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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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October 5, 1987
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Approved For Release 2001/03/07: CIA-RDP96-00789R000200120001-6 117 UUIRCES AND METHODS INVOLVED I'~I:1:c:I?::N(?1M1 ~ Nc:me X)A"I"F C:)F `31:(3;:a:1:0f.I.- 5 Oct E37 COUNTRY.- Unknown F4E:::F?I";:I";E::NC.I #a ? 1~Icor'ic:F f ;l ::; 3,i :C CJI~I frl(..JMX:;cI::Fc 01 1:)ATI::: C:)F' ItEI'?)l't"F'? / (::)c:::t. E.7 IW:E#::ii::i:I:C:)1\1 E:'s"f"(5C::cant1i,ni..track "I"E:::C;F?il~l :i: C;!t?.JE : l.J"!" :E i....:1: z E::X:) : ERV f:iiC:)t..JF CaEi :I: X:)E::N'T' I F I I:r::FR a 007, 1\1 IF`/ ::3 F':) :i: )\{ "i" E; F' V T t:::ME IR T' f l l:a h%::C 14f (, u T I'a i i :i, ':>:I. on was c::c:)j,ictt;.ti":tecI utilizing FEx t ended Remc)'.'o Viewing (I'::I`;V) 1:)I'"rat.rac:c:)1.aii a.r') its ent:i.r'st.y,. t;:i/h+li~'/.::>I::) :l;Nc!Ei::l?il?.:.:N.:I..... ll .'I"hor"s wor"c no ri:por"tab1 iricido)at or, ..?". ...?.....".,.....? .................... ?. anoma:i.:i. r:?)s`+ may have i. r?i?f :l ace).nc:oc:I 'k:. h')c:: c1s::t?k:.;i~ cab?tasi r')od in ? ,?.~cat,?trc::e ?f?"rii.."+t?i c?.+c:l ti")f::-~ atwt::dsiag +::1I"}t:1/t::)r" iixsi by t .. ht e I r) t, I? ! r? v :i. ewer. The i r" t:a v :4 c:i a I::l in 't? it e 5iil.,tfitfi)iat1" +~ wai,.i '4 t::}t"Irtci t(::) be i4 t t:1t)7t::)Y fi:''t ( isc: ccautr)'t.: i. n j (::)??' 't.:1--t? data pr"{:7vi. dec:l by 't:'.1"t Fr i..f c. } t..t r" t.:: f:i?? during 't:. I"t Eis s t'r:? s:i s a. t::) ri arid cli. ci riot r ' e I..I [.A i. r" k + t.1 r" ?t:. t?'t e r" or- i ci c :i. 't? i. r.:}n s;i by ?t: t't e :t rr't:. r- v i r wt r.. ? f /I~(t:: /;i1::) C:;(::)IYi{ EN'1"S."I:::e'ii5 ititI::}r c??sui:i.ra:?t its and ^:st.Aiitiitilr"y :I . e? -..x e ino doubt, that His initial :1. tYli: t ?iiii of a maritime vt??s:sst:,?1 of ia'ic rill:? isi}c r- t". with str"c7flt C1Vti;!r"'t".c:}i"ti?5s of c:1 military or gt::)vti?.r"flrttti:??flt? 1::) ut r 1::) c) lui t ? .I: I"t + t.['t:? t?I r" #i? ri> c:? iEi t!y :l. c:} V'1 i ii t t'i e ii6 e i tii J::k r e, i:.0.c) n s:i will not. be 5't". I"" E c;6 c-.x::l :i. ii iitl'?t is t-?t':efitl:)t. (::)4:^?1""tit:i.'t':. to ct[f:i. i, uF?I"" iil,.kN74>''t:. r e(:pc r"ti l'1q ciiat't".a 6N ht i. C::1"t may or may 1"t c:D t: t:. [ii? 1") C:t 't c:} I'" i::? t t { 7? r? rit 't:: tl t ? iiii 4e? :i. I"t i t::i. ic1:t. SGFOIA3 Approver" AIFM1%0 lbl ""rcri -*bP "-( 99 R000200120001-6 Approved For Release 2W/03/07 ; CJJk.$pP96,-00789R000200120001-6 t,:.7 :1. 't:. {c! J. rl v co .l v e iiii a si:i t:. r" l_t t:> 't:. L.l r" ice' 't: I"1 r.':t'l:. grey, :ir'1vo:tv:i.rig a 'tal:l,, airy, 'cower"--:l:iI?::a portion 'that:. r?r:tinirlt>t? very s t. r? ca n c :J 1. y of the ?: t..l 1::) ia~ I'?? siii ?l:: r'? 4.l c> 'l:: 4.1 r? (::~ of a war " s hl :i. in ., A c: t>: e s s to the r'n a-t :i. )"Y ? ?i5't':1"'4.1t:>.:l..l)"t? :I.?^i .l :tfYt:l.ti'r3t.a to a few ci?ii:lf?'"~i1J.y.."iaia?i::l..ll`"actl::)J.e;? i>iC:)i:;1r"?a? Red :i i:.i a :i. m 1::) {.l r" t : . a s n t . to t ' . h'1 e ; ? r ?iii :i. t ' . e i s s c:) m ee! l01. a c> F:: t:. I"' I. rn and white dot al :I. 1 ;;:s 't . {: } the ar7 c:l :i. ' t : . J. ?:;i longer ' h : . I?) a n it is w :i c o , with di f'f ee! r' e n t. c..) as c: c:: c} r" cJ :i r'1 I a t". c; n e eci (J, I::)l"t't~ all. :i. nl-.,ii:!c;1r"as:I.:l y cor'1nec::t':ei?cl. Many 'f or?mi.::i, some totear?tpoi the t o 1>) ;; iisi i::) rm1 i are is t". r" :i. e: t l y J e : _ Y I 4 t::: ? : a .l I"1 i:J I"' :f.:?: i::) I"1 t al. h I"Y t i e + " r" c:1 {::}'1' " .f.::a {rl { ^ s r l I r ' ! r" t : i t J..t. ; ' f . l t::a't?. on a l l c:;'f the I?1i:o4.lclI. rnar)y 'oar-'i.s tore iie?c:'t. here arid t:a l:) .. 9 .7 .. a .. .. :::^.i t:tl1t..1 o:t1er~ ... t.. I'l tii?! I`" {e.i {::} vta? 't: I' 1 t?""? " r"' {::1(:o'f J.:i. I"1 ci? ~ ` ? h h'1 e?. Y c?, a:\ I'" i:?. f' as :L .l :I. !' Y r t:....a:at:. over?at:I. 1. 1::) of t::l{::1ve:?!r)'lmen't'.:a.t. riot F:)I"'ivate...... toay err`JeI"1 I::iie! rn:I.:J.:1't astI"'y. IvIi_:'tasst1 i::i011)5iis 't:.(::) I.r0 t..Iiis? I::)r"J.(11alr"y c:c:) rin '': I t..t t : 't-.:i. t::}'t' t > I") :I. s o b 'l:. t. I'1 is :i tai: ! J. 't". :1 ;"i cl :I. in i. r'1 L. i. t 'i:.:1. e:; I'" t::, 7There as r cei 1'; as :I. 1. s, , w :i. 'L I?1 r" c::) ra r'n i:: o f 'f t:. I"i irr! h'1 al. .l .l 9cs :; v cln r" y " h.:} ut .5 :I. I"i e i:3 ii-:-) .I.:I. k: c- " her-a:; e v e I"' y t ht :1 I"1 g is n eii a w "1 ii?! I, c..., :t c: F?. i:a ~. r' ci! c::'t:....> t:a C::'t?. '1 v 7. 'l. 7. r, ::i ; _ L.i r?.:.:> t:. to I? h'1 :I. s I.., 1,.. .t: .. a'rtt::'t::I.v:I.'I?;?:I.e-.'.i> !r?e :1 s a stie!n?iise of being sar'1c:t:1 c)riact and directed. II'iiai' tai:>''t:.y :r.rYVt>}1.vee!iia ?iiif.:;fYlia! iii>cor"'f. of .4r;;ter'ies't:., ias{::1rY'I(??.' 1:1:1?iis't:.aa~r'1t::: c:: away, asr'1ca 7.?:Ei I'lC:)'t'. ? "I" I..i Fia r.. e?:! aI'..e? cii't:.