the sea wave sounds. ing the four steps of the "pre-preparation intro i-ocus te. i ne last tape of inc aay * * process" . . . a procedure that would serve was also the first one to go beyond the six as the opening ritual of every tape. The first Discovery cassettes and into new (to me) Monday ... clicking out. According to step was to construct an "energy conversion territory . . . to Focus 12, the state of ex- Monroe, tape listeners will automatically box", a mental vision of a chest in which we panded awareness". After the initial pre- "click out" into a deep sleep if they're not were to "lock away" all of our everyday preparation process (during which I finally ready to deal with what they're hearing. concerns (such as my worry about ]laving to began-with difficulty--to be able to feel And, indeed, more than one member of our write an article) and thereby leave our that I was projecting some rebal energy group had trouble staying awake during the minds free and unburdened. down to my feet!), Bob's recorded voice led initial tapes. Some past Gateway partici- Second, chanting voices on the tape pro- us up to Focus 10 ... counted to 12 ... Pants had reputedly slept through every vided the cue for us to begin "resonant tun- back to 10 ... up to 12 again ... back to 10 tape for three days ... only to wake up dur- ing": a series of deep, open-throated breaths . - . and then down to C-i. ing a Hemi-Sync experience on the fourth during which we inhaled while visualizing The moment before Bob's voice first afternoon and find themselves hovering sparkling energy entering our bodies and called out "10", I felt my body zapped all above their bodies! rising up into our heads and exhaled while over with remarkably intense electricity. Of course., I had to wonder whether chanting "aaah", "oooh", or "ummrrt" and When he led the count up to 12, 1 tried to "`clicking out" was a real phenomenon or mentally releasing the energy. imagine an expanded self (even though' hough I just a euphemism for catnapping. And I had no idea what that really meant!) ... and couldn't answer that question ... until one Third, we were to construct it "rebal", or "resonant energy balloon": a sphere of en suddenly my chest got tight. I felt as if l had day, later in the week (during a Focus 15 er outside our bodies. We would do this to fight to breathe. I was also hit with tape), when we were supposed to travel gy' by "shooting" the energy gathered during rushes of harsh light, and my body was back mentally on a wheel of time and ex- resonant tuning out the tops of our heads, racked with vibrating energy. plore our past. As soon as I decided to at- down around our bodies, and hack in at In fact, I became so frightened by these tempt to "visit" a traumatic and still dis- our feet. sensations that I instinctively chanted the turbing incident in my childhood, I started l..ast, we were to repeat the Gateway All Gateway Affirmation ("I am more than my feeling weary. The next thing I knew, the firmation, the institute's credo, which be- Physical body....") out loud to get a hold entire 45-minute tape was over! gins, matter-, I I ndmyself. ome Finally, when stretchinethe tape xercis s was s over, that oth. they, too, many had other confesse we Because 1 a m more lthan my physial physical pa passed out. Bcan perceive that which is greater than the down the residual physical tinglings ... Melissa then told us that, in her experience, physical world." (It goes on to proclaim the and prayed' well over half of program participants individual's deep desire to learn to use bone- "click out" on that particular tape. "A lot ficial higher energy systems, and to be * * * of people don't like to face parts of their Y out.. My imaginary worry box didn't stop c_us 10, we insert some high beta signals on tried a Focus 12 tape which helped us play me from getting distracted with outside top of the already established theta tones, in with five different ways of leaving our bod- thoughts. And although I made an earnest. order to trigger a waking consciousness ies ... such as rising up on end like a tele- mental attempt to rebal, I didn't feel as if I while leaving the body asleep. And when phone pole, rolling out like a log, or simply were pushing any energy at all around my we go to 12, we drop the body clown even floating up. By this time, I was no longer body. On the other hand, the Hemi-Sync deeper, into delta sleep, while-using a spe- hit with the formerly experienced overpow- signals and chanting did invoke the type of cialized mixture of at least four different ering energy during the Focus 12 state-in spinal energy flow I'd felt in my old yoga sets of beta signals-we increase the level of fact, my first exposure to every new level classes. In fact, my whole body felt stunu- mental wakefulness. was the most physically intense--so I