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November 4, 2016
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April 12, 2000
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June 10, 1983
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Approved For Release 00 I E CIA-RDP96-00788RO01 900200001 -0 NOT RELJ SABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS IAGPA-F-SD 10 June 1983 SUBJECT: CENTER LANE Interview Summary - CL-1021/8305/08 (U) 1. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) On 090900 June 1983, Source #08 was interviewed by #66 concerning the activities within an unidentified structure. The project 8305 sponsor had provided a photograph of the structure (see Incl 1). 2. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) For this interview source was shown the photograph provided by the sponsor. Source was asked to focus his attention on the structure in the photograph and describe the activities in the interior area. No further identifying information was provided to source as the collection plan called for the use of this information as "feedback" and cuing material for possible subsequent interviews. 3. (U) A transcript of the interview was prepared including a narrative explanation of the drawings which source provided (see Incl 2). 4. (U) A DA Form 341 (Agent Report) was prepared for the sponsor. This report related the salient points of the interview. Attached as an exhibit to the Agent Report was a copy of source's drawings (see Incl 3). 3 Incl as FREDERICK H. ATWATER CPT, MI OPS/TNG Officer CLASSIFIED BY: Cdr, INSCOM DECL: OADR CENTER LANE SECRET Approved For Relea Z 9 e26 88 R001900200001-0 SG1 B Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01 900200001 -0 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01 900200001 -0 Approved For Release 2000/0P 96-00788 R001900200001-0 #66: This will be a CENTER LANE Interview for 0900 hours 8 (9) June 1983. Relax and concentrate now. Focus your attention on the building in the photograph I've shown you. Focus today 8 (9) June 1983, and describe the activity inside the building to me. #08: The activity is a....being done by a...workers in white coveralls. The activity....involves..a great deal of...assembly through, through electrical welding. The a.. #66: Simply describe your perceptions of activity you perceive. #08: ..A great deal of a. of a ..... of a number of stations within the building involved with welding.... very shiny metal.....and once assembled the.. metal takes on the shape of a..fuselage or something. #66: Rather than labeling the shape, describe the shape. #08: ...A rounded nose cone..highly....polished...-- #66: Describe the-- #08: --Thin #66: Describe the shape and size. #08: Okay. I can tell you what it is not. There's nothing flat about the end product, everything is rounded, rounded. #66: In this roundness, describe the relative size. ..Perhaps comparative in size-- #08: Yes, hang on (mumble)-- #66: --to these people in white. #08: That's what I'm doing. #66: All right. I will wait. NOT XEASABLE TI FOREIGN NATION S CENTEkrvAr Release 2000/08/0 0788R001900200001-0 Approved For Release 20ORMST DP96-00788R001900200001-0 #08: .......... 8, 9 feet in diameter ..... I have a hard time getting the length. #66: Okay, describe the process-- #08: --About 7 or 8 times the length of a man in length. #66: Um, um. #08: Okay, go ahead. #66: Now, describe this process which you have going on in this building. #08: Again, the process is one of assembly of these...of these sections together. And the idea of a..and the impression, the picture of a.. sophisticated welding of this...highly polished thin material is predominant. .....It's the assembly point of the vehicle, I can not tell you anymore. #66: Okay, the-building that I've displayed in the photograph-- #08: Yes. #66: --is very large. #08: Yes. #66: In looking at this as though it were a dollhouse perceptive-- #08: Yes. #66: Kind of walk me through from one side to the other. #08: Yes. .......The a...There are divisions in the building but they're theoretical, they're the size of a...of a....divided into stalls the size of small garages without.. without the walls separating one section to the next. There would be, oh my god,..Gees.... let's just say an extensive number, cause I can't count them all. #66: Okay. Go on. #08: Counting may be..22, 24 plus stalls...and each one is equipped like an independent work shop... They lPtrcscor Release 2000/08/08 : P r00788R001900200001-0 Approved For Release 2000/0 DP96-00788RO01 900200001 -0 are-columns of the...that