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November 1, 1978
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rapprbve~cf For.Reiiease. 20 GONDOLA WISH (U) THRU: Chief,OPSEC Spt DIV FROM: CI Studies Sec 902d MI Group OPSEC Spt DIV TO: Commander 902d MI Group 0 ( 1. (S) PROBLEM. To integrate the Soviet and East European para- psychology intelligence collection threat into the all-source OPSEC support scenario. 2. (US) ASSUMPTIONS. (U) a. (S) The Soviets have a parapsychology research program whose existence is classified and whose funding and control reside largely with the Ministry of Defense and possibly with the KGB. This program has been active since the early 1960s, is staffed by competent scientists and technicians, and includes about 10 research units that range in size from a single laboratory to large institutes employing several hundred people. Soviet researchers have gained experience with a greater variety of research methods than have their US counter- parts and have completed more of the critical experiments needed to evaluate adequately the applications of paranormal abilities. b. (S) The Soviets will continue their attempts to develop the paranormal abilities of individuals to the point that these abilities can be used successfully in applied tasks. c. (S) Based on the areas apparently chosen by the Soviets for applications development and on the results of US research, the major impact of Soviet applied parapsychology research is in the area of intelligence collection. Approved For Release P96-00788R002000160011-2 Approved For Release DP96-007888002000160011-2 d. (IS) The CIA has successfully used parapsychological techniques for offensive intelligence collection. US research has demonstrated the ability to use paranormal sensory mechanisms f6r intelligence collection numerous times. e. (S) Based on US "state-of-the-art" , the advanced state of Soviet parapsychology research, and KGB sponsorship of this effort, the Soviets are believed to have the ability to conduct intelligence missions using parapsychology. It is reasonable to assume that the Soviets have exercised their ability. 3. (S) FACTS BEARING ON THE PROBLEM. (U) a. (S) Although the offensive side of the intelligence community has become involved in parapsychology, no agency has yet attempted to assess the security impact of the Soviet threat. b. (C) Based on discussions with CIA, the Soviet and East European parapsychology intelligence collection threat would most likely be directed against R&D of advanced weapons systems and/or upper echelon military organizations. c. (C) The 902d MI Group is the only intelligence organization with the ability and the mission capable of providing meaningful security support to counter the Soviet parapsychology threat. d. (S) Initially MI personnel will require specialized training to be conducted by a civilian institute at minimal cost. As a result of this training these personnel will be able to demonstrate the threat, assess vulnerabilities, and make recommendations concerning paranormal intelligence collection methods. Approved For Release W;tW=P96-00788ROO2000160011-2 Approved For Rele b ~{pj RDP96-00788R002000160011-2 NN~t e. (S) The program,to be truly effective, would eventually require a field operations team, trained in the use of parapsychology, in e support of spXcific OPSEC missions. 4. () DISCUSSION. (U) a. (S) Definition: GONDOLA WISH is a program designed to integrate the Soviet and East European parapsychology intelligence collection threat into the all-source OPSEC support scenario. This is to be accomplished by training MI personnel to be able to collect sensitive intelligence data through parapsychological means (such training has been scientifically demonstrated to be possible and is available) and then to utilize these trained personnel to perform the OPSEC cycle (i.e. demonstrate the threat, identify EEFI exploitable by parapsychological means, determine vulnerabilities, and recommend countermeasures) in support of selected installations/projects. In House Comment: This program concept has been discussed with DIAO&MDM and the Foreign Technology Division (FTD), USAF. They agree with the con- cept, feel that the 902d has the best charter to prsue it, and encourage continued emphasis of the program because of its vital importance to national security. b. (S) Classification: The term GONDOLA WISH is a nickname and is unclassified. When GONDOLA WISH is used in conjunction with the description of the project it becomes SECRET. The project GONDOLA WISH is classified SECRET UP.of paragraph 2-303a,DoD 5200.1-R. In addition to its classification, information relating to the project must be maintained on a strict need to know basis and kept "close hold" for the following reasons: First, over the years the study Approved For Releas DP96-00788R002000160011-2 Approved For Release DP96-00788 R002000160011-2 of parapsychology has been plagued by religious and occult over- tones. Because of this, many have been unable/unwilling to accept the realities of parapsychological phenomena. Regardless of scientific evidence developed by highly respected institutions, many feel that to recognize the existence of extrasensory perception (ESP), out- of-body experiences (OOBE), or psychokienesis (PK), undermines the very foundation of their belief system. These individuals may be compelled by there religious/moral aspirations to reveal classified information with the belief that they are doing it "for the good of the country". Still another source or resistance to accepting the principles of parapsychological phenomena is social or peer pressure. Many feel that if they express their interest in such a "weird" subject that they will be segregated from their peers, fired from their jobs, rejected by their families, or labled as "some kind of a nut". On the other end of the spectrum are those individuals whose belief structff is based on religious or occult concepts which foster parapsychology. These individuals tend to lose their perspective in dealing in this area and therefore would be d 'sfunctional to the program. Additionally, these individuals may release project infor- mation to foster their own personal philosophies which they'hold to be more important than the classification criteria. c. ('S) Background (U) (1) (S) DoD Involvement (Ti) (a) DIA is presently monitoring all DoD activities in Approved For Release 2 lj+ PRpP96-00788R002000160011-2 Approved For Relea _ 6-00788R002000160011-2 parapsychology. While there is some DIA sponsored R & D in para- psychology, there are no DoD agencies which are known by DIA to use parapsychological techniques for offensive intelligence collection. (b) MIIA originally had the charter within DoD to assess Soviet parapsychology research. MIIA published two documents to this end, one in 1972 and another in 1975. (c) Foreign Technology Division (FTD), USAF, now has the DoD charter to assess Warsaw Pact country activities in parapsychology to include assessment of trends, current research, and potential future achievements. The most recent report on this effort was published 1 Oct 7y. (d) MIA receives briefings along with DARCOM personnel to keep in touch with the "state of the art" in both US and Soviet research. (2) (*S) CIA Involvement (U) SG1 D SG1 D (a) (S) In 1975 the CIA contracted to review Soviet research literature concerning para- psychology. The results of their work were published on 14 Jan 76. The CIA continues to assess the organization, scope, potential intelligence value, and military significance of Soviet parachological research. 1W The CIA's most current report was published in April 1977. (b) (OS) The CIA has used parapsychological techniques for offensive intelligence collection. These missions were conducted during the early 1970s. An "official" parapsychology offensive intelligence collection program is not being p.'rsued at this Approved For Rele 0 - DP96-00788ROO2000160011-2 V wlw~IiLl Approved For Relea ICU DP96-00788R002000160011-2 time. There are two reasons for this. First, the source (gifted individual) they were using, Patrick U. Price, died. Second, the department that was in charge of this program was the same one that gn*n*^ ~aaa:..~a assassination plots. That department was disbanded, the personnel reassigned, and much documentation was destroyed. DIA postulates that CIA will be conducting an "official" collection program in the future when the political climate is better. Additionally, other DoD officials consider it possible that individuals within the CIA are persuing parapsychological collection techniques on an "unofficial" basis. d. (OS) US Research (U) (1) (PS) Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Menlo Park, CA, is under contract from FTD to conduct experimental research to verify the information which FTD collects in their attempt to assess Warsaw Pact country activities in parapsychology. SRI conducts parallel experiments to those known to be done in Warsaw Pact countries and thereby attempts to determine their "state of the art". SRI has published a great deal of unclassified information concerning parapsychology. A SECRET report which addresses their contract with FTD was published in July 1977, (2) (U) Numerous academic and research organizations have investigated parapsychology. Some of this work is credible while other work is not because of its lack of scientific principles. At any rate, there is a great deal of unclassified "open source" literature on the subject. Approved For Releases/ , $RIKIFIRM96-00788ROO2000160011-2 Approved For Relea DP96-00788R002000160011-2 . e. (S) Training (U) (1) (S) Both US and Soviet research have shown that individual G? paranormal ability is intrinsic and that this ability can be xnhanced through training and practice. Such training can include reinforce- ment techniques, meditative practice, self-hypnosis, biofeedback, and in the USSR, drug induced altered states of consciousness. (2) (U) The Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences (MIAS), Afton, VA, provides relaxation training to industrial executives using advanced biofeedback techniques. MIAS also provides a multidiciplined program designed to enhance paranormal abilities for interested individuals. Results of this program are documented and appear to be meaningful. (3) (S) MIAS has been contacted and is willing to conduct training of MI personnel on a confidential basis. MIAS is concerned about the Soviet threat and has been briefed on OPSEC concepts. At the present time we are working with MIAS to determine selection criteria for trainees. f. (U) Documentation: The project officer for GONDOLA WISH has on hand documents relating to parapsychology from the following agencies, as well as numerous "open source" publications: The CIA, DIA, MIIA, INSCOM, FTD (USAF), NIS (USN), and civilian contractors. 5. (S) CONCLUSIONS. (U) a. (S) The Soviets have the ability to collect intelligence using paranormal means and are believed to be doing so. b. (S) The US Army is subject to exploitation by the Soviet para- psychology threat. Approved For Releas DP96-00788R002000160011-2 %J tmw 1% LW I Approved For Releas 96-00788R002000160011-2 up - 11110 c. (C) Action must be taken to counter this threat if the US Army is going to remain effective in the accomplishment of its mission. d. (S) The OPSEC mission of the 902d MI Group is best suited to provide the US Army with security support designed to counter this new Soviet threat. 6. (U) ACTION RECOMMEMDED. a. Recommend that project GONDOLA WISH be continued. b. Recommend that minimal funds be made available for training MI personnel. c. Recommend that the attached MBO plan for GONDOLA WISH be adopted. 1 Incl 1PREDERICK H. ATWATER as 2LT, MI CI Studies Section M4 occo"MM Approved For Release MM8/07 IA- P96-00788R002000160011-2