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November 4, 2016
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May 19, 2000
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May 15, 1978
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MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, OPSEC Spt DIV SUBJECT: Gondola Wish (U) 15 MAY t Th? 1.,(C) The first training phase is tentatively scheduled to begin on 2?9OCT 78, and will be conducted for four consecutive weeks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The time between training sessions is to be spent on independent reinforcement of the techniques learned during training. 2. (C) Individuals selected for training will undergo preliminary psychological tests to insure their stability during altered states of consciousness. Should selectees fail to pass these tests, sub- stitutions could be made prior to the begining of training. Plans are to have these preliminary tests completed prior to 1 Jul 78. 3. (S) Actual training consists of advanced biofeedback techniques coupled with brain hemisphere synchronization to induce altered states of consciousness which will facilitate parapsychological phenomena. The training will be conducted at the'Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences (MIAS), Afton, VA. Present plans are to have two personnel receive this training. MIAS has agreed to conduct this training on a confidential basis. The stated objectives of this training are to enable the trainees to collect sensitive defense information utilizing parapsychological means. The target.focus for this first training phase will be limited. Future training phases will depend upon the success of obtaining information about these limited targets. The reinforcement structure of the training cycle will be constructed to provide trainees with the ability to recover "word" information from nonwitting subjects by parapsychological means. The "word" information in this case will be computer access passwords. The narrow focus of these first targets will provide us with sufficient data to assess further training and/or use of trained personnel. 4. (S) Selection of two individuals for initial training is essential to the analytical extrapolation necessary in obtaining operational information from parasensory mechanisms; information perceived by the two individuals can be compared. Additionally,..the training of two individuals increases the likelyhood of successful utilization of parapsychological phenomena. Present plans call for the Gondola Wish project officer to maintain an observer status while selected individuals undergo training. At no time will the trainees be placed in altered states of consciousness without the presence of the Gondola Wish project officer. This procedure is to insure that while an individual is in an altered state he does not discuss classified information. C1czsaified by ...... ...mac' ?`, r147,e .......................:. E: EMPT FROM GENERAL DECi,AS31F ICAT'ION SCi EDUI. u OF EXECUTIVE C3' IDER. 11652 EXEMPTION C ~.TE(aOTxy ./..sue .............. .. ~'1FY 0,N wa. ....:. 1>ECIt~., . mss-- w ~. v.w W W. ~,,~ ~~y Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CIA-RDP96-00788FZU'Oz01O0~P3-1 CY-----j.... .._OF..... ( ...... CYS Approved For Release 2 00788R002000160003-1 5. (C) Cost: GOV will be used for transportation to and from Afton, VA. TDY cost for three individuals for this first training phase .will be $840. Training fee for MIAS will be'$,OOO which has been proposed to come from ICY. etc' FREDERICK li . ATWATER 2LT, MI CI Studies Section Approved For Release's I,RDP96-007888002000160003-1