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November 4, 2016
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May 4, 2000
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June 21, 1980
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Approved For Release 2000 A-D0788ROO2000270007-5 PAGE 1 of 7 SUMMARY OF IRANIAN REMOTE VIEWING SESSIONS CCC-42-CCC-94 CCC-42 01 APR 80 SUMMARY: The viewer described Ahern as being in good physical condition and located in a room by himself. When asked if there were any other hostages at this location,.the viewer described an individual who appeared to be very ill. This individual appeared to be located in the same build- ing as Ahern, in a hospital or infirmary type environment. The viewer was unsure of the exact location of this building and had not recognized it from any previous sessions. /4(' e #V S CCC-50 08 APR 80 SUMMARY: The viewer described a two-storey building with some unusual design or painting on the outer wall. The viewer felt that he was not on the Embassy compound and there were three other unidentifiable hostages at this location. He also made mention, during the mission debrief, that there was a European-looking woman at this location. She did not appear to be a hostage or an Iranian. CCC-54 10 APR 80 SUMMARY: The viewer described an official type building with a French atmosphere. He did not feel that he was in the US Embassy compound during this session. // 17 APR 00 STEVEN LAUTERBACH SUMMARY: The viewer described a large, rectangular, two-storey building which faced a large open field. He was not able to make any positive identifications from the photographs available. He did feel that there were 30-40 hostages at this location, including 2-3 women. 4 CCC-63 //C e NA' 17 APR 80 AREA "A" SUMMARY: The viewer located five hostages in one room. He identified Robert Anders and Bert Moore. Donald Cooke and Joseph Hail or Michael Howland were identified as possibly being at this location. The viewer was not able to locate any other hosta;jes in this building. CLASSIFIED BY:MSG,OAMI-ISH dated: 051630ZJUL_78 REVIEW ON: 21 JUN 2000 Approved For Release 200ninRLfl&'_C K-_R ME "=0' P88R002000270007-5 fT , A XT IF) Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002O8 10$01-5 CCC-64 18 APR 80 WILLIAM ROYER SUMMARY: The viewer identified Royer, (queen, Scott and three unidentified individuals in building "E." The viewer also stated, during debrief, that the women were located in building "F." G.? :' C' 4 - _(s CCC-65 19 APR 80 AREA "MIKE" SUMMARY: The viewer identified Ahern, Metr.inko, Holland and Murefield at this location. He also located several other personnel including several Marines. He felt that 3 of these people were possibly Biucker, Limbert, and Lee. 5 .~,t CCC-66 1.9 APR BO SUMMARY: The viewer described an unusual light fixture and an old-fashioned telephone switchboard nearby. He also described a device he felt was related to explosives and a heavy machine gun near the entrance to this building. The viewer had an awareness of three hostages at this location. He was not able to identify the other hostages. CCC-67 19 APR 80 MICHAEL HOWLAND SUMMARY: The viewer was unable to focus well on the individual. He felt that Howland was located in a multi-storey building, which had a peculiar roof line. He felt that this building was within the US Embassy compound and described two guards located at the exterior of this building. CCC-68 '22 APR 80 SUMMARY: The viewer described a multi-storcy, flat roofed building that appeared to have some sort of cafeteria inside. The viewer felt that there were six hostages at this location, four of which are newcomers or being held here temporarily. With Joseph Hall, the viewer described a US Army Staff Sergeant (E-6). The remote viewer said that he perceived three heavily armed guards in the large room, and another at the entrance to this building. During the debriefing the viewer stated that he felt the hostages were being categorized and grouped at this time. {7 CCC-69 22 APR 80 PAUL NEEDHAM SUMMARY: The viewer described Needham as being located in a multi-storey, yellowish colored building. The viewer felt that there were 4-5 other hostages at this same location. He had a very strong impression that Colonel Holland was also at this location. NOTE: This session was pre- maturely terminated due to excessive ambient room noise. Approved For Release 2000/Q$ 002000270007-5 per. L Approved For Release 2000/08/08 CIA-RDP96-00788R002000270007-5 CCC-70 23 APR 80 Page 3 of 7 AREAS C,D,E,F SUMMARY: In building C, the viewer found eight Iranian guards, asleep. The main entrance was fortified, and there was an armed sentry outside. In building D, the viewer found five Marines, one of which he identified as Galegos, three civilians, and two Iranian guards. Access to this building was barricaded and fortified. In building E, the viewer found six Marine hostages, two Iranian guards and the same fortifications. In building F, the viewer found two male hostages and two heavily armed