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November 4, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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January 5, 1980
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SG1 H proved For Release 2001/04/02: CIA- O96-Q0}788RO02DOA250057-2 5 January 1980 SUBJECT: GRILL FLAME Update for BG Flynn, 4 Jan 1980 (U) 1. (U) This MFR highlights the major points covered during the update briefing given to 13G Flynn, DCG-I, concerning Project GRILL FLAME on 4 Jan 80. Following personnel attended the briefing: BG Flynn, DCG-I COL (P) Wilmot, DCSOPS COL. Carr, CofS COL White, ADCSOPS-HUMINT LTC Watt, INSCOM GRILL FLAME Project Manager(briefer) 2. (U) PURPOSE: The briefing had been requested by BG Flynn in order to provide him with the latest developments and to cover significant activities of the project since his 21 Sep 79 update. 3. (S) LTC Watt briefed the group on the numerous orientation/update briefings that he has been required to give-over the past 3 months. 1hesc included sessions for the Director, DIA, Dr. LaBerge, Gale Committee, CIA, and - Further, LTC Watt stated that he has received a request via Dr. Vorona, DIA DDS & T, to brief Congressman Rose on INSCOM's GRILL FLAME Project. OACSI (MAJ Stoner) has been informed of the request and has given approval. BG Flyn had no objections and felt that it was the type of briefing that needed to be given to insure proper support for the program. 4. (U) LTC Watt then covered the operational tasks that his element has been working on since mid-Sep 79. He stressed that these tasks were not self-generated but rather assignments given to him by INSCOM leadership. LTC Watt introduced several of the reports for review by the group. BG Flynn asked that a sampling of the reports be left for his review. Inclosure 1 provides the project status as briefed. 5. (U) BG Flynn made the following comments during the briefing: a. Prior to briefing Congressman Rose he wants to have briefing officer give him a pre-brief. Date will be arranged later this month. CLASSIFIED BY: DIRECTOR, DIA DECLASSIFY ON: 5 Jan 2000 EXTENDED BY: DIRECTOR, DIA REASON: 2-301-C (3) (6) r4Ve0;F0r Relea?e; 0,01/0410.2.-. C.lA-1 0,.P - 47. RQ9_209_925.Q057.2 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY US ARMY INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY COMMAND FORT GEORGE 0. MEADE, MARYLAND 20755 Approved For Release 2001/ 4/02 : CIARDP96-00788R002000250057-2 IAFM-OPS--HU-SA 5 January 1980 SUBJECT: GRILL FLAME Update for BG Flynn, 4 Jan 1950 (U) h. Expressed strong concern that OPSEC support for the program did not appear to be making any progress. Instructed LTC Watt to keep in close touch with COL Pattakos, CDR, 902d MIG, to insure that the stated pace for OPSEC coverage was being maintained. c. Directed that no one not assigned to INSCOM should be "read on" to our program unless permission was first obtained from OACSI. LTC Watt assured him that was the procedure already being used. BG Flynn stated that for INSCOM personnel that authority could be granted by himself, COL (P) Wilmot, or COL White. d. Directed LTC Watt to submit some awards for personnel involved in the project who were deserving. BG Flynn requested that the awards be submitted within 30 days. 6. (U) Finally, we discussed the staff action paper concerning the establishing of a task force to carry on the GRILL FLAME effort. BG Flynn stated he approved the paper but was concerned that some staff element might be "caught short" because they would have to give up the bodies and yet keep the space. The CofS expressed his concern that the only way for the project to be carried out successfully was to dedicate the personnel to the program for the next 18 months and that the various elements would have to make the necessary adjustments. BG Flynn eventually agreed with the rationale and informed everyone to keep moving ahead. 1 Intl MURRAY B WATT as LTC, MI Project Manager COL W ThTE,'ADCSOPS-HUMINT 7 77 -Ap~rdve~rl._l~v~~F~se- ~9@4.1fl~ta-~-::D1!~-RR;P~6-007~~.ROQ200025005.7_-2