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November 4, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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July 8, 1980
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Approved For Release 20o~MaFC ?FgP'P6'6-00788R002000250039-2 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD 8 July 1980 SUBJECT: Grill Flame Briefing for Director, DIA (7 July 1980) 1. (U) PURPOSE: To outline significant points of the INSCOM Grill Flame briefing given to LTG Tighe, Director, DIA, 7 July 1980. 2. (U) OVERVIEW: ADCSOPS-HUMINT had been advised on 3 Jul 80 by ACSI-DA that LTG Tighe desired an INSCOM Grill Flame briefing at 1530 hrs, 7 Jul 80. On the morning of 7 Jul, ADCSOPS-HUMINT was notified by OACSI that MG Thompson and BG Wilmot would attend the briefing. 3. (S/NOFORN) Following personnel attended the INSCOM Grill Flame briefing held in LTG Tighe's office: LTG TIGHE, Director, DIA ADM KELLN, Deputy Director, DIA MG THOMPSON ACSI BG WILMOT, OACSI DR. COLLINS, DIA SG1J DR. VORONA, DIA LTC SASAI, OACSI DR. PUTHOFF, SRI-I LTC WATT, HQ INSCOM 4. (S/NOFORN) All Army personnel thought the reason for the briefing was to provide LTG Tighe with an update of the INSCOM portion of the Grill Flame program. However, it was discovered shortly before the briefing was scheduled to start that Dr. Vorona intended for the Director, DIA to receive a series of briefings (similar to the ones given in early April to Admiral Kelln) to update him on the proposed DoD centrally managed Grill Flame program. This proposal calls for DIA to be the central manager and calls for a joint effort for 3 years with an annual contractual expenditure of approximately 450K. 5. (S/NOFORN) Dr. Puthoff presented the highlights of the work he had done for DoD during the past year. He explained that the large majority of his effort had been designed around technology transfer (i.e., giving orientation training to INSCOM personnel) and reliability improvement. He then went on to outline SRI's plans for their new training techniques which appears to produce better RV results. 6. (S/NOFORN) I briefed on the highlights of our effort (Dr. Puthoff was not present during my presentation). See inclosure 1 for outline of my briefing. LTG Tighe appeared very interested in the data presented and asked numerous questions concerning operational parameters. He also was very interested in the background and_.inter-personal relationships that our people share. LTG Tighe CLASSIFIED BY: MSG, DAMI-ISH DATED: 05163OZ JUL 78 REVIEW ON: July 2000 ~ Oz ~Jr~~~T~TA "~ ~OZ ~03~J!,~,.~ Approved For Release 2001 5 memo NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS Approved For Release 2 8R002000250039-2 V''' #CD71 to DIA for further study. Arrangements will be made to do so. SG1J 8. (U) Due to the lateness of the hour, Dr. Vorona and did not get to brief on their proposal. LTG Tighe said he would hear it later. --O~ ~ 4ve (%. %J 4 1 Incl MURRAY B. WATT Briefing Outline LTC, MI 7 Jul 80 for Dir,DIA Project Manager stressed. that we should be attempting to isolate personnel with proven talent(s) in given areas. I concurred with his comment. LTG Tighe was deeply concerned with the Soviet effort in this field and expressed interest in developing counter- measures if appropriate. 7. (S/NOFORN) LTG Tighe requested that we provide the drawings from Report Approved For Release 2001 , 110R002000250039-2