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November 4, 2016
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April 25, 2000
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December 24, 1980
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2 1 1 1 1 For use of this form, see AR 340.15, the proponent agency Is TAGCEN. S : 16 Jan 81 REFERENCE OR OFFICE SYMBOL SUBJECT IARM-B-FM Feeder Data for the USAINSCOM Budget Execution Review (BER) TO SEE DISTRIBUTION FROM DCSRM DATE 24 Dec 80 CMT1 Mrs. Brower/mb/6947 1. Plans are being formulated for the conduct of a Budget Execution Review (BER) dur- ing the month of January 1981. The BER affords the commander the opportunity to realign funds with current requirements and.make known future requirements for the balance of the fiscal year. The mid-year FY81 BER is oriented primarily towards cor- recting any funding imbalances through internal reprograming within the command. 2. Attached at Inclosure 1 is a chart depicting actual obligations for the period 1 October - 30 November 1980 and the available balance for your activity for the period 1 December 1980 - 30 September 1981. This funding was developed from feeder data submitted by your activity for preparation of the FY81 Command Operating Budget (COB) in April 1980. Civilian pay obligations have been deleted from this chart but will be computed by this office. 3. In order to reduce your workload, only essential requirements are being requested to assist this office in preparation of the FY81 BER. These requirements consist of: a. Unfinanced Requirement Schedule (see Incl 2), if additional funds over and above your approved COB submission are required. c. Negative replies, if there is no change in the approved COB submission. 4. Request required data be submitted to this office, ATTN: IARM-B-FM, in duplicate, not later than 16 January 1981. If assistance is required for recomputation of travel, this office will be contacted not later than 5 January 1981. 5. All addressees are to acknowledge receipt of these instructions and provide their point of contact for this submission. This can be accomplished by telephone. 6. Point of contact in this office is Phyllis E. Brower, Ext. 6947. C- e, 2 Incl ~/ J . G. ftFFONE `od,,Ct as / DD C5RT// j> yp_f- ac -af_ DTCTDTBTTTTON ~l : VOL Comd Gp, FGGM DCSOPS-PTRA (PTR-T) ADCSOPS-HUMINT D-7L/ ~4'.' ICF USAASD USASED Vr(, GG~ ~+ ADCSOPS-OPSEC Comd Gp (HQ Spt Div) LO DARCOM TlCSPE,D E /ATT Spa. A-- 6 1s DG^M Ad m m t MID USASOD Automated Sys Actv CSO - FGGM ADCSLOG Staff Psych SSO FORM DAI FES 62 496 REPLACES DO FORM 96, WHICH IS OBSOLETE. _Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-007888002000060002-3 A GPO-1975-665-422/1063 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002000060002-3 'ACTIVITY c; R ! LL t/,4-,' f C PE _ 3~ / Actual Oblig Avail Bal 1 Oct-31 Nov 80 1 Dec 80-30 Sep 81 Approved COB Submission Travel of Persons ISIS tl S g "0 r - Trans of Things Rents & Commo 314 IT- Purchased Services / 3