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November 4, 2016
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May 8, 2000
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May 30, 1984
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Approved For Release 6-00788R001900690002-6 HU-1086/8407/01 #66: This will be a CENTER LANE interview for 0800 hours 30 May 1984. Relax and concentrate now, relax and focus your attention on, SG1 B Focus in time on 9 April 1984, 9 April 1984 at SG1 B and describe your perceptions to me. #01: ............... ....a picture of a sight of row of things dug in the ground like flat tops, people inside. People on the ground outside. See ah.... see planes, very low........ ........ after I go inside there's ah...some tanks, two tanks.. .that's wrong they're armor type vehicles. .......... See a turbulent cloud like ah ...... can't tell if it's moving or just growing, this cloud. #01: It's billowing. ....It's coming from a silver pod that was dropped ...... very low and billowing, it's spreading and growing up from the edges. It's cooking like, I don't know. That phrase it's ah.... ......barely generated by a silver canister-- #01: .......... Um foot and a half in diameter, a little bit narrower at one end then at the other, ring seal about a third back from the narrow end, it's just producing this cloud out of one end. Something's burning inside or something's .... ah...generating it. #66; Go on. #01; Just keeps billowing out, it's very heavy, cloud's very heavy, it's not rising at all, it's staying very close to the ground. ........ Getting a vision of.. .vision of people being burned, like on the arms from this cloud, face and arms. .......... Approved For Release 20 0/ / I 1P96-00788R001 900690002-6 Approved For Releas : TWR'DP96-00788R001900690002-6 Almost like they're peeling their skin off. Ah.... ....I just see people running into the... .running and trying to go into these flat in ground places to hide. #66: Okay. Tell me about the silver thing from which this cloud comes. #01: It is ah ....... dropped from a very slow moving aircraft, I can see it falling very slowly and hitting the ground and bouncing and skidding along the ground. From when it was dropped it started producing like this ah...real heavy element cloud, it's like ah... very wet, very wet cloud that, it doesn't want to rise it just hovers along the ground, spreads, rapidly dissipates, but it spreads as it goes. And there's ah.... it's like a valve that's broken on the end of the silver thing, this canister. Canister's got some shiny parts but it's predominantly flat dark green or flat black. #66: Okay. Let's try moving on the coordinates again. I don't have a good description of the area of the globe and I think we should be in, let's try moving on the coordinates again and see if some new data comes in instead of what you have told me. SG1 B on 9 April 84. #01: ............... Area is ah.... very grainy, rocky, flat, scruffy. It's like a crust of the soil. There's ah...shallow depressions in the ground, what appears to be long ah...long trench lines, they're areas dug lower. See some rocks, still a little bit of scrub brush. Over at one side I see ah.... more rugged boulders or rocks piled that going up higher,... just very ah...very scruffy, scruffy type of description. The only buildings in the area are, aside from the flat things that are dug into the ground, are ah ..... see some white walls of what's left of buildings. They're like made from squares of earth that have been packed and stacked, slate or rock roofs, and they're heavy gray stone. I don't see many of those, there's just a few. Approved For Release 2000108708': L"'M-RDP96-00788R001900690002-6 2 Approved For Release 2 A 6-00788 R001900690002-6 #66: Okay. I think we are going to have to go deeper into the problem. I'm looking for a particular event, a particular happening which may have originated at this place that you're describing now. And you may have become entrapped by the event itself and wound up here at this place which may be the origin of the event. So I need you to go deeper and not get entrapped by it and go to this specific coordinate. Go to SG1 B #01: ................ .......... I've got to keep saying this, long narrow canister just in slow motion going over, goes like ah...falling sideways, hits the ground. Ah...I want to say explodes, but it doesn't entirely, it's ah.... um.... ah..... ... getting two different kinds of clouds now, I'm getting a ...almost like a heat ball. #66: Tell me about the heat ball. #01: It's very, it's like flames so hot you can't see it, very intense, but it dissipates very rapidly. I see ah.... just everything being enveloped by this's almost, oh hell, it's like fuel mixture that's experimental or something. It burns everything it touches, even though it may not be burning, it's burning everything it touches. Got a ah ..... got a.... single shock wave, ah ..... now way in the distance from where this... canister object fell, there appears to be.... um.... ... it's like another piece or part, ...but I see it sitting upright and it's melting down around the bottom and melting some other metals with it. And there's ah.. ..... large section of ..... ah I don't know what they call it, it's like a metal platform type thing with, I keep getting impressions of.. ah..any different kinds of angle iron intersecting and it's being ripped, ripped like cardboard. There's ah... .... just everything is being.... lot of desolving action, I see a lot of things desolving or something. #66: Okay, now this, describe, you said there was something that was far away and something that was a part of this, but it was a long ways away. Approved For Release 2 / P96-00788 R001900690002-6 3 Approved For Release 2 95 6-00788RO01900690002-6 #01: It's like clumped in different places, I don't know how to explain that, it's all in a place but it's very spread out, it's very open, flat, scruffy area that's got these flat in ground construction type things there and they're spread way out and there's indentations that look like slightly sunk roads going in certain pattern interconnecting these. #66: Okay, now this thing that, this thing that happens, this little canister and this thing that happens at this place, is there a event somewhere else associated with this happening? #01: Just a minute. ........... The only input I can get is the ........ feel like in the center of this ..ah...what I call an explosion, but it's not initially, it's broken valves and these mixture of gases, these billowing clouds spreading and the only perception I have is ... like being next to these and getting a extreme high pitch whine and the sound that goes rapidly beyond hearing range and causes everything to be rapidly excited or vibrated, and then things breaking and this cloud enveloping everything and then an intense fireball for a second that's so white hot that you can't see it. And then ah.... this little canister kind of end over ends the air and landing. And then I see.. .objects being like blistered and people some just sifts away that are enveloped with some of this, they're being blistered all over, on the skin, like it's very caustic, whatever.'s like, I don't know. #66: Okay. #01: I don't know how to describe it any better, it's like being inside the field of something and it's almost a mixture of two events like, one is .... trying to heat something up or move something with heat and the other is trying to envelop it and simultaneously this causes this ah ..... mistake or whatever. #66: Okay. #01: I don't know how to describe it over again. #66: I have no further questions but I would like you to spend just a moment and go beyond the confines of my questions to where ever that takes you. Approved For Release 2II0'OMM8 :`C0-RDP96-00788 R001900690002-6 4 Cc: a Approved For Release 2 I - 96-00788ROO 1900690002-6 #01: ........... Just keep getting a perception of this .. flat, explosive cloud like going out. I'm kind of torn between it was deliberate and not deliberate. I think it was deliberate but it was an accident as well. #66: There's an accident flavor associated with this? #01: Yes. It was like the intent was to do something different and they bottom line is that they succeeded but they didn't expect the way they succeeded. It was a far different outcome, so they can't tell now whether it was an accident with the canister or if it was the result of the experiment. #66: Okay. Now, one other question. You always kept this explosion that you talked about and that's my choice of words, at a place with flat buildings that are built into the ground and so forth and so on. All right, keeping that event in mind, scan the entire rest of the globe and see if there is anything else that happens on the entire rest of the globe that is caused by or in relation to this other event. #01: ................... All I get is a...get an image of a satellite down, like a dish, but it doesn't have any smooth surfaces, it just has the girdering type of construction. I don't see any connection, it's just an image I get. #66: Okay. #01: That's all I get. #66: Okay, fine, I have no further questions. Approved For Release 200'0108708 ! &A-RDP96-00788R001900690002-6 5