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November 4, 2016
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April 26, 2000
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December 10, 1986
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Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R00010053000 L.1 (' N I:?'f:iI I)i"JF 1:ERE:i:P0f~ "I" ...._._ ................ ............ ................................................................................?...?........,...................................... WARNING IWO"I" :i ci i . I NT LL I HENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED I:: NI,.JiV{l:s13. t':360t:i' 1`I ]: t:::-::I`?iA 11 I:)t'vt::li::: 4:31;::'(.: ac I)e-c:: i:34-., UNI:'.NOWIV 01 OF::- 10 I:)c::?)c:: 06 M.1'(3,131(31\1 (::ori'i?. a. r')l.ti. t") g L.1'i" :I: I.....'I: I.: I:::: I)1, 1-"::1:W 43 :J t_11 : F::: I I) E:I\I "I" I: F: :I:1?_ F: e 021 :i. ( ) ']"ASk:'.I'lqt::;: F:'r":i.tor" -L.(::) ti--)is se?..-is i.c:)I"i, the Interviewer' was?si wi'h.I") of I::)t:)r')t:l I::)ap)et'" on wh:i. c--hi ttitw 4 t :I.:L caw:i. r')ri note h)i:tti I::)t: t r) I:ar t;I)rar?c~t::la "1"AS1--,". D 5scr? the tec!")r)ical S G 1 A vi c: ? I:::'e r ?:' si t::)r) t") e? I , at:: -t i v i t'> y , loci'?I::)c:,?i e, .i::l1.1:i.l::)cr)e rit., t:~>:'t::t r"I) t::) c c:) :i.1s;, , 1:,t I") ci 'L:.hit::: i?.tl:L psi wra?iii ra new t>asr"c;Jt?a't> of sc:) ie i fvil::)c:)1'?'.at1"ic::e hiaci I::)e:xe:)1'l wr.:)r l::e)r.:1 I::)y ca't:I?)e:?+r fvie:??fr)I:)Hr'is t::)?3: '(::I'ie')i't' NO c:)'l>!)e+) C'-' or descriptive ::I ;::1'i'.: ait as i ?iii t> iict't". eii! cl 1i?t l::) (:) v tc? w a:?t ?iii i::) r" C:) V i. c::l t?:? t:i 'L: t:l t:1"i ic'? 4i3 (::) Lt r' c e t:) e:! r" 'i;. (::t i I"i :i. I'1 t t:c::) .7 ( ) e.. S i1::4::34::S:1:C3l\i "i?()('1 e? Weir"t:? rit::) unusual, c::)"r"e:!t")t::F ?i, :L i")c:: 1. e5)fY)e!t"tr.::i. a:??iii or e:?):?:'t>e3r ri:::1.L eE!I"1v:I. r"t:)rlfYYe?I'l'L:aa:i c:::(:DrH:i:L'i':.:i. ori?is I?::rltowl"i (:) t.l'le :I. I")'L. t ? r' v :i. e;! w ei) r' w!"i :1. c:::1'l May 1") 1'::t V e'r5 1.1") f: ,l. 4.l ea) I") t::: NF) C:I 'i-.1'l G?'.5 r" e's t..t ]. 'L'> ?:d c)f t-. I"i i. a ??iees Es :L oi"i .. "11.1i ?E5 io-t1s?iii wlia?,ii t??rl't:::L t'.t??:I. y l.l'i:..:1 1 :1. ".:i. rlc:J F:F V r:Yr"t:J't:t:)c'W to.l ?ia.. a11 ( ) T1-,j(-..? within mar-f?::?is IS ctr?E~. ?isl..tmfmi..iry is.; fT)zit:t.1")t'.iLa:I.I")eac:1 in, the missiiori +1.e}1c:i a'L'.: t:h)I. ?si al t::)rltq w:i.'l:.I'l any t:a't?.h)t?::.yr? mi::t teryr':i. aI I:1r't:)"i.rlt:;J t:l?;i s ?:iie:)?Efi?iii :L(::)I?t t'+..t.:J :il?is I'"al :1.?ie"}t::l t::)1 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000100530006-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000100530006-7 I /NOFORN ?- .JKEE1 CHANNELS ONLY y : : 4 N c:lur't d t. I' e b t..t i 1 d i n cl w i. t:1"t ;(:t rrtcat_tl?tii {::;{ f{I c:)t..u?ic:l. (into)" It^i at_}vt;) tL1E bending as wc~c:lt::li't:J atN-c:~:ta l::lne wtou1 ci have 't:.c:) y t tYi c:]i:c-n- n :i. n 1 i.c::1 eY y ed t::: 1. i. (Ytl::) steps 'l:.c.) enter , t:.!?tt I;t_t:(. J. c:l ~. wft w ,e > v r'i 1 ::1 :7 t?? ;it{'_ (:.#i"t i:::C?. l:~l'lGi} i_11::1I:;lt?"s}N" r..i::)t::ittt of Y..t:~citi:?`.I'Y]E:1:1. a ;C# :I. it ... the G r, ?}.t_(r?t i:J G:i . (;:x Y c ~ t?t i~,.r ; a c1 a :i. i k. n J rry w O nth ( I::) :!. ;c1 {::: I:1::) c:; a# Y'? c:l ,, t::: h?t a:c r? 't:. ?i:i , i... Y" c:] ].:I. ?.. on Ytct of th?tri} F-C)C mt over":I. L J < 1.I"t 't?iiei` )c:;(Y; Under t:.r"i::)" at some {:)i.I"t't:.7 (r`y'l:)? tr'iiii) and a#rii:i '{ erYt,:tat end i e I-y (c:lcis l:)ic. i-o '.1 C,) n ?k:. t?i ce5 t:T t.t i.:I. cl i, r't i.~J } , '1:.1?t r?.+ Y'. e w i::i=::i :t t~: I?: {~::. r'I t~.,..I I" :L at t. I?i c:~ c:] t:. I i r ? W i. t:. I?t tr.:) w I . t..t 1.. r N ! uaYt.?u"iy c:Jiitt,c Tr? J~t..trt t lighted a ty c:lw;ia.s :iceac.tonc:! =. s:itrt;:ti.:i cot (:i n this aari{;;1 waa?i:+ t-: 1= ~:' = wa:l. 1 ?iii and 'fel't:. :I.:i. F::{iii a ?s:iuY'?v1 v=":i1 type rocoIn al Z-%cj 7 t_k r~ c_-,t t:. " ~1 't:.y A type + ac: .i. .. , ?? ;::#?i:i ;:A I.1 {:) rY't I::)