protrude ever so slightly in front of the wall and these are the divisions of these garage stalls, garage stalls. #66: Describe what goes on in the stall areas. #08: .............These stall areas have about 4 or 5 persons... again in...white coveralls and white hats, hard hats and again the...purpose of the stall is to work on...the assembly portion of...whatever the hell that is. and the impression of a...welding, particularly electric welding is predominant. #66: Okay, now that you are perceiving a singular stall in a confined area, describe the size of the object on which they're working-and the shape. #08: ....It is very important to realize that the metal is not flat, that the entire process is on contoured sheets of metal. ...... Aneach stall, that particular stall, and each stall is responsible for the assembly of that portion that belongs to a...the assembly...of this contoured, sheeted material. They're ...... That's about the best I can do for you. #66: All right. Let's see if I understand. In these individual stalls workmen are charged with manufacturing or working on a particular piece of metal which may be a section to something here.? #08: Yes, for assembly,..for assembly in the center of this building. #66: Okay. Now, I'd like to move then, you suggested that there's another area here besides the division of the stall area? c ove Release 2000/08ADL: P96-00788 R001900200001-0 #08: No, the a...the vehicle or vehicles or portions of vehicle are.. assembled.. eventually to the center of the building. #66: Okay. #08: The individual contoured material is worked at from the bench, so to speak, which are the stalls and then ..... part-in the center of the building and the end result is...a curved, a hollow... rounded tube of highly polished material. It's...not finished in there, the assembly is not completed in there. Approved For Release 2000 96-00788 R001900200001-0 #66: Okay. Let me see if I can, if I accurately understand what you've said here. #08: Go ahead. #66: You have initially described something that is very round and is perhaps in diameter larger than a man-- #08: --That was the impression at the time. #66: --And in length-- #08: --That was the overall product-after assembly. It' may not be germane to the specific time frame. #66: Okay. At one point you did talk about these round shapes. #08: Yes. #66: Okay. Then we moved into an area that you described as stalls. #08: Yes. #66: And in these stalls, some sort of electrical welding, some sort of manufacture of some pieces of something. #08: Yes. #66: And these are shiny metal. #08; Yes. #66: Or polished metal? #08: Yes. #66: Now, there is a...Under the building structure, within the building structure, there's an area different from the stall area where some pieces of something are put into some other form? #08: Say that again. #66: Okay. The building itself has a stall area-- Release 2000/ & RDP96-00788ROO1900200001-0 NTER't*NE' 0 NT MIAU Approved For Release 200 0/0 ' - DP96-00788 R001900200001-0 #08: Yes. #66: --inside the building there's something different than the stall area, there's a different area, the whole thing is not just stalls. Is that correct? #08: No. #66: Part of the inside has stalls and part does not? #08: No, the part I'm in is very shiny, very lighted, it's very difficult to see in the other end of the building, but when you asked me how or what was in there, I just said there were about 24 stalls of the same size. ...This is entire activity, is very scientifically oriented. #66: What's the perception that makes you say this? #08: The metal involved, the care with which it's done, the..very clean conditions under which this is carried out, this is not activity that's associated with grease or mechanics, this is...this is something that has to do with aerodynamics with....I can't describe it any better. #66: Okay. Now these pieces of something are moved out of the stalls. #08: Yes. #66: And they go where? #08: In the middle, center. #66: of this building? #08: Yes. #66: And what happens to them then? #08: They're assembled. And the assembly is only a portion of the end product. #66: Okay, describe the shape of this thing when they're assembled in the center of the building. Describe this thing to me, this assembly to me. #08: ..... I think I have already, but I'll try it again. ....It's tubular... again the roundness..and the high Release 2000/0 ) '1d#A1RDP96-00788 R001900200001-0 5 Approved For Release 20~,$.DP96-00788R001900200001-0 gloss of the metal is present...and the finished portion in terms of the-responsibility of the stall