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November 4, 2016
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May 8, 2000
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June 19, 1984
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Approved For Release 2& 96 I lR P96-00788R001900710002-3 #RM: ROJ for 6/19/84, time 10:43. #66: Okay, we're coming up on plus 6 minutes and ROJ is down about 4 points now. We're going to go ahead and begin. Continue now to relax. Begin to focus your attention on SG1 B Focus SGc rB And as you bring, your attention to focus on this point, focus in time on 9 April 1984, 9 April 1984 and describe your perceptions to me. #01: Swirling mass of, of looks like a very low clouds, like I'm on the ground looking up, just like I'm (mumble) the clouds. ARMn Approved For Releas 96-00788ROO 1900710002-3 Approved For Release 2 O E E'8 g 3l P96-00788RO01900710002-3 L. #66: As you stand on the ground, look around and describe what you see from where you are standing. #01: .................. See like some people off to one's the corner of the, corner edge of a stonewall. It's got a building. #66: Okay, move back in way an oblique so you can #01: .........It's in a...form of a "T". It's got twin domes on each end of the cross bar. The doors open ..... (mumble) like I'm inside an energy field. #66: You said. there were twin domes and you talked about doors, would you clarify? #01: I just see it looks like large doors, there's a large opening. There's ah...I get an inverted "V" shape over the doors. #66: Did you say inverted "V" shape? Approved For Relea - 0788R001900710002-3 ~I .r Approved For Release 108 08 7-P96-00788 R001900710002-3 #66: Okay. Now go inside one of these domes, describe what takes up the space inside the dome, describe what's inside the dome. #01: ...........Buffet, table or square's shoved off to one side. See indenons along the walls. All exposed pillars up and down lines,... different colors. ...... Sense flames of some kind. #66: Okay. Now, want to move a little bit here, go over to the other dome, you said there were two domes, is that correct? #01: That's correct. #66: Go over to the other dome and see if it's any #01: ............... Only difference is there's like a mushroom shape, I want to say pedestal of some kind. See very ornate gold handles on the base of something. #66: Okay. Explore and describe this pedestal thing in Approved For Releas 96-007888001900710002-3 Approved For Releas 96-00788R001900710002-3 all square,...curvesat ah....handles on it. It's a little bit lon-ger than perfectly. square, little bit longer than wide. See ah...keep getting an impression of feet somewhere in this. ..... It's got an art object or something. #66: Okay. Have you ever seen anything that is similar to this, is there something in your memory that is similar to this, that this would look like? #01: ................ Reminds me of some statues from Venus, Italy, Florence, Italy (mumble). #66: Okay, now if I understand that in this dome area that you're in now, there's something, a pedestal, and associate some feet with it, some handles and different shapes. Want to explore this some more but I want you now to examine the 24 hour time window known as 9 April 84, 24 hour time window known as 9 April 1984. #01: ..................... Seems to be's kind of hard to describe, the only event thing I see is ah....has to do with time or something, it just really, I just get a perception of a broadcast type of energy that's very finite but it is not, that's Approved For Relea DP96-00788R001900710002-3 Approved For Release . A -RDP96-00788 R001900710002-3 rye If)Irji G'4 very localized, it's ah...(mumble) powerful and it's very localized, it's like being in an energy ball. See ah....thing that's perceived by people there cause it's very different, it's like ah.... I don't know what to call it, just an event, I don't know how to-- #66: All right, give me the physical descriptions, the raw data, physical descriptions of what happens in the dome. #01: ......It's looks kind of like a hole drilled in, a hole drilled through nothing, and I don't know how to explain that, it's like if you were standing and looking into the room, a stone like area and you're looking in there and there's a hole drilled through the middle of it, not really through the middle of it, it's like's ah...connected tissue of reality, there'-s twisted around in a cork screw like fashion from a hole and it's...makes for a very strange light effect.'s not reflective light it's just light. And that got a, it's an iridescent outline of some kind. #66: Say again. Approved For Release 2QWCMKWTWMPRUP96-OO788 R001900710002-3 5 Approved For Release 2000/ 8 . I -RDP96-00788R001900710002-3 #01: Iridescent outline of some kind, but there's-- #66: Does this have to do with the pedestal in any way? ind of outlining everything, ah...but it's ike the know the reality fabric's d in some way, pulled apart. There's ah.... It's k also 1 twiste #66: Remember to'stick to raw data. 4EAL Now r-e-" time plus #01: It's very much like something popped in our reality right there, some pin prick point and the ah..the hazy outline of light is like defining an area where cause in on #66: Okay, from polaris there's a whole different energy format, I'm getting, you know like when I try to move it I get a whole surge of different frequeicies, really strange, like thousands upon thousa ds, makes a certain wave, it's like a--- this pin prick, this pin prick, does it come omeplace and go to someplace, how is it zed in terms of being pin pricked? 