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November 4, 2016
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June 8, 2004
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October 3, 1979
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Approved For Release 2004/07/09: CIA-RDP96-007 RA2 00250013-0 EYES ONLY MEMO TO DR LA BERGE SUBJECT: GRILL FLAME Steering Committee 1. Much time and many events pertaining to GRILL FLAME have passed since the last Steering Committee meeting in February t is year. Additionally, several members of the Committee have re e tly c anged jobs, or are anti- cipating imminent departure. I therefore suggest the "old hands" on his----~E-t ~ommittee meet in the next few weeks to examine where we stand. 2. My feeling is that the agenda should be kept short, concentrating on central issues like Steering Committee structure and role. It may also be desirable to more clearly define or designate individual responsibilities pertaining to general program management and oversight. For example, one individual, by name,might assume the duty of keeping Congress current on the project's status. 3. Congressman Rose is a topic worth spparate discussion. It has been about three months since he was briefed on program specifics, and we should keep in mind his oft-repeated desire to be kept up to date on a continuing basis. A situation as before in which the last briefing was done at his instigation, forcing us to be reactors rather than action takers, should be avoided. 4. Finally, I believe that the GRILL FLAME Science Evaluation Group has been steadily pressing forward on its analysis of the program and general subject matter. We should not second guess what those results might be. Presumably, the game plan remains for the Evaluation Group to brief the Committee along with, or in addition to interested, involved persons from the National Security Council and White House staff. I am reasonably certain that the Evaluation Group cannot present its final piece before late November or early December. E. R. THOMPSON Major General, USA ACofS for Intelligence CF: Adm. Murphy Dr. Davis LTG Tighe MG Brown - . RADM Shapiro CL k ~ vw~ h,t, 7L of the t S r1'( 7 It AM V ( A-C U. ~_ ~,,, JkA f*F,-[elease 2004/07/09: CIA-Rd d }t l 6 DNW2A13-0