is...a portion....a portion of what the end product will be. Perhaps I can explain that later. #66: Yes, I think drawing it will be helpful. I want you to remember in your mind now this concept you have of the layout of the building so that you can draw it for me. #08: Sure. #66: Okay, do you have anything further? #08: Are we done? #66: Yes, just remind you that you said, "Polished-- #08: Yes. #66: --Electrical welding-- #08: Yes. #66: --I believe you said a clean atmosphere as opposed to a mechanics atmosphere? #08: Yes, that's very important, the end product involved, the-destined for aerodynamic purposes. #66: Okay. #08: Probably flight. #66: Okay, Anything else? #08: No. #66: Okay that's fine. d For Release 2000/08/68-"ClA-RDP96-00788 R001900200001-0 Approved For Release 2000/ DRAWING EXPLANATION 6-00788RO01 900200001 -0 #08: Okay, sketch #1 which is the overview of the long building in question. Okay, what I perceive there was, were very clean work areas divided almost theoretically by pillars with a..with stalls along through the entire building which appeared to me to be very huge when I looked at the width of one individual stall, to give me an idea of perspective and length, I came up with about a stall width that was about 22 feet wide, really 16 to 22 feet wide. And that just seemed impossible, but that's what it came out to be. The a..also very, very important impressions at the beginning, which I'll will elaborate on in sketch #2 was one of overhanging welding equipment with workers dressed in white coveralls and white hard hats and whose responsibility was to work and weld these metal plates, which were not really plates, they're all contoured, again that seemed very important, in terms of impressions that the plates were never really flat at the entire activity, surrounded the fact that these plates were contoured like a huge pipe. There was nothing flat about anything involved here. Also an initial impression, even before I started the session, was one of a huge nose cone which seemed to be a principle part of the assembly of this, this...this activity that resulted in the weldings of portions of this thing into this nose cone. So much for sketch #1 about the overview. #08: Sketch #2 is a result of impressions as to try and figure out what the actual object was and the impressions I had was that it had something to do with aerodynamics, that it was extremely important, aero dynamics was very, very important. That the metal in question was thin, but very tough and very shiny, in that the welding had to be very, very accurate and somewhat sophisticated so as not to leave and bumps or anything, that this had to be very smooth. Tried to get an idea of the size of the objects that ended up as being big cylinders and I got the impression, trying to measure the length of a person, they were about 8 feet in diameter. And when I tried to measure the length, I got lost, but it was about 7 or 8 times, 7 times G r RptAter Release 20 RDP96-00788 R001900200001-0 Approved For Release 2000/00 li -00788 R001900200001-0 the length of a man, which doesn't make sense. But that turned out to be about 42 feet. But that is an impression of an assembly after completion or melding of parts. And I'm not too sure if this involves the entire vehicle in question, or the entire object in question. #66: And does this final assembly take place in this building? #08: I didn't think so, because what I were a series of, of a, of assembly of parts that were hanging on these overhead cranes, if you wish, with supporting wire guides. This was the completion of that portion of the activity for which this particular building was responsible for doing. That's the best was I can describe it. #66: Okay. That description seems to say things hanging from center part of building you saw chains that were components or parts-- #08: They were guides, not chains. #66: Oh, I see, guide. #08: It's all right. But as opposed to links, these were straight cables. #66: Oh, cable type as opposed to chains? #08: Yeah, yes. #66: Okay, but they were suspended from-- #08: Yes, eventually they hold the assembled-- #66: --But as to a final assembled product, you didn't necessarily see one? #08: No, I didn't see it there. Maybe that comes at a later phase, I don't know, that would take something else to find that out. #66: Okay, so-- #08: But this is not the end product. It is the end product as to the purpose of the assembly plant, so to speak, but that is not the end product of (mumble) object. r c r Release 2000/O8 -CAA; P96-00788 R001900200001-0 p H 1) Approved