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November 4, 2016
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June 25, 1998
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May 26, 1983
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Approved For Release 2000/Ofl `1ACP96-00788 R001900070002-4 IAGPA-F-SD 26 May 1983 SUBJECT: CENTER LANE Interview Summary CL-1014/8304/01 (U) 1. (S/NOFORN) On 032100 May 1983, source #01 was interviewed by #66 concerning the events and personalities mentioned in a hand printed letter which had been received as unsolicited correspondence by the 2. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) For this interview source was shown the photograph of the intersection and was asked to focus his efforts on the events at the intersection 3. (U) A transcript of the interview was perpared including a narrative description of the drawings which source provided (see Incl 2). 4. (U) A DA Form 341 (Agent Report) was prepared for sponsor. This report related the salient points of the interview. Attached as an exhibit to the Agent Report was a copy of source's drawings (see Incl 3). 3 Incl as FREDERICK H ATWATER CPT, MI OPS/TNG Officer NOT Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : 6446t,46 =bb788R001900070002-4 SG1A Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900070002-4 Next 3 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900070002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 ? -40788R001900070002-4 #66: There's one event of interest. to me. #01: ...See a long black a...limousine. It's parked in a gravel area. There's three men, driver, two in the back. There's a truck with a cover or a cab type arrangement... .This is a military truck...and it's pulling in the gravel area. And there's a driver and a passenger ..... The a..truck..its passenger is.. goes to the limousine...and talks to one of the passengers of the limousine... and they come back to the rear of the truck...Then look at a. . .package. .they open the package and look at it.... The.. #66: Tell me about this package. #01: The impression of... .documents with ...a..cut away ..pictorial representation of. aircraft, a. black box..ideograms, diagrams.. a.. things that are like blueprints. Get an impression of--a.. #66: Tell me about the package. #01: Package is..a.. #66: You've told me about some sort of contents, but you said there's was a package. #01: Package is wrapped in a...cloth, it's oval in shape, a..circular, tubular, a...longated. Get a hardware impression of..some kind of some kind of a guidance nose or ..... nose cone or apparatus ...... I can't tell if it's really there or if it's... represented in the documents. Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CIA-R~P96-00788RO01900070002-4 "4'C. / Approved For Release 2000/08/08 - 11 0788 R001900070002-4 #66: All right. #01: But it's wrapped in canvas. Documents a cloth of bag or a...zipperbag.... Passenger of the truck and the car are. they go back to the car and. ..second passenger from the car is going-to the back of the truck...truck passenger and the-first passenger of the car are going with the driver of the car to a...a..some kind of a building,. that's a black glass doors and it's like-built like a bank, heavy, heavy type building, brick.. .And they're a..doing something with accounts or transferring money-filling out some kind of paper to transfer money ..... The a..second passenger in the car is looking at the package-while that's going on, is taking photos. #66: Describe this procedure to me. #01: He's a..spreading these things out on the bed of the truck and...taking photos, pages.. #66: Okay. Look through the items that he photographs and see if they're all the same type of items, or there are different items there. #01: ....Get an impression that I'm looking at different items,..different time ...I keep getting a very strong impression of the. like radars at one point, emitters and receivers... then another time I get impression of some kind of air to air defense system..And then I get an impression of a guidance system for a rocket, an air to air rocket.... These are-- #66: Okay, I don't quite understand, let's focus now on, taking pictures. Describe the items that he takes pictures of. SG1A window. There's a man standing and he '9 there's an activity happening #01: It's a.. .guidance system for some kind of rocket-- #66: Okay-- #01: --air to air rocket,..blueprints and-- Approved For F ie ase 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96= 