was lated as if'by a pleasing charge of energy. "Now you should understand that ac- able to try all five techniques calmly. After about 45 minutes, the tape wound cording to most researchers h tai though. Maybe I Approved For Release 2003/09/16: CIA- i~tb~96-6 88 1t7($2~`~ 7 Well, even, though I'd practiced all of roe: "The signals we send in the sequence * * these techniques on the Discovery home of a tape follow a lot of the gradients of tapes, I still had some difficulty acting them sleep ... up to a certain point. Then, at Fo- Out-of-body practice On Monda we also was tensing my body too much. Or perhaps request rather than attem t to hold an ex- tempted to levitate my left "astral" hand, I opened my eyes , . . and discovered I was moving my real hand! Bob Monroe: "If any people come here ex- pecting that we can guarantee them. an out- of-body experience, we give them their hats and say goodbye. Of course, most individ- uals who hope for an OBE learn other, per- haps more important, lessons here. You see, there are a lot more useful ways to handle the same energy that creates the out-of-body state." Melissa: "Only a small percentage of the people who come here have an OBE during their stay. A good number achieve one a few days after they return home-once they've given up hope of it--because their eagerness for the experience actually kept them from having it! After all, an expectation is a way of saying you can't do something now." My thoughts: "But how can I stop wishing for an out-of-body experience if I really think I want one?" I felt trapped by that paradox much of the week. After all, I rea- soned, what better proof could I receive that I am more than a physical body ... and what more exciting event could I have to write an article about? The group. I soon learned that most of the finks attending our session had more exten- sive backgrounds in alternative conscious- ness research than I did. And as the week went on, I couldn't fail to be impressed by their experience, their commitment, and-- especially--their eagerness to exchange in- formation with like-minded people. (Many of them have to keep their expanded-con- sciousness experiences secret most of the time ... since their friends---and, often, employers--would be shocked to bear about such things.) Of course, the fact that the Monroe pro- gram (which isn't advertised anywhere) is both difficult to find out about and expen- sive (the week cost $850) helps limit partici- pants to very committed people rather than attracting mildly curious "New Age dilet- tantes". Our group, for instance, included a parapsychological healer from Europe who claimed to have cured his own debilitating childhood case of multiple sclerosis by go- ing out of his body and performing an "as- tral operation"! On the other hand, some members of the group--like me---tended to have less dra- matic personal events . . . and to spend al- most as much time wondering if our experi- ences were real as we did learning how to deal with them. Yet we also tackled our ex- traordinary lessons with focused sincerity. new-fangled version of traditional prayer, maddening urge to scratch went away ... The problem of trust. Several members of we were told that patterning demanded every time. the group have expressed the thought that some specific and specialized techniques. Was I just fooling myself? Well, as far as although sensations, insights, and messages For one thing, we were supposed to re- I was concerned, that didn't [natter ... be- received during a tape session may feel com- tease comptetcApproVere oil tetlease AW516H6 Ili :cdK-K 96-00788ROOf%&16Ob-i`e time, they can't help d'atterning. One of the "second state" skills we worked on during the week was patterning ... which involves going into a Focus 12 state, "balling up" a question you want answered-or a request-inside your head, and then "shooting" that query out to the universe at large. And although the process might at first seem to be merely a therefore, it was equally important, Melissa told us, to add the "disclaimer" that we wanted our wishes fulfilled only if they would be in the interests of our higher selves ... to keep them from possibly back. firing. Our instructor also advised us to phrase our requests in the present tense ("If you ask for something to happen in the fu- ture, the result may always stay in the fu- ture") and to think positively, as if our pat- terned questions had already been answered ("You're creating an effect ... the cause will catch up to it"). Tuesday. States like Focus 10 and Focus 12 were starting to take shape for inc (in- stead of simply giving me intense physical rushes). Focus 10 definitely did involve a "body asleep, mind awake" feeling. And in the less-relaxed Focus 12, 1 consistently felt a vibrant energy extending to the borders of my rebal cocoon. While