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November 4, 2016
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May 4, 2000
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April 23, 1980
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Approved For Release 2000/08/08*-C1,4?RWP963OM8R002000270010-1 NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS 23 April 1980 UNCONFIRMED DATA RELATING TO IRANIAN HOSTAGE SITUATION 1. (S) CC18(6), 02Dec79: Source stated that there were hostages located in a large multi-story warehouse type building. He was aware of at least 6 hostages, all male, three to a room, and that they were located on the second floor. He also described offices, a conference room, and a teletype room inside of this warehouse. 2. (S) CC27(3), 09Dec79: A different source stated that he had observed some kind of complicated communications equipment and various sorts of antennae and dishes within the warehouse described by another source on 02Dec79. 3. (5) CC23(1), 06Dec79: Source stated that the open grassy area between the Chauncery building and the large warehouse had been mined with two types of mines and that there were crew-served machine gun positions located around the perimeter of this open area. 4. (S) CC24(6), 07Dec79: Source stated that there was a large caliber machine gun, manned by two personnel, located on the roof of the Ambassador's residence. 5. (S) CC52(l), 05Jan80: Source stated that a group of hostages were being filmed within the compound. One of the hostages present was identified as being Malcolm Kalp. 6. (5) CC88(1), 08Feb80: Source stated that he observed a boat, which appeared to be a sailboat, in a garage located adjacent to the Ambassador's residence. He said that the name Ramses II (R-A-M-S-E-S) was painted across the stern. 7. (S) CCC2(6), 22Feb80: Source stated that sometime in late March two hostages would be moved to a hospital facility. 8. (S) CCC27(3), 18Mar80: Source stated that there were two other people with Ann Swift in a small house or apartment. He identified one as being a female guard and the other as possibly being another hostage, gender unknown. 9. (S) CCC30(11), 19Mar80: Source stated that Swift, Koob and several male hostages may have been removed from the Embassy compound. 10. (5) CCC42(3), 01Apr80: Source stated that he saw Ahern and an unidentified hostage at a location.described as being a hospital or infirmery. The, unidentified hostage appeared to be in very bad physical condition. He was very pale, sweating profusely and appeared to be unconscious. .23 l90 ,t~ SG1 I t~3i9r9,0"ab 1 ~cC~ lP7rk+/t /GFLt SG1 B CLASSIFIED BY: MSG, DAMI-ISH REVIEW ON: April 2000 Approved For Release 200 / S"': ,9788R0020QQ 0010-1 i_ T , _ E Page 1 of 1 page %d6"01 %L. I 1DLILL1L'l iJJ~A~lnr~i