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November 4, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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March 24, 1980
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Approved For Release 2001/04/ 8ROO2000250028-4 IAFM-OPS-HU-SA 24 March 1980 MEMORANDUM FOR: MURRAY B. WATT, LTC, MI, Chief, Special Activities Brat, ADCSOPS-HUMINT, INSCOM SUBJECT: Interface of IGFP Personnel and Outside Analysts(U) 1. (S) If remote viewing is to ever become a viable asset to the intelligence collection effort, certain obstacles, which are not a direct component of the controversal viewing phenomenon will have to be reduced or eliminated completely. a. One of the greatest obstacles will be the interface of the remote viewing collection effort with the taskers and users in the intelligence community. Even if the outside POC is Grill Flame cleared the interface will still be more difficult than between other intelligence disciplines. Because of ~./ the nature of the subject few cleared POCs or analysts will be neutral on the subject. 0 b. Our experience indicates there will be the true believer who probably doesn't understand the phenomenon but is overly excited about the potential, and his own involvement in the project. This type of individual will probably believe almost everything that is provided by the RV net. The undisciplined statement# made by this type of individual will result in a reduction in credibility of the IGFP. c. The other extreme is the type of individual who states he wouldn't believe it even if it was proven to him. This type will neglect to perform the necessary follow-up research required to exploit RV data. 6 2. (S) The POC analyst must be properly indoctrinated in the special require- ments necessary to efficiently task and utilize this bizarre approach to intelligence collection. It should be noted, however, that the prevelent problem encountered with POC/analyst thus far have not been primarily due to lack of RV indoctrination. a. For example, one analyst is reluctant to provide another POC. This would not present a problem if the analyst were readily available in person or by phone. However, his many commitments makes it extremely difficult to locate him at one of the many places he visits regularly. Call-back messages are apparently not passed on to this individual because calls are seldom returned. Some analysts fail to attend scheduled meetings to evaluate recently collected raw data and develop targeting data for the next RV session. At least two analysts GRILL FLAME Approved For a ease 2001/04/02: CIA-RDP96- CLASSIFIED 6Y REASON,-.2 , e _ . a7 Approved For Release 2001 /041f21'Lr n'r ^^788R002000250028-4 are usually so busy that they forget to call and cancel or delay the meeting. This leaves the RV coordinating analyst (CA) with viewers scheduled to work a target area without a valid EEI. b. There is some indication that the quality and accuracy of a viewer's impressions is highly vulnerable during the last few hours prior to a scheduled session. The viewers are highly sensitive to subtle indications that all is not well with their specific session or that it is being managed in an un- professional manner. Lack of timeliness on the part of some outside analyst, in particular INSCOM analyst, has caused considerable extra work for the IGFP analyst. c. Target research for mission planning, data analysis, and data feedback to the coordinating analyst should be provided by the POC. Coordinating analyst should not be expected to become an expert in all areas that we might be required to support. If CA's are required to do this it could reduce IGFP's credibility during the initial learning training phase of the project. 3. c: ih (S) Outside analyst must be required to restrict this tasking to the type of targets that cannot be easily targeted by other techniques. Some analysts have provided an ICR on a particular country and then seemed reluctant to provide specific tasking that was planned relative to the unique abilities of the source. ----- Tasking must be designed to provide the viewer with enough data to 00 access the particular requirement witI roviding information that would color the response. 4. (S) I suggest that a well thought out SOP be developed for the interface of IGFP project officer with those in the intelligence community. ~ ol HARTLEIGH RENT GS-l2 Senior IGFP Analyst Approved For Release 2001/04/0jeEMM UILMIL 88R002000250028-4