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November 4, 2016
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June 22, 1998
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November 8, 1983
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Approved For Release 2000/08/086-00788 R001900420003-4 IAGPA-F-SD 8 November 1983 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD SUBJECT: CENTER LANE Interview Summary HU-1050/8313/01 (U) 1. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) On 260900 October 1983, source #01 was interviewed by #66 concerning activities within a building unidentified to source. The 8313 sponsor had provided copies of photographs of the building and the surrounding area, an EEI list, and an oral briefing of the operational situation. 2. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) For this interview source was provided with a sealed envelope containing a selected photograph of the building. He was asked to focus his efforts on describing the target building. He was not provided with any other information pertaining to the site. All other information was withheld from source for use as feedback and cuing for subsequent interviews. 3. (U) A transcript of the interview was prepared including a narrative description of the drawing which source provided (see Incl 1) . 4. (U) A DA Form 341 (Agent Report) was prepared for sponsor. This report related the salient points of the interview. Attached as an exhibit to the Agent Report was a copy of source's drawing (see Incl 2). 2 Inc l as FREDERICK H ATWATER CPT, MI OPS/TNG Officer CLASSIFIED BY: CDR, INSCOM DECL: OADR rmp :r i:' _.-.--.-----*Q~~-1TAShELE TO FORuIG?'d adATIONALSApproved For Release 2000/08/08 [tRM6-00788ROO1900420003-4 11 L11 .% Approved For Release 2000/08/0 - `'It '96-00788ROO 1900420003-4 z #66: This will be a CENTER LANE Interview for 0900 hours 26 October 1983. Relax and concentrate now. Relax, relax, relax. Relax and focus your attention solely and completely on the target building. And as you do describe the area to me. #01: ....See very low roof, ..a house flat, ..rectangular. See a significant difference in weather,...... .... a lot of windows,...... in a city. ....... Getting a zig-zag form to the front edge, or upper edge of the building. ..... Overwhelming a...foreign, a..spanish type feeling. #66: What's the raw data that you have on that? #01: Ah....I don't know, it's like a..I sense proximity of a....jungle or a...water jungle swamp. #66: Okay tell me-- #01: --Hills. #66: Tell me about this flat roof, low building. Describe it to me. #01: ...... See a...people going, coming ah..military, but not military ah.. #01: Ah..military people, civilian clothes, just a minute, it's confusing. ah....ah... #01: ....Feel like a...strong impression of people, ah..people on missions in the espionage. a...spy type military, #66: Okay. You need to break out the raw data and don't tell me your conclusions. Describe the raw data. #01: People meeting other people, exchanging data, materials. #66: That's very good. That's the kind of descriptions I want. Now these people that are arrive at this low flat building with many windows. I want you go Approved For Release 2000/08, P96-00788R001900420003-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/ ,;, -n_b 96-00788R001900420003-4 along with them and describe how you get into this building, describe the surroundings, where they sit and talk and so forth. I will wait. #01: .......... ....Have to a....I don't know--I get a..impression of a front, ..front type of operation. #01: Ah...building within a building or a section of the building is .. fronting for the other section. See many people coming, going through part ..double operations. ....You got to be taken in or met. #66: Describe specifics. #01: See a ..people going in for appointments, ah...special phone number or special person comes out, ..goes through second door with visitor,.. client, client better word. #66: Okay. Follow. #01: ........MMMM, debriefing rooms, sound proofing. #66: Break that out. #01: Ah..rooms, sound proofed, black, just table, chairs, protected meeting. #66: Describe "protected." #01: Ah...secret meeting, ah....agents meeting, spies, sales people, people selling things, papers. #66: Okay, try to, it's critical that we know about the physical area. Try to maintain your focus of perception on the physical there. #66: This room is sound proof, describe. #01:, 12 feet wide, ...14, 18 feet long, ..standard roof height, sound proof, ceiling and walls. #66: Describe method of sound proof. #01: Ah ........ see a .... Farraday cage, ah..behind a...paneling. Paneling has got foam or something, thick fiber of some kind... backing it. Ah.. Approved For Release 2000/QG&? DP96-00788 R001900420003-4 Approved For Release 2000/0k DP96-00788 R001900420003-4 Everything is a light color though. Ah......ah .... just seeing bubbles of some kind,.... getting very raw impressions. are blanked, locked, screened, ..ah correction, no windows. #66: Okay. #01: Some kind of conference area, conference room. #66: Are we in a different area now? #01: No, same, same. #66: Okay. Are there more than one of these rooms in this low flat building? #01: Just a minute. ...........Yes, there's a.. minimum of four that I can find, much like interrogations rooms, ah..white walls, ceiling or least light colored. See squares of foam or sound proofing board, windows, shielded room. #66: Break out shielded. #01: Keep getting some kind grid,..mesh or grid. Ah ..rooms are either no windows or all interior walls are..... like boxes within a box. #66: All right. #01: That's all I keep getting, is boxes inside of boxes. #66: Okay. I need two things now. I need you to tell me how I get in the building and get to these rooms so you can draw it for me in a dollhouse perspective so I want to give you a few minutes to work on that. #01: ... ...........See a entrance to ..general business, foyer area, reception, doorway to hall, long...long hall, second door. I need to go through cipher lock or some device, second door, an electronic release...ah.. #66: Where's that electronic release controlled? #01: the desk inside the second door. #66: All right. Go on. #01: Ah..another hallway, left turn, rooms are down this hallway. Right turn off is this gray desk area, general operations area. Approved For Release 2000/0$78, lIDP96-00788 R001900420003-4 Approved For Release 20 P96-00788R001900420003-4 #66: Break out general operations. #01: Just see many, ah, government type desks, gray. #66: Okay. #01: Some gray, some civilian, ah ...... people in suits working. #66: Say what. #01: People in suits working. #66: Okay. #01: ..... Still get a strong feeling it's Spanish. #66: All right. #01: Maybe a language spoken there. #66: All right. Do you have enough of the picture in your mind now to give me a drawing a little later? #01: Ummm, yes. #66: Alright I'd like to go on to some other questions now. #01: Okay. #66: 24 hour time scan. What's the manning situation over 24 hours? #01: ....Total in building or just ops area? #66: In the more secure area, in the the building, the building is not a very, very large building. The building is relatively small, this flat, one story, flat place. #01: Right, Right #66: Um, um. #01: Ah ...... #66: Are there people in the building 24 hours a day, and if so where are they? #01: Ah...see one duty person ...and guard. Approved For Release 2000/96600, -00788R001900420003-4 Approved For Release 2000/0 96-00788 R001900420003-4 #66: I'm sorry, I didn't understand. #01: See one duty person, guard at off duty hours. #66: All right. That's one singular guard, not a duty person and a guard? #01: Correct. #66: One singular guard, all right. #01: Somebody's on call, however. #66: Now, describe this guard to me and where he is in the building. #01: .......... Just inside the entry door and the foyer area. #66: Not behind the second door? #01: No. I don't perceive anyone behind the second door. #66: Okay. #01: See second door to be alarmed. #66: Describe alarm system. #01: ..See ah...three types. First is all time alarms circuit TV, television monitors. Second a..standard magnetic ADT type door alarm devices, window devices. Third is a ....... ah..volumetric device of some sort in the vault room. #66: Break out volumetric device. #01: Vibratory, loud sound, loud movement, physical movement sets it off. #66: All right. And does that alarm, this back room area of interrogation rooms? #01: ............. Negative, just vault area. #66: Okay, there's a separate vault area you haven't described? Approved For Release 2000/08/08 - 788R001900420003-4 Approved For Release 2000/08 WA1 2QP96-00788 R001900420003-4 #66: Inside vaults, considerable amount of money,...some equipment, sensitive equipment,..transmitters, guns,... mostly pistols,... Thermites ..... destruction devices,...papers. #66: Okay. This, a...this camera device, TV monitor device? #01: Right. #01: ..Monitors the hallway immediately off that second door, a security door, monitors exterior walls of the building. #66: Okay. And-- #01: --Front. #66: And who watches the monitor? #01: Guard. #66: Okay. Is there remote? Is there some other way besides this guard that watches the monitor? #01: Ah. .Just a minute ....... . See a...just getting a flash impression of second building down the road a ways, not far ..... It's interesting though, it's like a ...... sudden impression the second building monitors the target building, but the target building is unaware of that. ..This is like distant impression. #66: Okay. Maybe we're not sure at this point whether it's monitoring or not? #01: That's all I get on that. #66: Okay. #01: There's a screen out put in the security area, but it's only for the hallway TV, ..outside the security door. #66: I see, so that somebody inside the second door could see who was outside that door? #01: That's correct. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 C#'D0788R001900420003-4 Approved For Release 2000/OJQ. JUlL-RDP96-00788 R001900420003-4 #66: All right. Now, you say there's about four rooms, these acoustically treated rooms in there? #01: Um, um. Four rooms total, two acoustics, acoustically treated. #66: And the others are offices or something? #01: Yes, one large and one small. #66: All right. Now, I want to do a time movement exercise again. #01: Okay. #66: On Saturday mornings meetings take place, midmorning Saturdays on target time, meetings take place here. Which specific area in the building do these meetings take place? #01: Just a minute. ............ First ...ah...impression is large interrogation room, but I keep wanting to call it conference room so it has dual purpose. #66: Is this one of these acoustically treated rooms? #01: That's correct. #66: One is larger then the other? #01: That's correct. #66: And you'll be able to draw it for me where it is in the building? #01: Yes. ......... See a four individuals at meeting. #66: Describe. #01: from outside, three from inside. #66: Break out outside, inside. #01: Outside not connected with building. Three inside connected with function of building. See a ...... see distinct a..distinct agent, counterintelligence agent relationship. No, it's bigger a..spy agent relationship,...negotiation is debrief or something. #66: Okay. Umm... Approved For Release 2000/08/08 00788R001900420003-4 Approved For Release 2000/0/8, DP96-00788 R001900420003-4 #01: Wait, wait. .......... Okay .... ah...just almost touched somebody there, I ...... think I could touch the agent. #66: Okay, what's the general discussions on these Saturday mornings? What is the subject of these discussions, Saturday morning meetings? #01: Mmmm, just a minute, I want to get in his head for a second. .. ....See a..see a...see lots..ah..selling information on troop movements, equipment, supplies, data, Russian,... South American involvement,....ah, mostly supply movements, person selling information,..ah, government, US government buying, but not directly, indirectly. ...See much negotiation, talk. Ah...Just seeing lots of words with M's, South American words with M's, place names, ah..flashes, ah...feeling I'm in a neutral zone of some kind, a neutral zone of some kind. I'm not sure now, I'm losing it. #66: All right. #01: ...Feel like something being set up, some key operation is being set up. #66: Okay. #01: The information's coming in and plans are being keyed to information flow, agent on the ground. #66: Rather than the narrow focus of this one singular agent, let's look at the total plan, what is the total plan? #01: ... ......Part of something, ah. .might be overlay, see a ship involved, big ship ..... see um some kind of force movement, mini invasion or force movement,...interdictory type move, it's involvement with large ship. #66: And what is the goal of this "mini" movement? #01: ..Steal..something,..steal some military equipment. Ah..flashback, I'm getting flashes to another operation, which is the old tank operation. #01: I know, I thought of that. It's giving me a lot of overlay though now, I hesitate to answer now. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : 00788R001900420003-4 Approved For Release 2000/0$tAW-FFDP96-00788ROO1900420003-4 #66: Okay, let's go back to this building. #01: Okay. #66: Now you've described a low building with many windows and then interior of this building, you said that this building is a, there's something that's double about this building. You go into it for one thing, but then you can do something else in there. You described some sort of security system with that situation. All right, I want you now to break into the building successfully into those back rooms and tell me how you do that. #01: ........... .Ah. .gain access to the back rooms ... surreptitously,.. can be done with a,..with a...disabling the power and telephones, then go in through your back door. ..Best way is to not do so physically, just go through the roof with a listening device, ...actually drill the roof. #66: Say again, actually what? #01: Drill the roof. #66: Drill? #01: Drill the roof. There's a's vulnerable. Non-surreptitous entry would be best accomplished with a assault type. #66: Can you tell more about putting this bugging device in the roof? #01: Drill the roof over the meeting room, not drill all the way through, but almost. Plant device directly over the roof, could-could be done, sealed. #66: OK. Is the roof under surveillance by the cameras? #01: No, I don't see any surveillance cameras. #66: Okay. #01: I don't see any on roof. But it's-exterior walls are surveilled. #66: OK. I have no other question here. #01: Okay. Approved For Release 2000/08/08C1 788RO01900420003-4 Approved For Release 200004 96-00788R001900420003-4 #66: Now, go up above the building,about 100 feet above the building and if you look just to the perimeter, the outside of the building, within about 20 feet all the way around the building, there's