working with new tapes, we did a variety of exercises today, such as attempt- ing to send visual color energies (red for vi- tality, purple for healing, green to wash out negative emotion) throughout our bodies ... and experimenting with a "bubbling away" technique to help deal with personal fears. (After this last tape, one group mem- ber related how she first visualized a snake, then "bubbled away" her phobic fear of the reptile ... and saw-in its place-a brown belt, which reminded her of long-forgotten beatings she'd received from her father!) Some of the day's tapes gave me strong physical sensations ... others had little ob- vious meaning or effect ... and a few did indeed seem to portend insight or power. Yet perhaps equally significant for me was a "physical level" event that took place when I asked the parapsychological healer in our group to cure my new-and irritating-case of poison ivy. In response, he told me to take a bath in a half-and-half mixture of hu- man urine and the milk from dandelion stems. When. I protested that I could never gather enough of those two required liq- uids, he stated simply, "Well, visualize it! That's the same thing!" So, alone in my room, I sat down and imagined an elaborate treatment scenario complete with specialized machinery for harvesting millions of dandelion milk droplets, and lots of beer drinking to help me produce the other ingredient. Finally, I pictured dunking myself three times in the noxious mixture. When it was over, my skin really did feel covered with a caky crust. And soop after that, I was-cross my heart!-taken aback by the unmistakable stench of stale urine! In fact, the odor was so strong that I was hesitant to rejoin the group ... until I decided that they couldn't possibly smell the product of my fantasy! The result? My poison ivy did not go away, but ran its usual several-day course. The itching, however, stopped ... and to an inveterate rash-scratcher like me, that relief was as good as a cure. True, the familiar ir- ritating sensations returned about once a day thereafter, but if I spent a few moments 270008-The Gateway process pro- vides a dramatic means of discovering one- self, and then making full use of one's po- tential. We provide the tools ... which are mental, not physical, ones. They can then be. used in a variety of ways-for such pur- poses as practical problem solving, gain- ing self-knowledge, or maintaining mental health-but what each person does with the tools is an individual matter. "We don't try to indoctrinate people. In- stead, we say, 'Don't take our word about anything ... but find out for yourself what's true. The tools we are providing should help you do this.' "We have only one piece of dogma that we want to knock into people's heads: `You are more than your physical body. If you will seriously consider-and try working with-that assumption, you'll find here the opportunity to know that it's so.' " Wednesday. This was one of my best days. Almost all of the tapes felt really accessible and enjoyable. And such basic maneuvers as popping a rebal or going into Focus 10 or 12 were now ridiculously easy. In addition, I was gaining a greater sense of control over these processes. One example of that oc- curred during a tape on Focus 15, "the state of no time". (According to Bob, time is merely an assumption made by one's con- sciousness. People can therefore learn to acknowledge, experience, and utilize--by doing such things as peering into the past or future--the fact that time does not exist.) Now I can't guarantee that I experienced timelessness while I was in Focus 15, but I did feel that my mind was in a beautifully clear, still, and relaxed place. In fact, I felt so good "up there" that when Monroe's taped voice started to bring us back down to C-1, I just took off the headphones, moved myself back up to 15, and enjoyed it for a while. (Melissa applauds such actions: "It's important to ultimately shake your depen- dence on tapes ... to learn to reach these states without using 'training wheels'.') Going Out? After one of the day's tapes, a group member told us that she saw the words "I am more than my physical body" spin in a vortex overhead. Then her arms began to ache and to rise straight up in the air. "I would have bet a paycheck," she said, "that my real arms were sticking up ... but when I looked, they were still on my chest!" Melissa then gave us a lot of advice on how to get all the way out if we feel our- selves starting to separate from our physical bodies: "Think of something you really want, and mentally try to reach for it. Or speed up the process by imagining yourself hopping onto a Ferris wheel. But don't tense up and hold your breath, or deliberate about what's happening to you, or you may squelch it." And me? I'm trying to stop hoping for an OBE. Instead, I'm attempting to