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November 4, 2016
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June 25, 1998
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August 31, 1983
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Approved For Release 2000/08/08: GOIT-4E4900250001-5 IAGPA-F-SD 31 August 1983 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD SUBJECT: CENTER LANE Interview Summary - HU-1034/8306/08 (U) 1. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) On 250930 August 1983, source #08 was interviewed concerning a building unidentified to him. The project 8306 sponsor had provided geographic coordinates of the compound in which the building was located, photographs of the compound, and a map (see Incl 1). 2. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) For this interview source was provided the coordinates of the compound. The photograph of the compound was shown to the source after the interview as "feedback." The specific identity of the site has not been revealed to source. Source will be retargeted against this site. 3. (U) A transcript of the interview was prepared (see Incl 2). 4. (U) A DA Form 341 (Agent Report) was not prepared for the sponsor as source did not report information relevant to the sponsor's requirement. 2 Incl FREDERICK H. ATWATER as CPT, MI OPS/TNG Officer WARNING NOTICE ! !:PECIAL ACCESS PRCGRAM DISSMIVCION TO INOSE WITH VEVOIED ACCj:S3 CATEGORY 61i r--- , 71 i, ? ki rkti 0 h. '. i\TOT RFLEA.SAP,T,T1 TO rnITETrI\T rITTC71k1, Approved For Release 2000/08/08 3EcRE11T'01900250001-5 CLASSIFIED BY: CDR, INSCOM DECL: OADR It!,1',;-:?.;:NCI NOT k';E: SENSMVE l'?.;TELL!(.,i.,:CE SOURCES &NEI METHODS !NvoLygcl...----- SG1A Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900250001-5 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900250001-5 ??,_ Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA- D0,46 - 0 88R001900250001-5 TRANSCRIPT #66: This will be a CENTER LANE Interview for 0930 hours 25 August 1983. Relax and concentrate now. Relax and focus your attention in present time at, SG1A and describe your perceptions to me. #08: There's immediate impression of a... a...a center just is barely above ground. About a... one quarter above the ground, the three quarters into the ground, in cement encasement. #66: Go on. #08: It's's in's in a front of a building that has a...four stories high and with, with, with a..additions, wings about a..two stories high, on both sides of the building. ...It's a..the ring from the..higher perspective placed in shaped areal...either roads or..just hard dirt..around the oval shaped area. #66: Okay. I'm interested in moving northwest, 250 meters. #08: There's something there about a..stairs...stairs a...stairs and a... cement stairs..a..with a... very acute, sharp ...very acute sharp angle rising high quickly into a..a...rectangular, kind of small, ....building,.. almost perfectly square. #66: All right. Orient yourself on the roof of this building so that we might look around and tell me when your ready. #08: All ready. #66: Okay. From the roof of this building, looking directly north, level, looking straight north, describe. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : 'T-RDurr 001900250001-5 : Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIVR0091840t88R001900250001-5 #08: There's a green rising buff there's a...assemblage of a ..trees and beyond that is a... it's weird, it keeps popping in and out. #66: All right, that's fine. I don't want you to lose the square building that you have. #08: Oh, okay, because this is another building beyond that. #66: Yes. Okay, you have faced north and found green rising buff and trees. Yes. Now, face directly south and describe. #08: #66: #08: ....There's a sloping decent, the ground slopes coming down in that direction. #66: Um. #08: There's more a..the spacious expanse. #66: 50 to 100 meters now. #08: Yeah. ah....ah...south a..south, southeast there's a...a one a oh, a one story low level..building,..very odd because it's's just a very...low off the ground, one story, I guess. Directly a and to the right of that is..some kind of....high telephone pole or something. #66: All right. #08: And to the right that, or directly in front of me is...a great deal of space there, I....see space all the way to a fence or something. #66: All right. I don't want you to lose the square building. #08: The one I'm on? #66: Yes. #08: Okay. #66: Okay. Now, let's move inside the square building and describe. Square building is site. Move inside the site and describe. Approved For Release 2000/08/0 R001900250001-5 15 Approved For Release 2000/08/081s.dik- 00f88R001900250001-5 #08: Okay. There's a..a strange feeling of a...of the air passing through that building as if there were no windows. I can't see too well but I can give you some feelings, there's a feeling of that is not..., that is used but...not,...does not have a...continuing of presence or great presence of the people in there, as if this were...or this is a... thing that.. is run on automation, it automated, it's mechanical, it's #66: All right. I want to give you some guidance and then I want to let you explore this square building. #08: Go ahead. #66: Okay, I'm interested in you determining personnel, activities and equipment inside this square building. #08: Well the-- #66: So, you need to spend some time-- #08: Yeah, the a-- #66: --searching through the building