SUMMARY OF 8608 #2

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November 4, 2016
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April 25, 2000
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June 26, 1986
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Approved For Release 200 %0 CIA- DP$=6-0789R000100240004-1 Summary of 8608 #2 Cl/ 1st Impression: It's dark (night). I am in a relatively small foreign city. It is a very old city. The air is hot and muggy and still. There is an odor of smoke in the air and as I look above, there is a layer of greyish haze. The color white is predominant--buildings, garments the people are wearing. The buildings are low, one to three stories, very plain, and are of a rough texture; like whitewashed cement or stucco. There is also an impression of barren hills in the distant background. There is flickering light, like torchlight, but it is at a distance, and may actually be small fires. 2nd Impression: I have the sensation that I am sitting engine of an aircraft flying at an altitude which make below appear to be well-laid out parcels of vari-colored land. There is a low layer of clouds which casts shadows land. Other than the droning sound of the engines, and the cool air passing over me, there is no further information. green on the feel of 3rd Impression: I am back in the first location. There is a very large, milling crowd of people. I feel emotions ranging from confusion and fear to anger. There is a mustachioed man in the center of one large group of people (comprised of men). He is dark-skinned, swarthy, and foreign. His fist is raised and he is shouting, attempting to incite the people around him to join him in opposition to the person whom they have been following. He is finding it very difficult to be heard because of the noise which surrounds him. 4th Impression: Again, a change of location. This time I am in a large room which has a long wood table in the center. 11 men are seated at the table, dressed in business suits and uniforms. This is also a foreign city. I have the impression that this is during the early hours of the morning (still dark) and they have been there for a long time. The room is quite smoky, and they have had meals brought into the room as a table off to the side contains used plates, cups, etc. They are discussing the situation in the first location and planning strategy on the resultant action they will take. 10 of the men are advisors to the 11th. They have not reached an agreement about how to swing their suuport and influence that will be of the most benefit to them--they are not concerned with moral implications, but rather image and power. 5' 60J on the pmt the ground Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000100240004-1