something there that should be very interesting to see on the ground. #01: On the ground or under the ground? #66: On. #01: I don't see anything. #66: Okay, now within a 100 feet of the building, the perimeter of the building within a 100 feet. #01: ....See some kind of ....I don't know, just a line, an impression of a line. #66: Okay. #01: Very faint. ......... It doesn't go all the way around, it just goes to the sides and the back. #66: OK, describe the, you know, the sides of the building, the front, back, the left and the right sides. Describe the area there, the terrain, what is to the left and the right and the front and the back? #01: ....Um get a..front I get a.. like a ..almost a ramp effect, .... left and right and in the rear I get water or something like it. It falls away. ..... This is starting to break up an awful lot. #66: I understand, it's late. #01: ......Thought a..another way to gain entry surreptitously ...would be to, it would like spy... I would gain access to room. #66: Okay. #01: I'm losing this (#66). #66: I have no further questions. Take a minute to recall the view you had and the way you get into the building, because I'll ask you to draw in detail the floor plan of the building in dollhouse perspective. #01: .......................... Okay. #66: Okay, fine. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-896-007888001900420003-4 Approved For Release 2000/O 1W-RDP96-00788 R001900420003-4 DRAWING EXPLANATION HU-1050/8313/01 #01: Okay my drawing is dollhouse view of this layout as I interpret it to be. And I've indicated the cover entrance or foyer type area and it's got two doors going to other areas, but it's also got a long hallway. And at the end of the hallway is this security door. Just inside the security door is a larger office, but a small off to the side next to a vault. On the right is like a large conference or interrogation room and a small interrogation room. The only one I'm sure of is the entry area, which is the front wall of the building, and the other four walls I'm not sure about or the space around this area inside the building, it seems to be protected from the exterior walls. There's like a box inside a box effect in the interrogation rooms, the two interrogation rooms. And that's essentially it. #66: Okay, show me on the diagram the surveillance cameras and alarm devices that you talked about. #01: Okay, I'll put in red asterisk, the cameras. There's one on the back wall somewhere. Those are the cameras. And the actual monitor screens, I'll make little red squares, okay, a "G" for guard. #66: Okay, and did you say there was a guard on the inside as well, behind the security door? #01: Yeah, but only during days, you know, during the operational hours and he's right next to the screen inside. And the vault's got a--I'll put in a "V" for a volumetric device, which senses vibration or whatever. And aside from that, there's, a...I'll put in "A's" for ADT alarm systems. There's one on the inner door and the outer door and all the windows- #66: Okay. #01: And that's essentially it. That's the best I can do right now. #66: Okay. Anything else you want to add? #01: No. Oh, there's one other thing I would add. If I was going, if I wanted the layout of this place and I wanted to gain entry, I'd find something these Approved For Release 2000/08/08 W.W-00788 R001900420003-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/UL UfIP96O0788R001900420003-4 people are interested in and sell it to them. I'd play spy on 'em and they would take me right on in there and give me a tour. That would the most, the easiest and most surreptiously way of doing it, in my opinion. Other than that, I think, know, engineering some kind of hit on the place would be the second, but that's not a surreptious way of gaining entry, that's just a way--- #66: So, what you're suggesting is that if they can convince them somehow to take somebody into that building-- #01: Oh, absolutely And there's so, from what I perceive the interest area to be, it's so easy to be duped. I mean it's just incredibly easy to be duped in that area, cause it has something to do with material supply, guns, equipment movement in support of the revolution going on down south. And, a...this is a neutral area, but it's easily accessible to those areas, you know, like Honduras and Salvador and whatnot. #66: Okay, that's what you perceive that you see some sort of Spanish something. #01: Oh, absolutely, this is South America and it's Spanish and it's got to do with San Salvador and everything. But it's like, this like some kind of a..a free fire zone or a safe zone of some kind. I don't where specifically but it's a lot of jungle and rolling hills and water, a lot of water, and a city. #66: Okay. #01: That's all I got. #6 pproved gor'R'elease'2000/08/ P96-00788R001900420003-4 Approved For Release 2000/ OA 944' DP96-00788R001900420003-4 hwee 4w ,ROOM. i W NGh 13 r!:z, T fT 0013 2oti2 Eby ~ -XI Approved For Release 2000/08 96-00788R001900420003-4 141DP9o-00rnR001 900420003-4 AGENT REPORT 1. NAME OF SUBJECT OR TITLE OF INCIDENT ~^ ~- _ _?__.. l~~r2. DATE SUBMITTED On 26 October 1983, Source HU-0l was interviewed concerning the activities within a building. Source stated substantially as follows: The building was a house with many windows and a low flat rectangular roof in a foreign city with a "Spanish type feeling" (not further identified) near a jungle. Inside the building (see drawing) were two sound proofed, shielded "debriefing" or "interrogation" rooms without windows and furnished with only a table and chairs. Also in the building were office areas (not further identified) and a vault containing money, some sensitive equipment, transmitters, guns, most of which were pistols, thermite destruction devices, and papers (none of which was further identified). These areas were secured by a door with a cipher lock or electronic release device operated by a daytime guard ("G" on the drawing; not further identified) behind the security door. This door and the entry door were alarmed with standard magnetic ADT type devices (indicated as A on the drawing). Windows in the building were also alarmed with similar devices. The vault was alarmed with a volumetric device ("V" on the drawing) which sensed vibration. Outside the security door was a entry foyer which served as a business cover or front (not further identified) for the area behind the security door. A 24 hour guard (not further identified) in the foyer monitored television surveillance cameras (indicated as * on the drawing) located outside and inside the building. The television surveillance camera located at the end of the hall near the security door was also monitored by the guard behind the security door. Inside the building (presumably behind the security door but not specified by Source) military personnel in civilian clothes (not further identified) met other people (not further identified) and exchanged data and materials (not further identified). These "spy type people" conducted military WARNING NOTICE: SENSITIVE CLASSIFIED BY: CDR, INSCOM INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND DECL: OADR METHODS INVOLVED NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS (continued) DAJJ FORM $1U.8. 6ov~nrnent PrinRFnq pftier. tABt-?311Y-{4B/BR2B REKA S WD AGO FO 4 ! NKFE OJe S ' i Poll For release 1(~0. p96-007888001900420003-4 wru`aC L ~G/ 2 Approved For ReI a 2000/08 P96-00R001900420003-4 AGENT REPORT For use of this form, see FM 30-1 7(C); AR 381-20; the proponent agency is the Office of the Assistant ChIof of Staff for Intel IIgence. 1. NAME OF SUBJECT OR TITLE OF INCIDENT 2. DATE SUEMITTED 3. CONTROL SYMBOL OR FILE NUMBER UNIDENTIFIED BUILDING HU-l050/83l3/01 4. REPORT OF FINDINGS espionage missions (not further identified) and secret meetings, "agents meeting spies, sales people, people selling things, papers" .(none of which were further identified). On Saturday mornings, meetings took place in the large conference or interrogation room. At one of these meetings (not further identified) four individuals, three of whom were connected with the function of the building (not further identified) conducted either negotiations or a debriefing that involved the sale of information on troop movements, equipment, supplies, and supply movements (none of which were further identified). A key operation was being setup which was some kind of "a mini force movement, mini invasion or force movement, interdictory type movement" (not further identified) involving a large ship (not further identified). The best way to surreptitiously attack this building was to drill the roof over the meeting room without drilling all the way through and plant a listening device. The roof area was not under surveillance by television cameras. Source provided no further amplifying information concerning SUBJECT during this interview. Attached hereto as EXHIBIT I is a drawing provided by Source. AGENT'S NOTES: Information provided by Source relevant to descriptions of rooms or offices may be accurate independent of their locations within buildings. Source is sometimes unable to accurately relate the position of rooms within buildings, or the position of a building within a group of buildings, due to the nature of his access to a targeted area. 3. TYPED NAME AND ORGANIZATION OF SPECIAL AGENT 6. SIGNATURE Of SPECIAL AGENT FPr *U.S. Government Prlnting Offloer t912-341?,444/4228 96-00788R001900420003-4 Approved For Release 2000/08 P96-00788R001900420003-4 US AY INTELLIGENCE. AND SECURITY COMMAND EXHIBIT COVER SHEET SUBJECT: UNIDENTIFIED BUILDING FILE NUMBER: HU-1050/8313/01 PREPARING UNIT: AGENT REPORT- DATED: DESCRIPTION: Drawing Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-f D ,96-00788R00190042Q0Q3- CXmBII I C I A7. VIED ?Eig Approved For Release 2000/0 IPP96-00788R001900420003-4 is Nao"r~~ ~ Sc U x9313 aGr --q ~1111 Approved For Release 2000/08 /W,ean-ru5zc P96-00788R001900420003-4