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November 4, 2016
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September 5, 2003
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Approved For Release 200 3~9'9/?fe1: A R - 0788R002000140016-9 DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WASHINGTON, D.C. 20301 Minutes of the Meeting of the DoD Committee on Remote Viewing Activities 1. (U) Place: DIA/DT Conference Room, Pomponio Plaza. 2. (U) Time and Date: 1000, 24 August 1978. 3. (U) Present:' Dr. Jack Vorona, DIA/DT Colonel Jack Capps, Army/ACSI Mr./Charlie Carter, Army/MIA Mr. .'Da Force/FTD I IDIA/DT-1 4. (S/ORCCN) The purpose of the meeting was to establish a unified DoD effort in the development of remote viewing technology for intelligence purposes. High interest in this area has been shown by the DoD, Army, Navy and Air Force, and therefore a coordinated effort should result in a more efficient use of resources. 5. (S/ORCON) Dr. Vorona began the meeting with comments about the extreme sensitivity of the subject. Personnel should only be brought in on a strict need-to-kndw basis. The effort is-fully supported by the Director of DIA, but he also recognizes the possible pitfalls and potential problems that may arise should unauthorized individuals gain access to the program or information associated with it. The program will be established specifically to investigate the remote viewing phenomenon and the extraordinary collection potential it offers. The Soviet Union has a significant commitment in this area and it is therefore incumbent upon the Doll to understand the phenomenon, identify the mechanism by which this occurs'and investigate the feasibility for military applications. Only in so doing would we be able to assess the threat paranormal phenomena offer to our security. However, because this is not yet a proven technology, nor can it yet be identified as a hard "science," extreme caution and discretion must be exercised at this nascent stage of the program. 6. (S/ORCON) Dr. Vorona also spoke about the current monetary resources devoted to the effort. The DIA, FTD, and AMSAA have contractual funds at the Standford Research Institute (SRI) for some preliminary investigations SG1J CL..CS:FMD 1,.7 TJA (I)T) ~p a a+ ~rY rv #I.:l p PFG:.: U; :1:::, ;L U MMMIFICATION DG.T t~ 1 71r R.N1~YY C' '... .. 11552 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-007$ QTt1= DI"SEMINATIO T P*.r l,~t'r ".C~'Tr7V OF DI:C1du&IFY U1'ON NOTIFICATION OF Ohl '1;tM71R, Approved For Release 2 6 l 'DP96 00788R002000140016-9 BEC t into remote viewing feasibility. However, this funding will cease at the end of the current fiscal year (30 September 1978). To maintain a.satisfactory funding level, there must be a coordinated DoD commitment and effort, along with a cohesive, defensible program of development. This would be a primary purpose of the DoD Committee on Remote Viewing Activities. 7. (S/ORCON) Dr'. Vorona then discussed the problem of maintaining the security of the remote viewing project. He has decided against the establishment of a restricted access list and a special codeword for the program, since this would only generate more paperwork, require that more individuals become involved and further risk compromising the sensitive nature of the project. However, all papers and reports generated as a result of the program will be identified, as SECRET, ORCON. 8. (S/ORCON) Next followed a discussion about the establish- ment of the Advisory Committee and Working Group. The former will provide overall policy and guidance in the development and maintenance of a DoD remote viewing program. Membership will consist of representatives from DIA, DUSDRE, Army, Navy, and Air Force. Specific individuals will be identified at a later date. The Working Group will be involved in the actual identification and control of the contractor(s), the development of research studies, evaluation of experimental results, control of monetary resources and the rdutine administration and managerial actions associated with the program. All members of the Working Group will have a financial commitment to the project, and will consist of DoD and NSA personnel only, non-DoD members will not be included in the initial program. In addition to the basic core of the Working Group, "ad hoc" subgroups or personnel can be called in for guidance or to support special requirements as they may arise. Individuals may be those who have high interest or new ideas to contribute, but who do not have a DoD and monetary commitment to the program. Contract monitors from the DoD and the Services would be members of the Working Group; also included would be individuals involved with remote viewing training, experiments, and long-range research. The goal of the Working Group would be to develop sound, relevant experiments in order to gain a firmer understanding of the underlying physics. It would also be responsible for coordinating all experiments to gain maximum results for the Doll and the Services. 9. (S/ORCON) All participants-agreed that copies of the minutes should be sent to the respective Service ACSIs along with a cover letter explaining the purpose of the meeting and requesting comments on the proposed DoD remote viewing Approved For Release 0~ /09 1 g :CIA-RDP96-00788R002000140016-9 .,' y ...cr w.A? x w . . T I""^~rip~ r rrn~7 1 ^'n T`;T! V T'ON OF Approved For Release 2003/09/10: lA- DP96-00788R002000140016-9 program, the establishment of an Advisory Committee and Working Group, and availability of monetary resources for the next five years, beginning in FY 1979. Thi's would probably be the minimum time frame in which to determine the feasibility of an applied remote viewing program. 10. (U) The meeting concluded at 1140 hours. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for the latter part of September after receipt and evaluation of the Service comments on the minutes and proposals. SG1J ...` i..r.?. Fart hMMY b .i. Approved For Release 2003/09/10: CIA- DP96-00788R002000140016-9 '?CSE?~MIiNTT:C':? VID ,`rTIoN^~jor INFOfMATIOil cc:; ' lc,1' LI'L) BY `J11I LiI T' l~(~~