without being interrupted by me. #08: Yeah, well I can tell you what the activity is and that's one of a.. a...controlled automation, the equipment of a switchboard without the operator. ..That's the activity. ...Ah, ...there's a, ..there's maintenance a..personnel for the equipment. There's operational personnel for the guidance of...actually operating equipment. Normally two or three personnel are present. #66: Okay. #08: Except, certainly never more than four. #66: All right. Scan the entire building to ensure that you haven't locked into one area of the building. #08: I've come in the top part of the building. #66: Okay, let's take a look at the whole building. Approved For Release 2000/08/0rr , 788R001900250001-5 : Approved For Release 200 0250001-5 #08: the a..first a floor is a..a...spare parts equipment, racks of. .replacement gear,...all neatly shelved a. .shoot. The electronic gear....and electronic equipment storage gear and... everything ready for a contingency that's replacement of parts, and or portions of part. #66: Okay. #08: I only see two stories. #66: All right. If I understand right, we have a approximately two stories, square looking structure-- #08: Yeah. #66: --that has very few personnel and automated activity on the upper floor and parts on the lower floor. #08: All right. Now from this activity, I want you to move directly south to the area of the tall pole or telephone like pole or something like that, that you found. #08: Yeah. #66: All right. Now describe your surroundings to me. #08: The building we saw earlier is to the left. In front of me is, directly in front of me, is a..grass, again, the slope is downwards, a road and grass, and then a fence. the right it's even a...right of the pole,..directly east of the pole is an absence of anything there. Then it picks up..about a...east, northeast, a to the immediate right of that is something. Okay, you want me to go north or-- #66: Okay. Within 100 meters of this pole like thing, this thing sticking up in the air, within a 100 meters, there's something of intelligence interest. #08: Yeah, it's a circle, it's a small circle,..looks like a well, ..but it's not. #66: Explore. #08: It's got a white rock of base foundation. The, Approved For Release 2000/0R 001900250001-5 Approved For Release 2000)08/08 : aPr 1900250001-5 the, the a...then on top where the white rock base foundation is...the diameter of the circle is...a yard and a half or less. I can't get much more out of that, train. #66: Okay. Tell me about the area below the circle, you said it looked like well? #08: No, that, that thing from the pole looks like a well. ....It's immediately east of the pole. #66: Okay. #08: Maybe....35, 40 yards to 30 yards. #66: Okay. #08: What I am seeing is geometrical patterns, (mumble) geometrical patterns. #66: Okay. Now from this thing that sticks up in the air, go south again, more south than this and describe. #08: #66: ..From the pole, go south? Yes. Continue south passed the thing sticking in the air, continue south and describe. #08: The a..first impression I get there is a..a high circular, ah shit, tower over trees. #66: Okay. Now, this high circular tower, go to the top of it and look back towards your pole. #08: All right. #66: Now see if you're attracted to something in the neighborhood of the pole, interest of intelligence. #08: ...Yes, to the right of the pole. I don't know why I keep getting these impressions that this is all close to the ground, very close to the ground, it's a rectangular formation that's taking shape, it's all very close to the ground. #66: That's correct. Continue. Just relax, just relax and let it come, relax. op.,z Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RD 961.0Z R001900250001-5 ir it. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : bh-b g60o7oRu01900250001-5 #08: The a...constructed area is about... 20, 22 feet wide and 30 to 35 feet maybe long. ....The impression of closeness to the ground is still there. I don't a.... #66: #08: #66: Allow yourself to move beyond this impression. Say again. Allow yourself to move beyond this impression of closeness to the ground. #08: Yes, I've already done. The a..eastern part of that building beyond the wall a goes down beyond the a...beyond the a...ground. #66: Follow it down. #08: Okay, standing right in front of it, the, of that wall, that particular wall, are you following me? The left, left portion of the embankment tapers down and the right portion of the embankment is just one, one huge wall,..very sharp. ....The entrance to this and the drive and entrance to this thing is from the tapered, tapered a side of the a..wall, okay. That is in fact the, the entrance, the main entrance to the building. Do you want to do anything else? #66: Go on down this entrance. #08: Okay, ah...a lot more to it in this building, there's a about 10 to 15 personnel Um, in this building. It has a...although it has a.., it's, it's a, it's main function is administrative, it's related to..a technical direction, and your tech people coming in and out of there, but the administration provides the overall guidance. #66: Okay, describe the area to me, describe the environment, the work environment. #08: A couple of partitioned offices, open space, a..of plans, plans, blueprint types. A quick impression of a two supervisors, eight to a, about 8, maybe 10,...10,...10 other..administrative types, but divided different spheres and..of interest