For Release 26 &MG RE T P96-00788RO01900200001-0 #66: So, do I understand that sketch #2 may be more in the realm of a concept drawing? #08: Absolutely, because when you see these portions and however big they, even when you're talking 8 feet in diameter, what I was trying to get at, was an idea of what the overall purpose would be later on, or what it would look like later on. And I really got lost because this thing I came up with which I sketched with dotted lines at the bottom of the page, the diameter was no problem, but the length was just fantastic in terms of footage, 42 feet. #66: Okay. #08: I had a very tough time coming up with that, because I got lost in the length of the thing, so I said, how many times can I put the body in there to come to an equivalent length of the object. #66: Okay. #08: That's where the 42 feet came in. #66: But it would be safe for me to assume that in a portion of this building, there are hanging on cables are-- #08: --In the center. #66: --are, in the center, are these rounded metal welded things. #08: Yes, yes. And I don't know why the nose cone is in there, but that was an initial impression, I think it belongs there. #66: Okay. Do have anything else to add? #08: No, no nothing. #66: Okay, fine. Release 2000/08)d8-`C1A1400788R001900200001-0 3 Appr D u a L D D Ell 3 0 94 App'ove or a ease : 1 0788R001900200001-0 Appraved For Release 2000/08/08.1: X96-00788RO01900200001-0 I a Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CCl 788R001900200001-0 _rs. Approved For Releffb 2000/ For use of this form, sea FM 30-17(C); AR 38 UNIDENTIFIED BUILDING rL--1021/8305/08 On 9 June 1983, Source CL--08 was interviewed concerning the activities within an unidentified structure. Source stated substantially as follows: The building or portion of the building described by Source consisted of a well lit assembly area with overhead cranes. This assembly area was centered between perhaps 22 to 24 individual stalls or work shops the size of small garages (see drawing 1). In the individual stalls 4 or 5 workers (not further identified), dressed in white coveralls and white hard hats, assembled/made components or pieces of a vehicle (not further identified). These pieces were made with great care using overhanging electrical welding equipment. The separate pieces were contoured metal plates/sheets which Source described as being rounded, thin, very tough, very shiny.and polished. The welding of this highly polished thin material was sophisticated so as to insure the end product was very smooth. These components or pieces were then put together in the center assembly area to make "portions" of a vehicle (not further identified). In the center area there were assemblies of polished metal sheets hanging from cables. These "parts" were the end product produced in this building or portion of this building. The final assembly of a vehicle (not further identified) did not take place here. Source was unable to report information pertaining to the final application or use of the contoured metal plates. He did, however, report that because of their roundness they may WARNING NOTICE: SENSITIVE CLASSIFIED BY: CDR, INSCOM INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND DECL: OADR METHODS INVOLVED NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS (continued) DP96-007 001900200001-0 AGENT REPORT 0; the proponent oysnsy is the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence. D A, 04941 FoPLReke 0&O/O81q I r itP96-00788f3Ci1"9'0"0 'Qtly`-O9?Z-34,.44."::. Approved For Relelft 200 P96-007001 900200001-0 For use of this form. see FM 30-17(C); AR 381-20; the proponent agency is the office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intaliigenca. UNIDENTIFIED BUILDING have something to do with an aerodynamic purpose. Source provided a concept sketch (see drawing 2) of how a final product might look. Source was very unsure about this concept sketch. No further amplifying information concerning unidentified structure was obtained from Source during this interview. Attached hereto as EXHIBIT I are drawings provided by Source. DP96-00788R001900200001-0 )S ARMY ;E AND SECURITY COMMAND EXHIBIT SUBJECT: COVER S141,114, FILE NUMBER.- CL-1021/8305/08 PREPARING UNIT: AGENT REPORT TE : DESCRIPTION: Drawing 1 NOT R iEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS REGI ADEI UNCLASSIFIED Approved For Release 2000/08/08: Cl 6-00788R0019 ?0D FROM SIfCLOSURES 1 I Appr eIl- t=elease 2QOO/ 18 q 13 Approved For Release 20 C It Z. &Z , Approved For Release 2000/08/0 96-00788RO01 900200001 -0 I ~- I i I a 9N 4