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November 4, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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April 14, 1980
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Approved For Release 2001 / 40 j 2 ,q,A, RDP96-00788R002000250029-3 IAFM-OPS-HU-SA 14 April 1980 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Grill Flame Update for DCG-I (BG FLYNN), 11 Apr 80 1. (U) On 11 April 1980, I provided an in-depth INSCOM Grill Flame update briefing to BC Flynn. This briefing was given at the specific request of BG Flynn. NOTE: COL Stern, DCSOPS, USAINSCOM, received his initial orientation on the program at the same time. The following personnel were in attendance: BG FLYNN COL STERN LTC HAWES LTC WATT DCG-I, INSCOM DCSOPS, INSCOM XO, ADCSOPS-HUMINT, INSCOM INSCOM GRILL FLAME Project Manager 2. (U) Inclosure 1 shows the outline of the briefing. The briefing had been scheduled to last three hours, but due to other commitments, 8G. Flynn had to leave. after. two hours. I was able to. brief all items of importance even though the time period was shortened. 3. (U) BG Flynn made the following observations/taskings: a. Requested that we arrange for a program review to be et up between the ACSI and CG, INSCOM sometime in the June/July time rame. That this review should take stock of where we are in the program and allow the ACSI/CG, INSCOM to give focus and direction to the program. b. Stated that we should design and set up a training program. This training program should be formalized so that we can orderly program for replacements/additional personnel coming into our organization. c. At the suggestion of COL Stern, it was directed that we look at finding other TDA slots to put our personnel against. COL Stern pointed out that there are numerous.TDA slots in the headquarters that are never filled and probably never will be and that if we can put our personnel in those slots then the various staff elements can put in requesition against the ones we are currently filling. CLASSIFIED BY: MSG, DAMI-ISH. 0516302 Jul 78 REVIEW ON: 14 April 2000 Approved For Release 20 if ip96-00788R002000250029-3 Approved For Release 2001/04/02, 96-007888002000250029-3 IAFM-OPS-HU-SA SUBJECT: Grill Flame Update for DCG-I (BG FLYNN), 11 Apr 80 d. Directed that'we try to be more flexible in regards to our space requirements. BG Flynn felt that we should retook at the possibility of using the interview rooms in the Special Operations area. I explained to him our concern for safe-guarding the identity of our personnel, but that I would look into the situation again and see if something could be arranged until we moved into our new area. e. BG Flynn directed that we have a signed statement from all personnel that states their concurrence that all sessions are tape recorded and that we do monitor most sessions from outside the rooms and that they have no objections to either of the above conditions. 4. (U) BG Flynn expressed his confidence in the management of the program. Directed that we continue as we have been, but to be sure that we keep everyone informed. 1 Incl Outline-of Briefing t'J ff P'k~$ SE F t II IT' FT 1) /% - V1 - MURRAY B. WATT LTC, MI Project Manager GRILL FLAME Approved For Release 2001/04/ ` $,$8002000250029-3 Approved For Release 2= - DP96-00788R002000250029-3 II. SELECTION OF PERSONNEL a. Criteria b. Interviews, etc c. SRI interviews d. Final selection DEVELOPMENT OF MISSION STATEMENT IV TRAINING PROCESS a. Initial objectives (1) Familiarization (2) Weed out indiv b. Beacon targets - how developed, etc. c. Local targets d. Geo targets - type, etc e. Other procedures for targeting f. Operational targets V. ESTABLISHMENT OF PROTOCOL (move this up) VI. APPROVAL OF PROTOCOL BY SURGEON GENERAL AND ARMY GENERAL COUNCIL VII. DOD WORKING GROUP - purpose, etc..... VIII. MAJOR BRIEFINGS GIVEN DURING YEAR. IX. PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED X. FUTURE PLANS XI. RECOMMENDATIONS - 0 IN r1l n~jinnj .u Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : 96- 00788R002000250029-3