in areas of responsibility, which the two overseers manage. Approved For Release 2000/ 001900250001-5 n r-- ? Approved For Release 2000/08108 clAW,DI9t-Ca78 R001900250001-5 #66: Okay, check to see that you're exploring the entire immediate structure and I'm interested, of course, in what their basic activity is and perhaps by looking around the entire structure we can discover activities and personnel and equipment which tell this. #08: ....Reference to a plans, a...this is not research, this is practical application..of equipment,..plans and stuff for mere reference..material to a..used to pinpoint, God, problems of interest a... #66: Give me the raw data you perceive. #08: Schematics of...schematics of circuitry and... works on circuitry and...after the placement of circuitry's hard to describe. In the structures, metal structures, some tubular, some angle iron...I can't get anymore of that. #66: All right. Review your orientation now, the square building and the trees to the north and the pole area, and the structure to the south and then beyond that the large circular tower. Review your orientation so that you may draw it for me. And I have no further questions. #08: Okay, I....I have nothing more. #66: That's fine. Approved For Release 2000/08/0 7 go1900250001-5 4 1* Approved For Release 2000/08/08 fEr-CFLIE1001900250001-5 DRAWING EXPLANATION #08: In this sketch entitled overview is an attempt to recap a schematic of what was observed during the session. And it was a little difficult to reconstruct. Starting from the tower, I believe in the accuracy of the tower and the pole and the well type of circle, type little structure with a white base, about 30 yards to the left of it. And the building which is about 20 feet and 35, 40 feet long. #66: Okay now, I'm confused about this little building that's near the pole. At one point you say entrance and drive and there's a slant down. #08: Yes, this is a--- #66: --And this grassy-- #08: Knolled. #66: Grassy knoll-- #08: This petered down-- #66: --covering-- #08: --in other words it came down in a grassy knoll which was very high next to the building and then tapered down. #66: Okay. #08: And then the back end of this is a wall. #66: All right. #08: --Almost perpendicular to the entrance and drive. #66: So is this building subterrainian? #08: I had a tough time in this area. This was so slow in constructing itself and it actually looked as if it were 5 or 6 feet off the ground. It certainly didn't make sense. And I just gave it time and more time and more time. #66: Um, um. Approved For Release 2000 900250001-5 Approved For Release 2000I088l'Ri iO0788R001900250001-5 #08: And when it didn't come off the ground any higher than that, I went to the other side of the building to look that wall, and I found that wall kind of jutted down to that entrance and drive, which I would estimate, from the entrance at the bottom of the building to the top, I just a..maybe 25, 30 feet so that didn't jive with the height of the building from the ground from the other aspect. #66:' Okay. #08: Okay. The two story building, rectangular building. #66: Wait a minute, before we go into that. So you're saying there's something about the entrance to this 20 feet by 35 feet structure that is not ordinary in terms of ground level. #08: No, it's not. It's not, I certainly can't make it out and it is terribly confusing, because what appears on the surface is only 5 or 6 feet of building, at least my perception is that. And then all of a sudden you go to the other side and if you follow from the top to what would be the foundation or the base floor, you get a height of some 20 plus feet. And it didn't make sense, and I just couldn't reconstruct it. #66: All right. #08: Okay. I'm not too sure about this big building. I'm sure of its existence, I just not sure of its placement, because I lost it in my mind as to where the placement of the building was and with the two wings. #66: Okay. #08: But from that perspective, the two story rectangular building should be to the--- #66: ---you mean the two story square building? #08: --Two story square building. Yeah, it's almost a perfect square in fact. #66: Okay. Now, is it square or rectangular? I don't know? Approved For Release 2000b04/trgE19788R001900250001-5 Approved For Release 2000 8R001900250001-5 #08: It's almost a perfect square, I'm sure it's not perfect, but it looks like a perfect square. #66: Now, in comparing the size of your story square building to the size of your pole, we have a building about as big as a pole or, do you want to qualify this drawing and say that the scales are not drawn to scale. #08: I'll assume that this is not scale, this is perceptions in terms of distance, in other words, maybe the pole is big because I was at the pole. #66: I understand. #08: And therefore looking at the pole-- #66: How about writing on the drawing then, "not drawn to scale". #08: It's drawn to perspective at the time that I was there. #66: Sure, I understand your problem. #08: I'm darn sure that some of it is exaggerated and some of it diminished, depending on the perspective and the distances involved and the point of view at that time. #66: Sure. Okay, anything else you want to add? #08: No. #66: Okay, good. Approved For Release 2000/08/4 EtrI6L18R001900250001-5 I/ 7 ,L,efett-4aatell 01-1.4ef 4-4 /80/000Z aseeieu JOd peAoiddv CD 0 0 th0 0 0 ? 14eit Ce. gitt poke' -14//4/cs /000Z aseeieu JOd peAoiddv kte,