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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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March 27, 1985
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one find an example of communist concessions to a weak k)pponent?" Mr. Pastora's questions are not those of a diplomat or even a profes- sional manager of violence engaged in low-intensity conflict. He is, after all, engaged in a life-and-death struggle that for him has only win- ners and losers. He also has the advantage of knowing his former colleagues far better than anyone else does- in or out of the American government. "The communist objective is to destroy us, and negotiations are one see PASTORA, page 6A Embassy in Moscow riddled with ImffB THE WASHINGTON TIMES The US. Embassy in Moscow "is riddled with KGB operatives" who are operating under the cover of sup- port and maintenance workers. according to White House and con- gressional sources. These sources told The Washing- ton Times that there are between 100 and 130 Soviets working at the U.S. Embassy at any given time. They handle routine maintenance, electri- cal and plumbing repairs, do the building cleaning and, until recently, answered the telephones. Soviet personnel also are used as auto mechanics and drivers for U` S. Closing to guarct By WarTen Strobel ,HE WASHINGTON TIMES Sandinistas who now occupy the old dictator's bunker, he fought on th gaund ?' g rather than from a safe santMp p roved tuary. In the letter to President Reagan, Mr. Pastora thanks the president for his past support and outlines his movement's objectives: ? "Withdrawal of Cuban, Soviet and other communist forces from Nicaragua". ? "Reduction of Nicaragua's com- munist armed forces, which oppress the Nicaraguan people and threaten Nicaragua's neighbors". ?"An end to the export of subver- sion from Nicaragua, which would be the logical consequence of achieving the first two objectives" In the bluntest possible language, Mr. Pastora also warns the president - with no Appramec diplomats. They run the food- service operations and man the kiosk in the embassy where liquor is sold. U.S counterintelligence officials say that these Soviets, who are assigned their tasks by the Kremlin, also take orders from and report to the KGB on goings-on at the :,4;CBS views Mort Iir- di "Why would the junta deal with 00788 R` fjghters if they . ita y? Can any- CBS quoted one intelligence offi- cer as saying the potential for com- promising sensitive information should be viewed with "considerable seriousness" U.S. officials have been warning for several years of the security risks associated with employing Soviet nationals in the embassy. But, they report, the State Depart- ment has not felt sufficiently, con- cerned to warrant changing the situation. "It's an outrage," one senior see KGB, page 8A Ltd es-- 1101-1 \Ool,e tao`~ oP got, sylvama Avenue& te House suggested Volume 4, Number 62 q 5 Sections, 4$ pages FOOD tion ty$ti /0 Si i R P'e9 t-0V!gC 0 00 Technology protee stirs inter-agency w` As the Soviet Union attempts to steal high-technology from the United States, the government pro- tectors of America's most precious technological serrnt.. with each otta The opposi ( IgaS ~t (t- mally staid Ct pitted against / and its ally, ~ (,J, toms Service. Each depal other with h management 1EX massive leaks of highly information to the Soviets. And each department is for turf in the high-tecl review and enforcement pr For starters, here are so vtrh-` ??lvos: Commerce Dept ;ently to have de q c) I Wednesday, March 27, 1985 EWSpaper write nab, U.S. Cu mer. United Stn;,. hake that asse-. ~L7 zst a candidate ear Award. Then or there [in Cus Mengele i new ene By John Homes 1 THE WVA&CaNGION TIMES 5 jap 2.01 3.99 11.53-iti172 Geneva 55rd4ppc~. SFeat 11138c Yos daV$ iuaclpatation:.00 Non :ii 4'109 ? 3.88 11.06-1945 Helsinki 34 29st Stockholm 38'33sh Ma raved For ~? d 26-0$b,Vi7ZCI~DP9 ??4 8RQ01' ~tatlon: X81' p 1985 l prec p . ? i'riaareiriber 3.66 --- 2 82 6.70-1963 London 44 40sh Vienna 517,38311 Air Ouslity Index: Good (35) Oeee arrer 1.16 ---- 3.18' 6.54-1969 Madrid 59 31 pc Warsaw 58132e 06 ~~~' _