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November 4, 2016
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June 25, 1998
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September 1, 1987
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SG1J Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000 -4 R ..6/NOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY ? I PROjECT SUN STREAK ((,J) ERV LE lON PROCEDURFS REPORT. WARNING NOTICE: INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED CONTROL NUMBER: 071'2 DATE OF SESSION: 1 Sep 07 REFERENCES: None DATE OF REPORT: 3 Sep 07 TECHNIQUE UTILIZED: ERV NICKNAME: None TARGET COUNTRY: Iran SESSION NUMBER: 02 MISSION STATUS: Continuing SOURCE IDENTIFIER: 003 1. (S/NF/SK) INTERVIEWER TASKING: Determine the possibility of Iranian attacks against US Naval vessels and/or vessels o+ US Naval I nterest. To accomplish this tasking the Source is to be directed to view three separate "windows" in the future. These windows are the weeF:: of 6 September, the? week of 13 September and the week of 20 September 1987. Each window is to be examined separately and in its entirety to determine Iranian intentions and actions during that reporting period. If an attack is perceived the Source is to be tasked to provide all relevant information pertaining to the attack. 2.(S/NF/SK) SOURCE TASKING: Prior to the session, Source was told that this would be an effort at viewing specific future "time windows". He was further told that He was to describe specific "events of special interest" in each of the time windows. Additionally, Source was provided encrypted coordinates, 279400/555141, as per Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) protocols. 3. (S/NF/SK) INCLEMENCIES: There were no unusual incidents or anomalies which may affected the data provided by Source during this session. Source was not told until just prior to the session that He would be operating in the ERV mode as opposed to the Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRY) mode. This did not appear to have any detrimental affect on His at::: to quickly adapt to the proper viewing mode and to report non-ambiguous and concise information throughout the session. In Source's previous session there may have been a technical violation of ERV protocols involving the +act that the Interviewer attempted to utilize this at. in conjunction with another mission which was not quite as specific in the nature of the patiopaIities of the targets. To compensate for this "violation" This sessibn was run as though it were a totally new mission, which Approveddismierleas-e)2000/0.8108T C1ArADIR964:00789R000200040002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200040002-4 atiMMTTNOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY it is, and with no reference made to Source that this tasking is located in the same geographic area, deals with much of the same tasking and may provide essentially the same data as the previous tasking (Project 8711). This fact, and technical violation, did not seem to "psychically" confuse the Source and the data was reported in a concise and informative manner. 4. (S/NF/SK) SUMMARYg Source furnished the attached summary which was prepared by Him and provided to the Interviewer within 24 hours after the session. The completeness of the typewritten summary has been compared to the Interviewer's notes and all changes, deletions and corrections have been verified as accurate and acceptable by the Interviewer. The information provided in the summary was found to be complete and did not require further modification, clarifications or additions by the Interviewer. The nature of the targeting did not merit attempts by the Source to provide accompanying sketches since the data provided dealt more with conceptual ideas and planned activities rather than actual physical items. 