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November 4, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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ENTRY DATE: Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-C~~9 0at002000~~0~50-9 ASSETS USED TARGETING KNOWLEDGE PROVIDED TO FEE K O ANALYST SESSION 'SOURCE - MATERIAL UTILIZED INTERVIEWER FOR SESSION ! FOLLOWING SESSION SESSION tFORWARDED1 COMMENTS GATE PROJECT NUMBER CLOSED: IN 1 2 CLASSIFIED BY: MSG, HQDA (DAMI-ISH) Dtd; 051630Z JUL 78 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002000250050-9 2 Approved For Release 200W0 . XROA96-00788R002000250050-9 NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS SUBJECT: SPECIAL ANALYTIC REPORT INFORMATION (U) Date SECTION I REPORT RBnUIR. + r~NT I. (U) The information provided as enclosure to this report was obtained in response to a collection requirement provided by your office. The information is from an unconfirmed source, therefore caution is warranted in its use. This office has been tasked by the Commanding General, Intelligence and Security Command, to evaluate and comment on the operational. value of the information provided, as well as to ascertain the accuracy of the source. 2. (U) In order to comply with this directive, request the information provided as an enclosure be evaluated and comments be provided this office no later than . This should be accomplished by responding to questions pro- vfded within Section III of this report. 3. (U) Section II contains special instructions for the analysts. 4. (U) Project Number: 5. (U) Requester: 6. (S) Source Number: _ 7. (S) Interrogator Number: 8. (S) Date Information was Obtained: Times: FM TO 9. ( ) Specific information provided by the requestor in support of required source targeting is: 10. ( ) Specific information provided to the interrogator to aid in source targeting was: 17.. ( ) Specific information provided to the source for target orientation was: CLASSIFIED BY: NISG, HQDA (DAME-ISH) Dtd; 0516302 JUL 78 Approved For Release 2 - P96-00788R002000250050-9 Approved For Release 20 MR9 88R002000250050-9 NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS 12. ( ) Specific information requested by analyst: 13. (U) Date information forwarded: 14. (U) Has additional data been requested: 15. (U) Priority: URGENT r-1 16. ( ) Remarks: YESE] NO ROUTINE INSTRUCTIONS TO ANALYSTS 1. (U) The material you have been given to review has been acquired from a new and potentially valuable source of intelligence. Work is currently being con- ducted on how to improve the accuracy and reliability of the data. Your atten- tion to the evaluation sheet and your remarks will be the basis for our assessment of this new collection technique. Therefore, the effort you expend will greatly assist us and will ultimately result in you receiving more information of increas- ing accuracy and reliability. 2. (U) While formulating your judgements concerning the information provided, the following comments concerning this new source of intelligence may be helpful. Foremost, the information is likely to consist of a mixture of correct and in- correct elements. Specifically: a. (S) The descriptive elements are generally of higher reliability than judgements or labels as to what is being described (recreational swimming pool may be mistaken for water purification pools, an aircraft hull may be mistaken for a submarine hull, etc.). Therefore, seemingly appropriate descriptive elements should not be rejected because of mislabeling. b. (S) The data often contains gaps (in a 3-buuilding complex, for example, perhaps only two of the buildings may be described, and an airfield may be added that isn't there). Such gaps or additions should not be taken to mean that the rest of the data is necessarily inaccurate. 3. (S) Therefore, a recommended approach is to first examine the entire information packet to obtain an overall flavor of the response, reserving final judgement even in the face of certain errors, and then go back through for a more detailed analysis. 4. (U) If you have questions regarding the data you have received, or its evaluation please contact this office (IAOPS?-H--S) at any time. Approved For Release 2001"94 `!-CIA'RBP96-00788R002000250050-9 Approved For Release NOT RELEASABLE'TO FOREIGN NATIONALS TARGET EVALUATION 1. (U) For the summary evaluation, please check the following boxes as to the ACCURACY* of the submitted material. a. (S) Geographical locale des- cription (terrain, water, etc.) b. (S) Large-scale manmade elements (cities, buildings, silos, docks, rail- road lines, airfields, etc.) c. (S) Small-scale manmade elements (antennas, computers, tanks, missiles, offices, etc.) d. (S) General target ambience (re- search, production, administration, D storage, troop movements, naval activity, air activity, weapons testing, etc.) e. (S) Relevant specific activities CBW missile firing r testin ucle ( , g, n a storage, FLINT monitoring, etc.) f. (S) Personality (physical des- criptions, actions, responsibilities, plans, etc.) 788R002000250050-9 2 N/A DODD F1 D D 1:1 El 1:1 1:1 0 1:1 0 El EJI El 1:1 El El D El 1:1 2. (S) Overall Utility: NONE MARGINAL USEFUL VERY USEFUL U CANNOT BE DETERMINED *Definitions for the accuracy scale are as follows: O=little correspondence (Self explanatory.) l=Mixed results (Mix of correct and incorrect elements, but enough of the former to indicate source did collect against target.) 2=Good (Good correspondence with several elements matching, some incorrect information.) 3=Excellent (Good correspondence with unambiguous unique matchable elements and rela- tively little incorrect information.) UNK=U known. N/A=Not Applicable. Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002000250050-9 Approved For Release 2001 QL;Qwa . R-TM8R002000250050-9 NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS 3. (U) Detailed evaluation sheet: Specific Transcript/Drawing Items a. ( ACCURACY* Source 4. ( ) Any additional comments which you wish to provide should be noted here: 5, ( ) Any positive recommendations which you wish to provide should be noted here: 4 *A 4i FfOPRe ,S/0 /CdC 'CIA ?DP96-00788R002000250050-9 Approved For Release 20 - 0788ROO2000250050-9 NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS 6? (S) Is additional information desired? YES NO 0 a. (S) Priority: URGENT 1:1 ) ROUTINE Date b. (S) Items: (1?) (Signed) SIGNATURE (Printed) NAME, GRADE (Printed) TITLE, or OFFICE Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002000250050-9