pattern that I already am out of body ... and back in, of course! questioning the validity of the experience ggnco they regain n rural consSiQaasne ""'When they asked ou PPr K9V#(?lX1 Xa experiences were authentic, she responded, "You're the only one who can judge. Whenever you reach to us for validation, all. we can do is show you consensus ... in the form of statements made by many other people that these types of things have hap- pened to. Yet ultimately, the extent to which you can validate yourself will deter- mine the extent to which your reality will be able to expand further." One group member (a Gateway veteran) added, "I didn't really believe the answers I was receiving through these processes until they disagreed with the course of action I would normally have chosen ... yet they workedi" Thursday ... the elation series. Today we went through four tapes in which we were supposed to gradually "elate our conscious- ness" to encompass the entire earth ... the solar system ... the galaxy ... and wher- ever we wanted to explore. The aim of the series seemed to be that all-awareness ex- perience, typical of many Eastern religions, known as cosmic consciousness. I went both "up" and "down" on these tapes. I did experience many strange sensa- tions. It seemed-once again-that my con- sciousness was being stretched and I was be- ginning to encounter new levels of aware- ness. At the same time, though, a ring of sharp physical pain began to develop at my elbows. The ache became so intense during the third Elation tape that I quickly count- ed myself back down to Focus 1, took the headphones off for a while, and rubbed my arrrs. Friday ... Focus 21. According to an en- tire cosmology that Bob and his researchers were apparently given from "beyond" (the institute: offers cassette recordings of these "explorer series" transmissions), there are 21 levels of physical life. Seven of these encompass the range of human existence, while the highest-Level 21-provides the beginning of a bridge to nonphysical spirit forms. As always, we weren't asked simply to ac- cept these ideas, but to try working with them and see what happened. So we moved up to a new state, Focus 21 (which was, in theory, parallel to Level 21) and tried to reach out for communication with the be- yond. I didn't meet any identifiable spirits during this tape (as did the member of our group who related. afterward that she'd had a deeply profound contact with her de- ceased and formerly estranged mother), yet I did have a personally powerful and mean- ingful experience. I was flushed. several times with feelings of love and--through a vision of people undertaking symbolic ac- tivities in a variety of different rooms--- gained some moving (and, I think, truthful) insights into the emotional difficulties of several individuals I know. In addition, my lower arms started aching again ... and this time, my forearms felt as if they were beginning to rise. I tried using mental Ferris wheels to encourage the proc- ess, but I think that my self-consciousness stopped it instead.. Figuring my hands were only about six inches off the bed, but that and saw that my forearms-while they may When I got off the plane the next day af' have b "40, p a little on in cover- ter my return trip, then, I was eager to greet qi 4ri t I&1 DPy96-0078&FQQ17iOO2 OO9m7vous about seeing Oh, how I wished my hands had felt way high up-instead of a measly few inches-so I could have been positive I wasn't kidding myself. But then I realized that the reality or nonreality of one "out of hands" expe- rience wasn't all that important. The real lesson, I became certain, was that the proc- esses I'd been going through during the week were defrnitel beginning to lead me to higher states of consciousness. I now knew without doubt that these altered states existed and that I had some tools for work- ing with them (and was even convinced that sometime-in my lifetime-I would reach an out-of-body state). In a way, though, I felt like a child who, having just learned to climb the steps to the high diving board at a swimming pool, jig- gles up and down on the edge of the board . tightening up with nervous tension, yet not ready to jump. My real body was the diving board I wasn't ready to leave. And something out instructor told me privately just before we took the last tape of the day-and of the week-made inc realize that as long as I had to fulfill the role of a journalist, it may have been both impossible for me to jump off the board and best that I couldn't. Melissa ad- mitted that she was both "awed and ap- palled" that I had managed to fully partici- pate in the course while working toward preparing a report on it. Other writers who'd come to Gateway on assignment had all quit part way through ... either from disbelief or because they finally couldn't handle it. So