5. (S/NF/SK) COMMENTSg The data provided by Source would seem to indicate that US Naval vessels in the Persian Gulf will not be the target of Iranian military attacks during the cited time windows, (1 20 September 1987). The viewing of future time windows is fraught with pitfalls that can skew results beyond an acceptable threshold, however, in those cases the ambiguity of the data is normally readily apparent. In this particular case the data seemed to be concise and easily correlated to the proper geographic area. The validity of the I ncidents reported by Source will be borne out by simply waiting +or the future to occur. If Source's data is accurate, within the parameters of Remote Viewing, the future shoL4d reflect a sudden military_strike against land based targets, presumably conducted by US...forces Th the area. There appears to have been a noticeable buildup Of---Iranan?forces and distinct impressions of planned Iranian activities inimicable to the best interest of the US which may have prompted the US strike. Following the strike, there is a period of anger and attempts at revenge mixed with a great deal of internal chaos as the loss of Iranian leadership roles. This activities is followed by a more quiet period in which the level of internal violence is diminished although internal mass demonstrations may still persist. It will be interesting to see if any or all of these impressions come to fruition. SG1J Interviewer Approveeloil1ErftekkaSe)2000/08108-1 CIA)IRDP961:007439R000200040002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200040002-4 ,-.First site involves an old, worn, cement structure in a ' flat, dirt area, very bright, hot sunny, dusty. Area around - '''P-??? . about is rocky, dry, with low bushes, a dirt road, small trucks, and people who are native to the area. It feels isolated, not near large populations, somewhere +ar down the road there is a green area with +lowing water, like a river in the desert. People live here, as do groups of small animals and some larger ones; small homes are here and there in the green area. It doesn't feel like the US; it +eels foreign. The dry area is higher in altitude than the green area. The structure is away from the green area some distance, and few people who don't belong there ever go there. Itiiiiimoli0*-4" the people who live at the it "homesteaded"- the structure was there, but unused, and they just took it over. Presently it's pretty much empty. The structure is in somewhat of valley, surrounded on each side by gullies and small eroded hills moving back and getting bigger until they become large, rocky hills or small mountains. On one side the hills are farther away. The dirt road comes down between two mountains, goes past the structure and on down towards the green area. The air is hot and shimmery. Alicond site is flat with slight ups and ...downs to the terrain, and is near a largen-On?-44oWing body of water which is green, flat, and wavy. sii;#00e-W-indow: 1 Sep-6 nefi 1:31 People moving around, driving around, quite a few people, carrying boxes-"ike they are gathering them together; very busy. They're putting things together, arranging it; metal things in boxes, round things, long metal things--tubes._. They're going somewhere to do something militarY, organized together. There are people telling then what they do and they do it. Things are being planned; they're told what to to diagrams are shown; some are getting in trUitk:ir?and 001J4 away. The others stay and keep things together -at-home, for the on who will come back they watch and make sure nothing happens. The ones who went somewhere went to a place where there are more buildings, an urban areal and are dropped off at various points to fulfill their varying assignments.. . What they do seems to.involve forcing. or coercing someone. at-At:something happenS-at. .th.6.toc.ation frorp_where .they\\ _ _. . .._, came. The people left behind are surprised by it, caught off I uard. lj--.".1.:-....,.I L-Wi.-45eting anything-they were relaxing, \ \ doing things that needed to be done, etc. It happened suddenly; AOL..Signal,p+ an attack or being captured, or something. They ,?.../11MTLt like w' t happens; it'-s-big, well. Org-i,inized and -airected. - : 1w7ession th,A. these new people come from above--impression of .r,Jaelicoptell..?:-They make the first people do something they don't ...,- want.?Wate'ver is done takes away the usefulness of the area to the first people. When the others come back it's not friendly anymore. The ones that went out ..... -they were ,1:1-ike4.nfiltr ating or A - something like they are_Ax_y_ing-to-EaUSe r toub te WI-t-A9?at few resourc i es as poss.b; Heltgaebtl,":r :..,..omes from,and goes 631---a--. ) 1\I larLJ e, flat,?,?metal expanse TFior a dj'cfTat7--r'-6Ugh.,-- ' squarish, bumpy, like_:_g4z-p.Agations--non-skid. It.'s?