CONTROL NUMBER: 8609 SESSION: 01, 02, 03 SOURCE: 018

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November 4, 2016
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April 26, 2000
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December 9, 1986
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Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000 dPPPRLWf'/NOF>'OF> N - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY F1R0,x1::t "1" $ SIJt'd 4:31"I:tl:;::AF'-:: (U) Ei:RV S:i l::31%1 F:'1`if.3CT DURl":43 F lOF 1" ..._. ......................... ............................................. ..........................................".............. ..................... ..,............ WARNING NOTICE:-'-. INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED Nt..11v11:+i:: F1 :: c:36.r09 t,) A 'F' I:'- OF:- t:3 i::. 4>S t~3 .p. i..31y1 < :1. 3,5 D e c? (5 NE:)rit":?} 9 Dear: E36 ICI i. C ;:NPWIE: UNKNOWN 4:3E:::4::54..5I ON NUMEiL::FR < 01,02,0."_-'; I"I 14:3 S I t::)I\l 4 5 1 A "I" U S: C o I"1 t i I") t.t :i. rl y 1\17:f?LJi:: 1..3"1":i.i...:f. i E: D:: l:::l>tiV 4:3Oill;t~:L. 3:DI:::: N'T':I:t :I:EF 018 t.(::) the +j.ri::,t session, the :1:r1t:.c?:~r"v:i. (.~we5} was parE:7v:i Cloc::l w:i. th a s1.-loc.- t: of band pisp::)er? on wh):i I:::I.1 't'.1--)e f o.I. I {::7w:i.I")y htoriE:Iwri. t'. ,"..?,rl note had been -)r"c:-i 0ar?ed. ??TA t931,:: De::ir.::r"i h7e the t:?. e:~ I::: h1 rl :i. c::: ii:a l 'f i;a r::i.:1 :i. t y :i I::1(:: iia't:. e;~ (::1 v i. E:: < P ei~ r? sL, o r'1 r) e l , aact.:1vi'l::y, ne y ciaE:pL.ti,p:a(rie~llt., e>{t.e?)rnal. F?'r'ior t:c) set?;s,:I. (::)I") (>)cm.Ar'c.;:e was ppr?ovi dtea(:.I orl1 y the enc-rypted -ig 1:i. s::;te: d above as per" LEx tended Remote Vi ewi i (ERV arid 't:. c) :1. ci t h1 a'1:. t I?I :i t'i was a new target 'for" him. I rl t h e (:1. r1E.:.l. '.t..tEac?~. r l ' > in th:I.S's rep::7or....) , Source was p::)r ovi. Eioc:l ..., L.t h7 3 c.. i p t.t et:1 ~ l , t . a } E:7 r) _, , a tor':i. F"of r'tiievi ow of the key e:i. eamer'1ts;:i p::)r"(:,7vi Eie(:i by I--1:i. (Yi cit.,tr:1 ray the c e ra e + ~'(iiit.lh:7't::ci!1'"P" tl"1{'c'al"i fc::i 1 :1. t.: with a 1 a1'"go art1oL.t1"11:, (::7f al cac:I"iiial l:i c::o:1. act :1. vi't:y~' 4; c:e was al S^i(a p::)r"c::)v:i dod the Sn;r""anic t?dr)C::f yi7't::r.:}C:I c:::t::1i::7i' (::Ii.I" ot:Fi s aiii's '.hle F:)r?ov:i.ou4ii t5e?ciii I'?:I.f?) g t a Fic:)l e" "a 1::).I. at::I?: ugly Yti y c':1 , ..11.t. s 't:. V) J. I"i g " , " l:1 :I. ca c:: ls: / q i,..(-.'...?o n / w I"i i tL o ]. .I. I i k:? sWs " and " I::) a. a es't.:i c: 1. c::)o k a. rl g " < 113 o u r t:' e c:licl I::)c?cI:iI'l clo?i7c1...i.I::):4nc::l a "(YIk'r!(:::I"1iatI'l:4(:::i!a.I. arm w:i.'t.I'l I:: 1:i.vtot:.iia:l Joint-.s", and some sii) c::) i'" 't. c:)+ (:' c: m p o ri e ri t:'. w h :1. c::: h was ''b] i.x.u- ?:: , 1. a r' g o , (:::c:7vti?r"ec:l w:i.'t:I"i a tarp '' < Source c::ot_t:t. c{ l::Yr"'ov:i. c:lc:? any ?f ar"tI"i(ii?r" c:i a t a per' 't:. ii:t i. n :i. n gI 't. c:) the site c:l Lt r" i n q initial Seii? ?;:i:i. on (2) 1. at::k:?I'" rie?asia:i. c:inss l::)f"'c:)vi. cieci data to a c::c:)nc::ept of a c:1cune wh:i t:'tl oriabi id one tc:T look ou't. C31"' :i. r'i't:.o ?it)t::}(Yik:?`t1 i i. r1Ei .. I"'itI" 'L1"1 :?r" y ?fr c::Tm inside a c::ent'.r"a1 area with the I--ii q1!?i c1c:)tri(ii? ] r"oc:)f, t:.her?e appeared -t(::) be "I'lcl osiii" leading off :i. n (::1:i ?f ?f er"en't: l hk?sii)e hc:Ta. k??ii) ev(c?i'it.l..tal a. y became t:.l..ti'lne.t, a or VIita. 1.:1.wiyss :1.I"Y tsour'c::o 'siii At: one time Sol_lr"(:::tii? had a s:str'ong :a Tc?:?,r"t:::k:: )l_Icarl f image c:T?ff a forest f:i. r"r::?? with "?i:rwi r" 1.:i. rlc:f I.icat.r..l IE-?Ea of light r.:ontr-ibLuting iia :l ar'r:lor. Iii 't.1"ie 1. aa'tk:?r" ?rikee!?ia5ii:1. i::T1"isai, t'.tl(? c:::ont':eI:]'t:, of repeated 't:.ia!r"'ge't:.:i. riq seem t::o E:::r.'al.lsirski? a bit c:T?f aria 1 yt:.i. c:: (::Tver .l. ay r"eSLl1 t.i, rTCI in the n t ? : ? e i'I ' r e . . . . ''t:. a r' q k'i't " 't:: h c?:as S c:T l..t r" c: k:? 'l:: c:) t"i i tri 't:. o r" e m r.'a :4 n On the s :i 't e and 't:.cY :4 ri hi s:a descriptive. t'ha't".