888001900070002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 40 88R001900070002-4 #66: Okay. I want you to describe the physical things, not what's contained in them, but the physical things that he takes pictures of. #01: ..He's actually photographing a real rocket nose, it's like a section of the rocket. #66: Okay. Now in these, in these documents, he photographs a blueprint type thing, is there any other kinds of documents in there or any other objects that he photographs? #01: Ah..there's written pages,.. diagrams.. what appears to be some kind of maintenance type inventory sheets of some kind... primarily the other-they're schematics of the guidance system. #66: Okay. Now, I'd like to go back to something you said. You said that you had some impressions of different times? #01; ...Yes, like different... different materials. #66: Break this out. #01: They're not there now, but they're.... photographed too someway. . .sort of like it took two trips. #66: Okay. Tell me what happens after he finishes photographing these things. #01: ..He a...puts everything back in the box and the bag and.. .puts everything back the way it was..and he goes back to the car ...and waits for the others to come back...Then the a....others come back and they-talk at the car and.... the guy, the passenger of the truck, is like, he's given more money,...this time in cash.. .And he goes and then he gets in the truck and he..drives away. #66: Could you describe this truck to me again? #01: ..... It's like a fairly beat up military truck, it's gray, but it's got a...white top or a pattern in white, on the ceiling...and a dark gray almost... charcoal cover on the back. It's a military, a pickup truck. When it leaves, it goes.. through the gravel lot..and around the red brick building and..goes....ah..north....goes north. ',Approved For+l i se 2000/08/08: CIA-R DP96.O 88001900070002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/037 - ,_ 90788ROO1900070002-4 #66: All right. Now, you said in this pickup truck, there were two individuals, a driver and a passenger, tell me about the driver. #01: ..... An impression he's working for,..doing this is as a favor for money-for his friend. #66: Describe him physically to me. #01: ...Um...middle late twenties, probably twenty-seven..5' 6"..145 pounds,..military, he's military. #66: Break this out. #01: A..impression of a military uniform, some kind of work fatigues...his baseball cap is blue..some kind of white letter on the front ...He's a...a..immature in a way. #66: Break this out. #01: ...Ah... #66: Raw data? #01: ...Um...doesn't understand what's going on...doesn't care ...Ah..single, E5, E4, He's an E4..needs the money, just does this for money...It's just one more job to do..He's like a hustler.. .Ah. .get the impression he doesn't really know what's in the back of the truck....but the passenger does. #66: The driver, describe his place at work. #01: ....See a row of like..a six dorm type buildings... wait a minute, that's overlay...Ah...see's like bins, some kind of storage bins, tables with tools.. .large building like an aircraft hanger.. .lots of tools and cages, wire #66: Now, you said, in the pickup there was a passenger. Starting with the incident, tell me about the passenger. Tell me about this passenger. #01: Um..impression he is also military, but of a..higher grade, like a E7, E8...He's friends with the younger man. He's a..36, 35...5' 7", 5' 8", 165 pounds, Approved, For.. ase 2000/08/08 : A-R6P96, 17788ROO1900070002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/OS!,T C QeIp788R001900070002-4 brown, kind of curly hair ....... Get a...get an impression of school buildings when I think of him. Keep seeing classrooms... #66: Okay. I want you to stick to him, rather than other locations. Tell me about him personality wise, the passenger in the truck. #01: ..Um..he's is in trouble, trouble with the money... #66: Break this out. #01: ....An impression of divorce or something like that, heavy alimony or child support. Spends too much money, owes bills..Get a trapped feeling, as well, like he can't quit... .Trying to make it to third year,..third year for...time to quit. #66: Break this third year concept out. #01: ...I don't understand that, just get to make to third year, end of tour or end of service. #66: All right. Now tell me about his place of work. #01: ........ Get like a long, zig-zag white building, two floors, and classrooms. It's inside a double fence, white, I think white mason block. See a..fairly photographic type projections... on a wall.... cellophane like projections sheets. #66: Okay. This passenger in the "trap", describe his activity in this work place. Describe what he does in his work day. #01: ...Um..does a..controls text books and things. #66: Describe controls text books and things. #01: See him putting-getting copies of books and putting numbers on the.. covers.. and inventory and counting books, booklets and folded out sheets... maintaining instructional material... Checks new sheets..a.. .takes care of mock ups, prototype models, miniaturize things ....... Works inside a vault area ........ #66: All right. Concentrate on this individual and tell me how I can best identify him, how I can best find him. Approved For'Flease 2000/08/08: CIA-R7P96-007888001900070002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA- R~n;01900070002-4 SG1A SG1A #01: Just a minute ............ .....I think that...find a connection between ....this a..audiovisual support area, the school-and someone in the..aircraft area...There's a personal type connection... provide a..." type object or a prototype..monitor it DUMM'4 #66: All right. I'd like you to take a moment now to explore beyond confines of my questions. Explore the photograph I've shown you in explore. #01: ...............the a..gravel areas, been a..used on numerous occasions and the a.. #66: Describe used. #01: Meetings there many times, different cars, vehicles.. surveillance should be established, I think. ....... Just a minute, I'm looking for a time frame. ........ First week of August, first 10 days of August.... #66: In terms of surveillance during August '83? #01: That's correct .... A..midmorning hours apparently are... appropriate time period ...... Early evening and midmorning hours..seem to be the general times... #66: All right. #01: .....Check bank accounts on people in the... audiovisual support the school...Some kind of air defense school, air to air defense... where they teach pilots how to... use their early warning systems on their aircraft.... That's all I get. #66: Okay. I'd like you now to draw those areas that you've described. Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CIA-RDP96-007&8 01900070002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CAL&-jjQVAfiQWR001900070002-4 #01: Page #1 is an overhead view of the work area of the driver of the military truck and I didn't, I guess didn't say it in the session but it appears to be like the corner of a, inside of a maintenance area of an aircraft hanger. I'm going to put maintenance area with a question mark on it. And it's got all these caged areas with storage bins and work tables and everything. Very distinct impression of yellow stripes on concrete inside. #66: Okay, before we move away from that drawing. Just thinking now about that drawing and this guy that's the driver in the work area, is there anything more that you want to add about him, how you might characterize that individual? If you were talking about him, not that you perceived him during a session, but it was the kind of a guy that you met on the street, what might you say about that guy? #01: Oh a guy that's easily led around and doesn't know what's going on around him most of the time and is very immature, big interest in money, what money buys that sort of thing. Has no loyalties. Always getting into some minor trouble. You know, showing up late for work, showing up drunk, you know, never seems to do anything right, that kind of guy. #66: Oke-doke. #01: Page #2 is an example of a zig-zag building, the school type building, that this guy works in. #66: Which guy is that? #01: The passenger of the military truck. #66: Hm-hm. #01: It's inside a double wire fence and there's a guard entry. There's a whole lot of school buildings in the area, but this one specifically is inside a double fence. It's, I got the direction of a brick dorm building type area on here. And I get this great feeling of audiovisual support or a place where store training mockups and documents and tech manuals and he works in the vault where they store Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-R?P96-0078$2901900070002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-007888001900070002-4 all this stuff and controls the incoming and outgoing supplies, manuals for classes and whatnot. It's a white building and it's made out of masonry block. It's got windows that got triple panes of glass in them. #66: Okay, before you leave this drawing, if you had met this guy on the street and talked to him a while, what would you say about him, if someone asked you about this guy, this passenger? #01: ..Quiet, keeps to himself, very interested in getting some kind of nestegg together or putting together a block of money so that he can go and do what he wants to do, under a lot of stress right right now, lot of pressure, from money problems. Psychologically he 's got a problem. I don't know, I guess that's it, really. #66: Okay. #01: Page #3 is an example of the position of the vehicles in the gravel area. The direction the truck came in and left. I labeled all the passengers by numbers and wrote down who's who in the glossary here at the bottom. And I get a feeling like this is a kind of a routine meeting place, you know, like they have met there before. Maybe not all the time, because of, you know, it's just more convenient to meet somewhere else, but it seems like this is where they meet on occasion. I get a feeling like the truck, the military truck, is usually the same. That the limousine changes color and whatnot. You know, it's not the same limo or it's not a limo sometimes, sometimes it's a, I don't know, a station wagon and sometimes it's something else. There's always three guys in the limo. #66: Okay. We didn't cover it in the session but is any characterization that you'd give to these three guys in limo? #01: Yeah, I think the driver's a professional driver. that's what he does for a living and he's paid to do that. He's paid to do other things that drivers do. The key passenger in the limo is the number 2 guy, who does all the first cut inspections of whatever they're purchasing. And the number guy, his identity changes quite often, you know, he's a different person a lot of times. It's like he's the Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900070002-4 2 Approved For Release 2000/08/Vj"VTIjj -00788R001 900070002-4 qualitative expert in certain areas, that they bring along to verify whatever it is that they're buying, that kind of impression. #66: Okay. Anything else you have to add then? #01: No, that's all. #66: Okay, fine. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : R001900070002-4 3 Approved For Relee 2000/08/08 : C %JI r P. c.~ O Q c Q Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : C`RDP' Approved For Release 2000/ Y V T3 a -to ~l7 //IV V~N Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CIA:I DP9610&788R001900070002-4 Approved For Release 2000/O~d' 00788R0019c074 f 4? l Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA=R6=0p7 R001900070002-4 Approved For Releas300/08/ P96-00788R001 9W0002-4 AGENT REPORT For use of this form, see FM 30-17(C); AR 381-20; the proponent agency Is the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence. 1. NAME OF SUBJECT OR TITLE OF INCIDENT 2. DATE SUBMITTED. 3. CONTROL SYMBOL OR FILE NUMBER UNSOLICITED LETTER CL-1014/8304/Ol 4. REPORT OF FINDINGS Source CL-01 was interviewed concerning SGIA A "long black limousine" (not further identified) was parked in a gravel area. There were three men, a driver (A) " A gray and two passengers (B and C), in this "limousine. pick-up truck, possibly military, with a white or patterned top and a dark gray cover over the back, arrived and parked near the "limousine" (see drawing 3). In this truck were a driver (D) and a passenger (E). E went to the "limousine" and talked briefly with B and C. B and E walked to the rear of the truck and inspected a wrapped package. This package contained a variety of documents pertaining to an air defense system which included subject matter relating to a guidance or nose cone apparatus (not further identified), a cut away pictorial representation of "black box" items (not further identified) in an aircraft (not further identified), information on air to air rockets (not further identified), schematics of a guidance system (not further identified), written information and diagrams (not further identified), a maintenance type log (not further identified), inventory sheets (not further identified), information on radar emitters and receivers (not further identified), blueprints (not further identified), and possibly photographs (not further identified). B and E then went into a brick building which had black glass doors (not further identified) to exchange money while C photographed the contents of the package in the back of the truck. C rewrapped the materials and returned to the "limousine." B. and E returned getting into their respective vehicles and the truck left. Source provided no further information on the actions of the ".limousine." WARNING NOTICE: SENSITIVE CLASSIFIED BY: MSG, DA MI- ISH INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND DTG: 051630ZJUL78 METHODS INVOLVED DECL: Originating Agency's NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN Determination Required NATIONALS (continued) S. TYPED NAME AND ORGANIZATION OF SPECIAL AGENT 6. SIGNATURE OF SPECIAL AGENT DA FORM 0% A *u.S. oovernment Printing office: 1982-361.846/8228 1 APR 52 0111 &L REPLACES WD AGO FORM 341, 1 JUN 47, WHICH MAY BE USED. Ap roved For Release 2000/08hQ@m:^ 96-007888001900070002-4 Approved For Relea O00/08/0 788R0019W70002-4 AGENT REPORT For use of this form, see FM 30-17(C); AR 381-20; the proponent agency Is the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence. 1. NAME OF SUBJECT OR TITLE OF INCIDENT 2. DATE SUBMITTED 3, CONTROL SYMBOL OR FILE NUMBER UNSOLICITED LETTER CL-1014/8304/01 4. REPORT OF FINDINGS Source described the driver of the truck (D above) as follows: 20 to 27 years of age 145 pounds Single Immature; often in trouble, often late-to work Had close personal relationship with E above Was enlisted military E-4 (not further identified) Wore a uniform (not further identified) and blue cap with white letter(s) (not further identified) Worked in the corner of a large "hanger like" building (see drawing 1). This building contained: storage bins (not further identified) tables with tools (not further identified) wire cages (not further identified) parts (not further identified) Areas in this building were divided by yellow lines painted on concrete floor (not further identified) Source described the passenger of the truck (E above) as follows: 35 years of age 5'7" tall 165 pounds Brown "kind of curly hair" Enlisted military E-7/E-8 (not further identified) Was quiet, kept to himself Was in financial difficulty Had possibly three. years to PCS/ETS Had a close personal relationship with D above Worked in a vault area which supported classroom instruction. This area was inside a long "zig-zag" building which was a fenced area (see. drawing 2). Controlled textbooks, mock-ups and "audio-visual items." (continued) 3. TYPED NAME AND ORGANIZATION OF SPECIAL AGENT 6. SIGNATURE OF SPECIAL AGENT FORM Me) *U.S. Government Printing office: 1882-361-846p228 ? A I APR A! REPLACES WD AGO FORM 341, 1 JUN 47, WHICH MAY BE USED. ~Lp For Release 2000/08/ 6-00788RO01900070002-4 Approved For Releasug000/08/Ot IA P96-00788ROO19d11 70002-4 AGENT REPORT For use of this form, see FM 30-17(C); AR 381-20; the Proponent agency Is the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for intelligence. 1. NAME OF SUBJECT OR TITLE Of INCIDENT 2. DATE SUBMITTED. 3. CONTROL SYMBOL OR FILE NUMBER UNSOLICITED LETTER CL-1014/8304/01 4. REPORT OF FINDINGS Source provided no information concerning the passengers of the "limousine." Source stated the best way to locate these two individuals was to find a personal connection between these individuals (D and E) at the vaulted "audio-visual support area" and the ".hanger type area." Source believed another document exchange (not further identified) may take place between 1 and 10 August 1983, most probably during the mid morning or early evening hours. Further attempts to obtain information from Source relevant to the letter met with negative results. Attached hereto as EXHIBIT I are drawings provided by Source. SGIA 5. TYPED NAME AND ORGANIZATION OF SPECIAL AGENT 6. SIGNATURE OF SPECIAL AGENT DA FORM *U.S. 0% A Government Printing Office: 1882-3S1.S46A228 REPLACES WD AGO FORM 341, 1 JUN 47, WHICH MAY BE USED. ' A`RAsp v For Release 2000/08/08 : - 9 p 788R001900070002-4 ~, r f 11 7' Approved For Release 20(EiuP96-00788 R001900070002-4 US ARMY INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY COMMAND EXHIBIT COVER SHEET SUBJECT: FILE NUMBER: CL-1014/8304/01 PREPARING UNIT: AGENT REPORT DATED: DESCRIPTION: Drawings NOTk~E'? 10 0? 4G TIONALaS Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-REM- If88RQ 1900070002-4 IA Label 1 (1 Jan 78) d Approved For Rele. 2000/08/08 : Cl Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CfA;RDP- &788 R001900070002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900070002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 '00788R001900070002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900070002-4 VE7C OF LI M10 (tLS0 Goes 4 3 pcs5WcC Otn ~ Ft P'-ST t~s Kcc~ o~ tae . ~, 6a~s -0 6~. L i I(-C- 6+~9 L e hss c- [ w--S Pik iUS PA.1 t"$~. ~=C . i kT" Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900070002-4