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November 4, 2016
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May 17, 2000
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September 26, 1986
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Approved For Release REPLY TO ATTN OF: 26 Sep 86 DT-S (Ops) SUN STREAK Operations Report CY 8610 (U) SG1 possible description of activities (Aug 86-Aug 87) at the P96-00789R000100430003-1 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT memorandum 1. (S/SK/SNINTEL) In response to your request for information concerning the SG1A a. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Source #03 stated substantially as follows: The building was tapered/slanted, curved, high with heavy doors and no perceivable windows. Inside the building there were many rooms and several levels. There was a steady whirl/hum machine sound and a strange unpleasant, pungent smell. The purpose of the building was to isolate something (not further identified). Something about the walls, perhaps something patterned, was absorbent (not further identified). Round or Ling-shaped components involving segmentation/assembly (not further identified) were present in the building. Inside the the building people were observing displays (not further identified) and moving-something like a control, perhaps a spherical controlling device (not further identified). The building had an overall "technical" feel.: One year from now (approx. Aug 87) the effort in the building continues, but is scaled back, as if part of (its) resources have moved to another place to form."the core" of a sister agency/facility. Source #03 provided no further relevant amplifying information in response to your request. b. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Source #18 was unable to provide any information which could be construed to be relevant to lour request. c. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Source #21 stated substantially as follows: The building was long, lo% three levels above ground, and_gray with a curving component on one end. Inside,the walls appeared to be seamed metal. There was artifical light inside and it was dirty, smelly and moisy. People in the building wore belted gray coveralls and were involved in scientific activity (not further identified). One year from now (approx. Sep 87) scientific activity in the building continues although the work has "advanced to prototype stage ready for testing" (not further identified). Change indirection or leader.ship.'may.alsobe :possible-;(not further identified). Source.#21 provided no further relevant amplifying information in response to your request. WARNING NOTICE: SEI SITN9? INTELLIGENCE SOURCE$,.Ai METHODS INVOLY.EQ .- .,. Approved For Release 2000, OPT 0789R000100 OM 3FO,rM NO.10 SA FPMR (41 CFR) 101-11 _t Approved For Release P96-00789ROOO100430003-1 MEMO Subject: SUN STREAK Operations Report CY 8610 (U) d. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Source #101 stated substantially as follows: It was a multi-story building with an underground portion (not further identified). Men/ women inside dressed casually; some were white lab coats. People were of above average intelligence, common sense and talent. They considered themselves to be elite and were divided into two main groups; "theorists and applicationists" (not further identified). Within these two major subelements there were groups or working cells who worked semi-independently. The results of their work were combined and coordinated at a higher echelon within their establishment. The nature of the work conducted in this facility was such that overall progress required each step (not further identified) to be completed before the next phase. was begun. Other words provided by source #101 descriptive of the activity in this facility include: linkage, growth, combustable, shielding, shell, interaction/ reaction, stress, tensil strength, contracting, heating, expanding molecules, stretching and compacting. Source #101 provided separate description of a shiny, metalic object. which was rounding and elevated with an oval shape and hollow "feel". The exact purpose of this was unknown to Source #101. It was, however, reportedly related to darkness and water (not further identified). Source felt this object was associated with sparks and/or warm, gushing, bubbling water. In many of the operational work areas an abundance of pipes, valves and duct work was reported. This gave an imprssion of a plumbers shop although the actual.. purpose of the pipes was not discerned. In one area of this facility many of the workers were conducting activities related to a large, complex machine. The machine was metallic, with wires connecting the different areas of the device. Workers in the area of the machine, described as similar in appearance to an X-ray machine, wore masks while viewing or working around the machine. Source #101 could not determine if these protective masks were simple surgical masks or more complex, such as CBR protective masks. The purpose of this machine could not be described by Source #101. However, descriptives such as focus, lock-on, set-up, ray, shift, control and sequencing were in someway related to its functions. A movable arm was also described as being part of this machine or device. In the faciliiy there was also a device which measured "ethereal" activity or unseen energy (not further identified). Deep within .the subconscious of the man who ran this machine he believes that it (the device),measures demons or demonic activity. The overall activity of the facility was to improve on something as opposed to discovering something new. One year from now (appox. Sep 87) work at the facility continues. The work has been pared down and altered and is now more channelized and regimented. Several "programs (not further identified) have been eliminated completely while others have been pared drastically. These actions seem to be in conjunction with a new "directed" concept of work. Uniiportant, unproven and unrelated work has been halted and all efforts. are being focussed on narrow areas of continuing effort. Source #101 provided no further relevant amplifying information in response to your request. SG1A e. (S/SK/WNINTEL) None of the SUN STREAK Sources reported any hostile/ sabotage activity in association with Although they were never asked directly if such activity would occur, it is assumed that if such activity were to occur it would be detected and reported by SUN-STREAK sources given adequate target acquisition and resolution. Approved For Releas 96-00789ROO0100430003-1 Approved For Release N 4'!3W.%-00789R0001 00430003-1 MEMO Subject: SUN STREAK Operations Report CY 8610 (U) 2. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Direct access to raw transcript information is limited to personnel with SKEET access only. If access to this information is necessary contact DT-S (Ops) directly to arrange for an appointment to review appropriate transcripts. SKEET documents are not releasable outside the confines of the SUN STREAK office. SG1J 3. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Enclosed herewith is an Intelligence Evaluation Sheet (IES). Please annotoate it appropriately and return it to DT-S (Ops) within 30 days of receipt of this SUN STREAK Operations Report. Make copies for each Source when necessary. Care and diligence in annotating this IES will aid in the refinement of SUN STREAK assets and thereby enhance SUN STREAK ability to provide further information of intelligence value. 1 Enclosure Intelligence Evaluation Sheet CPT, USA Operations Officer Approved For Release ~4 ...~ P96-00789 R000100430003-1