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November 4, 2016
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May 19, 2000
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January 23, 1981
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Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002100450004-7 e1 .1s. Wit eJd J9. tof rc#.Pr y cy treea,/tnerlc= hostages will home Sunday to the United States, ,5..We Department officials in Wies- , West Germany, announced 0 tdte, ?epartment spokesman Jac ve4inon 4Ai4 key will iiy to a --pri- Vdte locattvyhere they will be i~eited families . Wiesbaden, said the 52 freed rttericaus are expected to return t9 getL'r, arijer, the Pentagon was quoted its ayfn the 52 would be lodged of the U Military Academy at West int. . N.Y. on their return Thaw We tigportedly to stay there for 1p1 two days or private reunions 101. their fainilie,S.yeA lenrzting T _11e Quring cne captivity in Iran, and 49,#11 of ~xat they have discovered A4S gered them. hone conversations with the _.ilu 4It,. Ri , ill tzt their_Irian captors, members said yesterday.. ?,pe-_.-aingen, wife of L._ .atngenhe former embassy d'affaires said she had been , . _er h_usba.t~.d of J4, Irani . -iJUTIIS 14,_ Q1lrary onunement. 'ray didn't see sunlight or daylight v 0un;.e JY0ll ,Wt1lr t1Qret the Ans," she said. rd:p amended his pre- ? c i ltioli that.. his brother. ,"lm, had spent 150 days in soli Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002100450004-7 I/_ cused them of being ungrateful were defeated in the diplomatic and claimed U.S. officials are stage of America" were deceiving brainwashing the 52 Americans -as Americans for political advantage. a pretext for breaking the -, "All torture claims ofthereleased ApprovedeFor Release 2000/08/08 :.CIA-RDP96 00,788R U 450004- T STAR F We expected `this kind of libel Negotiator Accuses on behalf of the American officials who have been enemies of the Is U.S. of Brainwashing lamic revolution- of Iran,", Nabavi said. agreements signed with Tehran. h o s t a g e s emanate f r o m m "Considering the mentality of this brainwashing, 'carried out during tvne of rnnnfnrt.-1,inn Apprd dTF0rRe i .2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP98,QO?Qft08 ON4j7arangUinQ`bim`with their ?-a, _ said ne ? ? ?~~?? . a whwc waus were propaganda? ;and that stories weragreed with Deconcini. covered with the words "Angela cut out of ma azi es h d area I l Iran yesterday vehemently denied Nabavi said former President.Cer. it tortured the former hostages, ac- ter and and his colleagues who 1. 11 the duration of their detention not desirable, Behzad Nabavi, Iran's chief hostage negotiator, said in an interview with the Pars news agen. cy, monitored in London. ., Nabavi's denial of the torture ,c harges was the first official Iranian reply. to statements made by the re Teased hostages after their arrival in Wiesbaden, West Gergi;iny, 3vhicb ended 444 days in Iranian captivity, . ,Nabavi said tbe,United Slates-ivas "bringing up such baseless claims of torture in order to..revoke;the release settlement and claimed the Americans "confessed" they. were well treated. Senate to Hold Inquiry Into Iran's Brutality Nabavt said. "The fact is their stay in Wiesbaden is designed to prevent their direct contact with the people and to prevent the disclosure of truth before Washington could make its owil At closures." _ _ - He'said"America's step was corn. pletely pz'edictabl@.. " We have.avatlable video tapes Rtrvario.itilprYiliiys wflh t' lepseq ho~stgggg iu whii;JT the oil c'pu'l~ese4 f bat they have beeB vg? treated ahd'hutfianely apd ltait"q corn lamts The, `tapes .Would - e (ranJstn}tie, the' jiostagbs ppl1 ra? "We ,kue9t' tb t"Same bf,,th@',Je.. leased hostages were ungrateful and do not understand the meaning of kindness, since they were trained for the affairs of the Foreign Min? istry of the U.S.," Nabavi said. who seized the U.S. Embassy in Teh- Returnee Bruce Laingen of Bethesda gives victory signet Wiesbaden. ran Nov. 4, 1979, which