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November 4, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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March 7, 1980
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Approved For Release 200 8R002000250024-8 NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS IAFM-OPS-HU-SA MEMORANDUM FOR: COL CHAD B. WHITE, ADCSOPS-HUMINT SUBJECT: Work/Space Environment for Project GRILL FLAME (U) 1. (U) References: 7 March 1980 a. MFR dated 21 Sep 79, subject: Grill Flame Update for MG Rolya. b. MFR dated 9 Oct 79, subject: Space Requirement for Project Grill Flame. c. MFR dated 24 Oct 79, subject: Grill Flame Update Briefing for COL (P) Wilmot, 17 Oct 79. d. The Grill Flame Scientific Evaluation Committee Report, dated Dec 79. 2. (U) Ref a contains MG Rolya's approval to our recommendation that sufficient dedicated work space be allotted to this project. Ref b covers the primary points discussed between BG Smith, COL White, Mr. Silvano and LTC Watt concerning space requirements. At this meeting BG Smith stated that space was not readily available but that something could be worked out by Jan 1980. Ref c covers the update briefing given to then COL (P) Wilmot during which COL (P) Wilmot stated he would see BG Smith and remind him of the operational urgency behind our space requirements. Ref d is the report released by The DoD Scientific Review Committee which contained the recommendation (P 60) that adequate work and administrative area be provided. 3. (U) The problem of adequate space has been a constant which still exists and, in fact, has become more troublesome with each passing day. The lack of sufficient office space has always been one of the major drawbacks to our program. I realize that various levels of command have been concerned with the situation and all have been working to solve the problem. However, time marches on and we still find ourselves in an environment not conducive to the type work we are attempting to carry out. 4. (5) There are 3 major considerations that show how lack of space adversely impacts on the project: a. Noise Level Problem: As outlined below, we still have been experiencing a tremendous problem with the "noise" conditions surrounding our work atmosphere. We have no way to effectively measure how the "noise" problem has hindered or not hindered our work. We do know that "noise" conditions have been bad over 60?6 of the time (for the period 1 Jan-29 Feb 80) and that we have had to cancel ~.~-l~rrd as / / DPQ Rrvi?w MKI Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002000250024-8 IAFM-OPS-HU-SA SUBJECT: Work/Space Environment for Project GRILL FLAME (U) six (6) operational missions due to excessive noise. The following chart outlines the "noise" conditions for the period indicated above: (1) Noise Condition: Sessions ?o Bad(continuous, loud,etc) 38 60 OK(soft,periodic,etc) 22 35 Canceled(prior to start) 3 5 (2) Viewer's Response: Disturbed 24 38 Undisturbed 33 52 Mission Canceled 6 10 I want to stress that all sessions conducted during this period were all operational in nature and being carried out at the request of outside agencies. b. Lack of Analyst Space: Since 21 Jan 80 we have been operating with the personnel assigned to the task force. This has meant that we have full time analysts on-board and working on individual intelligence requirements as provided by various organizations within the intelligence community. However, we do not have the necessary work space to insure that conversations and working discus- sions will not be overheard by other members of the task force. We have to be able to assure ourselves (as well as outsiders) that internal compartment- ation has been maintained where appropriate. c. Security of Viewers: Current physical constraints make it necessary to conduct the remote viewing sessions in the immediate work area thereby increasing the danger that their identities may become known to outside visitors. 4. (U) Request your immediate intervention into this situation with the goal of obtaining the necessary work area for Project GRILL FLAME. MURRAY WATT LTC, MI Project Manager Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002000250024-8