the fact that the personal insights into higher reality that I gained during this week were completely convincing-though not as dramatically earthshaking as I'd hoped- may well have been "in the interests of my higher self". Someday, though, I'd like to go back to the Monroe Institute on my own ... and see what happens then. The last tape. I can't tell you all of the moving experiences I had during-or con- nected with--our final tape, but I will share one ... an event that's had great impor- tance for me. It concerns my then four- month-old daughter, Jessica. When Jesse was born in February 1982, my 2-1/2-year-old boy Nathan had been se- riously ill for two weeks. Indeed, a few short hours before my daughter's birth, my wife and I finally admitted our mutual fear that our son might die ... and just three hours after the delivery, I was taking the' pain-racked boy to an appointment with medical specialists. Nathan eventually recovered. However, my emotional preoccupation with my son throughout Jesse's arrival, and during the first days of her life, apparently hampered my ability to establish a good relationship with my daughter. She couldn't relax in my arms, or even look at me for long without crying. We both felt uncomfortable with each other. This problem troubled me deeply, so dur- ing our last Gateway experience-a pattern- ing tape-I asked to have a close, loving re- lationship with my daughter. As previously instructed, I didn't put a time frame on my Jessica. Remembering that the one time I left Nathan for a few days during his in- fancy, he'd almost seemed to forget who I was, I couldn't help fearing that what little bond I had established with my daughter would have dissolved and that she'd be even less comfortable with me now than before. Yet when I walked up to greet my family, Jessica saw me ... and just beamed. Her face glowed with a delight I'd never seen her show for anyone except her mother. And she's been happy and loving with me ever since. Postscript. What about afterward? Does the Monroe program have any lasting effects? I was able to contact five of the members of my Gateway group seven months after our one-week session. All felt they had gained a deeper knowledge of themselves through the program, and that their experiences there had been personally authentic and meaningful. They varied greatly in the degree to which they were incorporating what they'd learned into their daily lives, though. One, for instance, only uses the Focus 10 method for keeping his mind aware-while resting--to help him inves- tigate his dreams ... and another, caught up with simply surviving in the struggle of day-to- day life, just uses Monroe relaxing techniques to relieve particularly hectic moments. At the other end of the spectrum, two members put the tools to work quite frequently ... going in- to a Focus 10 or 12 state to receive prompt an- swers to difficult decisions, for example, or even popping rebals to help repel antagonistic dogs! 1, too, feel that the personal and spiritual lessons I learned from the program are valid ... but I've definitely been remiss about ap- plying Monroe's technology in my day-to-day life. I rarely listen to any Hemi-Sync tapes, and I have difficulty mustering up strong ener- gy flows. Yet-call it coincidence or cause and effect-when I apply the methods, they almost always seem to work. The poison ivy itch rem- edy has never failed'me (or my wife). The in- stitute's Catnapper tape (which condenses the brain-wave patterns of a normal 90-minute sleep cycle into 30 minutes) has given me, and two friends, refreshing half-hour rests. Once, after a hard day of rota tilling, I used purple energy to prevent subsequent-and normally almost inevitable-back pain ... and had no "after aches". And the results I've patterned for-whether they were as trivial as avoiding a driver's license hassle or as significant as im- proving a serious family problem--have al- ways been favorable. If you'd like to learn more about the center, you can write the Monroe Institute, Dept. TMEN, Box 175, Faber, Virginia 22938 (or call 800/446-5006) for a packet of free infor- mation. The institute can also supply the book Journeys Out of the Body for $6.50 ... a number of practical-purpose Hetni-Sync tapes (such as Under Par Golf, Love Tennis, Sound Sleeper, Concentration, and the Catnapper) for $11.95 each ... the full set of six Dis- covery cassettes for $95 (a!1 these prices include postage) ... and the week-long Gateway Pro- gram for $850. And finally, as a special offer to interested MOTHER-readers, Bob Monroe has agreed to send "The Way of Hemi-Sync" (a 30-min- ute introductory experience tape), plus the in- stitute's basic information packet and a $5.00 discount coupon for further tape purchases gra l ' at or8 all or $5.00 ostpaid (in the United n:a9 P ~ e~-3 )1 002700 i9-7