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November 4, 2016
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April 25, 2000
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July 2, 1986
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Approved For Release - - 00100240016-8 PROJECT CY8608 2 July 1986 -i,4401RKING' PAPER Procedures 1. ( ) On 23 June 1986, Sources were given sealed envelopes and instructed to provide a report of their RV perceptions no later than 27 June 1986. They were told that the target material in the envelope was related to the initial targeting provided in similarly sealed envelopes on 17 June 1986. The Sources were told, however, that this latest envelope contained material on a "new location". All Sources were cautioned not to open the envelopes and to keep them in their possession at all times. The Sources were further cautioned not to discuss their perceptions with each other. Inside the envelope was the following instructions: "From 032030 July 1986 to 062300 July 1986 has been nicknamed "Liberty Weekend, the 100th Birthday Party", for the Statue of Liberty. Such events are thought to provide lucrative opportunities for hostile terrorist activities. If such activities do occur or can be thwarted, they would most likely be reported in the news media. As time passes, accurate/detailed reports concerning such events will be published for all to know. DESCRIBE THE LIBERTY WEEKEND EVENTS REPORTED IN THE FUTURE WHICH ARE NECESSARY TO KNOW NOW TO THWART ANY HOSTILE TERRORIST ACTIVITIES". 2. ( ) Responses to this latest tasking were inconclusive and failed to positively identify a target of possible terrorist activity within the US. An abbreviated edited listing of the key elements of these responses are as follows: a. ( ) A strong impression that (the attack) was not directed. .. .at a specific site but at an activity/event. One aspect of the site involved (an) airfield (military or civilian) including jet air- craft and a strong impression of one particular "twin engined propeller aircraft". Two individuals...wear- ing flightsuits...impression (they) are some sort of aviators. (NOTE: Further descriptive data on these two te Approved For Release 2000/08/0 c - Approved For Release 200 6-8 VVU { ft PAPE' individuals indicated both men were altruistic, calculating and determined). A sense of "nefarious and extra legal" involvement (perhaps) "mercenaries". (These) individuals were involved with "planning routes", "checklists", "checkpoints", "out-bound routes-and in-bound routes". (A) chronic low level danger or threat seemed present..."Can't trust anybody completely...", "secrecy/security/close-hold". US and non-US people and locations involved... also connected with this perception is an older, masonary, "monolithic'.' structure with a water/land interface... grass, flowers ... and a long curved-over structure. One final AOL (unclear perception) was a caked, white, powdery, granular substance in a cardboard box... like laundry detergent. (SOURCE 003) b. ( ) A very old city (with) hot, muggy air. Low white stucco buildings. White garments. Barren hills, flickering lights (perhaps) small fires.. .An additional impression of a mustached man, dark/swarthy skin... fist raised... attempting to incite the people around him to join him in opposition to to the person they have been following... Emotions of fear... confusion and anger. A final impression is of a large room...long wooden table...11 men seated and dressed in business suits and uniforms. Discussion on the area referenced in the first impression and on planning strategies. 10 (of the ) men are advisors to the 11th man. They are not concerned with moral implications but rather image and power. (SOURCE 21) c. ( ) A location (with) large, massive and impressive buildings... Some kind of monument or public building...An open space which has a tremendous jumbled component (comparable) to the disarray of unarranged tables and chairs in an outdoor restaurant. An impression of a meeting between two men, one waiting a long time for the other to appear. (One) is businesslike and unemotional.. (The other) is nervous (and) seems trapped into doing something he (is apprehensive) about doing. The event centers around the nervous man bringing an envelope to the first man. The envelope contains a folded sheet of paper with a small amount of typed material visible. (SOURCE 018) d. ( ) An impression of the White House as seen from outside the fence. There are cars dropping people off at the door in formal attire. (Further impressions) of a formal dinner (and/or) a concert (in the White House). No impression of trauma. A second series of impressions of a large aircraft lifting off from a runway near a crowded city. The runway was next to water. The aircraft was somewhat misshapened (bulging) from the bottom. A (final) impression of National Airport in D.C. (SOURCE 101) 3. ( ) Source 101 specifically referenced an identifiable facility, the White House, as well as other sites which may have been located in the greated D.C. complex,without actually indicating the nature of any Approved For Release 200010 - R00 0 e--% rum-,; Sir 17% Approved For Release 2000 - 0*- 789R 2 Q' traumatic event. On 30 June 1986, in an effort to force a clear perception, Source 101 was driven and walked throughout the main D.C. business and monument district. He was not told the reason why this was being con- ducted but he was told to note any perceptions which he might wish to add to his previous reports. Source had no '`intuitive flashes" or cognitive perceptions at any site except the White House. At this point a rather unusual occurrence became evident. To fully explain this occurrence, it is necessary to provide the reader with some background data. a. ( ) In a formal RV session with Source 101 conducted on 20 June 1986, Source targeted against a totally unrelated site (Target "Other-C, a military complex). During the session, Source was seemingly unable to acquire the proper site although he did desribe in exacting detail a, "large hole in the ground "near" a multistory building. The building is surrounded by a fence and a curved road leads to the door. The entire site was well guarded and acess was strictly controlled. Repeated references were made to a "operational area" akin to an early warning center or military "Watch Office". Located in the deep hole near the building was a "device" which appeared to be out of place in the hole. It was described in various terms ranging from a bouquet of flowers standing on end with the stems pointing upwards to a whole cauliflower standing upside down with the various stalks and branches appearing to radiate out from the central stalk. This data was routinely retained but was deemed unrelated to the target and not pursued. b. ( ) As stated above, Source 101 was led through the manument area of D.C. and became intro- spective and somber only at the White House. He was very hesitant to leave this area and stated he wished to walk all the way around the White House Grounds so that he could view the actual site from all angles. The wish is impossible due to the larger rear area used to land AF-1 helicopters and the adjacent Executive Offices. On this day (30 June 1986) it was even more impossible to actually view all the angles of the White House due to heavy construction on Exeuctive Avenue, (between the White House and the Treasury Building). This construction is being completed as a park/walking mall project and as a result Executive Avenue has been blocked to pedestrian traffic. A casual observation of the site revealed the existence of two large excavations ("holes"), approximately 30 meters in diameter and 20 meters deep. That portion of the excavations visible from an open gate, revealed interlaced steel reinforcing mesh and support pylons. Pedestrians are not permitted to view directly into the excavation. Guards in the area would state only that the purposes of the holes were restricted to a "need to know basis". Source 101 was drawn to the excavation site but could not objectify his concern and a sense of tragedy associated with his perceptions of thw White House at that moment. Approved For Release 2000/0 Approved For Release LOT F R 4& i3LE J, 0 Z-10" Ci.:i. aN V-A l ? 11;g4Z3 -~' ORKii' G I 'E 4. ( ) As a final effort to more positively identify the potential target(s) referenced above, all Sources were provided an additional sealed envelope on 30 June 1986 and told to report on their per- ceptions on 2 July 1986. The Sources were cautioned that they may have already surmised the exact nature of this and the previous targeting.butthey were to try to work through any pre-conceptions and "front- loading of data". They were, however, tasked to report on any and all of these pre-conceptions and/or AOL's when submitting their report. Inside the envelope was the following instructions: " Use your previous data as a basis. In the previous two excercises, you have provided information concerning your perceptions of "Liberty Weekend". IF A TERRORIST INCIDENT IS GOING TO OCCUR WHICH MAY BE PREVENTED OR BLUNTED, DESCRIBE THE TARGET". 5. ( ) Responses to the above cited instructions were much more concise and ominous in nature. There is, however, a distinct risk of skewed results. This skewing of the reported data can be caused by a number of technical problems generated by the somewhat unusual procedures utilized in this project, e.g., repeated tasking of essentially the same target by the. Sources using a variety of techniques, the possibility of cer- tain psychic phenomena (noise) caused by the military and para-military preparations for the security pro- cedures of the events of Liberty Weekend and the possibility of pre-conceptions on the part of the interviewers being reported through psychic channels by the Sources. Other more complex problems occur when dealing in future perceptions which may have confused the data received by the Sources. These final responses, edited for clarity, are provided in their entirety, to permit independent.appraisal of the responses given to the interviewers: a. ( ) NYC (New York City) will be the target of an unexpected terrorist attack, by air and ground, of Khadaffi led suicide-forces timed to coincide with (President) Reagan's participation in (the) 4th of July celebration (early morning). Because of the number of people in attendance, American and foreign, and the televised colverage, there will be international repercussions directed at Libya including Soviet and 3rd country. Reagan will survive. Washington will also be a target, simultaneously with (the) promary targets (being) the White House - a distinct perception of Khadaffi'spublicised comment, "I have no house", and the Approved For Release 2000/08/0 Approved For Releas Pentagon, (for its) responsibility in carrying out (President) Reagan's orders to attack Libya 15 April (1986). This one (attack) is more to disrupt rather that retaliate with (destruction). (SOURCE 021) (NOTE: This particular Source commented later that these perceptions were so strong and clear that she attempted to flag down a member of the interviewer staff on the highway to report herd on-going perceptions. The Source further became somewhat anxious by her unusually clear perceptions due to two personal agendas - a spouse who is assigned to the Pentagon and a sister who is intending to participate in the NYC ceremonies. She went so far as to request guidance from the interviewer staff on what actions, if any shei%ould take, to insure the safety of her relatives, bearing in mind that as of yet, she has not been told the nature of the questions or the entire project. b. ( ) aerial view of a large well lit city at night. (First impressions) Los Angelas but it is to humid and the city feels wet as if it rained (earlier). Neither would be the case in Los Angelas in the summer. (Other impressions)...a tall, wide ironed fence enclosing a area of trees. Inside (the) fence ..