Iranian guards with hand radios. Outside of this building the viewer described explosive technique devices, either buried in or on the ground. r' CCC-71 23 APR 80 SUMMARY: The viewer felt that Hermening and an unidentified male hostage were being held in building J. /Xya /=/j S CCC-72 23 APR 80 PHILLIP WARD SUMMARY: Information indicates that Ward is probably being held in warehouse building on compound. Two guards located outside building it the parking lot. Several other guards inside building-at least 3. All guards are armed. SUMMARY: Two guards located right inside front door. They cover front area and interior of building. Three or four more Iranian guards, resting in room directly back from front door. Have automatic weapons. Three of the guards are women. Two women hostages in room on other side of kitchen. Source reports this is a new situation as they were separated before. Two male hostages on second floor. Early 40s. Word "agriculture" has something in common with them. Darkened CP/OP on roof. Two or three sentries have field glasses and flares. No heavy wespons. They have a radio which operates in the 25-29 megahertz range (most likely 26/27), and hand-held night-vision devices. Area around trees near gravel area could be armed with explosives. Walking into danger area. Source reported three other women who might be Iranians. Felt they weren't, but were trying to pass as Iranian women. SUMMARY: Building described as a public type building with two arched doorways. Exterior of building appears old and ornate. Building has partially flat roof with two squashed pyramid shapes on top and a small microwave antenna in one corner. Source believes this location is somewhere west of the Embassy compound. Source felt that there were three hostages being held here. There were armed security personnel located on the roof and on the ground floor. Approved For Release 2000/08/08t : CIA-RDP96-00788R002000270007-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002000?7O0Q74 7 CCC-75 23 APR 80 SUMMARY: Do not know where building is located, might not be on compound. Building has boards on windows, stone courtyard, stone benches, high walls around it, and fountain in grassy area. Source reports a total of seven hostages in this building and identified one as being Gary Lee. (He also identified an individual not on any list this office holds.) He felt that there were at least three guards (1 in room with hostages, and 2 in hallway). The guards in the hallway were armed. CCC-76 23 APR 80 CHARLES SCOTT SUMMARY: Felt building might possibly be Area "A." Information is similar to report CCC-74 (two different sources). Building had arches, columns, red brick wall and narrow courtyard. Reports that Scott is with 7-9 hostages, one of whom is Colonel Holland. He felt that all these hostages were disignated "Special Interest Category." Hostages probably located on second floor. There are five guards in the area. CCC-77 23 APR 80 STEVEN LAUTERBACH SUMMARY: The viewer described a building with multiple arches and pillars supporting an overhang. There was a warning from Lauterbach, to beware of the Iranian they call the "Fox." Immense amount of fire-power covering the clearings at this location. The viewer felt that he was on the Embassy compound. / CCC-78 23 APR 80 JOSEPH SUBIC SUMMARY: Identified Subic as being held in area "H" with at least 10 other hostages. Group was outside exercising at this time. The building was described as being a plain, long, flat-roofed, cement building with a double door and overhang at one end. There were two guards; 1 in hybiscus and 1 under overhang of building. Viewer felt that there may have been more hostages at this location, and that they come out in groups of 10-12 to exercise. / ,/I / / CCC-79 24 APR 80 SUMMARY: Two possible locations: Area "J" or Area "I" which is described as "E" shaped building. Initially building described as two-storey with columns and balcony. Dark, plush inside area. Staircase is wide-white lobby type coming in. Three corridors. People in right corridor free to move about while left corridor they are guarded; probably on 2d floor. From outside- two-storey rectangular building, red brick, flat roof, little wooden box structure in middle of roof, building may look like an "E." There are two female hostages located in right corridor and an unknown number of other hostages. Less than 20 guards to a shift. Know they should have more. Guards lack concern. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CI.A-RDP96-00788R002000270007-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002000270007-5 PAGE 5 of 7 CCC-80 24 APR 80 AREA J SUMMARY: The viewer found 11 hostages at this location. They are being held in four different bedrooms, three each in three rooms and 2 in the fourth room. He also described two Iranian women (1 with a pistol) and three male Iranian guards (2 heavily armed) in the front living room area of this building. The viewer felt that these D. hostages were allowed access to an extensive library. ,~yF, Fd