2Ic3fl'P96-00788R001 Approved For R elease 900710002 -3 6 Approved For Rel as P96-00788RO01900710002-3 .(mumble) from somewhere else, it's like, it #66: All right. Is it related in some way to the #01: Ah....yes and no, it's just that happens to be the localized place that was targeted. There's something special about the pedestal that has to do with that location. The focus of this focal comes from some other place that, it's like it doesn't go through media (mumble) it goes through some other kind of media. #66: Okay, now the pedestal has something to do with focus and this pin prick, is that correct? #01: That's correct. #66: Now, I want you to do a quick look at the other dome and see if anything else goes on over there at the same. Or maybe it's inoperative, I don't know, go look. #01: ............ I just get that exposed flame feeling there still. It's, they're like ah...looking at Approved For Release 200070$/0'8 : CTARDP96-00788R001900710002-3 7 Approved For Releas 1,96-00788 R001900710002-3 the tips of little flames, like looking up to the bottom of a rocket motor would be like, but having a lot of rockets on it, all (mumble) on it.s #66: Okay, perhaps you can sketch that for me later and show me the "T" shape building and the two domes. I want you to go back now over to the pin prick and the pedestal and that senario you've explained to us and look around for some persons. #01: ..... I have ah....some people that are obviously observing this as well. #66: All right, let's approach an appropriate one and ask them to explain to you what this is all about. #01: ..............Fear from this person. It's like they're ah...afraid of what they're seeing. #66: All right. You know how to go beyond that fear. #01: ............... They're not very ah ..... not very open, these people. It's like they're mystified in what they're seeing. Approved For Release 2000/08/08d : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900710002-3 Approved For Relea P96-00788R001900710002-3 #0.1: I just keep getting this really ripping feeling from them like they want to turn around and run away, but they can't. They're second desire is to throw themselves down and worship this light, aura or whatever this apparition thing is. #66: Okay. Let's find one of the individuals that's a #01: ..... Yep, I got somebody that thinks that this is an effect ... from another location, it's ah ..... like a broadcasting of a focal point and ah ..... and apparently this is just a side effect to the real...ah.... objective, I guess the real objective can't be viewed or seen, only the outline effect. Say ah.... like an altering of reality, like ah...I don't know how to explain it, like ah... putting your finger tip on a ball and calling it ah.... point tangent with another area. #66: Okay, I can understand all that. What I need to know is the nitty-gritty, mechanics of how they do what they do right here at this location. Approved For Release 2000/08/Oq : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01900710002-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 IA-1 P96-00788 R001900710002-3 #01: Back to that mix of frequencies is like combining or coming together of frequency wave fronts. #66: Yes, it would be important though to know about this exact particular location. You're looking at huge piece of the whole problem that we need to know the mechanics of what happens right here on the pedestal in the dome, right here, the very nitty-gritty. #01: Okay. ........... These ah... wave formats are coming together and ....... you know, overlapping each other and colliding with each other producing ah.. extreme high peaks or extreme high lows, thegjl~ A17-L (mumble) (mumble) . It's kind of like ,s! a-u-r^ ArffT-1'rtC,/J4L MSS rM nm m Gyu tt e#* !5. _nffici 2._ reconstruction of a whole different wave #66: Describe the machinery that makes this happen. /pit~~~t1ryryryna NA1. #01: That's ah.... it's like a imla-l-e-Y very low frequencies, extreme low frequencies (.tg.j b-l J FL- carriers and they zero each other out, cause all the carriers are alike. It's the other frequencies, the modulateC frequencies that they carry that are different. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900710002-3 10 Approved For Release 2090/08/08 : C- A =R 96-00788R001900710002-3 #66: Describe the machinery that does this. #01: ................... (mumble) bar magnet, coils on either end ...... very large, lower part is probably ah ........ 1500 meters long, on each end are two large light green kind of coils, produces a ah.... ELF output. There's a flat building next to it. It's essentially a power unit of some kind. Produces the energy to energize the magnetic coils. There's ah ...... some kind of shielding around the coils, kind of like covers the coils. Also get an impression of intense heat when this is energized. That's all I get, besides a bunch of cables running everywhere. #66: All right. I'll ask you of course to draw this Approv /08/08_: CIA-RDP96-00788 R001900710002-3