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November 4, 2016
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February 12, 2003
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June 25, 1986
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Approved For Release 2W/ IAA ' 6-00789R000100240018-6 RAff t ' 7R 25 June 1986 Project CY8608 1. ( ) On 17 June 1986, sources were given sealed envelopes and instructed to provide a report of their RV perceptions no later than 20 June 1986. They were instructed not to open their envelops nor share data with each other. Inside the envelopes were the following instructions: From 032030 July 1986 to 062300 July 1986 has been nicknamed Liberty Weekend, the "100th Birthday Party" for the Statue of Liberty. Such events are thought to provide lucrative opportunities for hostile terrorist activities. If such activities do occur or can be thwarted, they would most likely be reported in the Washington Post on Monday, 7 July 1986. So. that we may have the opportunity to thwart any hostile terrorist activities, describe the Liberty Weekend story as reported in the Washington Post on Monday, 7 July 1986. 2. { _) As a follow-up to the information provided by the sources on 24 June, additional RV techniques were used to develop further information. A target was formulated and encrypted in the standard format for presentation to the sources. The designated target was as follows: Information required to assist the authorities in dealing with the events of the 4th of July 1986. Approved For Releas FolARDL600789R000100240018-6 Approved For R - - 000100240018-6 Sealed Envelope Source #03 20 June 86 Some event is involved - sudden, but expected by at least some people involved. Seems like an explosion or bomb detonation. Impression of large, .round metallic object made of heavy-duty construction, perhaps involving moveable, rotating parts. Metal object is intended for some specific purpose, perhaps involving defense. There is a sense of rotating and locking like the bolt of a rifle or an artillery piece. The idea of a very intense, glowing light or reflection is present, indication concentrated, intense heat. (A separate?) impression of something white with wide-spread, contoured surfaces like something intended to fly. A sense of organization, preparation, meticulous detail, technical expertise, and perhaps inimical purpose involved. Relatively small number of people involved, but connection with broader circle of people exists. There is (also) a large, Approved For Release 2003/04/18 LASE2 TARE T 1ES, -A,Q OR ? Approved For Release 2 /6#!'1 . dIA'~-F-00789R000100240018-6 round/dome-shaped interior area w/reinforced girders overhead, suggesting a hanger or even an observatory. Huge voluminous space, echoes, and the sense it is intended to house something which is on occasion exposed to the outside. At this point the impression of an air attack by terrorists on the Statue of Liberty intruded, and wouldn't go away so I ended. A rather large, tall structure. Area around structure has a rounded component, and has people noises, like a neighborhood. A balcony/upper floor of an apartment/penthouse/etc. w/possibly several people present. One in particular is young, either female or an effeminate male who seems dressed all in white, not like a nurse's uniform, but in casual clothes. The vista from the "balcony" or window seems to over look water. Location seems virtually empty, except for high area, possibly upper floor of building, where person is. Person seems to be able to look out from where he/she is onto a relatively open area. Approved For Release 2003/04/18 ~ CIA! 1 ~ p Approved For Release CIh"12D 96-00789R000100240018-6 24 June 86 At some point in the future (more on person) (beyond 24 June) person receives a box in which is there is an object which is assembled with something already in the possession of the person. Person then waits. Event occurs. Bright flash, light, then quiet, "click" sound, laughing and talking sounds, then object or "gizmo" is disassembled and parts are given around and the people leave. (relook at event) Something coming out of "gizmo." "Gizmo" has plate glass in front of it. "Thing coming out" goes through. There is a structure (building?) with a green top like copper patina. "Line" goes from "gizmo" straight -missing the green-topped structure- to a modern building w/dark window. Person has "aim-point" on green-topped structure. Source #21 20 June 86 The first impression was looking at the earth from a very great height and seeing the North American continent and Europe/Africa, from directly over the Atlantic Ocean. There is a sense of movement, rapid movement from east to west, a smell of jASt2 TARGET DES:GNAT