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November 4, 2016
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April 4, 2000
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August 2, 1983
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2 I RDP96-00788 R00170030000171" CENTER LANE Personnel Spaces CofS, USA 1NSCOt. FROM ADC OPS-.IIU MINT DATE 02 Aug 33 CMTI A'i'TN: IACS ATTN: 1A0I'S--H Mr. . Atwater/jwm/x?7829 (COIN Partridge) (LTC Tolliver) TURD: DC. SOPS A'I'TN : lAO PS 1 ,COL Hyman) 1. (S/CL-1/NOFORN/ORCON) Pursuant to the di ti rec ves of CC1 INSCOM, and in iC::>C)PS-IIUf~~IN'1 a d f t n unded from the Security and Intelligence Activities ( 1A) IPr'ograari, Spaces are presently established within various areas of INSCOM Headquarters, but not from BUN1INT or any other GDIP funded activity. 2 . (S/CL--1; NOFORN/ORCON) On 22 February 1983, CG INSCON expressed his concern with personnel strength and its effect on the operational capabilities of Project CENTER LANE. He directed immediate action be i.rait-iated to select ively recruit lit qu y personnel who would enhance the operational capabi:iitie,,s of Project CENTER LANE . In accordance with this directive, the Command Staff P ychologist assisted this office ir, l:Ca'i'NR LAND. Al J. xr Gz:ctCl. 1.Vr 0Ur- y wltra Project SGFOIA3 a . (S/CL-1/NOFORN/ORCON) CPT Paul Ii . Smith, presently ss.igned to OPS Group, Ft . Nx-,,ade, and available for duty with CENTER LANE 1 eptember 1983, per coordination and agreement with C OL Ha:ni)ric, Cdr OPS oU...I7. SGFOIA3 L 1 - /NOFOI2N/OfCON) CPT William G . Ray, presently G-2, 11th Signal Edo, Ft 'Iuuciauacaa, AZ, and currently on orders for assignment to IHQ 1NSCOM, Ft Made, effective 11 January 1.984, per coordination with CwC) Kennedy, DCSPER. 3 . (S/CL--l/NO OI J/ORCON) Request that two non-GDIP funded 03 spaces within 1NSCON be identified for Project CENTER LANE. This will permit OR Ifs INATOR CONTROLLED CLASS IF1IiD BY: CG, INSCGM DECL: C'ADR HA R N I N Ca NOTICE CEN'T'ER LANE SPECIAL ACCE.;S PROGRAM RESTRICT DISSEMINATION 10 THOSE W fill VERIFIED ACCESS CATEGORY 1. NOT RELEA AB 1E' TO FOREIGN NAT IGNALS I e r FPe.Iza-%a2 IQBI,00 : CIA-RDP96 00788 R001700300001-1 - 2496 Fore.......u..,. AUG80 PRLVIO~JS FUl SONS WILL FOF 1;ro Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700300001- 1AGPA--E--SD, 02 Au 83(Continued) 3 - Li UB 'EC": : C;EP7':I'E;I; LANE Personnel Spaces (U) selected personnel to be assigned to the .;e spaces and then be attached to the 902d MIG for duty. To of Cect assignment to Project CENTER LANE, orders must read assignment to the specified space, with subsequent 8 duty it Security Systems Planning Division (SSPD), SSD, 902d MIG. Ronald P. Tolliver LTC, GS Acting ADCSOPS-11TJ MINT RELEASAI3LE TO FORE;I(;N NATIONALS Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01 700300001 -1