-on-Vilt.:-neNm- _, water, and the air is hazY: Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200040002-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200040002-4 A lot of turmoil; they don't know what to do--they are upset, there is confusion. Plans were disrupted. They were unsuccessful at what they wanted to do, because of outside I nterference. They had plans and intentions, then these other people came and took things over- ..... they occupy, secure the people who stay behind, gather them all together; an idea of weapons,4. shooti,ng, .using-Weamanli people upset, the people who come are very structured, disciplined, straight forward. These people are tall, green. uniformt,4;:amouflage.e.. .They have a lot of equipment they carry on them; the action is very well orchestrated. They come from a long ways away; the place they come from involves the water somehow. Where they come from. is. not where they normally beron.q? like two different places. Their actions involving these first important; these first ones are planning something that is not in the best in of the second ones-A4?-? 4411PWO,- -;;T:tUarroni.:71remedial action in a sense, prevention. Etime window: 13 20 Sep 873 People running, yelling, throwing thimya. a,vielent' ' -/- _......-- .?--4 .. -.... ?... ..--Jun., Lhey Lhruw Lhings Lc, Lki..IDLIuy Lhinm--assauluing, _ trying to make a big impression, very violent, Attention getting, noisy. This is different than before- there's a connection between the structure here being assaulted and the people who surprised the other people in the desert, but not directly. It's,ty. Pteple get hurt. The people who this is directed ICI ainst are a little surprfsed, but not much - -they expected. something 1ike7:tpis_to happen. Something some distance away --.. white;'. a clanging _. .....--.7?,.. -----,...---??,,....- sound; an AOL of it having hole '111Lii41L spaced, blackened edQes, 3(1)01 ii laying around,. ..rplanes I nvolved, "like' theyare in thia ajj...ah-d they shoot or'drop thingS-.J-it's like it's a normal thing, but getting out of 1.16. Ship is near land, visible from land, air is hazy. C1_,BAgIng . . sound is like hitting a thick piece of metal with a-Sledge,. hammer- terrific noise. Running, confusion, turning things on - - "like" hoses; follow SOP. Take certain previously determined actions. It's like it takes place in the last quarter of the , time win(1ow. Letters rece-iv,edli-. 4,44 , - ,-P,R,I,E,r,1\t?W:i?).. 4 [Post session analytic note :AxI4 Prince"" .. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200040002-4 iikpproved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200040002-4 Z-ct IMO /525:5-141 T-r-RucweEi gotb 6u0Rivi aE_MC-Wr FLIT-, ar vgey 8kAti-71- SU Ai figr Ir? 71) beiCNITE- 7)-ta. &cell beY, 104-I Sus-11'6s 01tar-Roftb, Xagict, yrtuczs ficate Neefiwes m A-2rzt-A, Fe6ts aotATF,..1, Avn- Ai eitg E Tarlekg-trAa acitit 6644'd nte_ RAfrett 71tMe if A CiaE641,1 Aratiq 6thairroi2 65sctuget_ Pte. ounraz- et,los 4 0(160014 c.t. Rive,- re (ILI The Itersig liz:fa2/ ictrwragts' (Al 612ov/es; ez66cia sniaC, 1)oviW' heie clod tizete. ix e Weei pzirtic, ffoCs-h`i- C dite- OS- /7- Pnc.5 ttizeiciN) Oif41-(4/0e 7S it lurr ,66-stIii-C-e,11 You lelcLue -6 66 W-6 'Mt dry atra. de:v.(411)1k, 9m2In citvc?, /is hot t gilfr bOeleof71?eeaustetYM aura a Afcrrrii leb?titiAc VertiGtare is al/kiwi cpPec-o arecc, ctorc A y, pate- 1+alto lite elnirciviec 15 4WV2 ctios- 14-r jacrey e n Ap4Treo?_. Noe M-ce wo - a,e0,?kediciwQ,./f Airl3 RAck &bad rc47 yet eit A-9r ec.tilf Acintis7 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200040002-4 Atpproved For Release 2000/08/ IA-RDP96-00789R000200040002-4 ---&-AaJ oats. Yi/Le, tbr Li & tiLe. 601-624 kbad s-ves- Aare / 1)10- rtSfarS-ei --1?Y , rA Igt9h1- ario that) tk, 11kt 66)/04-1? * q * CO al ci-eR &IAA/ Lfa-ct. / /71 / ISt (44,1 roorriq Iusq- tk Quf L, e IC) cf a.304co -Weir Ore 6? 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