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November 4, 2016
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May 19, 2000
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January 19, 1981
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Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002100450002-9 Late Night Algiers,Talks Cleared Way Christopher Finally Displays a Smile star Wire Services ALGIERS -After a day of intense lomatic exchanges that resolved di p to free the American Hostages in Iran, Deputy Secretary of State War- ren M. Christopher, the chief Amer- ican negotiator, last night initialed the accords, Officials had worked late into the night translating and readying the documents for the signature. When he returned from an earlier evening meeung,Wit" i??. ?a~ - w . ; The Washington Star Christopher had ' n minister inister rei f . , g o smiling broadly for the first time ?? ? in days but, as usual, he had refused ?metltS to make any comment. Hostages' Fam~Mtes ~o !ow Devi o ? A small group of re rters wits nessed the signng. ? n yXlety Christopher signed three doc? Through a N~ ht oft lation and e Their l V a h g 1n p uments, initialing eac contents were not immediately no final peons for Donald's return made public. Continued From A?1 to the United States, his brother said "This is a very, happy day," trying day for her and the families they probably will retreat "some. Christopher said after the signing of other hostages, noting that it was where away from the news." father of hostage " Arthur Kupke , ceremony. a " day of chills and thrills. ? re- "At last 1 can smile,, said the en? Rita Ode, of Sun City, Ariz., wife Frederick.:Kupke, 32, said he. who frequently met journalists' of hostage Robert C, Ode, 65, a retired ceived wfrom the State Depart. at word a.m. in his home at questions with silence during the career Foreign Service officer in meat ns meat sv111e.Ind. -ti t ti a io plexnego final 12 days ofcom. Tehran on special assignment, said "I was expecting it," Kupke said. here. "Thank God, it looks like it is all Speaking to Algerian Foreign Min- over. ""I'll wait until they get out of there and then to to Washington to meet the urin g more cautious ap asterMohamed Christopher Then taking a ceremony. Cristopsaid, "I nroach, she added "...but until him. If he wants us to go to Germany, ...iii i.,,t it think we should give on benau of rresmeur . = airspace, I'm not going to get ex* ? - all the people of the United ited States ates cited. little afraid of seeing him after such to thank your government and espe- She said she hoped "it does not a long time." "I'm time glad this happened fi k? t d er a m cutir of cially you personally for un take too long to get the f f i c u It role of there. It has been a long,.painful nally," said Earl Graves of Flagstaff, in the di rally, sal son of hostage John l f You and your co .' b t long di intermeary. time. Let's hope it wonteoo leagues have performed this heavy before it is all over." t till Graves. While also expressing the need OF ~y vassaid he had no plans to responsibility with great impartial- ' ity, discretion and high skill, for caution until the hostages are travel to Germany to meet his father "The American people will always free, -Winona McKeel, of Balch but planned to wait until the cap ives arrive in Washington. remember this contribution to hu- Snrihes. Texas. mother of Marine f ve t., ho thraa nr four mannarian manta, y ... ...5 ??-?? Sgt. Johnny Mcr eel jr., was uyuig people and their leaders," he added. to supress her joy, but could not days at least".he predicted. . Nam. Jeff Needham of Bellevue, Neb., w k h ne e Whi St d was Asked by reporters if hide her belief that the en Theasngtonar when the hostages would be freed, near. -LOUISA KENNEDY. brother of hostage Paul Needham, Christopher replied, "I don't know." "I'm happy, very happy," she said. "A day of chills and thrills" exclaimed, "This is it. It's all over," He spoke of "initialing" the doc- "I've tied a fresh, new yellow ribbon after the State Department called uments,but reporters saw him sign around the old oak tree. If its not his family about 4:15 a.m. EST to his full name on the three separate raining later today, we will cover from television and the State Depart- tell them of the latest developments. Instruments. It was not immediately this town with yellow ribbons." meat that the agreement had been . In Pasadena, Calif., the Rev. Earl clear whether he was used the term signed. Lee and his wife, Hazel, said they "initialing" in the technical sense She had been up all night awaiting They had gathered together for nally will ll allow themselves to be- for a pre signing or as a synonym word on the negotiations and said mutual support after months of fifine the allow thel l over. for the formal signing. when it started raining, she made highs and lows in emotions. "I really think it is unbelievable," The official Algerian press agen' up a big pot of coffee and invited "Thank God we are a close family, said Lee, whose son, Gary, was cy, reporting the ceremony, also said all the reporters standing around and we see each other often. We've among the captives. "But, yes, I can me in and get dry and been able to glue each other a ire- I'm satisfied. I feel it now v li id b " " e to co e e e outs the doc. initialed Christopher . uments, have coffee. mentions amount of support,- said great excitement and satisfaction It said the State Department gave .we just sat around and talked. Ernie Cooke, one of the brothers. and thankfulness that it is just about the Algerian charge d'affaire in We had a real nice get-together," The Cookes, like most of the hos- .over. Washington a letter early today she said of her new found reporter tage families are taking the' advicee __yit is over really, but we still want ign~t r d c? tri f at De artment and making o see Gary; on a plane and hear Q #t,-,r?1 ar , a a t7~8 , ?[ease l! 4ft R .99"g THE WASHINGTON STAR 4ondey, January 19, 1981 KEY :F r O ibitetakenbY' v i Possible two Algerian routes from 7275 to pick up Tehran h4rEtages. ,..