triggered the crisis. The released Americans accused the militants o of carrying ng out t much p of O Hostages Will Fly the b use. a By Roberta Hornig Washington Star Staff Writer "We must express our thanks to State Dept. ` (J;~ them (the militants), because, deSunday, `YYYttt~ Senate Majority Leader Howard spite their profound hatred of U.S* . Baker said yesterday the Senate will policy and its operators in Iran, they a g conduct a full inquiry "into the bru- treated the cause of their nation's Continued From A-1 - his'?eyes so he couldn't see any- tal treament of the American hos? misfortune so magnanimously," tary confinement. Help said that in thing," she said. "Theyslammedbin. But Baker told a news conference Nabavi said. fact his brother said he spent 374 back onto the chair - he used the United Press international days confined alone in a cell because word 'slammed.' " he believes the hearings should be he had tried to escape. Mrs. Lee said her husband told put off for the time being because And relatives said other former her she. was certain he was about "the wound is too fresh. The wound hostages described the small indig? to die. "He said 'I was dead,' " she will be even deeper as we learn nities of daily life as political pris. recalled, adding that he said it more of the atrocities" perpetrated oners: their watches being taken passed through is mind that he on the American diplomats who p 6 were held hostage for 444 days, he and their reading material censored, hoped his wife and 11-year-old wer. their clothes' falling to shreds and daughter, Dana, could understand "1 think we should wait a little disintegrating in dirt and their trips that his life ,was being sacrificed for think aitebefore to the bathroom accompanied by for the country. . fo ours wounds to ea our policy armed guards. ? '"Three times there was a click of ward Iran or the nature of the At the same time, some family rifles," she said her husband told began to vent their anger her. agreement" which led to the freeing g or rho oat onal terrorism. ante an hign.spirits, the hostage, and Sen. Dennis Deconcini; D-Ariz On Tuesday night Mrs. Lain en had not been treated as well as their urger(,:PJesidesit-,$Qagarf ,;lpMate, spoke to her husband on the teie? families had thought. clearly that thq United States3g.nott phoney He told 'her that on Jan 3, Hazel lbin,' mother of Robert o legally or morally bound to ,tkte afteti bf@iFig'die1d fort ora thahi`tiv l luckerj'iei lit Vb ttfltrher "they agreement,"that gained freedom for Year altli tao;btti$t"'ltostagbs III ?li" shoved Jrin;t:aronndi a lot." Susan the hostages since it is an "estab. Idrgetroom ill -ttie Irsnfan' Foteigh? Cooke, mothtepq(t>~Rald Qooke,,vi ce lisped matter of criminal tsar thm Ministry` XdrfiliihMd.' with?~PerAittn-. rnnettt ni4hc d hsoo, -ou He said the hearings - which Mrs. Laingen, who has been a For. was held .tn the embassy basemen' will be conducted by the Senate For. eign Service:wife forthree decades,. in February 1980, "He said 'I could eigl be con e mmittee ~'woI said of her:own'ordeal: "So:'rnuch' feel the bullets` fli`n'ty Vick. i didn't have, two purposes ofcry life 'has been sitting on,the., y'et my sr a tq; be proud. 'l he firstwrpos"etoheIgdetermlh'' fro$titli Savatching:Khatakrlance's; Iwanle n $tr `~tandtail,'' 14 QT~tericanpolicy toward Iran in the or Japanese~eperef; npholchng tiled Dirs.Lee a d erh(f~bbaafid`toldher. [.me rr? Tice second will be to try to honor of the U.S,, and never a mo. Over and over family memberr determineeisecon UJiit Statesand ment of peace and tranquility. I'm repeated the same refrain yesterday other nations can prevent such In. tired of it. Pm not burned up I'm that despite their healthy appear ridents of inter i burned out " . x an, Angela. my love." g Holland's mother, Clara, said her s. what tit Y are..,. Of ^ `"` ' Purpose f . - If the Would dent bother me One bit a long walk on a sh tells them to it stop, 0~ lforityWhipAlaneSai calf for a Stine greed with Bkers. sco believes it inquiry but