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November 4, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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December 12, 1980
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Approved For Release 20 =00788 R002000250055-4 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Summary of Visit to SRI-I (8-10 Dec 80) 1. (U) PURPOSE: This MFR covers the primary points covered during my 3-day visit to SRI-I. LTC Richard E. Hartzell, INSCOM Command Psychologist, accompanied me. COL Chad White, ADCSOPS-HUMINT, spent Monday, 8 Dec 80 with us, but then had to leave to conduct official business elsewhere. 2. (U) Attached as Incl 1 is an outline of the schedule that we followed. 3. (S/NOFORN) I briefed the following SRI-I personnel on the current status of the proposed Joint Services contract: SG1J Dr. Hal Puthoff Russell Targ Dr. Ed May Beverly Humphrey DIA (Program moni to r) I made it very clear that I was not privy to the results of the numerous meetings taking place between the Service JAG's nor what the recommendations were going to be. I stressed that the problem seemed to be the age-old one of morvin,grany proposal of importance through the system. Also,. I had no reason to believe that the proposed contract would fail to be approved. I informed everyone that we (INSCOM) would have to wait for the Services' legal officers to clarify the situation and then get DA approval for Army participation in the program. When DA gives approval, then OACSI will give INSCOM the 'go-ahead" for providing concrete guidance to the SRI-I contractors. Until that time, INSCOM (and ACSI) does not want SRI-I to begin working on any portion of the proposed Joint contract that directly relates to our requirements. 4. (S/NOFORN) We did discuss what the goals would be of the two programs that INSCOM would want SRI-I to carry out once approval was obtained from DoD/DA. The goals of these two programs would be: a. Audio/Sematic Analysis - Develop Audio Analysis techniques that can, under operational conditions, separate the correct from the incorrect statements concerning data available from taped viewer descriptions of remote viewing problems. b. Targeting Requirements - Develop techniques which will indicate what is required for target acquisition, and whether or not these techniques or abilities are individual in nature. CLASSIFIED BY: MSG, DAMI-ISH DATED: 0 51 60Z JUL 78 REVIEW ON: 12 Dec 2000 Approved For Release 2d17'U"4V26-lJDP96-00G, NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS Approved For Release 2001 SG1J SG1J SG1J SG1J 0788ROO2000250055-4 5. (S/NOFORN) We also discussed the status of the program currently being organized to work on the tracking/locating RV problem. This program is separate from the Joint Services proposal, and has already been funded by ACSI. However, as of this date the 50K that ACSI transferred to FTD for eventual use at SRI-I still has not reached SRI-I. I was informed by that budgetS G1J officers from SRI-I and FTD have discussed the situation and on that basis SRI-I is satisfied that the money is on the way. Therefore, Dr. Puthoff and S GU associates have already started work on this program. agreed to monitor this situation for Army and to stay on top of the money problem.. I told him I would check with OACSI, but felt that Army would have no objections and thanked him for his. offer. 6. (S/NOFORN) During my meeting with Ingo Swann I learned that he (Swann) was upset that Army had apparently chosen not to back the development of his "new training program" and that Army was instead proposing to put their money into other aspects of the program. Apparently, Mr. Swann felt that his briefing to Army personnel in late July 80 had been given for the purpose of S GU obtaining funds from Army. In a later meeting with the subject came: up again. I informed that I had not perceived the July 80 meeting as a "pitch" for funds, and at that time in response to our questions Mr. Swann had stated that his program would not be completed for almost 1 year at which time we could negotiate for having some of our personnel trained. At this time, Swann does not appear ready to agree to training any outsiders unless he has complete control over the selection process, and any follow-on training that might be needed. He reacted in a very hostile manner to my inquiry about the possibility of some people receiving training in the next year or so. Again, S GU explained this hostile attitude as being a result of Swann's perceived idea that the Army did not want to back his program. went on to explain that even though DIA will be funding this aspect of the overall program there will not be enough money to see the training program through completion. In response to whether or not Army would be willing to put some dollars into this segment of the program, I told I would let OACSI know of. his concern and that he should bring the sub~ec up a the quarterly Grill Flame meeting on the 23d of Jan 81. 7. (S/NOFORN) gave the following summary as being the current status at SRI- regar ing work in the Grill Flame arena: a. As of the 1st of FY 81, SRI-I was out of funds to carry on work in the Grill Flame area. b. That a "dummy" contract number has been set up to charge against until joint contract gets approved. This is being done on basis of conversation S GU with Dr. Vorona and c. That SRI-I will have to let some project personnel go as of the first of the year. This will probably be one Senior Scientist and some kind of cut- back in administrative personnel. Approved For Release 2G9N 6-OO788ROO2OOO25OO55-4 NUT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS Approved For Release .. - 0788R002000250055-4 8. (U) I expressed my strong reservations about the legality of working against tasks when no contracts have been approved and stressed again that we wanted no work done on Army projects until contracts were approved. (( ? 6. urax\""~ Incl MURRAY WATT as LTC, MI INSCOM GRILL FLAME Project Manager APPROVED( `CHAD B. WHITE COL, GS Approved For Release 200170410Y: Cr RDpP96-00788R002000250055-4 NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS