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November 4, 2016
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May 10, 2000
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November 26, 1979
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I~Y MLA- e NEWL.Alft I mom: JA W-0 $8 d 00rD90002-9 _ For use of this foam, see AR 340.15* the proponent ayeney Is TAOCEN. REFERENCE OR OFFICE SYMBOL SUBJECT IAFM-OPS-HUP Reorganization of HQ INSCQM and CONUS Elep}ents FROM CH, PPD References; a. IARM-C DF, SAB, 9 Nov 79 (,Intl 1). b. IAMA Memo for MG Rolya, Sub.:. ^ DATE. 16 Noy 79 CMT1 LTC Sheaffer/dm/7725 Meeting (22-,24 Oct 79), 30 Oct 79 . c. CDR INSCOM (IACG) Msg, 2615342 Oct 79, Subs: INSCOM Reg 10-2 (ADCSOPS--HUMINT.Extract at Incl Executive Session. A 1 stones for implementation of HQ. INSCQM reorganization and.// e h e xai Ref a establis reation of the ist I&S Bde at FGGM. HQINSCOM will be consolidated at ,AHS, VA. I 'th the' rest of DCSOPS. C on The first reorganza, i of d above between HQ INSCOM (.ADCSO'S-HUMINT) at AHS and the Bde HQ at FGGM. In oing this, we must consider the draft revised functions (distributed via OFD.- d our current. provisional organization. A very X milestone is the division of functions described in t` Q INSCOM as are appropriate. The HUMINT mission of the Bde will entail command and control over only the USAOG no OCONUS MI Gps) and such other operational functions currently performed within hese actions were announced in refs b and c above. w. s will involve the collocation of ADCSOPS-HUMINT and DCS [4 Nov 79) which. have been prepare 4 L lose aok must be given to the line functions performed within the ADCSOPS to identify t f ndjor USAO as well as 3 unctions which. could be transferred include: s hose which. could be delegated/assigned, tothe Me G- RAP (4-S Staff. mus perform. Possibilities of line Biographies REPA TOUR TRAIN Management ated in Incl 2 and the draft ADCSOPS-HUMINT 0&F manual an p o 6. Request addressees review their functions and tasks currently performed, those d r Vide cgnsolidated SII account and related tasks (CMB function). Another factor to consi ex onsolidation in one location. An example could be the administration of a separate 'd is the function which will dissolve with DCSOPS HUMINT REDTRAIN Management 4 GRILL FLME CONUS TAREX Library and Collection Functions .'!''S`SEPARATE.D.: p~{ p RcGRA(G~`'~1.- i'={c^ % ;A .7 tl ed ERO" GLiSSIFJED E CLOSU