said e. should be broader in going into the bow we can Ovoid ack _ ho is ile to th lrsniansra en o deenjo Cranston o Fonifed States * said mittee member 8n Relations Com-, said he would believed the in quir lions d have to go back to t betw he een the rela. Iran in the United States and an help from th 1950s when wit h the was restorede t piA the Shah of Iran Overthrown, Power after Baker, being believe the however he e , said did past the arings not shoul ld U S, Iranian history. I think goynro we sh he said,adding ld dig up the don! What I Past ? deal with o ant to knowls ltwe: treated Atnerfcaias jke Iran OW Baker predicted brptaliy Of Indignation is that' "the flood andesaicans rhea nhehostege gstoW as .placed'-. iii thate inqutrY would Baker also reported r futur'e.'~.. port s Reagan r t he and:Secreta sup. vision to to . Haig Jr. Yn t ei Stale Stu hosta re ery her de, ?f the aid bed de t do Pleat the h renege o lieves this county imply its 'do not wish tows h o f It Ira saaidd, n i, ad add i -n the United States " he does stain asatheeadmtntStrattot 11 agreeme t c n a n o t ins. I Sions the Se~'non,eRN.Ye sari' Rep- Gerald agreement -until use to abide b jred World Court and it is assured the ernment wil! cos the Iranian "those terrorists t dust bringing g House e Republica Michel, R Al Bald n leader Bob of the worlds said, "The nations e th',to tio re t would darns Cmbine in ac- gime i th n Ira." e terrorist He asked President R Clara ee Iran an "Outlaw"esgan nation to d, ate to and show take whatethatctions are nation and 11 citizens with i un one harmsa mpun;ty ? . ur f f-a-other- hostages,: is head 'C. h b d bad d A l nge a. . us an married to awoman name tot eranat, he J1aingen told his wife teat a first tages were abused suet#aen.hed attempt. to trove him and his room. dom was-near. ",The were pelteA mates, Michael .Howland, a security with mud on bpe of the bus trips officer, and Victor L Tom th?the by. some of those charming little senior political officer bad .oc? Iranians,'.' Mrs.-Kennedy said, curred about two weeks earlier, The three men were being lest 'to Andrew .F1 Appel, a Iawy and a van-when Howland saw, the PH, friend a twoanGiilleteuy'. said lowcases and the ropes that theiran after 1, 1 ~- Duane Gille tt' tans had brpp ht to bind,thgm and phone call with kicked the "c~ttf mt nt" in the became obvious to all of us t groin, Laingen told his: treatment was not nearI a They were then shoved back up- es he had been leading us to Ave stairs, Laingett said, while one of in:his letters'; He said he wa rkot themilitatttsheld a.45-caliberpfstol for first but io three;mfonid Forr, to his head and threatened to' blow was not Mowed to speak to 'an his, brains out," He told his ,wife that it spas the first time In more bo Y r'"'r~4 rd than 30 years of diplomatic service Marjorithe ad a thewife of Bec that a pistol had been held to its C.Moore administiativeconsul: head said of convetsatioswith her huJs~ When he was finally transferred band He was tteve beaten or to - lured He was threa ened with a gtt'p I.aingen-said, he was told to behave to the head, )ld h .said o ahead if he wanted to eat. During his stay and shoot, :yott b as arils But they w at. ehe Or he he was '.b. lind olded didn't get, ~a co bination o f e h id er he went tQjhe batl opgt{ safe they stunted, . "~ w2r.: e sa fl~aAr~, a tied SG utttt~sr yrltiehherd unable ~o bathe iihe0jid. that; Se~6i Queen, aostage re eased last y$4~ ?wasFed he >ft}ns gfter a Tra di when it was discovered the e. a cooer~ " us so 4-1 ' i th, 51ie ssi o multple sclerosis, that the o ' gy hggrease ttqq ,c~00qq~ w were Dut before mock firin?'snuads usbandto' td "$nd a1} the Mrs,-Lee said her husband -a general -IF ]"' ? service of firer at. the embassy told Ira Moo e;said der It sbantt her that. he had been -involved in.told her thatifi infra sent s]}oj id " two such inc ents. . were usually with Col water. "They trussed him to a chair, tied longest he went without batIn him pp tightly; soil put cotton under 4,0 day said Mrs 1Gt~ore