O2 ~ PRACTICE P/2/&G DRILL ? GLASS COVC2 OVCP, OPTICS OR P4.ATE GM sS w,nlitw ? CAPITOL 30ILOraG ? Z ExFCUn\I p FF t cc- Approved For Release 2003/04/18 ~CIA-RD - 0(~~0018-6 Approved For Releas burning and loud noises, almost like banging. Focus is then averted to Washington D.C. and the White House. The flag is flying at half-mast and crowds are gathered at the fence surrounding the White House. There is a feeling of great sadness within the crowd, while at the same time, a feeling almost like relief. The sadness has been occasioned because of the death of military personnel who were killed while aborting an air attach directed at Washington. The attack was led by fanatical 'supporters of Gadhafi, who has (called for) the action based on his pride rather than his concern for his people and his beliefs. These actions have aroused a fear among his former supporters, both in Libya and in neighboring countries, that the time has come to "replace" him. This time he has gone too far and they fear that his action will lead to sanctions by not only the U.S. but by other countries who have in the past supported him. 5 Approved For Release 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP9 - 0 R000100240018-6 Jr*t r Approved For Re ase 0 / 4/~ 8 I -RDP96-00789R000100240018-6 the past than it was today. The impression of elegance just Between 0100 and 0300 the street is deserted in a residential or semi-residential area of a city. The temperatures is warm, still, and humid. There is a large white or light gray building on a quiet street. Building is stucco and has a stucco wall running beside it enclosing a lush garden area. Building is the largest structure on the street. Building had the feel of being both a residence and a place where business is conducted. I had the feeling people were sleeping here. There was a desk of some sort, like a desk in a hotel or a check point for a semi-secure area. Furniture in the building was nice but was old and was starting to fade, as if this building had been more in starting to turn seedy. (Source did not know why this building was important.) In wondering what was important about this place I finally, after considerable time, decided that it may have something to do with an "implosion" of some kind. I did not sense a tremendous loss of life and I am very doubtful about this part. As I finished I noticed the Capital Beltway. Approved For Release 2003/04/18 6CIA- A6A(N MOTE ~tth-~astirI S To fy C0TiVF OF-FtCC (? e ? S -vtco /Stucco L# LL) SE#1l- S F _ C.0kr-; k. E L tl SK TtetC:PTI 0 ~iec.A Tv1zN~' Seib j. $Ack f3i.AST OR Qui,,1 tJJG r3v^- G C31.owi t 1A1 '? Approved For Rele Coordinates (encrypted question) 24 June 86 Some event occurs at site amongst structures, strongly suggesting idea of explosion or detonation. Thermal effects are significant. Event may be caused by some sort of object or projectile or missile originating in a distant land with an ultimate destination of a large elaborate, old, historically and culturally significant structure, like a house of parliament, currently in use. Other objects appear to be launched but don't appear to make it to destination. Object or projectile seems ( ? ) to be unmanned. There is some sense that the object impacts large structure causing significant structural damage and perhaps thermal damage also. Damage to humans is probable. This seems to occur in daytime. e, vl!` #M"UGC 8r-A STrkiv+(. ARc 1V)-c.TVRhL- Su uLaQ~I~ES TO F3'2tT~~s-1 Nause 23 June 86 Site is a massive grey smooth zXECQT%%X- o6rtcat A -C structure. It has a stepped or 6cstEti+ different level feeling, stacked. It is curving on top and has a . Q; ^ 1116 Approved For Release 2003/04/187. CIA- --, 0 1I 40018-6 Approved For 418,:1A4kDP96-00789R000100240018-6 metallic feel in the top portion. Newspaper headlines have something to do with a collapse of a building - a lot of people hurt or injured. I also sense a feeling of panic, people scrambling and perhaps something to do with an aircraft. In summary, standing on top of a building, which is crowded inside with people, tourists, there is a perception of a large object falling - heading toward the building. It is traveling at a great velocity and is very dense. There is a high-pitched whining sound from the object. I sense the object may cause structural damage as it crashes through the building. All of this takes place sometime in the future. A very large room; an assembly of some sort w/one man speaking. There is a high ceiling, a dome roof. There are oblong rows of seats and every seat is filled. There is a feeling of delegates, nominees, people in dark colored suits. CAPIroi. Go ,& 6)n! Cr ? CAP I T O/ GU-l.Di+J G CNoT DESTROYED ?) Approved For Release 2003/04/18: CIA-RD W=OW 8-6