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November 4, 2016
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May 19, 2000
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July 19, 1978
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DISP n0fts : CIA-R For use of this form, see AR 340-15, the proponent agency is TAGCEN. IAGPA- CO 160004-0 NO FOR DISSEM U) Request for Intelligence Contingency Funds_( TO Commander FROM Commander USAINSCOM 902d MI Group ATTN: IADCG-S ATTN: IAGPA-CO Arlington Hall Station, VA Ft Meade, MD 20755 1. (C) Request a one time payment GONDOLA WISH. DATE 19 Jul 78 CMT 1 of ICF in the amount of $2000 in support of project 2. (S) GONDOLA WISH is a program designed to integrate the Soviet parapsychology/para- physics intelligence collection threat into the all-source OPSEC support scenario. 3. (S) The project requires that selected personnel receive training which will enable them to simulate Soviet parapsychological intelligence collection techniques. After training, these individuals will utilize their skills in support of OPSEC missions by playing the role of Soviet intelligence collectors. An organization which can provide the necessary training to selected personnel has been identified and contacted. A fee of $2000 is required. Training is scheduled to begin in October 78. 4. (C) Successful completion of this training will result in a new intelligence method and therefore would be classified UP of paragraph 2-303a, DOD 5200.1-R. Funds for this training are not otherwise available due to the classified nature of the training and the embarrassment which would be suffered by both the US Army and the training organization, should US Army Intelligence involvement with this type of training be disclosed. TTLEFIELD Colonel , MI Commanding IADCG-S (19 Jul 78) TO: IAFM-ICF Approved. FROM: IADCG-S JOHN A. SMITH, JR Z77; /691- 19 Jul 78 Brigadier General , USA Deputy Commander for Security CY..... ...... OF .....CYS Wt- 444- It - : ~ t a1.e L3 S. i}.~,< =', ~{~Rl C.c~rt. 4Ji Approv e e 00/08, ?1} 2, 1AAQffi 96 WHICH IS OBSOLETE Ys 1975-665-422/1063 O M CLASSIFIE -----..------ l~taP~ FROM GENERAAL. 9' zti [' 1f.