(is) a small forest area maintained free of underbrush. It has a manmade feel which is reminicent~: of a park. ...two groups of people. First group consists of only one man who is using trees for cover and is aware of (the) second group but is avoiding them. He is carrying a device which reminds me of a video camera or a directional sound boom like those used at football games. I ask his name and get, "Luis Martinez" (but I am not certain of this name). ...a second group of people (are moving single file through forest..(like a) patrol. Three to eight people in (this) group. (Source) unable to make contact with this group. (Source) is aware of a very strong smell of adrenylin/fear. It smells exactly like the inside of an aircraft before a night (parachute) jump. (The Source) moves further into the park and see(s) a clearing with very green, freshly mowed grass..(Source) intend(s) to cross the clearing and see what the fence encloses. An impression of the White House - perhaps an AOL). Approach(ing) the clearing.. .get an overwhelming feeling that this is dangerous. (Source) draw(s) back and then tries again. That same feeling is there. The attempt is abandoned. (An impression) of the rear of a large singular building designed in. Greek style-roof on the side is partially sloped and the front has Doric columns. A feeling that there may have been or still a crowd of people here, perhaps in chairs as they were observing an open air concert. Water is nearby. (An impression) of the the Statue of Liberty. (A final impression)... It is still night...a low lying piece of land across a large body of water (running through) the city. Later (this land body) is perceived as being in actuality, a large boat Approved For Release 2000/0 Approved For Releas l+'1+ 1 &1aMr 9issi 3? lying low in the water with people sitting around tables, watching the city. (An impression) of two different kinds of water (like the. confluence) of the Mississippi and the Gulf. People are sitting on (a) boat looking at (the) city. I perceive fireworks going off above the city but cannot determine if this is an AOL due to the close proximity of the 4th of July. (An impression) that this city is New York and the water is the New York Harbor. (SOURCE 101) C. ( ) (An impresssion) of the Washington Monument but no impression of (anything exceptional happening (at this location). (Other impressions) of the D.C Elipse area, a flagpole and a propeller driven aircraft "revving up". A large circular area, with flowers and grass with a large structure in the center (flagpole?). (An impression) that something (was) planned to occur and create a dramatic effect. It goes awry and does not produce desired effect. (A final impression) of some sort of relationship between the "revving airplane" and the Washington Monument (but the relationship is unclear or possibly only an AOL). (SOURCE 003) d. ( ) (Impressions of)...smells of dirty pavement right after the rain...sights, sounds and smells (reminicent of) an arms room. A person of some importance who seems to be part of the police force. (An im- pression) of an undefined "object" or "thing" associated with the target site which has an underground feeling. (Impressions of)...hollow, metallic sleek, heavy object and a feeling of junky or jumbled disorder. (An im- pression of some sort of room with regularly spaced, leaning, junky looking "things" placed in an orderly array giving the appearance of a storage area. (Impressions of) locked, guarded equipment (in) storage) and an undefined "gadget" or "gizmo" perhaps related to previous impressions provided (SEE PREVIOUS SUN STREAK (U) PROCEDURES REPORT- DATED.25 JUNE 1986, REFERENCE DATA PROVIDED BY SOURCE 018)...(Further impressions)..a "fam- iliar" person wearing clothing made of a "dark powder grey soft material" who is in some way connected to this site and to some "thing" stored at this site. (SEE PREVIOUS SUN STREAK (U) PROCEDURES REPORT-DATED 25 JUNE 1966 IN WHICH THIS PERSON AND THE GARMENT DESCRIPTION WERE PERCEIVED AS "TARGETS" OF AN ATTACK BY THE "GADGET", SUPRA). (An Impression)... this man to "get the thing", that he has a perfect right to this "thing" but (at this time) he is not suppose to have this "thing".and in fact does not want it for himself :..his presence and actions apparently go unchallenged...( A final) overpowering (impression) is of a fire extinguisher in a hotel banquet room exploding into fire and flames, engulfing the room"and (the) people in it. (The) cause of the explosion is some form of "burning" which burned through a person and hit the fire extinguisher. (SOURCE 003). Approved For Release 496-00760604 8 Approved For Release 2000/ 6. ( ) COMMENTS: One final series of occurrences needs-to be reported in passing since the impor- tance of the incident can neither be determined nor discounted. On 2 July 1986, as this report was. being finalized, Source 021 was reading and article in the Washington Post pertaining to the planned activities of Liberty Weekend and came across a section outlining the sequence of events in which the President of the United States and the President of France will participate in the lighting of "Liberties" torch. This short paragraph (SEE ATTACHED ARTICLE WITH SPECIFIC PARAGRAPH HIGHLIGHTED), caused a deep emotional feeling in Source bordering on actual fear and anxiety. She showed the article to two other Viewers without comment and asked them to read the article. Each in their turn also reported anxiety and apprehension after coming to that particular section. A fourth viewer did not respond to this particular section but did respond similarly to a following paragraph outlining the post-lighting ceremonies (an outdoor concert in the park).