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November 4, 2016
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April 4, 2000
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July 12, 1984
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Approved For Releas QQD/DB/DB ELtRDP96OO788ROOl7OO34OOOl-7 tEGRET SG1J IAGPA-F-SD 12 July 1984 SUBJECT: CG, INSCOM Visit, 11 July 1984 (U) 1. (S/CL4/NOFORN) On 11 July 1984, BG Soyster, COL Kirk, COL Powers and Mr. Del Toro were briefed by LTC Buzby and - - concerning the INSCOM CENTER LANE Project (ICLP). The briefing lasted from approximately 1430 to approximately 1800 hours. 2. (U) During the briefing the following questions were asked. Unless otherwise indicated the questions were asked by the CG: a (U) Who was tasked for Gondola Wish? b. (U) Why are S&IA monies being used? c. (U) Have you ever gone to SECDEF for approval for the project? d. (U) The CG stated that he thought going to the INSCOM Human Use Board was a good idea. e. (U) Has Senator Wallop reversed his stand on the use of the GDIP? f. (U) When shown the personnel utilization chart, the CG asked were the same people going through training for the different years shown on the chart. WARNING ! CENTER U SP ECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM RESTRICT DISSEMINATION TO THOSE WITH VERIFIED ACCESS CATEGORY C/- `/ SG1J ENE CENTER ~j T Approved For ReleaseZO / 8 . A-RDP96-00788R001700340001-7 Approved For Relea E1 0REi RDP96-00788R001700340001-7 IAGPA-F-SD 12 July 1984 SUBJECT: CG, INSCOM Visit, 11 July 1984 (U) g. (U) COL Powers asked if the man who finished Stage 6 would now be going on to Stage 7. h. (U) The CG asked who we would get to operate the biomonitoring equipment? i. (S/CL2/NOFORN) The CG made the comment that for CENTER LANE to be really effective required a receptive user. j. (S/CL2/NOFORN) COL?Powers asked where we got our Remote Viewers from? 3. (S/CL3/NOFORN) The CG was very candid in his comments. Prior to the briefing he stated that ICLP was "plowing new ground." He was not sure, however, if INSCOM was the one who should be plowing that ground. The CG stated on several occasions that ICLP was producing good results. He also stated that people who had come in contact with the project spoke highly of the dedication and professionalism of the people assigned to the project and that the welfare of these people would be a primary consideration in any decision he made concerning the project. After the briefing the CC discussed the way personnel were assigned to the project, although there is no TDA for the project. He stated that he had no heartburn with task forcing as this was a valid management tool. He also spoke of the problem of using unfinanced requirements to fund the project. COL Kirk stated that this was no problem as the monies used by ICLP were only a drop in the barrel when compared to INSCOM'S overall budget and that funds had already been set aside for FY 85 for ICLP. Mr. Del Toro spoke strongly in favor of the project and suggested it be used by the US Army much more in the future. The CG stated that should ICLP be cleared for the GDIP, there was still no chance of getting a TDA approved for at least the next three years. 4. (S/CL2/NOFORN) After the briefing, the CG toured the CENTER LANE facilities and made several favorable comments. The CC stated that we would have his decision on the future of the project soon. LTC Buzby pushed for an early decision because the deadline was approaching for committing funds for new contracts. The CG agreed to have a decision by the end of the week. Gt~ b! l WILLIAM G. RA CPT, MI Approved For Release 200 R- 6H96-007888001700340001-7 4C 1