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September 5, 2003
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February 12, 1985
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Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900750003-8 ,1 HARBINGER OF ROMANCE: The strawberry i a plant o Venus, Goddess of Love. At Steuben, our Strawberry Pendant brings an air of romance 'co all who wear it. Pendant 2'; calyx, 18 karat gold. 24" chain, 14 karat gold. 5995. Pendant only, S500. At 715 Fifth Avenue at 56th Street, New York, N.Y. 10022. 1-212-752-1441. Out of State: 1-800-223-234. Major credit cards accepted. By RICHARD J, YIEISLIN . -+ Ycrk'....-_ .,1EYIC0 CITY, Feb. 11 --- The States Consulate in Guadalajara at day that an agent of the Drug Enforce- ment Adrmnistrat;cr. had been kid- napped in t^? western Mexico city of Guuadalaiara The kidnappers were be- lieved tcoe involve?;d in drag tr affickoni in Mexi-c The idnappi..g was the f:rt f a United States narcotics agent in Mex- ico since the two countries began the current phase of a joint anti-drug effort in 1975. But last October the car of a Drug Enforcement Administration agent in Guadalajara was riddled with bullets by an unidentified person wielding a machine gun outside his home. No in- juries or arrests were reported in that incident. A spokesman said there had been no ransom demand from or other contact with the kidnappers. The United States Ambassador, John Gavin, said in a statement that neither the United States nor _Mexico would be "intimi- dated by mafia thugs" into reducing the joint anti-drug effort. Embassy Offers Reward The embassy said it was offering a reward of $50,000 for information lead- ing to the whereabouts of the agent En- rique Camarena. Salazar, who disap- peared shortly after leaving the United Ernbass, said oat a witness ray re- paorted `:a'. ing seen Mr. Camarena Salazar being forced into a car by four armed men. years oid, is a Mexican-born natural- ized United States citizen. He her been with the Drug Enforcement ACmi:.iis- tration stare 1974 end has been sta- tic ned in Guadala ara since 1950. He Is married and has three children. A spokesman for the '~ iexican Attor- ney General's office, Francisco Fonse- ca, said he could report only that "state and federal judicial police are investi- gating"_bIr. Camarena Salazar's dis- appearance. A high-ranking Mexican official said the Mexican Government had become increasingly concerned in recent months over intelligence indicating a I growth of drug-related activities in the ' I Thit Mi Guadalajara area.e cy,excos second largest, is a short distance from the western coastal state of Sinaloa, one of the country's most active areas in the production of illegal drugs. The official added that the most un- usual thing about the incident was, "frankly, that he was kidnapped they usually just kill them." Jarig! e~ wa Siff, I' o '. $55. 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Gandhi was "That is good news. forced to quell. ern political analyst who dec shot to death by two Sikh bodyguards She said the Ethiopian government The Red Cross has said the govern- be quoted by name. spirators completed their plan only a woman said in response to inquiries. turbances that police had been ? achieve its programs," noted as she walked from her home Oct. 31. had not yet responded to a request ment notified it that an investigation ' Exactly what caused the t was id i i d en nc ays of the WahrebSahart The charge sheet named as the for an explanation of last Tues ment to begin its anti-churc gunmen Gandhi's two Sikh body- incident, during which, the Red under way. ganda campaign midway the month-long Popieluszko Some l . ear. trial remains unc iet propaganda to with a Sov arrived in Warsaw shortly Dru a ent b trial began in late December elieved kidnapped hall.-up it wac pressure fro] From Inquirer wire Services MEXICO CITY - A U.S. Drug En- forcement Agency official was be- lieved kidnapped in Guadalajara by drug traffickers last week, and the US. Embassy said yesterday that it was offering a $50,000 reward for information on his whereabouts. "If the kidnappers hope to deter cooperative efforts of the United States and Mexico to rid our citizens of drug trafficking, they are mistak- en," U.S. Ambassador John Gavin said. "Neither this mission nor our governments will be intimidated by Mafia thugs." A U.S. Embassy spokeswoman said the DEA official, Enrique Camarena Salazar, 37, a natttralized American citizen, was kidnapped Thursday af- ternoon in Guadalajara, 300 miles northwest of Mexico City. Witnesses told authorities that four armed men pulled up beside Camarena, forced him into the back of a car and sped off. The embassy spokeswoman said that the kidnappers had not made contact with US. or Mexican govern- ment officials and that no ransom demands had been received. In Washington, DEA spokesman Robert Feldkamp said Camarena was leaving his office to meet his wife, Geneva, for lunch when he was ab- ducted. The DEA believes that the four kidnappers are drug traffickers because Camarena was working as TOO s ''" y 40 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96 ,0 ,^li4 drugs into the United States, Feld- who demanded the anti-chu have worked in close contact with ` During the trial, the chie the Mexican government in a pro- prosecutor frequently digre gram to end the growing of marijua- attack the church. At one p na and opium poppies and to reduce attempted to equate Fathe] heroin and cocaine traffic acoss the luszko's anti-government 1,900-mile border. with his murder, stating, U.S. officials have been threatened tremism leads to a in their work in Mexico, U.S. diplo- extremism." mats in Mexico City said, but this Late Friday, in an intervi appeared to be. the first kidnapping. three Western reporters, Pol Camarena, a native of Mexico and ligious affairs minister, Ai father of three, has been with the patka, warned that the gov DEA since 1974. In 1980 he was as. would not hesitate to arrest signed to the agency's office in Gua- priests engaged in what he dalajara. "criminal activities." Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900750003-8 iolence Increases US. Agents Tar et of g Assaults By Mary Thornton Washington Post Staff Writer U.S. law-enforcement officials have expressed fear that last week's kidnaping of a Drug Enforce- ment Administration agent in Guadalajara, Mexico, may be part of a pattern of increasing assaults on U.S. targets by drug traffickers throughout Latin America. Agent Enrique Camarena Salazar, 37, a Mexican- born naturalized American with nearly 11 years' experience at the DEA, was abducted in midafter- noon last Thursday as he left his office to have lunch with his wife. An eyewitness has told DEA investi- gators that he was grabbed by four armed men and thrown face down into the back of a car. U.S. law-enforcement officials said that Ca- marena, who had a broad working knowledge of DEA operations and continuing investigations in Latin America, may have been tortured and mur- dered, but they offered no specifics. The kidnaping was the most recent of several acts of violence by Latin American drug traffickers against U.S. enforcement efforts, which have been sharply increased in the last three years. Law-en- forcement officials said they are particularly con- cerned about the attacks because of violence rou- See DEA, A30, CoL 3 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900750003-8 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900750003-8 THE WASHINGTON POST Latin America Drug Violence peen Rising DEA, From Al --inely used by the traffickers, in- luding brutal murders of wives and :hildren of targets. In February 1982, two DEA agents were kid- naped by drug traffickers in Car- :agena, Colombia, shot repeatedly and left for dead. Both survived. Last Oct. 10, a DEA agent's car was machine-gunned in Guadala- ara. At that time, DEA security in Mexico was increased, and agents .vere ordered to be especially vig- lant. On Nov. 26, one woman was filled in a car bombing outside the J.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia, :hat authorities said they believed .was carried out by drug traffickers. Last December, the Colombian government completed plans to ex- :radite four alleged drug traffickers =o the United States for trial under a new treaty between the two gov- ~rnments. About that time, DEA and other ntelligence sources received re- Dorts that a three-man hit team had peen dispatched from Colombia and was targeting federal narcotics agents for kidnaping, torture and -murder. The plans also included the possible bombing of DEA offices, :he reports said. Federal law-enforcement sources said that they see no link between :he Camarena kidnaping and the al- eged Colombian hit squad but that the men who abducted Camarena in Juadalajara are believed to be ma- ?or traffickers of marijuana and co- mine. The sources said the men are believed to be based in the Guadala- .ara area but working with drug :raffickers elsewhere in Latin gmerica. Authorities said the situation in Guadalajara is. seen as so serious :hat more than 40 agents are in that DEA Administrator Francis Mullen speaking in U.S. Embassy in Mexico City as U.S. Ambassador John Gavin looks on. area handling the investigation and that DfI Administrator. Francis M. (Bald) Mullen Jr. flew to Mexico last Sunday to oversee the operation. He returned last night, but nothing further was announced. Since December, DEA offices and many other federal buildings, including courthouses, have been under extremely tight security throughout the United States. In- ,telligence sources said the alleged hit team left Colombia, but federal sources said they do. not know whether the team has entered this country. Federal law-enforcement sources said the team is believed to consist of three men, not drug traffickers but hired by Carlos Lehder, a Colombian citizen wanted on three U.S. drug-trafficking indictments and believed hiding in Colombia. Lehder has claimed to be a mem- ber of M19, a left-wing Colombian terrorist group. Deputy DEA Administrator John C. Lawn said yesterday, "Acts of vi- olence, threats of violence are a clear indication that the pressure we're bringing to bear on traffick- ers is having an effect and that they're responding the only way they know how-by trying to pro- voke fear and intimidation. "We have taken precautions in all overseas posts, we have established special working guidelines for our people," he said. "But the nature of our work and the sometimes cor- rupting environment makes abso- lute security of personnel impossi- ble. But if traffickers are using fear and intimidation to test our mettle, they're going to find we test well." ... DEA agent abducted in Mexico